iCarly: iLike Adventures (Mf, inc)
by Insomniac

It was a Friday and Carly Shay returned home from school for the weekend,
Carly was an extremely cute girl, long dark hair, big brown eyes and an even
bigger smile that lit up the room. But for some reason she didn't have a boyfriend. She never stressed over it though, she always knew one day a guy would come to sweep her off her feet. But she was curious at times, how being with a man felt...

Even sometimes she dreamed how being with a woman would feel. But she would never act on such temptations. She set her bag down on the couch and shouted to her brother Spencer, but she got no answer. She figured that he must of run to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner.

So she continued up the stairs to go take a shower, she brought in her radio because she loved to sing in the shower. She turned it up loud, so loud she could not hear that the shower was already running. She took off all her clothes and opened the shower curtain to see her brother washing himself totally naked.

Spencer (trying to cover himself up): Carly, what are you doing in here?! I'm taking a shower!

Carly could not reply though, instead she stared in awe at her brothers penis. She had never seen one in person before and Spencer's was big. An easy 8 inches. She wanted to look away, as it was her own brother she was seeing naked, but she couldn't. Spencer grabbed the curtain and closed it.

Spencer: Carly, get out of here and take your shower in a minute.

Spencer had been so self-absorbed with Carly seeing him naked, that he had forgotten that she was naked as well. Now that he had been thinking of this, his dick started to get hard. He couldn't be having these feelings for his sister.
That is just wrong... isn't it?

Spencer went down to talk to Carly, she was sitting on the couch in her bath robe. Spencer was kind of nervous as to how this conversation was going to go, but he finally worked up the courage to go and talk to her.

Spencer: Hey Carls... about what you saw in there.

Carly (trying to avoid eye contact): Spencer we don't have to talk about it.

Spencer: Yes, we do or we will go around this apartment both weirded out by this whole thing.

Carly: Fine what do you have to say.

Spencer: Well, really nothing, I just don't want you to feel awkward towards me.
Do you have any questions about the male body?

Carly (blushing): Not really... well maybe one.

Spencer: Sure, kiddo, what is it?

Carly: Are they all that big? You know penises, are they all as big as yours?

Spencer was kind of taken back by this question, and how up front she was talking about her own brother's dick.

Spencer (kind of happy that Carly thought that it was big): Umm, no they are all different sizes.

Carly: Can I see it again?

Spencer now was thrown for a loop, he did not know how to respond to this question. Nor did he know what to do about it. He was aroused when he had seen Carly naked earlier, and she seemed to want to see his dick again. But what if this went any further? That would be so wrong.

Spencer: Why?

Carly (slyly): I've never see a man's penis before, and I think it would be better to see someone's who I love and care about, that I know won't try to do anything dirty, rather than a classmate that only wants sex don't you?

Spencer thought to himself, she made a good point. It was better him than a boy that only wanted one thing. She seemed to have a pretty innocent thought about it. And with that Spencer dropped his towel and let it all hangout.

Carly: Spencer, that is so big, and looks kind of hard. (she knew exactly what that meant)

And before Spencer knew it, Carly had grabbed a hold of his dick and started rubbing it up and down.

Spencer: Carly what are you doing, he said so shocked at what she was doing.

Carly: Don't pretend you don't like it, I know its hard because of me. And I know you enjoyed seeing me naked in the bathroom. Why do you think I'm still in my bathrobe.

As she said that she stood up and removed her robe, she was completely naked. She had small breast but they were perky. Small pink nipples perfectly centered on the breast, they were a sight to see. She was completely shaven and it looked so tight. So did a 360 turn around to give Spencer a view of her ass. It was so tight and fit.

Carly: You like?

She shook her ass a bit to give Spencer a little treat, even though he'd be in for a big one real soon. Spencer could not hold back any longer, they were alone as usual. He was naked and had already stroked his cock, she was naked jumping around waiting for his approval. He didn't know where this was going but he was interested in finding out.

Carly saw the smile on his face, so she figured that a was a signal to go further, so she got down on her knees and took Spencer's cock in her mouth. Spencer was in heaven, his own sister was given him a blow job. She was pretty good at it too. She could only fit about 5 inches at the start, but as she kept going slowly got to around 8 inches. As Spencer got fully erect his dick grew from 8 inches to a solid 10. Which Carly could not fit in her mouth.

Spencer: Oh, Carly that feels amazing, keep sucking it sis, suck my dick until I cum all over your tits.

Carly: I want to swallow your cum Spencer, I want to taste your juices. EAT ME OUT!

Spencer laid down on the floor and Carly positioned herself so that she was on top of him in a 69 position. Her pussy smelled so hot and steamy and was a little wet from all this action. He took a long lick against her hot cunt. Carly jumped and squealed.

Carly (screamed): Oh my god, Spencer keep doing that baby LICK MY PUSSY DRY!

Spencer obliged, thrusting his tongue into her snatch, in and out in and out. Carly was still sucking Spencer furiously, faster now that she was getting pleasure as well as providing some for her brother. Carly was so close to her first orgasm ever.

Carly (as her juices flowed into his mouth): OHHHHHHH SPEEENCEEERRR!!!

But Spencer had not busted yet, though he was very close, Carly still continued stroking.

Spencer: Carly, get up I'm gonna cum!

Spencer then aimed his dick right at his sisters tits and blew his load, then Carly proceeded to lick her tits clean and continue on to his dick getting every last drop.

Carly: I'm gonna go take that shower now... wanna join?



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