iCarly: Sam's Dilemma Part 8 - The Morning After The Party (Mbgg,oral, anal,mc,cons)
by Pops

Sam and Mr. Adams had fallen asleep snuggled together. When he awoke the next morning, Sam's head was laying on his shoulder, her body half over his. He ran his hands up and down the smooth skin of the young girl. He thought back to when he had first met her, when he had first taken her cherry, and where they were now.

He knew it would be complicated, but he found himself in love with this girl. He knew her home life wasn't the best in the world, and he was lonely, having been divorced for over 10 years. He had no kids, and he hadn't seen his ex-wife since he walked out the night he found her in bed with two black guys.

He gently shook his lover awake, kissing her on the top of her head. Her hand moved down to his soft cock, which she squeezed and pulled, trying to coax an erection from him.

"You just don't give up, do you?" he asked her as he swatted her bottom under the sheets.

"Nope!" as her head disappeared to take the flaccid member into her warm mouth.

"Ooohh, Sam," he hissed, "as much as I would love this, we have someone to wake up down the hall."

She had forgotten, for the moment, about her two friends. Moving back up to cuddle, she asked him, "And just what are those two up to?"

"Just follow my lead, OK?"

He handed her one of his shirts as he pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He smiled as she got out of bed, nude to take the shirt. She was certainly a beautiful, sexy girl. He held her at arm's length for a moment before asking her, "Sam, I want to know three things before we go in there: Will you have a problem if you see me having sex with Carly or anyone else? Will you be OK with whatever I tell your friends to do? Will you want to have sex with either one of them?"

She looked up at him, chewing on her lip, before answering: "I know you've done it with Carly already, and since she's my best friend, I guess it's OK, but like you said about last night, I'd rather keep you to myself."

He grinned at her as she continued.

"I'll be OK with whatever you tell them to do, 'cuz I don't think you'd do anything to hurt either one. I might give Freddie a blow job, if he's like unconscious or something for now, and I might want to lick Carly, 'cuz I've never done that either. Let's just see what happens, OK?"

He kissed her quickly, then walked down the hall to the bedroom where he had left the youngsters. Carly's back was against Freddie, in the "spoon" position. He pulled the sheets back to see that the boy's hand was resting on one of her breasts, his cock between her thighs. Sam giggled when she saw it.

"Boy, what I wouldn't give for a picture of this!"

Mr. Adams pointed to the TV in the corner of the room, and clicked a remote. A video of last night's events started playing on the screen.

"How's that? That's what they'll see when I bring them out of their trance. Before I do, how about if we have a little more fun?"

Sam giggled when she realized last night had been recorded.

Mr. Adams leaned over to whisper in Carly's ear. She stretched, then put her hand over Freddie's, cupping her breast. She pushed back against the boy, pressing her hips against his now growing erection. Once he was fully erect, Mr. Adams instructed Carly to get on her hands and knees and start sucking Freddie, with her ass in the air. She did as she was told. Mr. Adams looked at Sam, who nodded her head.

He undressed and slowly inserted his own now hard cock into the girl. Freddie was moaning in his sleep as Carly sucked him. Sam pulled open the bottom of her shirt and began to finger herself.

"Would you like Freddie to lick you?" he asked her.

She moved onto the bed, straddling Freddie's head. Supporting herself against the headboard, she moaned when his tongue came in contact with her swollen clit. Because the medication was still working, it was only a couple of minutes before she was shuddering with pleasure. Carly was spasming around her principal's cock, and Freddie started to buck soon after. Mr. Adams started to pump harder into his partner, before exploding deep within her.

Sam had cum a second time on her tech geek's face. When she saw her new lover had finished, she moved over to suck him clean.

"Carly, lay on your back and spread your legs."

She did and Sam looked up at him.

"Now's your chance. See what she tastes like."

Sam tentatively leaned forward and made a funny face at the smell. She hesitated, then flicked her pink tongue over her friend's leaking slit. Carly moaned and bucked her hips forward, as her shot was still working as well.

As she licked on her friend, Mr. Adams moved over to Freddie. Without a word, he lay his flaccid cock over the boy's mouth. Freddie started to suck it back to life. Sam looked up, grinned, then went back to her job. She hoped she knew where that cock would go when it was ready. She was right!

