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iCarly: One Night Part 4 - Twinning
by ProfNigma

The next couple weeks flew by for the three friends, and surprisingly, with the exception of a few awkward glances, they made it through without even thinking too much about the events that had transpired. Their dreams remained very affected, each spending most of their dream time in some sexual situation or another.

Much like the time they really kissed and Sam admitted that she loved Freddie, Sam had completely shut down and acted surprisingly shy around Freddie.

The teens taped iCarly like they always did, never giving any hint to their viewers that anything had happened. But one didn't have to look too hard to see some of the cracks in the friendship, especially when it came to the interaction between Sam and the others.

For Sam, all she really wanted to was to feel Freddie inside her again. Her body screamed for some attention, but the level of awkwardness was too much for her, so she just became more and more meek. But for the last day or so, she'd been a bit more focused on her sister's arrival for a while. Melanie was supposed to come down for spring break, but her school year got cut a bit short when the headmistress found out about her tattoo and she was effectively expelled.

Sam was excited for her sister's arrival, but the two had never been friends since they were polar opposites. Sam was as bad as Melanie was good, and secretly, Sam envied how much Freddie liked her and she wanted to be more like her "perfect" twin sister.

Sam sat at home after school, waiting for her sister to come home. Sam's mom should have been there, but she was on some cruise ship somewhere. As she sat there waiting, Sam came up with a really great plan to win Freddie's heart, and more importantly, his penis.

Melanie arrived in the late evening Friday, just in time to eat dinner with Sam. Melanie was an exact double of Sam in every way, all the way down to the swollen chest that apparently affected both of them. The only difference is that Melanie wore her hair in pigtails and ponytails all the time. Working up the courage to ask her this kind of favor was a big deal, and even though Melanie always did what Sam told her to, it didn't make it any easier for her to ask this kind of thing.

"So... how are Carly and Freddie? Have you guys done 'it' again?"

"No..." Sam muttered as she ate her dinner, desperately trying to both take on and avoid this conversation.

"Oh ok.... I was hoping that you were feeling a lot better about everything. I know you have really strong feelings for Freddie-"

"I don't have strong feelings for him!" Sam snapped. "I just like him a lot and he makes me feel really great is all."

"You don't have to get upset, Samantha. I was just asking. You called me a while back and told me everything... I just figured you might want to talk about it."

"Well, I don't." Sam said coldly, no longer wanting to eat as her stomach was in knots.

A few moments passed as Melanie finished her dinner, and was washing the dishes in the sink when she asked a question that stopped Sam cold.

"If you aren't going to go after Freddie, do you mind if I try and date him... we kissed that one time and it was really nice."

As soon as the sentence was out of her mouth, Sam's fist took its place, tackling her sister, angry and prepared to hit her for what Sam considered blasphemy. Melanie, of course, knew this might be the reaction she got, but it also pushed Sam to confront her feelings, which was the plan all along.

"You wouldn't even know what to do with him anyway." Sam said coldly.

"I don't know about that... from what you told me, I don't have to do much. And I always kinda imagined my first guy being someone like Freddie... sweet and kind."

"Argh!" Sam screamed as she stormed out of the house. This wasn't what Sam had in mind by having her sister here. She was supposed to balance her out and teach her to be "nicer," which was what he was into. Maybe if she told Melanie the truth, she would understand... but what if she had feelings for Freddie, and she'd just screw Sam up and take him for herself.

Sam would have had more time to be torn, when Melanie came out after her and apologized.

"I'm sorry Samantha... I was just trying to get you to be honest with your feelings. I do like Freddie a lot, but I'm here for you, and I want you to be happy."

"Fine, I'm kinda in love with him." Sam mumbled, refusing to make eye contact. "Being with him in every way has pretty much been my thought for two weeks straight... but I'm not the kinda girl he wants. He wants someone nice... like Carly... or you."

"Yeah, but he never dated me or Carly, so clearly there is something there." Melanie quickly retorted.

"Yeah, but our relationship was us just making out between big fights. That's not what this should be."

"But... didn't you say the fact that you were both so savage and stuff was what made "it" so good?"

"Well... yeah, but I want him to think I'm nice and that he can do something without being ashamed of me or expecting me to punch someone."

"Well, that might be difficult..."

"Right... which is why I need you to teach me to be 'good'."

"You're seriously asking me that? Like this is Pygmalion or something?"

