iCarly: Sam's Dilemma Part 7 - The Party (Mg,M+mgg,oral,anal,slash,mc,cons)
by Pops

Sam had come for her afternoon session as usual. She was really beginning to enjoy those "detentions" she had now. He had told her she wouldn't get pregnant, and the orgasms were so INTENSE!

Mr. Adams had told her that both of her friends would be joining her at the party. He also hinted that just between the two of them, Carly and Freddie would have no idea what was happening to them at the party. Could she keep that a secret as well? Of course! Would she be interested in having a little sexual fun at the party? Of course!

He picked them up at the time he had said. The three talked about their internet show during the short drive to the principal's house, or wherever they were going. Sam wasn't paying a lot of attention. He had told them that he would provide special costumes for them to wear at the party, so they just wore their usual Saturday clothes of denim and t-shirts.

They stopped when Mr. Adams pulled into a garage. None of the three "guests" had paid any attention to where they were going. As he opened the door, they looked around and saw only the inside of a garage.

"We're here guys. Come on in and I'll show you around."

The kids all got out and followed their principal into the house. First, was a large kitchen next to a dining room with an equally large table. There must have been twelve chairs around the table! He then led them into a living room.

There were two sofas, four chairs and a low, wide coffee table in this room. On one wall was a 60" flat screen television. This caught Freddie's attention, him being the electronics geek.

Their host led them through the house, pointing out different items of interest. There was even an indoor pool! Being a principal must pay pretty well, they were all thinking. No one else appeared to be at home now. Finally, he stopped in front of a closed door.

He turned to Carly and Freddie and spoke only one word. Instantly, Sam noticed, the pair seemed to be in a trance. Sam just smiled, watching her friends, and wondering what was in store for them all.

As he opened the door, he stepped back and ushered the pre-teens inside. On one wall, were two outfits that Sam guessed were for her and Carly. On the opposite wall, was another hangar with something for Freddie.

"Sam," he began, "I should have asked you before, but I had an idea what your answer would be."

She looked at him and smiled.

"As you may have already guessed, I've had sex with Carly. She is no longer a virgin. Tonight, she and Freddie will be the featured entertainment. They will remember nothing tomorrow. Only you and I will know what really happened. Are you still OK with this?"

She gave him another grin. "Does this mean I'm not having sex?"

"Oh, you'll have sex, but just with me. If you want to be with anyone else, tell me. If it's alright with you, the only thing you will do with anyone else, is give oral sex. I'm starting to get attached to you, and to be honest I'd rather not share you."

Sam didn't know what to say to that. She hadn't had a father in her life as long as she could remember. Her mom was always working or doing something, that's why she was always at Carly's and in trouble a lot. She walked over to her principal and gave him a hug.

He returned the hug, then turned her face up to his, kissing her deeply. When he pulled back, she had tears in her eyes.

"I'll keep any secret you want me to keep Mr. Adams. And, if it's all the same to you, I probably won't even give anyone else a blow job. I've never felt like anyone needed me before now, or even wanted me around. I know we had sex and everything, but I'm getting kinda attached to you, too."

He gave her another hug before replying, "Good, Sam. Now, I'm going to have both of them change clothes. You can watch if you want. You can also change in front of them. They won't remember a thing. You can do anything you want to either of them. Again, they won't remember."

Her evil grin returned as she turned and started to undress directly in front of Freddie. He stood motionless as she stripped completely. She even picked up one of his hands and ran it over her small breasts, then down to her pussy. Freddie never showed any signs of recognition.

She turned back to see what her costume for the night would be. She and Carly would be wearing matching plaid shirts, tied below the breasts, and short denim skirts. There were matching boots for them as well. OK, so this was going to be a country theme. She could deal with that. She also noticed there was no underwear in sight and there were masks for all three of them to wear.

He gave her friends instructions on what to do. She watched as Freddie stripped. His cock wasn't so bad! She wondered what was in store for him. She had no doubts at all that Carly would be fucked, maybe several times. What would ol' Fredward be doing?

