TITLE: "Explorations, Part 2"
AUTHOR: Ooshati
PAIRING: Zhaan/Chiana
RATING: NC-17 Serial, explicit f/f sexual activity, BDSM.
SUMMARY: Chiana and Zhaan are still marooned in an alien castle.
Chiana is interrogated like never before, and chained up…
DISCLAIMER: The characters Zhaan, Chiana, John Crichton, D’Argo,
Aeryn Sun, Rygel, Pilot, and Moya are all copyrighted material of
the Jim Henson Company and the Sci Fi Channel. The inclusion and
use of them in this adult fiction is in no way intended as plagiarism
or infringement of the source material. These characters do not
belong to me in any way, shape, or form. The story, however, is
my own creative property. It conforms, to the best of my knowledge,
to the submission rules and guidelines of this site. Copyright 1999,
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Part Two:
The Dungeon
On the second day of their temporary exile on the planet's surface,
Chiana awoke early and began to roam the castle. She didn't make

a sound as she left Zhaan's sleeping form in the room near the terrace
that they had slept in. Massaging a slight crick in her neck, Chiana
yawned silently and descended the stairs to the main entry hall.

She walked quietly, a cleaning droid moved through the hall and turned
right down a corridor. She wondered slightly at the presence of
the droid. Why leave it here, when no one's around? She dismissed
the thought. Well, UP sure didn't have any treasure in it, so let's
try DOWN. She followed the droid and came to a fork in a passageway.
She picked right and descended further.

As she neared the bottom, she recollected the at-first boring then
interesting first day that she and Zhaan had had here. Stranded
here because Moya was purging some stellar gas from her insides,
Zhaan and Chiana had been forced to set up camp inside this alien
castle that Chiana had wanted to explore (read, snurch stuff from).
It was a strange building, carved out of naturally warm rock that
was part of a mountainside. There were no inhabitants and the world
had been relatively quiet.

Then, the trip changed. A solar flare flamed up and Zhaan fell prey
to something called a photogasm that first baffled the Nebari thief,
and then excited her. She became so aroused that she took part
in the erotic ritual, hopefully increasing Zhaan's pleasure to incredible
proportions. They had felt, caressed, and tasted each other until
the flare died down, much to Zhaan's disappointment. The ship had
called too, and they'd had to allay the fears of the overly worrisome

Now, Zhaan slept and Chiana hoped to find something of value. After
all, old habits are hard to die. And anyway, anybody who'd wanted
any valuable stuff was gone off to another planet somewhere. Walking
with a bit more noise, now that Zhaan was levels above where she
could hear, Chiana found an orange wood-like door that looked promising.

It creaked on rusty hinges as she pushed it open. Again, this room
was reasonably clean due to the efforts of many small robots that
seemed to have been left behind by the previous owners. But it was
not a treasure room.

It was a dungeon.

One of the outer walls had a hole in the upper part. The dungeon
was lit by sunlight streaming through the hole rather than the strange
ceiling crystals that they had found in the main entry hall. The
part near the door was one medium-sized square room and it was banked
at the far end with a group of cells. The cell doors were metal,
and each cell had manacles that were attached to the back wall as
well as what looked like a wooden table with the same manacles at
the head and foot.

Must not've had many people imprisoned here. If they had, there
wouldn't be cells at all, just manacles built into blank walls.
She would've shivered, but the dungeon was slightly warm. She found
a small desk with a chair in the main room, and tried to open the
one main drawer. It was locked. Like that was a problem.

Chiana reached down into her boot and found a lockpick. Twisting
it in the alien lock, she finally managed to make the tumblers click.
Pulling it open with practiced ease, she looked at its contents.

There was some documents hand- and type-written in some alien dialect
that looked official. These she took out and put on the desk, looking
for further goodies. Next, she found a key rusted beyond the point
of usefulness. This she discarded, feeling glad that she had her
lockpick. There were other things, but nothing of obvious value.
Just some unused stationery and writing implements and what looked
like old food.

"Chiana!" said a stern voice behind her and she jumped with a small
Eeep! Then, she turned around and faced Zhaan.

Zhaan was fully dressed and looked mostly awake as she looked with
disapproval at Chiana. Chiana, for her part, didn't look the least
bit guilty, and looked at Zhaan challengingly. Zhaan said, her voice
stern, "I hope you weren't stealing anything while I was asleep."

