TITLE: "Fingercuffs"
RATING: NC-17, multiple partners, m/m/f sexual activity, light bondage.
PAIRING: John/D'Argo/Chiana
SUMMARY: Chiana interrupts a private moment between John and D'Argo.
Chaos ensues...
NOTES: My apologies to Kevin Smith, writer and director of the most
excellent movie "Chasing Amy" for blatantly ripping off the fingercuffs
thing. For those of you who don't know, fingercuffs are those Chinese
trick things that you put your index fingers in, and you can't get
them out again unless you know the trick. Got it? Ok, on with the
DISCLAIMER: These characters are the property of Henson and SciFi,
and no copyright infringement is intended by their use here. The
story itself is copyright 1999, BadGrrl.
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Chiana was bored, bored, bored. Aeryn, Zhaan and Rygel had left the
ship to get supplies, and she had no idea where D'Argo and John had
disappeared to. She remembered the sly look that had passed between
the two men, and decided to find out where they were. It had to be
more interesting than walking around in circles, which is what she
had been doing for the past arn.

Chiana rounded the corner and stopped when she heard a strange sound
coming from D'Argo's quarters. What the frell? She stopped breathing
and strained to hear the voices better.

"Unh, yeah, oh yeah, AAAAAAhhhhh, D'Argo!!!"

Chiana slapped her hand over her mouth to keep the giggles from escaping
and alerting the men to her presence. D'Argo and JOHN?!? Oh, yeah,
this would be too much fun. The blackmail possibilities alone were
endless. She dared to press herself forward slightly to get a peek
inside the room. When she saw a very sated and happy D'Argo slumped
over John, she couldn't take it anymore, and burst into a fit of
giggles. She just hoped that D'Argo wouldn't slice her in two with
his Qualta blade.

"Did you hear something?" John asked, still pinned beneath the Luxon.
D'Argo grunted and slipped out of his lover, much to John's dismay.
Growling at the intrusion, D'Argo moved quickly to the door of his
quarters, and grabbed Chiana by the back of her hair.

"What the hazmana do you think you're doing, child?

Do you have a death wish?"

"Ow! Let go of me, you bastard! I was just walking

past and heard something and..."

"And you decided to spy, right? And what did you think you were going
to do with this information, use it to blackmail us?" Chiana gasped
and D'Argo knew he had his answer. Chiana gaped at him, not believing
she had been found out, and that D'Argo seemed to look right into
her thoughts so easily. Maybe she had underestimated the warrior.
She glanced over at John, eyes pleading with him to help her get
his lover under control.

"I didn't mean, I mean, I didn't know...." Chiana wanted desperately
to talk her way out of this, but the fierce Luxon's eyes were boring
into her, and the words just wouldn't come, and she felt her stomach
flip-flop wildly, her heart pounding with fear.

John calmly watched his lover intimidating the little brat, and held
back a smile when he realized Chiana was looking for him to help
her out of this situation. He couldn't hold back an evil grin, though,
as a thought began to form in his head. A very interesting, erotic
thought. He rolled the thought around in his head for a moment, examining
the possibilities. Then he grinned even wider and he felt his cock
twinge when he finally made up his mind to go with it.

"Well, D'Argo, she likes to watch. Maybe we should let her."

D'Argo's eyes opened wide in disbelief at the words coming out of
his lover's mouth. Then a look passed between the two men, and D'Argo
smiled none too kindly down at the young women he still had by the
hair. Chiana looked like she wanted to run for her life. She struggled
briefly and tried to break the warrior's grip on her hair, but realized
it was impossible unless she wanted a big bald spot.

"Just what are you suggesting, John?" D'Argo grinned at his lover,
hardly believing he could be so twisted. Just when you think you
know someone...

John rolled onto his back and stretched, then lazily got up and moved
towards the struggling girl who suddenly found the floor quite interesting.
John and D'Argo regarded each other, and a wordless agreement was
made. John went over to the small table next to the bed and poked
around looking for something.

"Ah, ha! Here we go!" John held up a pair of handcuffs.

"No way! Let me out of here!" Chiana began to struggle anew, no longer
worried about her hair getting pulled out. But D'Argo put a large
muscled arm around her waist and held her tight.

"Your not getting out of this Chiana -- you wanted to watch. You
get your wish." D'Argo held her arm out towards John, still holding
her around the waist. John fastened the handcuff around her wrist,
then grabbed the other arm. He led her towards the head of the large
bed, and ran the chain behind one of the posts. He snapped the other
cuff around her free wrist, and stepped back to regard his accomplishment.

"She looks good like that, doesn't she?" John grinned up at the amused
warrior, who nodded in agreement.

"Please let me go, I promise I won't say a word to anyone..."

"Don't make me have to gag you too." D'Argo stared with interest
at the smaller man. He wondered again at this new side to John. Maybe
this is how earth men treat their females... Then he felt John push
up against him, and the brief thought ended. He growled softly when
he felt John's warm ass rubbing against his cock. He looked at the
bound woman who was now watching them. Oh yeah, this was going to
be fun.

Still watching Chiana's face, John pushed D'Argo down to the bed.
He took in the sight of his lover laying before him, and moved to
the sink to get the small hand towel there. He ran it under the warm
water, then moved back to the edge of the bed. After cleaning D'Argo
up from their earlier lovemaking, he straddled the warrior's legs,
rubbing his now hard cock against D'Argo's stiffening member. They
both moaned, and John kept the slow, rocking movement going, his
eyes never leaving Chiana's. He licked his lips and leaned down for
a kiss. D'Argo's arms moved up John's sides, stroking the man's back.

