by Richard

As Zhaan walked down the corridors of Moya's detention level, now the
living quarters for those who dwelled within her, she paused a moment to look
in on where D'Argo normally resided. She was not sure as to why she had
stopped until her gaze fell upon the weapon D'Argo always carried with him.
His Qualter blade. As Zhaan looked at the sleek metal work she recalled the
argument that D'Argo and Rigel had engaged in. D'argo, naturally, had
insisted on taking it with him in case any hostile appeared while Rigel
conducted a trade negotiation with the people who had offered them the
supplies they needed. The argument seemed to have come to a close when D'Argo
had grabbed Rigel's ears and threatened to stretch them to a point where he
could wrap them around Rigel's neck and strangle him with them.

Then Crichton had walked in.

He had taken one look at what D'Argo was doing to Rigel and, under the
impression that he was about to rip Rigel's head off, had tackled him to the

What resulted next involved a lot of yelling, kicking, punching and gouging.
And ultimately the damaging of D'Argo's weapon.

Which resulted in yet more yelling, kicking, punching and gouging.

Which abruptly ended when Zhaan, at the limits of her patience, had waded in
and punched out all three.

As gently as possible of course.

After some brief ministrations to bring them back to consciousness all three
had departed to the planet on Zhaan's instructions to learn how to get along,
after which she had gone off in such of Aeryn.

Aeryn had been keeping to herself for the last few days and Zhaan was worried
that she was deliberately keeping her distance from the rest of the group.
Continuing her movement along the corridor she told herself that she was just
worried about Aeryn's mental state of health and her seeming isolation from
the rest of the group. She appeared around the ship at times but never took
time to attachly hold a conversation with someone.

As she neared the cells, now turned into quarters, of Aeryn she heard the
sound of hurried breathing that seemed to border on frantic.

Being a Delvian Zhaan knew what kind of activity could induce such panting.
She held her Comm link up and activated it.

"Pilot?" She inquired quietly.

"Yes Zhaan, go ahead."

"Could you stop monitoring the quarters and prevent TRD's from using this
section for a while?"

Pilot's response was quizzical. "Aeryn has already asked for those conditions
and I have supplied them. Might I inquire as to what is going on?"

Zhaan lifted a bemused eyebrow. "I'll let you know if I find something is
wrong, but if there is I should be able to handle it. Don't concern yourself

"As you wish. Pilot signing off."

Zhaan clicked the Comm link off and put it away, then crept around the
corridor to where she could spy on Aeryn without being seen. Coming to a
point where she could remain hidden she looked in on Aeryn Sun's quarters.
The sight gave rise to a smile.

Aeryn Sun, Peace Keeper commando and all round tough nut was completely
naked, kneeling on the floor with one hand buried between her legs moving it
back and forth in slow deliberate movements. Zhaan watched as Aeryn's hips
slowly moved in time with each thrust of her hand. Her body wore sheen of
perspiration that either implied that she had either been going at this for
several hours or had been exercising in some form for awhile. Either way
Aeryn was a sight to behold as her smoothly muscled body pulsed in the
ecstasy that she was unleashing upon herself. As Aeryn continued to stroke
herself Zhaan took time to admire her form. The former PeaceKeeper had all
the muscle groups in her body finely honed and yet still bore the elegant
female look. Her body was perspiring lightly causing droplets to run down the
perfect skin that almost drove Zhaan crazy with lust. Her hair was plastered
to her face, it having been let down for the duration of her activities, and
as Aeryn reached up to push it out of her face, her fingers found a sensitive
spot which forced a moan of pure carnal pleasure from her. Her hand, which
had pushed away the sweat soaked hair, now fell to her left breast and
lightly caressed it. Taking a single finger she traced the outline of her
nipple which hardened almost immediately, prompting another gasp to escape
from her lips.