Frell! She must've followed me soon after I left! Chiana responded,
"No, I wasn't Zhaan. I was just exploring this place… this dungeon.
Now, I don't think there's anything snurchable in here."

Zhaan calmed a bit. "Well, you may be right about that." She looked
at the surroundings and sighed. "Not much of a decorative place."

Chiana nodded and sat in the chair next to the desk. "Yeah, I've
been in a few dungeons myself, in preparation for mental cleansing.
This one looks nicer than the others, but still…"

Zhaan sighed and walked over to Chiana and kneeled. Chiana couldn't
help shivering in a way that was not entirely unpleasant, as she
looked more at Zhaan's body than her face. Zhaan noticed and asked,
"Does this look like an area that prisoners were interrogated in?"
The way she asked made Chiana feel slightly warm as she replied,
"Uhm, yes."

Zhaan placed her hand on Chiana's cheek and stroked it. Chiana closed
her eyes slightly, remembering yesterday and kissed Zhaan's hand.
Zhaan walked around behind her, trailing her blue hands enticingly
on the Nebari's white shoulders. Then, Zhaan's voice breathed in
Chiana's right ear. "Now, what were some of the ways you were interrogated?"

Zhaan's smell was intoxicating. Chiana spoke in a thick voice, "What
do you mean?"

Suddenly, Zhaan plunged her right hand into the top of Chiana's pants.
Groping hungrily in the confined space, her fingers moved underneath
the underwear and clutched at the warm fuzzy slit found there. Chiana
gasped explosively, closed her eyes and moaned.

Zhaan's voice whispered in her ear, "Did they do anything like this?"
Then she nibbled the white earlobe and licked the cheek. Zhaan
breathed in the odor of the aroused thief, and moaned softly in Chiana's
ear. The younger woman shuddered and sighed.

Chiana managed a throaty, "No." before Zhaan began moving her mouth
over the Nebari's slender neck and shoulders. Chiana's breathing
quickened and Zhaan slipped her left hand under the thief's top.
Moving like a shark, the hand went low and found the moderately
sized right breast and caressed it lovingly. The nipple was pert
and small, and Zhaan's ministrations caused Chiana to twitch slightly
and gasp.

"What—", kiss, "did—", kiss, "you want—", kiss, "them—", kiss, "to
do?" Lick accompanied by wonderfully slow fondling. The sensations
that Zhaan's hands were coaxing out of her made her point a shaking
hand towards a cell. "Here", she breathed. "Let me show you."

Chiana rose on shaky feet, Zhaan's right hand sliding wonderfully
out of the front of Chiana's pants. Zhaan's hand lingered under
the top before sliding out also. Chiana walked towards a cell and
Zhaan followed her inside.

Chiana's hands moved to the netting that she wore draped around her
shoulders and pulled it off. Next, she pulled her elbow-length gloves
off one at a time, dropping them on the floor near her discarded
netting. Finally, reaching down, Chiana pulled the top off slowly,
and her breasts swung free. The nipples stood out and were a black
color. Zhaan kissed her and her fingers traced loops on the bare
breasts. Chiana sighed.

Then she climbed on the table and started to use the lockpick on
the manacles. Soon, all four of the manacles were open and Chiana
climbed onto the table. As she lay down on her back, Zhaan closed
first the foot manacles around Chiana's boots, then the ones that
held Chiana's hands fast.

Chiana was confined. This was perfect.

Zhaan stepped back from the table and plucked her outer robe from
her shoulders and let it drop. Then, she reached for her inner robe
and pulled it off one shoulder at a time. Her azure breasts were
upturned and the turqouise nipples were hard and tingling. Zhaan
removed her shoes, then approached the table.

Reaching for Chiana's pants, she dug one hand into each side of them
and pulled them down to Chiana's boot tops. Chiana's vagina was
a soft, powdery white that Zhaan thrilled at. Then, slowly, inexorably,
she began to mount the immobilized Nebari.

Chiana's heartbeat increased at the sight of the beautiful Delvian's
spread legs and the patch of fur between them. The swinging of Zhaan's
breasts excited her, too. Soon, Zhaan's face neared Chiana's own,
and she smiled. The smell coming from the open armpits and skin
of the thief was like lover's perfume. Zhaan lowered her mouth to
the thief's and kissed the younger girl longingly.

