iCarly: Sam's Dilemma Part 2 (Mg,oral,anal,M-dom,enema,drugs,cons)
by Pops

Sam thought about it all day during class. Until the new principal started, she had been able to get away with anything at school. She was known as a sort of bully, even most of the bigger guys were scared of her.

After her morning "punishment" session in Mr. Adams office, she started to think about what had happened. She was no longer a virgin. Her pussy was leaking what she knew to be his cum. She had sucked her first cock, and swallowed the cum. She was excited to know she would be going back for detention this afternoon. Excited? Yes, she realized, she liked what had happened (except for the paddling, and even that wasn't really THAT bad), and wanted to feel more orgasms. She wondered if her best friend Carly knew how good it was. If she did, she would probably let that nerd Freddie make out with her. Maybe, thought Sam, Carly's brother Spencer would be interested in some fun?

Carly wasn't surprised when her best friend wouldn't be walking home from school. She usually had detention, so they said their "goodbyes" and agreed to meet in Carly's apartment later. Sam headed for the principal's office.

The secretary told her to go in (this was even a new secretary, when did that happen?) and wait. She did and sat in the chair across from the desk, dropping her backpack on the floor. Not one to sit ladylike, Sam draped one leg over the arm of the chair, not even realizing her blue bikini panties were in full view of anyone who looked. Present now in her mouth was her ever constant gum.

Mr. Adams entered from a door at the side and looked at Sam. He noticed the wet spot on the blue panties and immediately began to get hard.

"SAM!" he yelled.

She jumped at the sound of his voice and muttered a, "Sir?"

"From now on when you enter my office after I've summoned you, undress and place your clothes on the sofa." He pointed to a sofa against the far wall.

"After you have done that, you will lean over the arm of the sofa or the horse that you used this morning, and wait for me. Do you understand?"

This was it, she thought. She was about to have sex again, and every other time she came in here. Oh well, it DID feel pretty good.

"Yes sir." She walked over and began to strip out of her clothes, folding them and laying them on the sofa as she had been directed. When she was totally nude, the blonde pre-teen bent over the horse and waited.

Mr. Adams smiled as he watched. He knew her reputation as the bully, but also realized it was a front. She needed structure and discipline, and inwardly wanted someone to tell her what to do. She would make a very good pupil indeed.

He undressed as he watched her waiting, her knees trembling. This time, she had removed everything, even her leggings and shoes. She had well-toned legs, and he did love that round, firm butt! That would be next, he decided, right after she sucked him again.

He pulled his chair up to the front of the horse. When he sat down, his lap was in the perfect position for his students on the horse to give blow jobs (as had happened many times before. Oh, how he loved this job!).

Sam watched as he sat in front of her. His semi-erect cock was right there, just a couple of inches from her mouth. She hesitated, then took the member into her hands. Her touch made it jump, then she took him in her mouth for the second time today. As she began to suck, she could feel it grow. She could also feel a tingle build deep within her 12-year-old body. She remembered that feeling from this morning, and she liked it!

"That's a good girl, Sam. You didn't have to be told, you just started sucking. You did such a good job this morning, too. Get it nice and hard so I can put it inside of you again. You want that, don't you Sam?"

She mumbled a yes answer as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

"I thought so. Before we do that, I have something else in store for you. Stay where you are."

Mr. Adams stood and Sam remained bent over, her firm butt in the air. She held tightly to the handles as he walked behind her. She could hear him doing something, but couldn't turn to see what it was.

Suddenly, he was spreading her butt cheeks. Something was pressing against her bottom hole!

"WHA... WHA.... WHAT ARE YOU...OHHHHHH" as the enema tip slid inside her.

"Just a little something to clean you out, Sam." He released the clamp and she could feel something warm flowing inside her. This was another new experience, as she had never had one of those "enemas?" that he called it. It was filling her up, but it did feel kinda neat in a weird way.

After a few minutes, he clamped the tube and removed the tip. She could feel pressure, but stayed where she was.

"OK, Sam, the bathroom is in the corner. Go relieve yourself and come back."

She waddled to the bathroom, clenching her cheeks together. After she finished, she walked back in and leaned over. He repeated the procedure twice more. After the last time, she leaned over the horse and waited, expecting another enema. She had noticed every time she walked back that Mr. Adams still had a pretty nice erection. Now, she felt him behind her. She was actually hoping he would do "it" again. She really liked that this morning, in fact, she felt like there was still some stuff left from this morning.

