TITLE: "Slow Like Honey"
PAIRING: Aeryn/Chiana
RATING: NC-17 for explicit f/f sex
SUMMARY: Chiana needs to have a talk with Aeryn, but soon forgets
all about talking...
NOTES: This takes place after Fingercuffs and Aftermath. This story
brings together all the stories I have written so far, starting with
"Boldly Going...", "Sweet Surrender", "Fingercuffs" and "Aftermath".
It appears I have inadvertently been writing a series. :-)
DISCLAIMER: These characters are the property of Henson Entertainment,
and no copyright infringement is intended by their use here. Story
itself copyright BadGrrl, 1999.
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Chiana rubbed at her wet hair with a flourish, humming happily to
herself. The last couple of arns had been exhausting, and the hot
shower had reminded her that she was a bit sore here and there, but
overall she felt great, almost giddy. She felt like a knot in her
middle had been untied, a knot she hadn't known existed until the
tension was gone. As she dressed she entertained herself by thinking
about how beautiful John looked sliding his tongue up D'Argo's thick
cock like he was licking a sweet treat. Chiana shivered, her body
remembering what that cock felt like pressing against her, and she
clenched her legs together tightly to hold on to that feeling. If
only Aeryn could have seen that look on John's face, his eyes half
closed with lust...

Oh, god! Chiana slapped a hand over her mouth, her impossibly dark
eyes opening wide. Aeryn was going to kill her, no hesitation, just
pow, one pantac jab, and that would be it, no more Chiana. Dead meat.
How the frell was she going to explain this to her lover? Chiana
and Aeryn hadn't been together very long, they were still sleeping
in separate quarters, but Chiana knew, without a doubt, that Aeryn
would not be amused by what she had done with John and D'Argo, especially
with John. Chiana didn't need to be told that those two had a tangible
tension between them, she could sense it every time she was in the
same room with them.

Sighing deeply, Chiana made her way back to her quarters slowly,
her happy mood diminishing with every step. There was no easy way
out of this one. She had to tell Aeryn, and Chiana just hoped that
she would still be civil to her, if not her lover anymore. Aeryn
had a temper, and Chiana did not want it directed at her. If only
she could show Aeryn how fun it had been, being tied up and helpless
like that, watching the two men pleasure each other. Her nipples
crinkled as she thought of the show they had put on for her, teasing
her mercilessly. She had felt like she was going to come just from
rubbing her legs together, before either man even touched her! And
Chiana had decided at some point in her life that she didn't even
like men anymore, at least not in bed. That bothered her a little,
the fact that she had been so aroused by John and D'Argo. She considered
it for a moment and decided that the only time she would say she
liked a man is when he had a cock up his ass. Yeah, that would fit
in well with her personal code of ethics. And it was definitely true

Giggling a bit over that stray thought, she was still grinning when
she turned the corner into her quarters and saw Aeryn stretched lazily
over her bed. She had on a black tank top and Calvin's shorts, and
Chiana's heart leapt into her throat at the lovely site she made,
one long leg bent at the knee and the other hanging over the side
of the bed, swaying back and forth. Aeryn had her hand resting on
her bare midriff, and her eyes were closed. She didn't even notice
when Chiana walked in the room.

"Hello, lover." Chiana stretched the words out with a sexy little
growl at the end. "Were you dreaming?"

"I'm awake. You don't have to be asleep to dream." Aeryn's voice
was husky, and Chiana thought it was the sexiest sound she had ever

Aeryn turned over onto her side and looked her lover over from head
to toe, slowly, shamelessly taking in the silky soft skin, and feasting
on it with her eyes. Her tongue slipped over the folds of her sensual
mouth, wetting them like she was tasting a kiss. The heat in her
eyes was unmistakable, and Chiana inhaled deeply, picking up Aeryn's
scent of arousal. Chiana found it difficult to think, and all thoughts
of her confession vanished from her mind. Her focus was completely
on the breathtaking beauty that was looking her over like a delicacy
begging to be tasted. And Chiana desperately wanted to be consumed
by the dark haired goddess who was now reaching a long slender arm
towards her, pulling her closer to the bed. Slow like honey, Chiana
stretched her soft body next to Aeryn's, relishing the comfortable
warmth of being so close to her.