"I'm not a pig! That was just bitchy, Mel."

"No... Pygmalion is a book; they made a movie based on it called My Fair Lady where this guy makes a poor trashy girl into a high class lady. We had to read it for class a couple years ago. Basically, you want me to teach you how to be proper?"

"No... Carly did that a while back when I wanted to impress this boy. Now, I feel like I need to prove that "this" is who I can really be, not just make a fa‡ade."

"Did you really just say "fa‡ade?"

"Shut it. It's a word you would have used, right?"

"Very true... so you just want to pretend to be me for the rest of your life?"

"Yeah... I mean, no... I don't know." Sam stared off at the cloudy sky, lost in thought of what to do, feeling the dampness of a pre-rain evening in Seattle.

"Let's head inside, Samantha."

Melanie grabbed her sister and pulled her to the door, which was now locked.

"Umm... Samantha... the door's locked."

"How?!" Sam screamed, trying to bumrush the door, but to no avail. Both of their sets of keys were sitting on the table. Sam slowly realized that when she slammed the door on her exit, she locked the door, and Melanie didn't even realize it when she came out. They were stuck, and it was about to pour.

"Is there anyone who has keys besides mom?"

"Yeah, but I really don't want to see them right now..."

"Let me guess... Carly and Freddie?"

"Yeah... ugghhhh... fine... let me call them. In the meantime, let's hop a bus to their apartment complex before we get wet."

Like a child, Melanie giggled at the word, adding in a joking line "Maybe we will once we get there."

Sam punched her sister and dialed the phone as they headed towards the bus. Try as she could, after dialing them twice each, she couldn't get through. Luckily, they caught a bus quickly, and took a seat away from everyone else.

"They aren't picking up?"

"I guess not." Flashes of what the two of them could be doing while not answering flew through Sam's mind, upsetting her.

"You're imagining them doing it, aren't you?"

"Shut up. Since there's a chance we will see Freddie, give me a crash course on being like you so I can get this going."

"Patience is the first thing, I guess."

"Hang on..."


"Back at the house, you said 'I always imagined my first guy being someone like Freddie.' Have you been with a girl before?"

"Samantha... I mean... I went to an all girls school for years, so yeah... I experimented a couple times with a girl on my floor. We all kinda did it."

"Yeah... I really liked being with Carly, and there were some things that she definitely did better than Freddie."

The girls giggled for half a second before Melanie was stricken with an idea. She thought it through completely while Sam dialed her friends again.

"Still nothing, Mel... Guess we will surprise them, and may God have mercy on them if I catch them-"

"Samantha, did you like sharing Freddie with Carly?"


"Did you like being with both Carly and Freddie... like... having a three-way?"

"Well, yeah, in a lot of ways, like being touched by two people at once and the ecstasy of seeing how much he enjoyed having her- like it was my gift to him, but I know he has feelings for Carly, which is kinda the biggest problem."

"Samantha, I have an idea, which would be kinda like what happened with Carly, but it might be fun, and I have thought this through and I'm onboard for this completely if you are."

Sam looked into her sister's eyes and listened intently to the idea.

* * *

On the other side of town, Carly and Freddie were video chatting, even though they were across the hall from one another. Ever since his mother freaked out on him, Freddie spent most of his time in his room, though it wasn't really a factor tonight since his mom was doing a ladies night with some of her work friends. And for some reason, T-Bo was also gone too, but Freddie didn't want to think there were any non-coincidences there.

Carly was in similar shape as far as adults being around went. Since the night Spencer caught her after her dream, he had kept his distance and hadn't really spent too much time around her.

So, there the two friends were, still not spending time together unless they really had to with school and the web show. But talking on the webcam seemed to work well enough.

They mostly talked about school stuff and tech stuff for iCarly, but after both their phones rang, one after the other, they had a topic to discuss.

"Sam just call you?"

"Yeah," Carly said, "but I figured since she's kinda been giving us the cold shoulder, I should too."

"Kinda my feeling too... its like she doesn't want to put the whole "thing" aside. I mean, I still haven't completely processed what went down, but at least its not on my mind all the time." Freddie was lying a bit there.

"Oh yeah... haven't really thought about it in days," Carly lied right back. Truth was that Carly was now touching herself on the other side of the cam at the mention of the events. She would, of course, never admit any of this. "Anyway, I assume she called you too... Why didn't you answer?"

