iCarly: Sam's Dilemma Part 5 - Carly's Next Visit (Mg,first,mc)
by Pops

Carly sat in the chair as before, swaying her legs back and forth, once again unknowingly giving Mr. Adam's hidden camera a good peek at her panties. She still wondered what the "program" was all about, and there was this funny "tickling" in her private area. She had noticed it yesterday and again last night when she took her bath. What was that all about?

Mr. Adam sat across his desk from the brunette and decided to get right to work. He immediately gave her the key word that should work with only his voice. At the sound of it, she stopped in mid-sentence and stared at him.

"Carly, stand up and take off your dress."

She stood and immediately pulled the dress over her head. She remained standing in her bra and panties.

"Very nice. Now, take off everything else and go over to the horse and bend over it."

Again, she complied with his instructions. As she moved to the horse, Mr. Adams stood and started to undress. He had to admit, she was a very sexy looking girl, especially with her skinny butt in the air. He picked up the lube as he walked behind her. Later, he would give her instructions under hypnosis to provide sexual favors for anyone if he gave her the keyword.

Even though he knew she was hypnotized and would do whatever he wanted (with no memory later), he wanted to take her cherry now, and then have her join in the party on Saturday. He would also make sure Freddie was ready to play as well.

Using the lube on his cock, he took Carly's hips in his hands and slid between the folds of her pussy. She grunted as the invading member tore through her hymen. Within just a few strokes, she was well lubed from natural juices. He knew the shot he had given her in her clitoris was the reason for this.

As he pumped in and out of the young girl, he could sense that her body was taking over the pleasure centers, just as the medication was designed to cause. She began to push back against him, her breathing became more rapid and shallow, and her pussy was contracting around his cock, as her first orgasm washed over her.

Pressing a thumb into her rosebud, he held tightly to the girl as he pumped faster and harder, finally unloading his sperm deep inside her. His strokes slowed and he pulled out. Using a baby wipe, he cleaned all evidence from her legs and pussy. He knew she would still leak some, and would probably wonder what had happened, that is, until he gave her instructions.

He had her get dressed, telling her that the discharge from her cunny would be nothing to be concerned about. Once they were both dressed, he had her once again sit in front of his desk. When he gave her the key word to wake her, he began telling her about the party. She would be only too glad to help out.

Two down, one to go!


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