As soon as he was hard, he moved behind Sam, spread her cheeks, inserting a thumb inside her rosebud. She moaned into her friend's pussy, and pushed back. He didn't disappoint her, as his cock slid into her sopping cunny and he started pumping while working his thumb in and out of her ass.

"Sam? How would you like to have a cock in your ass and pussy at the same time? You watched Carly do that several times last night. It's just a thought," as he continued to pump, bringing her over the edge once more.

"OK, I love your cock in my ass, so why not? He's not as big as you anyway."

She had brought Carly to another orgasm and was wiping her face with the back of her hand.

Mr. Adams pulled out and looked over at Freddie, who was still lying on his back, his cock not quite up to standard yet.

"Get him ready for your ass, and I'll finish what I started," he told her, shaking his cock at her. It was very slippery and shiny from her juices.

"Keep doing me while I suck him?" she asked with a pouty face.

He slapped her sexy butt and pushed her forward, over the boy's cock. She began to suck it like she had been doing this for years, and not just days. Mr. Adams plunged into her wetness once more and pumped with deep, slow strokes, causing her to moan with each thrust.

Soon, Freddie was hard and ready.

"You want to let him in your pussy to get his cock wet first? Or you want me to get you ready?"

Still bent over, she thought for a moment, then told him: "You do it. I don't want anyone else in my pussy."

That was the answer he had hoped for, although it might have been hot to watch her ride her friend. He pulled out of her cunny, then popped the head of his cock past her ring. She moaned softly, and tried to relax as he started to stretch her bum.

After a few strokes, he pulled out and told her how he wanted her. She straddled her friend once more, this time it was his cock. She lowered her now stretched bum over his pole, and lay back, panting at the feeling of fullness. She looked up at her lover and nodded.

He leaned over her, sucking a small, perfect breast into his mouth as his cock found it's mark once more. Sam held his head and wrapped her legs around his waist, fully stuffed now. She was stretched beyond anything she would have imagined.

"Cum in me, Mr. Adams, cum in my cunny. I wanna feel you shoot in me. OHHHHH I'm cummmINNNNGGGGGG!" as she bucked under her lover. She knew her pussy was contracting around his cock, and she could feel her sphincter squeezing Freddie's cock in her bum.

Mr. Adams stood and started pumping harder before filling her with his seed. He straightened, then helped her off.

"I have plans for his cum, unless you want it."

Easing herself off his cock, she smiled at her lover and replied, "No sir! I have enough!"

"Carly, on your hands and knees again. Freddie, take her doggy style. Fuck her hard."

Sam cleaned her lover's cock, then watched her friends. Mr. Adams stood behind her, fondling her breasts, she rubbed her hips against his well-used cock, hoping for another erection. She wondered what he had in mind.

As Freddie mounted Carly and started really plowing into her, she was moaning into her pillow. The video from the previous night was still playing when he gave them the command to wake up.

"WHAT? WHAT? OH MY! OH! OH! OH! I'M CUMMMMMMMINNNGGGG!!!!" she screamed out as the first wave hit her. The contractions of her pussy around his cock, and the recent exploration of Sam's ass was enough to bring Freddie off. He realized what he was doing as he came hard, filling his crush with his pre-teen seed.

"What? Oh Carly! I, I, I, I, oh man!" as he withdrew, realizing it wasn't just a dream, and he had just cum inside her. He tried to cover himself with the sheet, but there wasn't enough loose to let him, so he grabbed a pillow. It was then he noticed Sam and the principal standing nude in front of them, too. He tried to cover Carly with another pillow, but she was curled into a fetal position with her head covered.

"Welcome, Freddie and Carly. Boy, when you wake up, you two wake up!" as he told them this, both he and Sam started to applaud.

"I don't, I mean, how did we, I mean, oh man!" Freddie stuttered.

Carly was still curled in a fetal position, cum leaking from her well-used little cunny. She still hadn't even acknowledged the others in the room, especially her most recent lover.

"When I talked to you about helping me with a special project, you both agreed, in writing I might add, to participate in group activities, to include sexual situations. I must say, you both did extremely well. If you will notice the video playing, you were quite a hit last night."

Both youngsters turned to look at the TV on the wall. Freddie was the first to speak out when he noticed he was most definitely in a bi-sexual situation.