Chiana felt Aeryn's warm breath on her cheek, and arched her neck
up in invitation, craving those full lips pressed to the sensitive
skin there. But Aeryn just nuzzled into the place between her neck
and shoulder, gently, inhaling the younger women's soft, vanilla
scent. A soft purr moved through Chiana's throat as Aeryn licked
her lips and softly kissed her neck then blew cool air over the wet
spot, causing shivers to run down Chiana's spine. Aeryn began kissing
her neck over and over, licking her lips every few kisses, covering
the pale skin of her throat with wet, hot kisses.

For once Chiana didn't feel the frantic need to move things faster,
to hurtle herself towards an orgasm. She felt utterly content to
just lay here and be ravished by Aeryn, who seemed determine to eat
her alive. Chiana raised her hips slightly, rubbing her pelvis against
Aeryn's leg lying between her thighs. She groaned slightly at the
warm heat flooding her insides. Aeryn responded by slowly rubbing
the length of her leg up and over Chiana's sex, then even more slowly
back down, her knee now pressing against the soft mound between Chiana's
legs. That pressure there made her feel like she was beginning to
float, on the waves of pleasure streaming through her whole body,
all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes.

Aeryn began moving her wet kisses down Chiana's body, licking a long,
tingling trail up the crevice between the young woman's breasts with
a flat rough tongue. Chiana's nipples ached to be touched by that
talented tongue, so close but not close enough yet. Aeryn licked
the curve of Chiana's breast with just the tip of her tongue, not
using enough pressure yet to do more than just tease. Then she caught
Chiana's eye, and held eye contact, peering at her from under her
long eyelashes. She licked her lips again; getting them very wet,
and finally sucked the young woman's nipple into the hot wetness
of her mouth. She moved her lips over it, her touch still unbearably
light, and Chiana ached for the pressure to increase. After thoroughly
wetting the entire nipple and areola, she moved her mouth back and
blew on it, the sudden coolness causing the nipple to harden and
Chiana couldn't help the desperate moan that escaped her mouth. The
extreme coolness was a shock after that hot mouth embracing her.
Still gazing up worshipfully at Chiana's beautiful face, Aeryn moved
her ministrations to the other neglected nipple, giving it the same
treatment, wetting it with her hot mouth, then blowing cool air over
it, watching Chiana gasp and enjoying the little sounds she was making

Aeryn continued her excruciating trail down Chiana's stomach now,
slowly licking and kissing her way down. She dipped her tongue into
her navel, and Chiana bucked her hips up at that feeling. Aeryn realized
she had found a sensitive erogenous zone, and slipped her tongue
in again, swirling it around once, and Chiana gasped again, her muscles
clenching. Aeryn filed away that bit of information for future use
and continued licking a fiery trail down her lover's soft body. Avoiding
the soft curls between her legs for now, Aeryn began sucking on the
silky flesh of her inner thighs, then nipped the sensitive flesh
there with her teeth, causing another surprised gasp to escape Chiana's
lips. Aeryn licked the bite, soothing the pain away with her wet
tongue. Chiana was teetering very close to that edge, she was ready
to beg for Aeryn to just fuck her already, just shove that hot tongue
against her clit, but Aeryn had other ideas. She moved her mouth
over to the other soft white thigh, and began to work her way up,
sharp little nips with her teeth, then soft slow licks over the sore

Aeryn moved her kisses down the inside of Chiana's leg, running her
warm hands all over her legs, caressing the warm flesh. Before Chiana
knew what was happening Aeryn was at the edge of the bed. With strong
hands, Aeryn began rubbing her feet, the touch firm enough not to
tickle. Chiana was amazed at how good it felt, her body felt even
warmer if that was possible. Then she nearly screamed at the sensation
Aeryn's hot mouth caused when she sucked Chiana's little toe into
her mouth. Aeryn pressed her tongue in between each of her toes,
sucking each one into her mouth and lightly nipping to tips with
her teeth. Chiana felt her self teetering on the brink of orgasm;
the sensation was utterly new and overwhelming. She never knew her
feet could be so pleasurable!