"Same reason, I guess. I just want things to go back to normal." Truth was- Freddie was really missing; no, craving having the two girls. If Carly had said a single word in favor of the idea, Freddie would have rushed over.

The two remained silent for a bit, as they no doubt surfed the net other than talking to one another. Both received another call, and they looked at it and gave each other a look. Freddie considered answering the call, when Carly spoke up.

"If given the chance, would you want to do all that again?"

"Ummm... I don't know really. I mean, it was great but we have a really strong friendship, and I feel like all that stuff, as evidenced with Sam, just makes things really complicated. I just don't know how to feel. Honestly, I have thought about it a lot, and really, I think if the chance arose, I might consider it."

Carly bit her lip and stared at Freddie on her computer, taking the straps off her spaghetti strap shirt, letting the clothing hang on her chest only.

Maybe it was the stress, or the look of Carly's creamy shoulder, that for him looked like it was begging to be touched.

"I'll be right over." He muttered.

"No..." Carly said, running her hands along the rim of her top. "I think I kinda owe you for being really cool through this whole thing, and that letter you wrote me a couple weeks ago was really sweet. I know we both have a little pent up feelings, and need to relax now. Just... enjoy this show."

Freddie was going to say something, but he decided against it, letting Carly doing her thing.

The brunette let the shirt material fall inch by inch, exposing her perfect B cup breasts and eraser sized nipples. Using one hand, Carly massaged her breasts, giving focus to her hardened nipples, while her other hand continued its earlier job, rubbing herself through her pajama bottoms.

Freddie just stared on at the show, and before long, was fighting a massive erection. He shifted slightly, and it caught Carly's attention.

"Wow... are you already hard from watching me?" She purred, then put her masturbating fingers to her lips.

"Well, yeah, but I kinda had some wood while we were talking earlier so this has been a building process."

Carly giggled and asked, "Can I see it? Can little Freddie come out and play?"

Freddie was cautious as he pulled his chair back and pulled his pants off, revealing his hard member that Carly made "ooh's" towards.

"Sorry I said 'little' Freddie... Forgot how big you really are." Carly said, standing up and removing her pants, leaving the teen in nothing more than a thong. She then got an idea. Going into her music, she put on some R&B song and closed her eyes and just danced for Freddie. With each grind towards the camera, her amazing ass and breasts jiggled a bit; an image that really got Freddie going.

The teen began to stroke himself, watching the show. Carly didn't miss this fact and the idea that he was getting off on her made her feel really hot. Once she felt like she had done enough, she leaned in close to the camera, and whispered.

"What I said about you not coming over? Changed my mind. My wet pussy and that amazing cock of yours need to get reacquainted."

Freddie nearly ran out of his room without his pants, and after putting them back on, he threw open the door to his apartment and was immediately stunned.

* * *

Standing before Freddie was a true "double vision." Sam, and another Sam, were standing at his door. Freddie thought to himself that this confirms Melanie's existence after all.

Freddie didn't have time to think much more as he was pushed into his apartment by both girls, going so far as to literally throw him onto the bed.

The girls taunted Freddie as the crawled on either side of him, whispering things into his ears.

"We came up with a game to play with you."

"One of us is Sam..."

"And the other is Melanie."

"And if you guess which one is which..."

"You get to fuck us both."

"But if you're wrong, then you only get one of us, and then we will leave."

Freddie thought through this as much as he could, still having the raging erection that Carly had given him.

"Do I have to guess now, or can I get some more evidence?" he asked slyly.

Very quickly, the blondes met him with respective nods.

"What do you want to test? And no using memories... you can only decide by physical stuff."

"Well, in that case..." he thought about Carly's striptease, "strip for me."

"Sure thing."

As if some sort of routine had been planned out, the blondes began to strip slowly, removing their shirts very seductively. One unbuttoned her shirt very sensuously, revealing a thin undershirt, and biting her lip as she did it, never breaking her stare at Freddie. The other had a t-shirt that was pulled overhead quickly, revealing a really nice lace bra, that cupped her impressive breasts incredibly well. The first girl wasn't even wearing a bra under her shirt, which meant that the material did nothing to hide the D cups and their respective nipples.

"How's this?"

Freddie smirked, "I'll let you know when you finish."

