Note: Not much is known about Chiana's people, the Nebari so a lot of this
is spec.

Codes: Mf, exhib, voy, inc, oral, first

farScape: Memories
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Chiana sat in her room contemplating the holocube she had already replayed
more time than she could count. It had been given to her by an agent of
Nerri, the brother she had thought dead. Instead, she had learned that he
was the leader of an underground movement opposed to the Establishment that
ruled her people, the Nebari.

Chiana had never been political herself. She did have an overwhelming desire
for freedom but it had never extended beyond the personal level. She had
acquaintances but even among the crew of Moya, the living ship she now dwelt
in, noone she thought of as a friend. In all her life the only other person
she truly cared about was Nerri.

Her brother.

Her first lover.

She contemplated the holocube again and cast her mind back to the beginning,
the first of a long series of event that had brought her to where she was

* * *

It had been the beginning of her seventeenth cycle, an event noted by her
parents but celebrated only by herself and her brother Nerri who was two
cycles older than her. Celebration of anything had not been the Nebari way
for generations.

They celebrated by sneaking away and exploring their vast, continent spanning
home city by night. By and large Neebar was a very orderly place, as grey as
the skins and minds of those who inhabited it. But in any place that large,
no matter how grey, pockets of color, of life and excitement would be bound
to crop up, overlooked, or perhaps merely tolerated by it's rulers as a
necessary safety valve.

It was leaving one of these pockets, a bar where the siblings had indulged in
wild dancing and intoxicating beverages smuggled in from off-world that Nerri
proposed his plan to his sister. She was surprised but intrigued.

"Go off world? How?"

"I've saved enough to bribe a captain and found a way through the spaceport"

"Plus what?"

"There's a man."

"A man? What kind of man?"

"He's in charge of the spaceport security net during certain arns. I invited
him to the club tonight to watch you dance. He says he'll look the other way
if you give him...a private performance."

"The frell you say."

"Just dance for him...and maybe a bit don't have to..."

"Good because I won't...I mean I haven't..."

"I know. I wouldn't want you to."

* * *

There was no such thing as a fat Nebari, their physiology didn't run to
it. But Cerek, the assistant head of security for spaceport security had a
certain...looseness about his flesh that wasn't quite flab but seemed to
suggest it.

Chiana wrinkled her nose at the prospect of performing for or on him while
at the same time her eyes roamed his apartment which, by Nebari standards
was richly furnished, wile her brother argued with him. It seemed Cerek
didn't like the idea of Nerri staying during her performance but there was
no way either of them was going to let Chiana stay alone with him.

"I could call the Enforcers on you. Say you approached me with a bribe."

"And then you could explain how well appointed this apartment is. Far beyond
your pay allotment."

At this Cerek gave in.

Nerri took out a holocaster out and started the music he and Chiana had
agreed on. It also cast sensuous color patterns on the apartment walls.
Chiana had come in wearing an enveloping cape but now cast it off to reveal
a form-fitting silver-Gray body suit.

At first both the music and Chiana's movements were slow and sexy. She
hadn't had much time to practice so she simply went with what *felt* right.
She closed her eyes and pushed out her chest, then raised her arms to call
attention to her small but firm breasts.

She drew a line with her thumb down her chest, the pressure opening an
invisible seam down to halfway between her breasts.

As the music's rhythm picked up she danced closer to where Cerek was sitting,
just beyond his reach. A line drawn down one sleeve than the other bared her
pale arms. She peeled her top down further, revealing small, well-shaped
breasts topped by coal black aureola with glimmering lines of silver all
culminating in the nipples, which were also silver and, as Chiana was getting
aroused despite herself, erect. She danced closer and then back as Cerek
reached for her.

"Uh uh, no touching until I say." She teased. Although she didn't find Cerek
all that attractive she was finding herself turned on simply by the power she
seemed to have over him.

If she had been paying attention she would have noticed that not only Cerek
but Nerri was also paying rapt attention to her. She cupped her breasts as if
to offer them to the spaceport official then slid her hands up them, pinching
her nipples. Then she drew her hands down her torso causing her garment to
split and fall to the floor as she spun around giving Cerek and Nerri a
panoramic view of her firm ass and hairless slit. Both men were riveted
although Nerri tried to conceal his interest and also to keep an eye on Cerek
in case he tried anything.

She became more overtly sexual, skipping towards Cerek then falling to her
knees before him, mimicking oral sex and sliding her hands up and down first
her thighs then his. His arms thrust forward to grab her, making Nerri move
towards them but she leaned back out of his reach, so far that her head
almost touched the carpet. She shook her head at Nerri to get him to back

The truth was that she was starting to get excited herself. Oh, she wasn't
about to frell Cerek but she was still going to make this a night he'd always
remember. She swooped back upright and forward, nuzzling the bulge in his
pants with her head.

"Patience, Cerek, patience," she said, as her hand came up to join her lips
in fondling and licking him through the pants material. She opened the front
of his pants and took out a member that, to her surprise was both large and
thick. She had somehow expected it to be small and flaccid but it was
anything but.