The two stayed like that for a little while, kissing and holding
the back of each other's head to get all the pleasure possible.
With muffled sounds, Zhaan reached down with her free hand and found
one of Chiana's breasts. She squeezed it playfully like a soft,
white pillow, and Chiana rose as much as she could to meet the blue

Then, Zhaan's mouth disengaged and Chiana whimpered almost petulantly.
Zhaan then moved herself upwards and offered the Nebari her own
blue breasts. Chiana accepting hungrily and her mouth tasted and
bit the warm flesh of the Delvian's chest. Zhaan sighed and moved
her breasts in motion with the thief's questing mouth. Chiana was
overwhelmed by the totally feminine smell of Zhaan as the blue woman
let her feast on the flesh that was hers to give.

Zhaan raised her body off of Chiana, and began to move downwards,
kissing her again and burying her head in Chiana's white muscular
neck. Blue lips and tongue massaged the skin there, giving Chiana
goosebumps. Zhaan's breath tickled there, and neck and shoulders
were given equal attention.

Zhaan moved her head lower down and began to lick Chiana's nipples
with a determined tongue. Chiana shuddered and tried to raise her
breasts as high as the manacles allowed, Zhaan complied by licking
harder and faster. As Zhaan's mouth moved in delicious circles,
the lockpick fell from Chiana's nerveless fingers. Chiana didn't

Licking and squeezing, Zhaan coaxed joy and ecstasy from Chiana's
breasts. Her mouth teased and tasted, caressed and nibbled. Chiana
responded with gleeful approval, her head back and eyes closed.
Her white lion's-mane hair spilled out underneath her and her mouth
opened, gasping slowly.

As she tasted the young Nebari thief, Zhaan reached between her own
legs and began to rub herself with increasing intensity, gasping
as the warmth spread there like a wonderful fire. Her voice caught
several times as she approached climax, then let the feeling subside
slightly. She let it build up more each time, rubbing the walls
and squeezing the wet nub. Then, when the coming was so strong her
vision blurred, Zhaan crawled up and put her fuzzy vagina into the
eager mouth of the Nebari. Tongue and hand competed for the wetness
forming there, and then Zhaan came with a force that made her teeth
rattle. The warm come dripped into Chiana's waiting mouth and was

"OOOoooooohhhhhhhhh, hhhhaaaaahhhhhh", gasped Zhaan breathlessly
as her pulse thundered. She felt Chiana's tongue probing her crotch,
looking for whatever juice was left and licking it up greedily.
Sweat from the exertion ran down Zhaan's blue skin, and the smell
was overwhelming.

Moving down again, Zhaan placed both hands on Chiana's breasts.
One hand was still come-damp and she wet the white flesh there.
Her tongue roved around Chiana's pale belly, moving in the slight
depression of the navel and the surrounding skin. Chiana arched
her back, giving Zhaan full access to the supple stomach that Zhaan'
lips were rubbing and sucking on. "Mmmmmmhhhmmmmmmmm", exhaled the

Then, Zhaan moved enticingly lower and buried her face in the powdery
white fur that was there. Her tongue quested, seeking deeper and
warmer climes. Chiana clenched her thighs in response and moaned
as the former Pa'u pulled even more pleasure from her. Zhaan's breath
tickled her clitoris and the tongue and mouth found the perimeter
of the Nebari's warm, wet center and ignored those walls. The Delvian's
mouth first licked, then nibbled the nub, causing Chiana to shudder
and her pulse pounded in her ears. The pressure made against the
barriers of Chiana's slit was beyond wonderful and she bit her lower

Soon, she felt wonderful pressure and smiled. Zhaan seemed to
realize this and prolonged the joy without allowing release. Chiana
both yearned for the climax, yet shied away from it as long as she
could. The pressure built and subsided like tides, and Chiana whimpered
in impatience. Zhaan brought her to the brink several times and
then pulled her away at the last second, which was enjoyable but
exhausting to the thief. Her tongue moving, her lips kissing and
sucking, Zhaan played with the pressure and Chiana moaned as the
urge to let all the juice out raged like a heavenly war.