The girls took their cue and continued to strip, each revealing their top halves completely, and each began to slip their jeans off, facing away from him so he could get a magnificent view of their asses. As each centimeter of denim slipped over their nice asses, revealing their underwear- something blue and frilly for girl number two, and a thong for girl number two, Freddie could feel himself getting harder. He needed to fuck one of them. Now.

With their backs to him, the girls didn't notice Freddie sneaking up behind them, as he quickly grabbed who he believed to be Sam.

* * *

On the other side of the hallway, Carly waited for Freddie to come over, completely nude, laying in her bedsheets. Carly ran her fingers over the sheets, and thought back to the first time they were all together in this bed. The mere thought was making her so wet, she couldn't stand it. She needed Freddie to come over really quick. Just to see if he was making his way over, she checked back on her webcam and went wide eyed at the sight.

The guy who was supposed to be filling her up and making love to her was busy getting another strip tease from Sam and... Sam?! Carly realized in half a second that the other girl must be Melanie. Watching the blondes disrobe and touch themselves was really hot to Carly. Her mind went to the possibility that she might be gay, or at the least bisexual. Eh, she thought, I can worry about that later. Right now she was focused on the girls dancing, and Freddie's massive erection that was not being hidden in the least. She managed to hit the record button before the lust overcame her and she had to touch herself.

Carly began to thrust two fingers inside herself watching all this, but she really got a shock when Freddy lunged at one of the girls and began to do things to her that she was aching to have done to herself.

* * *

Freddie grabbed the girl who was previously wearing the tshirt, and pulled her into him, running his hands all over her body, putting special attention on her chest, kissing on her neck and running his other hand over her wet crotch.

"How'd you know it was me?!" she exclaimed.

"Sam, were in school earlier today... you didn't change clothes. I saw you in that t shirt, like, all day. I knew it from the moment you girls came in."

"Fair enough... guess you should claim your prize." She said, dropping her frilly panties to the floor, which was met with Freddie losing his shirt. Freddie barely got his pants off before the girl pushed him onto his bed, crawling on top of him and pulling his boxers off with one quick move.

The blonde straddled him, giving him an intense look before Freddie pushed into her quickly, which shocked her nearly as much as it shocked Freddie when he smashed through her hymen.

It was obviously too late to say "I'm sorry', but he still tried to apologize as Melanie wasn't pretending to be slutty anymore and half a second later, she was no longer pretending as she rode Freddie, allowing him fuck her and for her to experience things she had never even imagined.

Freddie could not believe how tight Melanie was, and was amazed at the same time that she took him so fast and so hard. The idea that he had now deflowered three different girls echoed in his mind as he thrust inside Melanie.

"God, Samantha... you never told me it was anything like this... holy... FUCK..." Melanie cried out.

"You think that I wouldn't think to change before we did this... Man... So, Freddie how's it feel to get this one wrong?" Sam asked, trying to resist the jealousy of what her sister was experiencing.

Before Freddie could even speak, Melanie yelled. "I don't care how wrong he was, this is the right-est thing that has ever happened to me."

Sam, took that moment to strip her thong and jump into Freddie's bed as well, situating her wet pussy right over his face, a situation that Freddie happily accepted. The virile teen hungrily lapped up Sam's pussy while meeting his thrusts with Melanie's pounding body.

"Fuck, you're good at that!" Sam moaned, trying not to be too jealous or too turned on by the ridiculous ride her sister was getting. Freddie had managed to find the perfect rhythm for both girls and he felt Melanie's body begin spasming within moments. Melanie's first sex orgasm had completely fried her brain as she climbed off Freddie and laid next to him.

Sam jumped at the chance and slid her body down Freddie's body, giving Freddie a chance to slide his tongue along her asshole, a feeling that sent a pleasure shudder down Sam's body. Assuming a reverse cowgirl position, Sam pushed Freddie's waiting cock deep inside her tight hole. Her eyes rolled into her head at the wave of pleasure of having the love of her life so deep inside her, making love.

"I thought you said I was only getting one of you if I guessed wrong?"

"Just shut up and enjoy this. Momma needs that big cock to stretch her pussy out and she really needs some of that cum..."

Sam began grinding up and down his pole, meeting Freddie's thrusts really well, and Freddie, knowing that he could be a bit rougher with Sam, grabbed her arms and held her to him making the pounding much harder, sending really strong shockwaves through Sam whose breasts jiggled like crazy as she moaned incredibly loud.