"But, I don't remember anything like that. We're only 12!"

"Yes, I realize that. However, I do have written permission from your mom, Freddie, and your guardian, Carly that allows me to use you in whatever way I see fit for the purpose of the experiment. I have discussed the details of the process completely with both of them, and they agreed you should do it."

"You mean my brother knew you were going to have sex with me and he agreed to this?" Carly asked, finally coming out from hiding.

"Yep, he sure did. I believe his words were something to the effect of: 'I'd rather her learn in a controlled environment, than in some kid's backseat or basement.' And Freddie, your mom told me several things about you, including some things I won't mention in front of the girls."

At the mention of that, he covered his head and curled into a fetal position himself.

"You can look at it this way, Freddie. At least now, you and Carly have been intimate. That's out of the way."

Freddie and Carly looked at each other, then at the couple standing before them. Sam's hand was over her lover's and massaging her small breast. Her other hand had moved behind her to fondle his cock, which was now growing once more.

"Yeah, Fredward, you can stop trying so hard now. You have most definitely fucked ol' Carly. From the looks of it, she came pretty hard, too."

Once more, Carly covered her head, then peeked out at her tech guy. She had known him since they started kindergarten with Sam. She knew he had a crush on her, but she had never dreamed of letting him do anything. Well, she hadn't really thought about doing ANYTHING with anyone yet. Now, by the looks of the video, she was just a little tramp. Not only had she been with Freddie, but she had been with grown men too! And it looked like more than one at a time and she was enjoying it! And what was that coming out of her hoo-hoo?

"You mean, we, I mean I, I mean, oh you know what I mean. There was lots of sex stuff and we did it?" she asked.

"That's exactly what I mean. Don't worry. Everyone who was here has been tested for diseases. You've been given a birth control shot, so that won't be an issue either. Now, it looks like Freddie is about ready for some more action. He must enjoy looking at the two of you on video. Well, that and your cute little butt that's still touching him."

He tried in vain to hide his erection, and finally noticed it was larger than normal. Carly looked over at him and tried to move away, but she, too noticed how big he was. Then they both looked at the other couple in the room, and it finally dawned on them that Sam was naked and being fondled by their principal.

"Sam? You and principal Adams, too?" Carly asked her best friend.

"Oh yeah! We most certainly have. In fact, I think he may be ready for a little more right now. What do you think, Principal Adams?" as she turned and dropped to her knees taking his now erect organ into her mouth.

"Well, I think now that we're all friends here, you guys can call me Rob for starters. And yes, Sam, I am ready for more. You choose this time; how do you want it?"

Sam stood up and lay back on the bed, holding her legs over her head.

"Like this. I love it when you fuck me so hard it opens my womb. Fill me up, daddy!"

Rob moved into position and did just that. He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, held her ankles over her shoulders, and drove deep into her little wet pussy. He knew she was still wet, and sloppy from his cum. She was still extremely tight, and he wasted no time in pleasantries.

Pounding furiously, the tip of his cock was soon inside her womb on every stroke. Sam was moaning and yelling, her two friends were watching the pounding. Almost as if still in their trance, Carly moved into a similar position and looked at Freddie. He wasted no time in plowing into his neighbor and friend.

After they had all finished, Sam assumed her duties and cleaned Rob's cock. Carly watched with fascination, then looked at Freddie and did the same. Both guys came again inside the girl's mouths.

Sam noticed the cum leaking from her pussy, and saw it was running down her friend's leg as well. She looked at Rob, gave him a wink then pinned her friend to the bed. She quickly moved over Carly into a 69 position despite Carly's feeble pleas of protest. As soon as Sam started licking her friend, Carly's protests turned to moans of pleasure and she returned the favor, licking Rob's cum from Sam.

Freddie looked up at Rob and asked, "Did I really let those guys do me in the butt? And did I really suck all those guy's, um, things?"

Rob laughed at him. Then, he put his arm around the boy who was now ducking his head before replying.

"Yes, you did, and yes you did. Don't worry, Freddie. Lots of guys are bi-sexual." He leaned closer before continuing, "And don't forget, you finally got Carly."

His face brightened at that thought, and he looked up. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I did, didn't I?"


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