Sure enough, he slid inside her. She let out a soft moan, her eyes closed. She dropped her head and enjoyed the feel of his cock. This was only the second time ever she had someone inside her, and she was a little sore, but it felt SOOOO good!!

He slowly moved in and out of her. She could feel her pussy getting wet as he kept up a good rhythm. She briefly wondered why he had given her that enema, but she didn't care. She was just loving the feeling of his cock (was that what he had called it? She thought she had it right).

"OK, Sam, here's another new thing for you," as he pulled out of her pussy. His hands were spreading her butt cheeks apart and she could feel him pressing his cock against her BOTTOM!! He was gonna put it there???

"Just take a deep breathe and relax. I'll go slow."

POP! The head went past the ring.

"OWWWW!!" Sam yelled out.

"Relax, Sam!" as he pushed more of his cock inside the girl. He was gentle, and let her stretch slowly, but he continued to press. Before long, he was working his cock in and out of her ass just like he had done in her pussy. As he pumped, he was reaching under her and playing with her clit.

This was something else new for Sam. She had accidentally bumped that little nub once in the bath, and it felt GOOD!, but no one had ever touched her like that. Oh wow! She felt the tingles again. She forgot the pain in her bottom as the new principal teased that button. She felt herself pushing back against him, in time with his strokes.

"Oh Mr. Adams, I think, I think, oh here it isSSSSSSSSSS!" as she climaxed.

"That's it Sam, let it happen. You're so tight, you're gonna make me cum.... pretty.....quick.... yessSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" as he held deep and sprayed her bowels with his seed.

That was all Sam needed to climax again. He could feel her sphincter tighten around his cock and milk the cum. She was by far the tightest and most responsive of the girls he had taken in a while. He knew she would be coming back for more and more.

POP! His cock popped out of her. For a brief instant, Sam thought about what just happened, remembering what he had told her this morning about cleaning him. Then she remembered the enema, and knew she would be clean. No more hesitation. Sam turned and dropped to her knees, taking his semi-erect cock in her mouth. Quickly, she sucked him clean, feeling him grow to full thickness once more.

"Good girl, Sam! I see you remembered. Now, I'm all hard again. You choose. Where do you want it?"

Sam, still on her knees, thought for a second, then lay back over the horse, offering her pussy to him, legs spread wide.

"Here, please!"

The principal smiled as he approached his newest conquest. Lifting her legs over his shoulders, he entered her once more. Both of them moaned as her tightness wrapped around him. Slowly, he built up a rhythm, driving deeper with each stroke. Sam's eyes were closed as she enjoyed the feelings she was experiencing once more today. Of course she had heard about sex, and had kinda paid attention in the sex-ed classes (those were pretty interesting actually), but she had never imagined she could feel so good!

"You like this now, don't you, Sam?" he asked her as he continued to drive in and out. With each stroke, he was purposely rotating his hips to cause the tip of his cock to brush against her "g" spot just inside her pussy. He could feel her contractions around his cock and he knew the answer without having to ask.

"Yes, Mr. Adams, I love it! I had no idea it could feel so .... ohhhhh.... it's happeningggggGGGGGGG" she started to moan as her body convulsed with another orgasm.

After cumming a few minutes ago, he knew he would last a little longer. As she started to orgasm, the principal drove hard and fast into her. This caused her to buck and moan, cumming even harder.

"You are my fuck toy now Sam, tell me what you want, tell me you want me to fuck you with my cock. Beg for my cum you little cunt!"

"OOHHH MR. ADAMMSSSSSS.... FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Fuck my pussy.... give me your cUMMMMMMMMM!!!!" her body wracked with another orgasm as she screamed out her pleasure.

This was enough to drive him over. Since he had started doing this, turning the girls into sex toys, he had learned that once they came, they wanted more and more.

"Take my cum slut! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" as he unloaded another batch of warm cum into her, the tip of his cock penetrated her womb, and the potent seed sprayed directly inside.

Holding deep inside until he finished, the principal finally caught his breath. He loved fucking these teens and fortunately, his position allowed him to do it frequently! He had one more surprise for young Miss Sam.

He pulled out with a pop and let her clean his cock. As soon as she was finished, she remained on the floor, looking up at him.

"Lay back on the horse, Sam. Keep your legs spread, I'll be right back."