Finally, Zhaan let the pressure build, and build, and BUILD. It
soon became stronger than it ever had before, and Zhaan let it teeter
on the brink teasingly before letting it go. "Oooooooowaaaaaaooooooooh!"
Chiana nearly screamed as she came so powerfully that she saw stars
in front of her eyes and her ears popped. She came again, and again,
and again. Hot juice leaked out of her in torrents as Zhaan managed
to persuade her crotch to give of its wet bounty four more times.
Chiana's fingers and toes splayed and she gasped explosively.

Zhaan's tongue lapped up her reward as the pressure and thunder began
to recede. Chiana's breathing slowed as her body relaxed into the
embrace of the table. She felt Zhaan climbing off of her and heard
the Delvian pick something up from the floor. Her eyes were closed,
so the young thief moved her head to the side, smelling the odor
of her own sweat and sex-juice. It was over.

Raising her head groggily, Chiana watched as the naked Zhaan came
over and put the lockpick in her white hand. It was damp from sweat,
but she managed to hold the lockpick. The hand shook slightly, however
the Nebari managed to get one manacle unlocked. Zhaan playfully
licked her now-exposed wrist and Chiana's hand stroked the side of
Zhaan's face as she did this. The lockpick clattered to the ground
again and Zhaan knelt a second time to pick it up.

Chiana brought the now-freed wrist to her mouth and lightly kissed
the saliva there. Zhaan gave her the lockpick again and Chiana freed
her right hand, too. As she sat up to free her feet, Zhaan moved
to sit behind her and began kissing and licking the white back.
Their sweat mingled some more. Chiana enjoyed the feeling and paused
in her unlocking to savor it. When Zhaan appeared finished, she
freed both legs and shakily pulled up her pants.

Chiana rose from the table and lowered her feet to the floor. Standing,
she picked up her top and Zhaan began to put her robes back on.
When the both of them were dressed, Chiana pulled a hand through
her ruffled hair and giggled. Zhaan smiled at her and they walked
out of the dungeon side-by-side.

Zhaan's hand floated down and squeezed a Nebari buttock.


Zhaan was sitting on a bench in the main feasting hall and Chiana
sat across from her. They both were dining on some kind of plant
that the cowbell-shaped analyzer had deemed safe and nourishing.
It didn't taste all that bad, really. Chiana was the first to speak.
"So, I'm not in trouble?'

Zhaan shook her head, "No. I may have over-reacted today when I
found you gone. I thought you were going to find some riches to

Chiana looked slightly abashed, "I was. I just didn't find anything."

Zhaan laughed and said, "Such honesty is commendable. Perhaps you
might become a better crewmember through such growth."

Chiana shrugged. "Maybe." The discussion was interrupted by a call
from the ship. John's voice inquired, "Hey, guys. You doin' all
right down there?"

Zhaan raised her comm-badged wrist and spoke into it. "Hello, John.
I heard that you'd made some progress in your wormhole experiments.

"Yeah, well it wasn't as much as I was hoping for, but it'll keep
me busy for a while. I meant to call last night, but I was too preoccupied
with the Farscape 1 to talk to you. Sorry 'bout that."

Zhaan smiled. "Don't worry, John. The Floating City of Delvia was
not airborne the first time it was activated."

They could almost hear John's sideways grin. "Rome wasn't built
in a day, huh?" Neither Zhaan nor Chiana understood what this meant,
but let it go.

Chiana tapped her own badge and said, "Has Rygel snurched the ship
out from under you yet?"

John's laughter had a tinny sound to it, "No, not yet and not for
lack of trying. Aeryn and D'Argo are busy kicking each other's ass
in combat exercises. D'Argo isn't allowed to use his tongue and
seems to be holding his own against our little Raven-Haired Goddess.
Rygel and I are betting on who will win. My food cubes are on Aeryn."

Chiana smirked, "I thought you hated them."

"I do. There will be nothing more disgusting in this universe than
a food cube."

"Then why are you gambling with something you don't want anyway?"

"I don't have anything that Rygel wants to go through all the trouble
of getting legitimately, and his valuable stuff he swears up and
down he doesn't have."

"Well, as long as no one's killing each other…"

"Speaking of which, have you guys gotten terminally bored yet?"

Chiana smiled and said, "Trust me, boredom isn't a problem here."



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