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Date: 03/03/2009

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, drug use, male solo sex, female solo
sex, male/female sex, male/male sex

Pairing: Sam/m/m

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Categories: Het, slash, bi

Other Notes: This AU story is an answer to PEJA's March Holiday Prompt
Challenge and based on a picture entitled 'Big Tittied Teens 118' by an
artist named Randy Dave.

Summary: Carly discribes to the viewers of her latest iCarly webcast about
what happens to Sam after her chest grew big and gets herself into some
trouble due to Freddie's big mouth.

Dedications: None so far.

iCarly: iMade A Mistake
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected] com)

Hi, there. I'm Carly Shay and I want to welcome you to another episode of
iCarly. As for why this teen star of her own Seattle, Washington based
popular web show is standing right here in front of you by herself instead of
with my best friend and co-host whose name happens to be Samantha Puckett
standing next to her, I realize that I might as well take the advice of my
26-year-old brother and legal guardian Spencer and start telling you the
story at the beginning and hope that you don't become way to offended by it.

And if that ever happens, I truly agree with iCarly's very own technical
producer whose name happens to be Fredward Benson that we really do apologize
for offending you folks with the graphic details that happen to be within my
explaination and understand that if you want to stop logging on to the
iCarly. com website forever, we'll understand.

Anyway, it had all began on the Third day of March which was when I was
helping Freddie checking to make sure that his Canon XL2 camcorder was still
in working operation just before Sam had stepped into our little studio,
cleared her throat and asked, "Say, Guys? Would you mind if we show a segment
or two about teen girls who might be in need of some breast reduction

And as soon as both Freddie and I had turned our curious eyes toward where
Sam was standing, the looks on our faces had changed to that of total shock
at the sight of how big Sam's chest has gotten and that had caused a wide-
eyed Freddie to hand his camcorder over to me, move himself a little closer
towards Sam and said, "Whoa, Hot Momma! Where have you been keeping yourself
at during your winter vacation, Sam? I mean, your chest looks like a pair of

"To tell you the truth, Freddie. I really don't blame you. As a matter of
fact, I was prepared to recieve some bad news bullshit from that pissant desk
clerk as soon as I had stepped into the Bushwell Plaza lobby. But as soon as
he had gotten a good look at my new chest, all he had done was stand right
where he was and stare at them like the stupid dumb-ass prick that he
actually was. You understand why I had to make that suggestion. Right,
Carly?" that was the question that Sam had asked me which had caused me to
roll my eyes, take a deep breath and answer, "Well, Sam. I really do
understand the reason why you want us to do such a segment. But the real main
question is do you really want to do it."

"I'm with you, Carly! I mean, let's get serious about this, Sam! Your new
chest has helped you survive the wrath of the desk clerk of this apartment
building! If that could happen, who really knows how much fun you could have
with those newly-grown puppies of yours!" that was what an excited Freddie
had said to Sam which had caused me to stare at him with a look on my face
like I was about to ask, "Freddie, have you gone out of your fucking mind?
This is iCarly! Not the Playboy website!"

But that was before Spencer had opened the door to our studio and said, "Hey,
Carly! Is Freddie still up there with you guys? His mother wants him to come
home right now and take his medicine for some sort of flu bug!" which had
caused poor Freddie to roll his eyes and say, "Ah, no! Not again! How many
times does she always have to embarress me like this?"

And as soon as I had let out a small giggle and offered to go with Freddie
over to the apartment that happens to be across the hall from mine, the both
of us had stepped out of the studio and made the mistake of leaving Sam alone
with Freddie's camcorder and allowing her to realize that what he had just
given her a really good idea for a better iCarly segment.

And so, after she had stepped out of the attic studio and looked around the
living room to make sure that no one else was around (Spencer had decided to
go to Freddie's place with us, by the way), a small-smiling Sam had rushed
herself back inside the studio, picked up Freddie's camcorder and left the
apartment with it.

As for where she had gone with it next, the answer to that question is so
very simple. She had gone to the SkyCity restaurant with the top of our
city's very own Space Needle, sat herself down at the bar and allowed the
bartender to give her a small smile and ask, "What would you like to order,

But then, just as she was about to give the bartender her order, two handsome
mature male studs had placed themselves next to Sam just in time for one of
them to place his gentle hand on her shoulder, look at the bartender and say,
"The lovely maiden would like to have a glass of your finest Taittinger Cuvee
Prestige champagne. Oh, and please do put it on my tab."

And after the bartender had said 'yes, sir' to the one male stud and went to
get a bottle of that very champagne, an embarressed Sam had looked at him and
his equally-handsome partner and was about to explain herself to them, only
to have the small-smiling hunk with dark-brown hair raise his hand in front
of Sam and say, "No-no, my lovely maiden. There is no need for you to thank
us. After all, today happens to be I Want You To Be Happy Day and I could
already see by your stunned silence that you are happy right now. Oh, my name
is Jackson St. James and the name of the blonde gentleman sitting next to me
is Bobby Cosgrove. May we ask what is your name and what is with the
camcorder next to you?"