Sam opened her eyes for a sec and something caught her eye. Freddie's computer, and more than just the computer, was the image of Carly fingering herself watching what was going on here. She felt a little embarrassed, but got over it quickly, knowing that as long as Freddie was with her, she was ok.

Looking over her shoulder, Sam saw her sister was in ecstasy, literally glowing from the experience, and got an idea. She pulled herself up and moved to a leaning position in front of Freddie's laptop so that she knew Carly could get a good shot of what was happening. Sam was offering to get pounded doggystyle and it was up to him which hole he wanted to take. Secretly, she was extremely happy that he chose her pussy.

Freddie grabbed her hips and began to fuck her like a madman, making her breasts shake so much, Sam was actually a little worried that they might hit her. Try and she might, no matter how tight she gripped on Freddie's desk, his thrusts threw her offbalance, a fact that would have annoyed her if this wasn't so fucking fantastic. She did her best to illustrate her exact feelings so that Carly could see them. Carly looked on with a glazed look in her eye, rapidly plunging her fingers into her slit.

Sam's pussy clenched tight giving Freddie a warning that she was close to coming, and sure enough, Sam let out an intense holler that she couldn't imagine anyone in the building not hearing. As soon as she came, Freddie announced that he was close, and pulled out of Sam. The blonde grabbed her sister and kneeled next her, giving Freddie a chance to blow his load on both sisters.

Freddie jerked himself for a few seconds before four thick ropes of cum erupted from his cock, blanketing both of their faces and tits. Sam licked as much as she could from herself and then began to lick his member to get any remnants. It had been too long since Sam had had any of his amazing batter.

Melanie on the other hand, had been shaken out of her sex-tasy when she received the load from Freddie, wiping the cum from her lips. A quick lick told Melanie pretty easily that her sister's love for semen was just another thing that they did not have in common. Sam saw this and quickly wiped her sister clean and licker her fingers clean.

Freddie was now spent and lay back on the bed, happy. The girls joined him, but not before Sam motioned to Carly, who seemed to have experienced an explosion of her own, to come over.

* * *

Carly stared at her computer, body still trembling from her intense orgasm, and she knew exactly where she needed to be.

Throwing on some quick clothes, she raced downstairs to the door. She had a lie prepped already for Spencer about where she was going, but luckily he was nowhere in sight. Small miracles, she thought, rushing through the doorway to Freddie's door. She opened the unlocked door and crept through the house, just in case Ms. Benson was home. Once she got to Freddie's room,, she knew she was safe.

Shutting the door behind her, Carly threw her shirt and pants aside and jumped on Freddie like a dog in heat. Freddie caught her, and they began to kiss passionately, his tired member beginning to get some life back in it already.

Melanie, having never been with Carly, stopped their makeout short, and pulled Carly on top of her, making sure their respective wet pussies grinded against one another.

Carly was stunned at how forward Melanie was being. Normally, she was extremely submissive, but sexually, this girl was on fire. She began to suckle on Carly's breasts, while her hands ran up and down the dark haired teen's back.

Though, Carly was enjoying this, she really wanted to do something else with her new playmate. Turning around completely, Carly dove her tongue deep into Melanie's pussy, lapping up the girl's juices, getting a bit of flavor that she quickly identified as Freddie's cock sweat. Just thinking about it got Carly even hornier. Carly finally got her tongue into position on Melanie's clit and made the formerly virginal blonde scream in delight. Her screams were soon muffled as she pushed her face in Carly's love hole, tasting some of her cum and it was amazing. Melanie had only been with two other girls in her life but Carly had the best tasting pussy she could ever imagine. It was sweet and warm, and it made her happy to eat out her out.

The two girls were so preoccupied with each other that they didn't really notice that Sam and Freddie were hard at work as well. Sam was 69-ing with Freddie, worshiping his member back to life with her mouth, as he licked her pussy and asshole, while rubbing her ass as he went.

Sam may have enjoyed vaginal sex to anal, but there was an incredibly feeling when Freddie put his tongue in her backdoor. She moaned into his cock, which was getting harder and harder. She finally pulled back a bit and shifted so she could titfuck him.

Sam was soon joined on the other side of Freddie by her sister, who put her breasts to Freddie's cock and, Freddie was in a moment of heaven. It got even better when Carly began sucking on his member while the other two were so close... it was absolutely amazing.