Chiana stared unbelieving at the passionate kiss the men shared,
and realized with a shock that her own sex was twitching. She moved
her legs together, rubbing her self the only way she could with her
arms bound. The warmth spread into her stomach as she continued to
take in the sight so close to her. Her reaction stunned her. She
couldn't believe how turned on she was getting from watching the
two men together.

John broke the kiss and began to move down to D'Argo's neck, running
his tongue over all the sensitive spots on the way down to his stomach.
D'Argo moaned at the sensations his lover's hot mouth gave him. Both
men's eyes darted back to Chiana, the woman's presence adding to
their pleasure. John almost laughed when he realized that Chiana
was enjoying the show almost as much as they were. He saw her rubbing
her legs together, and knew exactly what she was doing. Might as
well give her a show to remember.

He slid his hands down D'Argo's thighs, and flicked his tongue down
the hard shaft, moistening it with long, slow licks. The warrior
gasped in surprise at the sudden contact. John swirled his tongue
over the leaking head, then softly pressed his tongue into the slit.
D'Argo bucked his hips up, wanting more. John gave it to him, engulfing
the throbbing cock down his throat, almost all at once. Then he slowly
moved back up, reveling in his partner's response. He bobbed his
head up and down the length, slowly, teasing and prolonging the pleasure.
He loved the way D'Argo tasted in his mouth, salty and sweet. He
moved his mouth up until just the head was in his mouth, and he suckled
it, caressing his lover's balls at the same time. D'Argo growled
with pleasure and thrust up into John's mouth, wanting to feel that
hot mouth engulf his cock again. John let him, and trying to relax
as much as possible, he deep throated the entire length, then swallowed
around it. D'Argo's eyes rolled back into his head as the pleasure
shot through his body.

The men seemed to have forgotten their captive audience, until she
started breathing hard, gasping when D'Argo did. D'Argo opened his
eyes, and stared at the nearly panting woman handcuffed to his bed.
The sight of the writhing woman nearly drove him out of his mind
with pleasure. John stopped his worship of D'Argo's cock to see what
the warrior was gaping at. His red swollen lips broke into a smile
as he took in the sight before him.

"So you like what you see, Chiana?"

Chiana licked her lips and slowly nodded, still rubbing her legs
together, aching for release from the tension building deep inside

John whispered something in D'Argo's ear, something that made the
fierce warrior burst out laughing. Chiana was suddenly worried again.
What were they going to do to her now?

John moved towards Chiana and reached over to the table to pick up
the key. Her eyes opened wide. Still grinning like a mad man, John
freed her from her restraints. Chiana looked confused as she rubbed
her wrists, looking from John to D'Argo with a question in her eyes.

"Think you can finish what John started over here?" D'Argo grinned
his evil grin, never moving from his prone position. Chiana's eyes
got even bigger. John laughed out loud at her expression of pure

"Wait a minute, D'Argo, I think it's MY turn!" John laughed again
at the shocked look on D'Argo's face. Chiana wasted no time getting
peeling off her body suit, and turned to John, running her hands
down his sides. She planted small wet kisses down his chest, stopping
to flick her tongue across his nipples, nipping them lightly with
her teeth. John groaned with pleasure. D'Argo watched his lover's
face with delight.

Wasting no more time, Chiana pushed John down on the bed and sucked
up his cock in her hot wet mouth. John gasped in pleasure at the
unexpected contact, and squeezed his eyes shut. God, she was good
at this! He was stunned that the young woman obviously knew what
she was doing with that talented mouth. D'Argo reached out to caress
her silky ass, and Chiana groaned, the vibrations sending new waves
of pleasure into John.

The warrior continued to watch John's face, and moved up behind Chiana,
stroking the wetness between her legs, causing more happy groaning
from the excited woman, and from the hard man in her mouth. D'Argo
could take no more teasing, the sight before him consumed him, and
he thrust hard into Chiana, taking her from behind. Chiana would
have screamed with pleasure, if her mouth hadn't been so busy with
John, so instead she bobbed her head faster up and down the hard
cock, causing John to buck his hips up, trying to fuck her mouth.
She swallowed around the thick cock, sucking him down her throat.
D'Argo continued pounding into her, and she pushed back against him,
urging him on, deeper, faster. She rolled John's balls in her hand,
feeling them tighten and knew he was close to orgasm.

She moaned again when D'Argo thrust particularly hard, and that
was all it took. John exploded in her mouth, the hot cum pouring
down her throat, and she felt her legs buckle as her own climax hit
her hard and she would have fallen if D'Argo hadn't grabbed her tight
around her waist, holding her tightly to him. She heard D'Argo groan
and felt hot bolts of lightening shoot through her entire body as
he came inside her. He fell against her, pushing her down to the
bed, her head resting on John's thigh. The three just lay there panting
and sweating, coming down from their shared orgasm. Finally John
broke the silence by bursting out in giggles.

"What exactly is so funny, John?" D'Argo tried to sound fierce, but
in his weakened state he failed miserably.

John couldn't stop laughing, he held his stomach as the tears streamed
down his face. All he could squeak out was one word.


Chiana and D'Argo looked at each other, neither one understanding.
Translator microbes failed at the worst times.


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