TITLE: "PeaceKeeper Discipline, Chapter 4"
AUTHOR: Aiobheann
RATING: NC-17 Violence, harsh language, BDSM, nonconsensual D/s,
some het sex play, pain.
PAIRING: John/Aeryn/D'Argo
SUMMARY: Aeryn gets John's undivided attention... Warning: This story
involves some fairly rough treatment of Aeryn and D'Argo, and a side
of John that may make some readers uncomfortable. If bondage and
non-consensual BDSM squick you, skip this series. In this story,
John and D'Argo are established lovers, but this is not part of my
"Blood Brothers" series" -- no schmoop here.
NOTES: For readers unfamiliar with leather sex, this portrayal of
John may be a little jarring, but I assure you, some of the meanest,
most devastating tops are the ones who are quiet and unassuming in
everyday life -- but once the scene starts, watch out!
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"Aeryn, I'm sure you'll be familiar with what I'm going to ask you
to do now." John said, reaching up to Aeryn's cuffed wrists and
releasing them. Aeryn stared at him wide-eyed, bringing her arms down
and slowly arching her shoulders, feeling the stretched muscles
protesting. She began to open her mouth to drop the hem of the shirt
she still held clenched in her teeth, and John reached around her hip
to put a sharp slap on one side of her ass. The sound and sting were
muffled by the thick military-style pants she still wore, but it made
her leap up on the balls of her feet in shock, nonetheless.

"I did not give you permission to drop that shirt, Aeryn. Hold it
up." She tightened her teeth on it, standing with her hands at her
sides, eyes following John's every move over the material bunched in
her mouth.

"Stand at attention." John said, and Aeryn immediately straightened
her stance, throwing her shoulders back and stiffening her spine, bare
feet spreading apart to shoulder width. John smiled at her, trailing a
hand down her back and over her side, up under the lifted shirt. She
jerked at the touch of his warm fingers on her bare skin, and he moved
behind her, taking hold of her arms and folding them behind her,
placing each hand at the crook of the opposite elbow. The folded arms
thrust her chest out even farther, and she kept her chin level, face
forward, eyes fixed on the opposite wall.

"That's good, Aeryn. That training of yours might be good for something
after all." He leaned in to put his lips next to her ear, breath tickling
her skin. "Don't move. Stay just like that."

He moved around to stand in front of her, admiring the total effect.
"D'Argo, you should see what she looks like right now." He glanced back
over his shoulder at the Luxan, noting with approval that D'Argo was
still as he had left him, squatting with his feet spread wide and eyes
straight ahead, not looking toward Aeryn or John at the sound of
John's voice. "She looks so beautiful, so proud and eager to please. I
imagined her that way, so many times, but I never thought she could do
it. She's been so good, hasn't she?" No answer, of course, from either
of them.

John brought up the belt, caressing Aeryn's cheek with it as he had
done before, then drawing it down to tease her nipples with it, rubbing
the folded end gently over the pebbled flesh. "Just a little more, Aeryn,
and then you can have your reward for being so good for me, OK?" The belt
drew back and slapped gently at the left nipple. Aeryn gasped, rocking
on her heels. Her mouth opened in shock and John slid one hand into her
hair, pulling her face toward his and making her look at him.

"Don't drop it, Aeryn. You hold your stance and you keep that shirt
in your mouth, understood?"

"Yes, sir." she mumbled around the material, and her eyes squeezed
shut as her words earned her a hard smack on her left nipple, still
smarting from the first blow.

"I didn't give you permission to talk, Aeryn. All I want to hear
out of you -- " Another slap to the right nipple. " -- is this -- " A
slap to the left, followed by a sharp, moaning gasp from Aeryn.
" -- and this." The hand holding the belt slipped between her spread
thighs and pressed hard against her mound, lifting her up on her tip
toes and drawing a smothered wail from her. John pulled his hand away,
and Aeryn stumbled, immediately struggling to regain her balance and
snapping back to attention again.

John smiled, lifting his hand to her face and dragging his knuckles
over her cheek. "You're already wet, Aeryn. I could feel it, even
through your pants. That's good." He leaned forward and kissed her
cheek tenderly, then stepped back and looked at her for a moment. Then
the hand holding the folded belt lifted, and he rained tiny, sharp
slaps over the swells of her breasts. She jerked with every contact of
the leather against her skin, reddened where the belt left its
mark. Methodically, he covered every square inch of skin, until her
breasts were a heated shade of dull pink, the nipples almost red. She
rocked on her heels, moaning softly and continuously, the sound coming
from her only broken by an occasional gasp as the belt licked fire
across her painfully sensitive nipples. Her hands tightened on her
arms where they were clasped behind her back until her knuckles were
bone white, her teeth clenched on the T-shirt in her mouth, muffling
the low keening moans she could not stop herself from making.

It seemed to go on forever, the slaps getting harder, faster, until
she felt as if she were one single bundle of sensation that began and
ended with her breasts. She lost all knowledge of the rest of
her body, of thought, of any life outside this room and what it was
like to not be standing here, tears streaming down her face, in flames
of pain and pleasure.

Suddenly the stinging slaps stopped, and before she could process
the unfamiliar sensation of the pain's absence, John lowered his head
to her breast and took one nipple into his mouth, the wet warmth like
a shock of electricty to her scalded and raw flesh. She cried out around
the T-shirt in her mouth, feeling wetness bloom between her thighs. John
suckled gently on the nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around
it, and Aeryn felt herself teetering on the edge of an orgasm. John
seemed to sense it and he dropped the belt, reaching out with one hand to
grasp her hip, thrusting the other hand between her legs and viciously
grinding against her pussy.

He put his face against hers, foreheads touching, and said, "Aeryn.
Look at me."

Shaking, pale, nearly frantic with the need to come, to let go, she
focused on his eyes.

"You drop that shirt now, Aeryn, and come for me. Come for me, scream
it out, Aeryn. Do it. Now."

She opened her mouth, the shirt, its hem dark with sweat and saliva,
dropping away, and threw her head back, wailing hoarsely as her orgasm
overtook her and blotted out the world, exploded it. She rocked
frantically against John's hand, riding it, feeling her juices spilling
out of her and soaking her pants, his hand, lubricating the slide of her
sex against the hard knuckles pressing into her. The last spasms died
away, and she would have fallen if not for John's hand gripping her hip,
steadying and supporting her.

He kissed her gently, savoring the relaxed, warm looseness of her
body in the aftermath of her climax, and lowered her to her knees on
the floor. He squatted in front of her, lifting her chin to meet her
eyes. "You stay just like that, Aeryn. Keep your hands behind your back,
sweetheart. You were soo good for me, you were just wonderful, you know
that? You stay there, and you can watch what I'm going to do with D'Argo,
OK, babygirl?" Aeryn nodded shyly, and smiled a little when he beamed at
her in approval.

John rose to his feet and turned to look at D'Argo. He was still holding
his position, but John caught him looking toward them when he turned
around. He shook his head, walking over to hunker down in front of D'Argo,
eye level with him.

"I'm a little disappointed in you, big guy. I told you, eyes front." He
stood up, pacing around D'Argo in a slow circle, noting the trembles of
exhaustion in the Luxan's legs from holding his uncomfortable pose. "I'm
just going to have to figure out a way to make you understand that I
mean business."


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