iCarly: Freddie's Fun (mf,first,ncon)
by Insomniac

It was a Friday night and the iCarly gang of Carly, Sam, and Freddie had just finished their weekly web cast. A show they do mainly for laughs over the Internet but has got them recognized all over Washington.

Carly: Oh man, I'm getting really tired you guys, wanna call it a night?

Freddie: Ya, that sounds good. Do you mind if I stay the night here, I don't feel like taking my flea baths.

Sam: Haha, nerd breath, I cant believe you still yet those from your mommy.

Carly: Sam! Be nice. Yeah, that's cool Freddie.

As the gang got ready for bed, brushing their teeth and changing into pjs. Freddie started to get a thought in his head. What if he could sneak into Carly's room and see her naked or maybe better. Carly was a very deep sleeper and he knew this because he and Sam had once had a loud argument while she was napping.

Freddie waited for about two hours after they settled down to sneak up to her room.

There she was sound asleep, he opened the door and tip toed in. She was lightly snoring which was good so know one would hear him creep in. Carly was lying on her stomach with her head turned left and arms outstretched under the pillow.
Freddie made his way to her and bent over her and started pulling down her pants.

He inched her pjs and underwear down until her butt was fully exposed. He smiled. She had such a cute butt, it was so smooth no hair or zits and perfectly toned. He put his head to it and kissed it, she did not move. 'Awesome!' he thought to himself.

He leaned down and saw the bottom of her pussy. That was also hairless. He worked up the ambition to stick his middle finger inside her pussy. She let out a small grunt but did not move or open her eyes. He slowly worked his finger in and out of her until she was wet.

Freddie: Alright here goes nothing. (He whispered to himself.)

He pulled down his pants to reveal his rock hard member. It was only five inches long and thin around with a small patch of dark pubic hair. He aligned himself with her hole and slowly stuck in his tiny cock. 'Ohhh that feels so good,' he thought. He had never had sex before, only masturbated to some bikini picture of his friend Carly. But now his dick was actually in her. He moved his body back and fourth slowly trying to not rock her hard enough to wake her.

He increased the pace letting out some soft grunts. He was scrunching his face and could feel his balls tightening, he was about to cum.

He pulled out just in time to blow his load all over her amazing ass. He pulled up his pants, grabbed his camera phone and snapped a pic of her cum covered butt, pussy and wiped her off and got one of her clean ass. He stood up to quietly walk out of the room when he stopped and froze in his tracks.
There was Sam leaning in the doorway with the biggest smile he had ever seen.

Sam: Nice work, puny dick. Now your gonna do something for me or I'll tell Carly in the morning!

The End


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