Chiana almost sighed with relief as well as regret when the mouth
was suddenly gone. Then she realized Aeryn was moving to the other
foot, and moaned with anticipation, not sure if she could stand much
more teasing like this. Her pussy ached almost painfully with the
need to come. But Aeryn was not done with her yet. She worked her
hot tongue over every toe, sliding it in down in between each one,
her tongue pressing against the over stimulated nerve endings.

Just when Chiana was positive she was either going to come from the
sensation of having her toes sucked, or pass out from it, it stopped.
She looked down at Aeryn, moving up over her body with the grace
of a large cat, undulating her hips and never breaking eye contact
with her prey.

"Spread your legs wide. I want to see you, all of you." Aeryn's voice
was even huskier now, her passion evident from the flush covering
her body.

With a soft moan of anticipation, Chiana complied, bringing her knees
up and apart. Aeryn began licking the wet lips, moistening the curls
with her tongue. She brushed them back away from the slit, and soon
the entire labia was thoroughly wet. Aeryn pushed Chiana's legs a
little further apart, until her engorged clit was peeking out. Aeryn
blew on it, causing a sharp intake of breath from Chiana. Chiana
raised her head a little, loving the site of the dark haired woman
between her legs. Aeryn made no further move to pleasure her lover,
just stared at the wet sex inches from her face. The lusty look on
Aeryn's face turned Chiana on even more, and she was aching to feel
that tongue on that most sensitive nub nestled in the wet curls.
But Aeryn just stared. As she stared, Chiana's clit twitched, reacting
to the weight of Aeryn's gaze. She started to squirm, suddenly uneasy
at all the attention focused on her most intimate area. But Aeryn
held her hips down, preventing her movement. Her gaze never wavering,
watching, licking her lips. Chiana felt her clit twitch again, and
tighten. She felt the warm juice running out of her.

"Aeryn, please, it's too much, please I can't..."

Chiana felt a deep tingle start inside her pelvis, the beginning
of an orgasm building within. She was stunned her body was so reactive
to nothing more than the gaze of her lovers' dark hazel eyes.

"I want you to come for me Chiana, now."

And Chiana screamed at the force of the orgasm that racked through
her, bucking her hips high off the bed with the strength of it. Her
climax pulsed through her body in waves, and it seemed like it went
on and on.

When she finally came down Chiana lay panting, unable to move or

Aeryn smiled at the satiated look on her lover's face. She was continually
amazed at how responsive Chiana was to her touch. Frell, she didn't
even have to touch her! When Chiana finally opened her eyes, she
saw adoration and love pouring out of Aeryn's expressive eyes. In
one fluid movement she covered Aeryn's body with her own, and kissed
her with all the passion she could pour into it. Aeryn moaned with
her own need, unsatisfied after the long lovemaking she had bestowed
upon Chiana.

Determined to give as much pleasure as she had just received, she
sucked greedily at Aeryn's neck, working her way down to engulf the
dark nipples into her hot mouth. Aeryn moaned in earnest, her need
pushing her on. Chiana wasted no time burying her face between Aeryn's
dark curls, lapping at the hot juice flowing out of her. She pushed
her tongue against the hard, glistening clit, and sucked it into
her mouth, causing Aeryn to roll her head back and forth against
the pillow behind her head. Chiana began flicking her tongue back
and forth against the sensitive nub, loving the moans she was causing
her lover to make. She slipped two fingers into the wet opening to
Aeryn's womb, and worked them around the hot walls, rubbing all the
most sensitive areas. Aeryn bucked her hips again, and Chiana thrust
her fingers in hard, flipping her clit faster, and Aeryn screamed
so loud, Chiana was sure someone was going to run in here to see
who was being murdered. She stayed inside her lover, slowly licking
her clean, then sitting up to gaze down at Aeryn's beautiful face
as she licked the juices running down her hand.

She bent down to kiss her again, and Aeryn could taste herself in
Chiana's mouth, sweet and musky. Aeryn curled up next to Chiana,
and fell into a deep sated sleep.

But sleep wouldn't come so easily for Chiana. With a sinking feeling
in her stomach she realized she still had to talk to Aeryn about
John and D'Argo. She just hoped she still had the courage to do it.

The end.


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