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ICarly: The Thunderstorm (Mf,inc,oral,first)
by ReadyPower

Thunder and lightning rattled the house, waking Carly Shay from her dream. She was on an island, with her brother Spencer and they where relaxing on a beach. As the memory faded, another bolt caused her to jump. It did not rain very often, when it did it always gave her a scare. She checked her clock, it was 1 am. "Spencer might be up," she whisered to herself.

She got up, and looked out her window at the storm. It was pouring harder than anytime in her life. She turned on the light and saw her brother watching a movie.

"Cant sleep, sis?"

"No, the lightning woke me up, Spence!"

"Want to watch a movie with me?"

"That would be nice."

Carly sat down next to her brother, and cuddled next to him under a blanket. The warmth from her brother calmed her nerves. Spencer placed his hand around his sister as he rested against his shoulder. 20 minutes later, Carly was sleep, locked and secure in the arms of her brother.

Spencer was not surprised to see his sister up, in fact he kind of expected it. As she grew older, they spent less time together. He knew a storm was coming, and that Carly was terrified of lightning. Having his arm wrapped around his beautiful sister helped fill an empty spot in his heart. He was a lonley guy, with bad lucks in relationships. Having a body there - even if it was his sister, made him feel less lonely. Also, it made him feel a fuzzy feeling he had not felt in a while... down there. The tighter he held Carly, the more blood was flowing not to his brain, but to his penis.

Not wanting to think immoral thoughts about his sis, he tried to concentrate on the movie. No matter what he did, though, the idea persisted. Carly was now asleep, snoring lightly and shifting her body bit by bit closer to him. Spencer was slowly drifting in and out of sleep, himself.

Sometime during the night he woke up when he felt something. In her sleep, Carly had moved one of her hands over Spencer's crotch. He felt his limp cock again rising to life. He did not know if he should leave it, or risk waking her by moving it. "Think, Spencer, think!"

He decided to leave it. He looked at Carly, so pretty, and young. Always smelling like her favorite scent, vanilla. He breathed in the fragrance in her hair, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. She did not notice, deep in her sleep... and with the blood again rushing to his penis, his mind was not fully functioning.

He now kissed her on the cheek. He skin was so soft, and warm. Now, he took a risk and lightly kissed her lips. He felt amazing, naughty, and horny. The tent in his pants was fully erect, and it took a lot of blood to fire up his 7 1/2 inch cock. Now he went full out, and locked lips with his sister and held them there for a few seconds. He felt her hand lightly grip his penis, and was shocked when she woke up.

Carly woke in shock. Her brother had been kissing her. "Spencer!!! What the hell are you doing?!"

"Carly... I am sorry. I let my passion take control of me..."

Then, Carly noticed his hard-on. "Ewww Spencer, why is your thing-ie so big and stick up?"

"Carly, when a man gets umm, excited, sometimes it gets bigger."

"Why were you excited?"

"Having you sitting next to me, your body against mine, it felt good, Carly. Look, I have not had a girlfreind in a long time. Being next to you was the first time in years I have been close to a woman."

Carly, who had no experience with men, she was a virgin and knew nothing about the birds and the bees. "Why is your thingie not so big anymore, Spence?"

"Well, I am no longer aroused... haha all the blood is back in my brain!"

"Blood? Brain? What?"

"See, Carly, when a man thinks a woman is beautiful, sometimes the touch of that woman can arouse him. The blood from the mans brains stops going to the brain, and goes to my thing, and that's why it grows."

Carly had not idea what he was talking about. All she heard was her brother said she was beautiful. "You think I am beautiful, Spencer?"

"I know you are. Any boy at your school would be lucky to have a girl like you."

Carly blushed. "Spencer... can you make it grow anytime you want?"

"Sometimes it is difficult, other times it takes a few seconds."

"How exactly do you make it work?"

"Well,usually when I play with it, you know like touch it for a while. That takes a little longer," Spencer replied.

"How do you make it grow faster?"

"When somebody else touches it..."

"Spencer... can I watch it grow again?"

Spencer said nothing. He did, however grab a hold of Carly's left hand. He guided it over to his now limp dick, and put her arm on top of it.

Carly said "Now what do I do?"

"Just grab it, move your hand around it, squeeze it, whatever feels right."

Carly grabbed her brother's cock. She felt as it changed in her hands from small and soft, to harder and harder. "Spencer... can I see it?"

"Take my pants off, sis."

Carly did as told. He had on a pair of board shorts, and she unbuttoned it, and unzipped the zipper.

"Carly.. have you seen a man naked before?"

"Spencer, I am a virgin."

"Close your eyes before you pull my pants down, okay?"