Zhaan noticed that her own breathing was becoming slightly erratic which was
odd, considering she had often indulged in her bodies primal desires and had
never needed to breath deeply before, during or after the act of sex. Nether
the less, the sight of PeaceKeeper Sun's self ministrations was clearly
enough to affect her on her most basest level. Aeryn was now leaning forward,
supporting her weight on one hand while her other remained within her. Zhaan
noticed that her breathing was coming faster now, her hand moving quicker and
harder than before. The bucking of her hips also coming harder and more
frequently. From Zhaan's viewpoint she could see Aeryn's buttocks, smooth and
shining in the artificial light, bucking in violation of there own as Aeryn
stepped up the pace of her self loving. As Zhaan expected, Aeryn's deep and
heavy breathing started to develop into gasps, then the gasps turned into
moans, then into cry's of pleasure until finally, the cry's turned into a
single cry of pure unadulterated lust and satisfaction. Even so Aeryn's
self-pleasuring did not stop there. Aeryn did not stop rubbing herself, even
as she felt her juices run down her hand and legs. Instead her ministrations
increased as her other hand reached down to join the hand that was causing
her to experience such intense feelings of joy. Leaning forward still further
she laid her cheek to rest on the floor, her mouth now fixed in a wide O
shape, remaining that way for the long duration. Aeryn increased her tempo
and rocked herself as hard and as fast as she could. Not a sound emanated
from her as both her hands massaged her inner self. Zhaan knew she was
building up steam to an explosive orgasm that would be so intense that it
would probably blast her to pieces.

Zhaan hands also moved in violation but she was so enraptured by the sight
in front of her that she did not notice she was massaging her own breasts
through the flimsy garment that she habitually wore. They swelled in
appreciation to her touch and as Zhaan continued her nipples came to full
erection. Zhaan twirled them with her fingertips prompting a small gasp. The
gasp however was covered by the cry from Aeryn as her hands worked in unison
to bring her the maximum pleasure.

Aeryn cried out again as her fingers found the small nub of flesh that
electrified her entire body, while one hand played with her clit the other
was forcing it's way as deep as she could drive it down her cunt. She started
to cry out again and promptly bit her lip to stifle the outburst. Her body
was now perspiring freely as sweat appeared and rolled down her glistening
nude body.

Aeryn's body was now starting to shake as she rammed her hands down into her
warm, tight cunt, all the while holding back from the caterwaul of ecstasy
that she so desperately wanted to utter. Then suddenly Aeryn's entire body
spasmed and the cry that Zhaan had been expecting came out instead as a
scream of satisfaction and pleasure as Aeryn's body erupted the sweet and
sticky girlcum that Aeryn had brought with her from across the boundaries of
physical pleasure. Aeryn's body came again and again; splattering the floor
with Aeryn's cum until it started to pool around her. She continued coming
for several minutes before finally the spasms subsided and Aeryn collapsed
in an exhausted pile on the floor that was now slick with her own juices. Her
hair, which was splayed out on the floor, was now soaking in a large puddle
of her own cum, as was the rest of her body that was in contact with the
floor. Laughing slightly to herself she rolled over. Seemingly taking delight
in having her body covered by her own juices. Raising her hips slightly she
brought one sticky hand out of her cunt, leaving the other lightly stroking
the still dripping pussy. Raising that hand to her mouth she extended her
index finger and, taking it in her mouth, started sucking it. She moaned in
appreciation and started sliding the finger in and out of her mouth.

Meanwhile Zhaan gaped at the spectacle in front of her. She watched as Aeryn,
having finished licking the cum from her hand, now trailed it in the puddle
surrounding her. Getting up onto her knees she leant forward and, using both
hands, scooped up some of her cum, lifted it up, tilted her head back, and
proceeded to pour her own juices down her throat. Zhaan watched Aeryn's
throat muscles as they drank her essence. Some of the juices failed to make
it down Aeryn's throat and slowly trickled down her chin, only to fall onto
her heaving breasts which were already covered in her own pussy juice. Then,
after having drunk enough, she reached back and ran her slick hands through
her hair. By this time Zhaan had seen enough. She left Aeryn just as she
started running her fingers across her heaving chest, covering everything
that was not already covered in her sweet scent. Centring herself Zhaan tried
to walk away in a manner that suggested she had not just witnessed Aeryn's
actions. Running through a mental calming exercise to try and steady her
breathing she was forced to wonder if she would ever look at Aeryn in the
same way again, and if she couldn't, how would the changed relationship
affect both their lives? Right now though there was a more important factor
to consider.

How could she stop the feelings she was experiencing for some rampaging good
loving? From Aeryn!

To be continued...


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