Mr. Adams left to change after watching the three kids. He had told Carly and Freddie to remain in the room, with Sam following him. She helped him strip out of his clothes. As his cock came into view, she knelt and took it in her mouth.

"This is what I was hoping for, Sam. Watching you strip made me horny. I don't want to be greeting our guests with a hard-on."

She smiled up at him, but never took her mouth off his cock. She had learned what made him groan, and did just those things now. Soon, he was holding her head and face-fucking her. She had followed his instructions at home, trying to deep-throat bananas and cucumbers. She showed him now just how well she had learned.

The tip of his cock was passing into her throat as he plunged in and out. Soon, she was rewarded with a mouthful of his warm spunk. He groaned and held still as he unloaded. She was definitely good at this, he thought as he shuddered with the last of his orgasm.

She licked him clean, then stood up. "Do you want me to help you get dressed, too?"

He laughed at the blonde, while pulling on his clothes. As he started to leave the bedroom, he swatted her on her denim-covered butt.

"OW!" she yelled as she pretended to move away.

"I just couldn't resist. You have such a sexy little butt. Who am I kidding? Everything about you is sexy."

She gave him another hug as they walked back to the main living area. Just as they opened the door where her friends were, the doorbell rang. She pulled her mask into place and walked out to answer it, wondering if she would know anyone else.

Sam did recognize the first person. He was one of the new coaches. Of course, that didn't mean much to her, since she always found some excuse not to go to P.E. Class. Now with her new arrangement with Mr. Adams, she probably wouldn't be going to a lot of her classes.

She led him into the living room, then left to answer the door again. This was what her job would be tonight; this and getting drinks or refreshments. She now had a pretty good idea what her friends would be doing. She knew Carly had been a virgin, and was pretty sure Freddie was, too. Mr. Adams told her he had taken Carly's cherry, and she was pretty sure he wouldn't let anything happen to her, so she wasn't worried about that. She did think that if Carly really knew what was happening, she would enjoy it. After she got over the shock and everything!

She knew several of the guests. All were men and all were from the school. So, the teachers were dirty ol' perverts who liked the young stuff, huh? Well, she was OK with that, 'cuz now she had an "in" with the principal and was getting good grades. She liked the sex, too.

After about an hour, everyone had arrived, and was eating and drinking. Mr. Adams stood up and said he would be right back with the entertainment. A couple of the guys had tried to touch Sam, and one even rubbed her bare butt, but Mr. Adams let him and everyone else know she was off limits. That made her feel pretty good about herself. For the first time in her 12 years of life, someone had stood up for her, and claimed her as theirs.

The men cheered as Carly and Freddie were led out into the room. She almost felt sorry for them, almost. She knew from what the principal had told her, they would only respond to his commands right now.

He had Carly undress Freddie. When he was completely nude, it was his turn to undress Carly. Soon, they were both nude. She was then told to drop to her knees and start sucking his cock. This brought more cheers from the crowd. Sam was pretty sure Carly didn't know how to do that, and she was right. Freddie didn't know the difference, at least his cock didn't! It was standing straight out and it was thick!

After a couple of minutes, Mr. Adams told Carly to lay on the coffee table and spread her legs. Was he really going to???? YES! If only Freddie could know that not only had Carly sucked his cock, but he was about to fuck her! He would shoot so much!

Sam watched as her "tech producer" was told what to do. Everyone in the room must have known that they were hypnotized, and were watching to see how they would perform. Evidently, Freddie didn't have to be told much. Within just a couple of strokes, he was pumping like he had been doing it forever.

Carly was starting to move with the cock being pumped in and out. Her skinny hips were raising off the table, and her legs were now wrapped around her lover's waist. He was leaning over and sucking on her small breasts (really not much more than nipples).

Soon, some of the crowd started gathering around the couple. The coach walked behind Freddie and started ass-fucking him, while Freddie was still pumping into Carly. Another man had started face-fucking her.

Sam was really horny watching all this. She caught Mr. Adam's eye. He whispered something to the couple on the table, then motioned for her to join him at his chair. He stripped out of his pants and sat down.