Then, after she had realized that it was not a good idea for her to reveal to
the two mature gentlemen who and what she actually was at that time, Sam had
taken a deep breath, looked at both Bobby and Jackson straight in the eyes
and answered, "My name is Samantha Quincy and I'm a student of the University
Of Washington. As for the camcorder, I'm using it for a special project that
one of my professors had just assigned to me."

"Whoa, Sam. It's okay. You don't have to say anymore. We had once gone to
college ourselves and really do understand the pressure that these special
assignments could do to a student," that was what an understanding Bobby had
said to Sam before the bartender had returned with a bottle of the champagne,
popped the cork and poured it into three glasses.

And after she had picked up her glass, taken a good look at the champagne in
it and realized that it had looked just like some sort of harmless soda pop
and might not be so bad to take a sip of some of it, Sam had looked at the
two smiling gentlemen with a small smile on her own lips just in time for
Jackson to raise up his glass of champagne and say, "And now, I would like to
make a toast. To Miss Samantha Quincy. May she have herself a wonderful and
exciting life after graduating from the University Of Washington."

But then, after they had gulped that first glass of champagne down and
allowed themselves to have another and another and another, poor Sam and the
two mature studs had became so drunk that they were laughing at each other so
loud that the bartender had asked them to leave the restaurant and go become
a trio of stinking drunks somewhere else.

And as soon as they had left the SkyCity restaurant and stepped out of the
Space Needle, the three newfound drinking buddies had staggered themselves
over to the Motel 6 that was next to the Seattle Airport which was where they
had stepped into one of the rooms just in time for Sam to place the camcorder
on a dresser, Bobby to turn a portable radio on and tune it to 90.3 KEXP-FM
and Jackson to take all of his clothes off and start stroking his stiff cock.

Then, as soon as she had turned her drunken eyes toward Jackson and noticed
what a wonderfully-built bare-ass naked body he has on him, Sam had stripped
off all of her clothes and start pumping two of her fingers in and out of her
hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand just before
Jackson had moved himself closer, kissed Sam ever so deep and passionately on
the lips and began licking all over her nude body and down to her hot and
steamy cunt and carressing her firm breasts.

And after Bobby had taken all of his clothes off and started stroking his
stone hard dick and Sam had placed her hands on Jackson's bare shoulders,
slowly licked her lips and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it,
Jackson! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!" Jackson
had stood up, plopped himself and Sam on the bed and placed his stiff cock
inside her hot, moist snatch and his hands on her shoulders just in time for
Bobby to allow Sam to place her hands on his ass and start sucking on his

Then, while the camcorder was still taping, Bobby had placed his stiff cock
inside Sam's pussy and began sucking on her stiff mounds and Jackson had
placed his hands on her bare arms and began slamming his stone hard dick in
and out of her asshole which had caused a sexually-charged Sam to scream at
the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, JACKSON! DO IT,

And then, after they had started moving themselves harder and faster and kept
on doing that until they had all finally came and collapsed due to
exhaustion, both Sam and Bobby had fallen asleep right there on the bed just
in time for a still-drunk Jackson to move himself closer towards the
camcorder, let out a small chuckle and say, "Mrs. Quincy? This is Reverend
Jackson here with Deacon Bobby. Good news! Your daughter has been saved from
her sin -- the sin of considering breast reduction surgery -- that would be
an afront to the abundance God has given your child!" before he had dropped
his own drunken ass down to the floor and became unconscious.

Just then, about an hour or so later, the effects of all of the champagne
that poor Sam had gulped down had finally worn off and she had woken herself
up with one thunderous hangover and to discover that she was the only
bare-ass naked person inside that one motel room.

And as soon as she had looked at Freddie's camcorder and noticed that it had
finally stopped taping a whole lot of footage, poor Sam had placed her hand
on her forehead and realized what might had happened between her and the two
mature male studs that she had met at the SkyCity restaurant, she had picked
up the phone, called my place and asked me to meet her at that motel room
with some clean clothes for her and a blank tape for Freddie's camcorder.

And believe me, as soon as she had discovered that I was watching the footage
that has already been taped, poor Sam had started crying her eyes out and
told me that she was really sorry about what had happened and had realized
that she had made a terrible mistake before I had given her a big friendly
hug and told her that it was really not her fault to begin with.

As for where Sam is now, she's at the hospital where she is finally going to
get that breast reduction surgery before things for her go from bad to worse.
Oh, and if you folks out there still want to know why Freddie and I are
allowing ourselves to tell you this story, we had agreed to do this before
The Seattle Times gets wind of this story and causes poor Sam's life to
become a real living hell. As for those two assholes, I hope that the cops
would be able to find them and shove their butts inside a prison cell where
they belong!



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