She did as she was told, and Mr. Adams walked to a cabinet in the corner. When he returned, he told her to close her eyes and wait. The blonde smiled and spread her legs wider, hoping he was still hard and would give her another load!

Instead, he leaned over her and spread her pussy lips. This was still OK, she thought, he was playing with her and she was still sensitive.

"This will feel like a bee sting, Sam, but it'll be worth it."

What will feel like a..... "OWWWWW" she screamed as something stuck in her magic button.

She could feel something warm going inside her. She looked down and he was using a syringe! She was afraid to move, but it hurt!

Finally, he withdrew the needle and looked up.

"I apologize for the burning, Sam, but you will appreciate it later. Now, turn over. I have one more shot to give you. This one is for birth control. Unless you tell me you are already on some, and I doubt that."

She shook her head in a "no" response, and turned over. She really hated shots, too, but already the burning was gone and she could feel her button swelling a little. As she turned, it even made her jump, but it gave her pleasure!

He wiped an area of her hip with alcohol, then gave her the injection. His brother was a doctor who specialized in research pharmaceuticals, and had given him both medications. Of course, his brother was prone to visit from time to time, but that was OK too. Sam might enjoy paying him back. He had an idea she would!

As he withdrew the needle, he told Sam to remain still. He inserted the enema tip and started the water flowing.

"I'm going to help you clean up, Sam," he told her as he started the procedure once more. Sam lay there as the liquid entered her body again. She realized she didn't really mind this part of the playtime!

When he removed the tip and let her go to the bathroom, he followed her. This was different, but then again, he had seen everything she had, so why not? He refilled the enema bag at the sink, then attached a different tip.

"Put this inside your pussy, Sam. It's called a douche, and it will help you clean up. That way, no one will be able to smell that you had sex when you get home."

She did as he instructed, and once more water flowed inside her. This time, of course, it flowed right back out again. He flushed her for what seemed like forever, but the flowing water gave her another orgasm!

He just smiled when that happened, and finally shut the water off, telling her she could get dressed now. She walked into the office and started putting her clothes on while he did the same. He looked at his newest girl and gave her some instructions.

"Sam, of course it should go without saying, that what happened here today stays in this office. Do you understand?"

Nod, as she starts to pull on her shirt.

"Secondly, if you should decide to tell anyone, your reputation is such that no one would believe you, and you will be sent away to juvenile. Do you understand that?"

She knew her reputation was bad, and knew he was right, but she had no reason to report him. After all, she loved what happened! She just wished she could tell her best friend. Oh well, maybe later.

"Now," he continued, "I know you and Carly Shay have a web program, and you are very close."

Nod, waiting on what was next as she tied her shoes, her legs spread and Mr. Adams staring directly at her blue panties.

"I know she is your best friend, and you'll want to tell her what happened. I'll let you know when that's OK. Until then, you won't say a thing. Next, tomorrow morning you will come and see me during your study hall. One thing you should know, is that since this school has become private, all grades go through this office for my review. That means, as long as you cooperate, your grades will be probably the best you have ever had."

When he said that, she looked straight at him. Her legs were still spread, and he continued to look at her there. She was starting to realize guys really liked to see girl's panties. This might turn out to be fun. She might even tease ol' nerd boy Fredward.

"How many skirts do you own?"

She thought before replying she had three.

"I want you to wear them every other day. On the days you don't wear a skirt, wear the tightest shorts you have. When the weather is too cold, wear tight jeans. Make sure your panty-line is visible through the jeans. Understand?"

Nod. He is such a perv, she thought as she smiled at him.

"Do you have any thongs?"

A negative shake of her head. Why would she or anyone want to wear "butt floss?"

"Good. I think those things are disgusting. I call them "butt floss."

She laughed and told him that's what she called them, too.

"Alright, then. We understand each other. Remember the rules when you come in here. I'll see you tomorrow during study hall. You did really great today, Sam. I'm proud of you."

No one had ever told her that before. Without thinking about it, she gave Mr. Adams a hug before walking out. Her mom wouldn't be home, as usual, so she would go to her friend's house and eat supper there. She noticed her panties were rubbing her button and it felt all tingly. Wow, being a bad girl was gonna be a good thing after all!

As she left, the principal called his brother and let him know about giving the injection. Yes, he would give him the results after tomorrow. Yes, he would also give him the results of the hypnosis of Carly.


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