Sam lifted her skirt and lowered her pussy onto his rock-hard shaft. She moaned with pleasure as it filled her once more. Her new lover reached around her and untied her shirt, exposing her half-apple sized breasts. He stripped her shirt completely off, leaving her in her skirt (bunched at her waist), boots, and of course, her mask.

One man stopped in front of her. She was so horny now, she just reached out and took his cock into her mouth. This was another new thing for her, and she continued to ride her lover's cock as she greedily sucked this new man's erection. She was so horny, and already nearing her first climax of the night.

She briefly looked over at her friends. Freddie had been replaced with another man. Now there was one in her butt, one in her pussy, and one in her mouth. Someone was fucking Freddie's ass while he was sucking another man's cock. This sight sent her over the edge, and she came hard on Mr. Adam's cock.

The man she was sucking started spraying his cum down her throat. Mr. Adams bucked a couple of times and came inside her pussy. Immediately, she moved off him, turned around and started to suck him clean.

As she did, a man moved behind her, but her lover stopped him. For a brief instant, she almost wished he would have fucked her anyway. She was still super horny, and hoped her lover got hard again. She got her wish!

As soon as he was ready, she mounted him again. Before long, another man had offered her a cock to suck on, which she hungrily accepted. She lost count of the number of cocks she sucked that night, or how many had fucked her friends.

One thing that blew her mind was when someone led a german shepherd dog into the room. Carly was positioned on her hands and knees. Cum was already running down her leg as the dog mounted her.

She seemed to be getting into everything, Sam thought, and she had orgasmed several times, including now with the dog inside her. Freddie had moved back to his hands and knees and was servicing two of the men. A third man was under Freddie sucking him off.

For the last act of the night, her friends were placed in a "kiddie pool" and every man there jacked off on them. They were a mess!

As the men dressed and left, Sam looked at her lover. He was smiling at her, and evidently very proud of her. She was proud of the fact that he kept his word, and didn't let anyone else have her pussy.

Mr. Adams told Carly and Freddie to go take a shower. He turned to Sam and led her to his master bedroom and shower. While there, he told her his plans for the night.

"When we finish, I'd like for you to wait in my bed for me, Sam. I'm going to get your friends and let them go to bed. How do you think they'll act if they wake up naked together?"

Sam laughed at the thought, but told him to do it. It was about time they stopped acting like they didn't know each other. As for her, she liked the idea of sharing his bed.

Sam had almost fallen asleep when he returned. He pulled back the covers, and cuddled next to her. Turning her face to his, he kissed her gently, then passionately. Sam returned his kiss, and wrapped her arms around him, her leg moving over his, opening up her sex.

To her surprise, his hands never left her back. She could feel his erection growing against her leg, and wanted it inside her again. Slowly, his kisses moved from her lips, to her throat, her upper chest, and finally to her breasts. He had never been this passionate before, and Sam could feel her sex becoming more and more moist.

She closed her eyes as he moved lower, positioning his body between her legs. She wondered briefly if he was going "down there" as she had heard about, and didn't have to wonder long. He took her legs in each hand, spreading her pussy lips with his thumbs, then lowered his mouth to her sex. She came immediately, thrusting her hips up to meet his face, her hands grasping his head and pulling him tighter.

"OHHHHHHHH!!!!! MR. ADAMMSSSSSS!!!!!!" she cried out as she came over and over.

After what seemed like forever (which in reality was only a few minutes), he moved up and slid his erection inside her wetness. He leaned forward to kiss her again. For the first time, Sam tasted her own juices. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he slowly stroked in and out of her.

The first few times, it had only been sex, except for the shower which was good, but this was PASSION!!!

She came several more times before he did. He held himself inside her still kissing her after he emptied his balls once more. When he finally broke the kiss, he supported his weight on his extended arms, and looked into her eyes.

"I, I, I, think I love you, Mr. Adams."

He smiled at her, kissed her again, then as he started to move inside (even though he was only half-hard), he responded, "I love you too, Sam."


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