She again did as told. He sat up as she removed both his boxers and shorts at the same time. Spencer took off his shirt.

"Okay.. open your eyes..."

Carly was in shock. His penis was huge, and fat. It was almost as big as a banana, maybe bigger, she thought. This moment felt right, and wrong at the same moment. She sat next to her brother and grabbed hold of his unit. Spencer grabbed hold of her free hand and played them on his fat balls. Her grip was soft, her skin smooth from lotion, and warm. Spencer had been with a few hot women, but never had he been this aroused. The taboo of the moment made it more erousing for him. And he had never been with a virgin.

"Spencer, why do you have one of these, and I don't?"

"Carly, when people make love... and have babys... the man puts his penis inside the girl. People usually do it because it feels good, others because it feels good and to have a child."

Carly said nothing, only continued her rubbing. Spencer started taking notice in his sister. He put his hands on her thigh and felt her leg skin. Carly, without thinking much, open her legs. He moaned a bit as the first trace of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his cock. Carly was surprised when the stick substance appeared on her hand.

"What is this nasty stuff, brother?"

"Its called semen, sis. Some girls like how it tastes."

Carly stuck out her tongue and licked the drip off her brother's cock. It was a bit salty, and sweet. She liked the taste.

"Open your mouth, Carly..." Spencer gently pulled his sisters open mouth onto the head of his shaft. "Close it, sis... pretend my penis is an ice cream and eat it like you would that."

As he felt his sisters lips clobbering his dick, and licking her tongue, he asked her to sit up a bit as he removed her shorts and pink panties. Carly's pussy, to his surprised, was cleanly shaved. He moaned again, Carly now sucking his dick, rubbing his balls, and her other hand on his firm abs.

"Stop for a second, sis.. take off your shirt.."

Carly stopped, and took her shirt off. She did not have a bra on. Her boobs were small, at size A, but still beautiful. Her nipples were the size of a dime, pink, and erect.

"Sit back, sis... my turn to make you feel good..."

He gave her a kiss, tasting a faint trace of his own fluids. Spencer moved down her to her breasts, and started sucking one and fondling the other. His lips moved up and down while he sucked, paying attention to make sure both nipples got equal attention. He moved down, kissing her stomach and rubbing around her thighs. Carly's arousal level was increasing every second her brother touched her. She felt electricity seemingly flowing in her privates. Finally, he spread her legs, and put a finger into his sister's wet, warm, tight pussy. Feeling his finger inside her, Carly let out a small moan.

"Good god, she's wet..."

He put his lips to her pussy lips, and his two hands on her boobs. Like a vacuum, he used his lips to suck all the sweet pussy juice from Carly. His tongue was a whirlpool, working his magic on her insides.

"ohhh, Spencer... Spencer!!"

He now used his two hands to grab hold of her two tiny ass cheeks.

He stopped, to Carly's dismay. He got up, and sat next to her.

"Carly.. I love you..."

"I love you too, Spencer..."

With that said, he grabbed his sister and led her up.

"Sit on my lap, Carly."

She did, and his big cock was rubbing against her virgin, hairless pussy. It felt like magic for them both. They embraced, as he wrapped his arms around her and they began kissing like lovers. He could take it no more, and grabbed hold of his cock. Slowly, he inserted it inside his sister. She had the tighest pussy he had ever been in.

"Tell me when it hurts..."

It hurt, but the amazing sensation she felt was more powerful.

"Keep going, it feels sooo ooooooo.. good..."

Spencer got it about halfway in before Carly succumb to pain.

"There! Stop!"

He found her base, and slowly started pumping himself in and out of his sister.

"Ohhhh my god Spencer.. ohhh. Ohh... your dick feels sooo good. Go faster! Please!"

His movement increased, and he spanked her ass cheek. Her pussy had a lock on his dick as his sperm slowly was being released into her.

"Carly... Carlyy.. fuckk me baby.. ohh fuck meee!"

To Spencers surprise, Carly started moving her hips, increasing the pleasure. He felt his cock slid deeper into her, and he guessed she was taking about 5 1/2 inches of his manhood. The deeper she got, the louder they moaned. Their bodies warmed, and the passion grew. They both closed their eyes and kissed, as Spencer felt his fireworks where about to blow.

Carly, too, let out her loudest moan of the night as she felt a triad of things coming from her pussy. It was a warm, sensation, amazing feeling of pleasure packed into about 30 seconds of building momentum. She screamed her brother's name as she came to orgasm, and he was quick to follow her, releasing his sperm deep into his own sisters vagina. They fucked a minute or two longer, then she just sat on top of him for a few minutes. The experience had tired them both out, and 20 minutes later they feel asleep together, nude, Carly lying on her brother's lap.


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