Eyes widening with appreciation she took a long slow lick up it's length and
another down it. After another tripupwards she placed the tip in her mouth
and tickled it with her tongue while her hand cupped the official's balls.

She withdrew her mouth and placed Cerek's cock between her breasts. Without
having to be prompted he proceeded to fuck the valley between them. Chiana
rewarded each forward thrust with a flick of her tongue. Soon light blue cum
was gushing out, covering her chest and face.

"Well?" she asked as the key to her and Nerri's freedom sank back into his
chair. "Was it worth a little blind eye turning?"

"If it wasn't, I bet this is," said Nerri as he pulled a chip out of the
holocaster. "it was recording as well as playing. If you don't carry out your
part of the bargain, this goes to the Enforcer's Morality Code Branch. So,
we have a deal?"

* * *

That night they crept through the gap in the spaceport's security web that
Cerek had created for them and were met by the Captain of the ship they were
being smuggled aboard. While Nerri concluded negotiations Chiana stared
fascinated at the first alien she'd ever seen. He wasn't all that different
from a nebari with a shorter, stockier frame and white skin and pale yellow
hair instead of the black hair and gray skin of a Nebari male. But he had
hair on his face! Even though she didn't find him that attractive Chiana
wondered what it would be like to kiss lips surrounded by hair.

"Sorry if you don't like it but it's the best way to get you off planet. Once
we're out of orbit I'll let you out."

Chiana looked up from her contemplation of the strange alien and saw they
were discussing a pair of cubical cargo containers, just big enough to fit
one of them each if they bent down a little.

"How long do we have to be cramped in these frelling things?" she asked.

"A few hours," the alien captain replied, his eyes running up and down her
figure. "It's in case we get boarded. Uncomfortable I know but better than
all of us getting arrested, ain't it?"

In the end they siblings reluctantly agreed and were sealed in.

* * *

As it turned out, it was a good thing they were hidden because they had been
boarded and searched. Fortunately not all cargo containers had been checked,
just a random selection. Still Chiana's heart had almost stopped as the
Enforcers had walked by and then ordered the container next to hers opened.

It also turned out that once they were let out they still had to stay in the
cargo hold because this was after all, as their "host" had explained "a cargo
hauler, not a frelling cruise liner". He had offered Chiana the use of his
own cabin but she had turned him down.

Their "quarters" were cramped and defined by the rest of the cargo. Their
"beds" were cargo pads laid down on the floor.

Both siblings snuggled together both for warmth and because there wasn't much
room for anything else. As they did Chiana began feeling conflicted. She had
been horny ever since her strip show for Cerek. The cramped quarters of the
cargo container hadn't even allowed he to masturbate for relief and here she
was with an attractive male with his arms around her. But he was her

Nerri was similarly torn. He, unlike Chiana, wasn't a virgin but he had
never had anyone as attractive as she was, a fact driven home by the sex show
he had watched her give. The cargo hold quarters were too close for there to
be any real room between them and he was getting the impression that her
hormones were as active as his. But they were siblings.

This however was meaning less and less as they sat and held each other. His
hands slid, almost of their own volition, from around her waist to cup his
sister's breasts from behind. When she didn't respond negatively he started
to squeeze and stroke them.

"What are you doing?" Her tone was shocked, but not as much as he had
expected. There was also an element of outright curiosity.

"I...I'm's just that..."

His sister turned to face him, putting a hand on either side of his face. "I
know. I'm feeling the same way."

"You are?" He put a hand behind her head and brought her face closer.


Their lips met then opened. Tongues met, tentatively at first then bolder.
Clothees were shed, hands explored then lips. Chiana gasped as Nerri's
lips sucked at a nipple while his hands stroked up and down her back then
unbuckled her pants and slid them off. His mouth kissed its way down her
belly and his hands stroked their way down to her ass.

"Oh!" she cried as his lips and tongue teased at her vulva. "Oh, that's
good!" Although she had some experience in oral sex it was all in the giving
department. Nerri's tongue soon showed her what she had been missing. She
clutched at his head pushing his face deeper between her legs. When he came
up for air she couldn't conceal her disappointment.

"Why'd you stop?"

"For this," he answered as he finished taking off his clothes. his member
was as long as Cerek's though not quite as thick. Chiana was entranced by
the sight and her hands traced their way down his body and came to rest
around her brother's pole. She started stroking it while her mouth engulfed
the head, tongue swirling around first clockwise then counterclockwise.
Then her mouth went up and down its length as her hands explored his lower
stomach muscles, thighs and ass. Finally he pulled her off it and laid her
on her back.

"Do you want this?"

"Oh yes, yess," she groaned as he entered her. Her arms went around him then
her legs as he thrust into her faster and faster. There was no barrier to
penetration as with some races and so no pain just mounting friction and
pleasure. Her fingers dug into him and both their voices combined in moans
and gasps until finally he came into her and still kept pumping until a short
while later she too came with a long drawn out moan.

* * *

That had been the first of many sexual experiences both with Nerri and with
others but her only real love. She vowed as the holocube finished that one
day she would reunite with her brother.


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