"I've waited too long for this." Carly purred, climbing on top of Freddie. Leaning in close, she kissed him very passionately, then thrust her self downward onto his prick, impaling her, so fast and hard, she thought she would split in two.

Freddie could not believe how tight Carly was still, as he watched her body bounce up and down on his member, her tits jiggling slightly with each pounding. Melanie rook this chance to mount Freddie's face and lean forward to passionately kiss Carly as she rode him. Freddie wasn't sure whether this was Sam or Melanie, but he didn't care. He just wanted to eat the girl out and fuck the shit out of Carly.

Sam, never being the one to want to be left out had an idea. She saw that the camera was recording to Carly's computer so, she detached the wireless camera and moved around the bed, showing up close what each person was doing.

She began with Carly, making sure the camera caught all the action of the teen rapidly impaling herself on Freddie's cock, and moved the camera to Carly's face while Sam rubbed and suckled on Carly's bouncing breasts. She slid down to look up at Carly and used her free hand to rub the dark haired teen's cleanly shaven pussy. The rubbing combined with Freddie filling her up sent incredible waves of pleasure to Carly. Sam moved up Freddie's chest to her sister, whose eyes were rolling as Freddie gripped Melanie's hips and ass, feverishly using his tongue to make the girl go mad with pleasure. Sam made sure to get a close-up of Freddie's oral action, and had to touch herself with her free hand as she filmed the orgy in front of her.

Melanie and Carly began to kiss and fondle one another, which prompted Sam to step back to catch all of the action.

"Fuckk... Freddie... fuckfuckfuckfuck" He may have only had sex a few times, but Freddie knew an orgasm when he heard it. It wasn't a second later before Melanie had reached critical mass, and without warning she just exploded, drenching Freddie's face with her juices; a sight that Sam made sure were caught on the webcam. Melanie collapsed onto his chest, which put her at mouth height with Carly's pounded pussy. The exhausted girl was content to lick Carly's pussy and Freddie's cock at each intersection.

Sam, grabbed a shirt from Freddie's hamper to wipe his face, putting the camera down. She was taken aback when Freddie looked into her eyes and pulled her close to kiss her. The kiss was so passionate and deep, she didn't care that her sister's juices were now in her mouth- she had Freddie's full attention and she melted with his touch.

Freddie broke the kiss to announce that he was close and Carly hopped off of him, and stood at the side of the bed.

"Freddie, I had to sit and watch you with Sam and Melanie for too long and I got really horny- the jealous kind of horny, and now, before you blow your load, I really need your cock somewhere they didn't get to have it."

She bent over seductively, as Carly offered her ass. Freddie looked at Sam, who just smiled and nodded. Freddie jumped up, cock still wet from Carly's dripping pussy and Melanie's saliva. Sam gave the camera to Melanie before jumping into the mix as well.

"Record every second of this, Melanie..." she said, moving her head to the edge of the bed, lining up with Carly's pussy. Carly moved herself onto Sam's face and Freddie slowly slid into her ass. He hadn't fucked Carly in the ass since that very first night, and it was clear how much each of them missed it as they feverishly went at it.

Sam hungrily lapped at Carly's pussy, tasting the remnants of Freddie's cock, and found Carly's G spot and assaulted it with her tongue as best she could as Freddie balls hit her head as he was fucking Carly harder and deeper than the first time. The mere thought of this had Sam shoving her fingers deep into her pussy, touching herself in ways that no one else could. Freddie began to grunt, and grabbed Carly's hair, pulling it tight, which only turned the dark haired girl on more.

Melanie did her best to show everything on the camera, From Freddie's caveman-esque sexuality, to Carly becoming a ragdoll from the pleasure assault, her breasts bouncing as she begged Freddie to fuck her harder, to her sister who was giving herself an orgasm as she serviced Carly.

Before long, Carly's pussy exploded in a fiery orgasm, and Freddie followed soon after sending his seed deep into Carly's ass. Upon seeing that he had come, Sam pulled his cock out and licked and sucked on it more, desperate for Freddie's cum that she felt was almost addictive.

The four teens lay on the bed together, breathing heavily, and absolutely spent. Carly lay on one side, and Melanie lay on the other, having recently put the webcam back. And Sam was on top of Freddie, almost like a kitten cuddling on his chest. Freddie felt like he was in absolute perfection.

Until he heard his mother coming through the front door, heading straight for his room.


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