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Pairing: Zoey and her daddy (Michael), Dana and Nicole, Zoey and Dustin

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Paul Butcher - Dustin Brooks
Roark Critchlow - Mr. Brooks
Sean Flynn - Chase
Kristin Herrera - Dana
Christopher Massey - Michael Barret
Alexa Nikolas - Nicole Bristow
Craig Young - Coach Ferguson
Erin Sanders - Quinn Pensky
Jamie Lynn Spears - Zoey Brooks
Matthew Underwood - Logan Reese

Zoey 101: Part 3 - Bi Birdies
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Nicole and Dana walked back into their room. "God that field trip was
boring!" Dana said.

"Yeh, I know what you mean. I'm glad we are back. I could do with a hot
shower," Nicole replied.

"Yeh, I been thinking the same thing, so who is first," replied Dana.

"If your ok with it, the shower is big enough for both of us," Nicole said.

"I guess so, it's not like we haven't seen each other naked or nearly naked
in the last couple of weeks," Dana replied.

"Hey wait, there is a note from Zoey. It says she had some big news but she
has gone shopping with her dad," Nicole said

Nicole was first one to walk in to the bathroom and start to remove her
clothing; she didn't notice how close Dana was looking at her body. When
naked Nicole looked around and noticed that Dana had only taken off her
skirt. "You going in clothed are you?" Nicole said with a giggle.

Nicole walked into the shower she adjusted the temperature until it was to
her liking. She looked back at Dana who seemed to be checking her out but she
wasn't sure. Nicole washed over her tired aching muscles and moved the cloth
around her body. She felt her breasts and she was proud that she had the
biggest breasts out of any of the girls at the school and she was hoping that
the guys would like that. She looked over at Dana and noticed how her breasts
were not all that big but they were nicely shaped.

Dana finally naked stepped into the shower and grabbed the soap and wash
cloth and started to wash the front of her body, each girl had their back to
each other and every know again their ass would touch each other. Dana turned
around and she looked at her roommate and friend, she had noticed since she
had started at the school that she didn't really have any feelings for the
guys. She had noticed how when the other two would change that she would look
at them and thinks of things that she shouldn't think about. She looked at
the curves of Nicole's body and moved her hand forward with her wash cloth
and made connection.

"What are you doing, Dana?" asked Nicole when she felt her friends hand
against her back.

"Just washing your back, I know how hard it is to reach," replied Dana.

Dana continued to wash up and down her back but with her other hand started
to finger her pussy. She tried to keep her breathing normal or Nicole would
know something was up but it was hard because it was fun just to be touching

Nicole didn't let Dana know but it felt nice to be touched by another girl,
she started thinking back to a couple of her boyfriends she had sex with
and been in shower with. They never touched her this soft. Nicole was a bit
shocked when Dana started rubbing the curves of her ass but it still felt
fine and it was kind of nice as well. Dana leaned in and her erect nipples
moved against Nicole's back and this was the first time that Nicole thought
that Dana was doing more then just rubbing her back, but she let her

Dana started to massage and clean Nicole's ass cheeks and got to top of
thigh, she had felt Nicole tense up slightly but so far hadn't said anything,
so she continued. Dana was scared to touch the place she really wanted to
touch so moved her hands down on Nicole's legs and did from her toe's back up
to her thigh, it was then Dana made the decision to try. Dana moved her hand
into Nicole inner thigh and started using the cloth that every now and again
would rub against her pussy. Then Dana dropped the cloth and instead of
picking up she moved her fingers against her friends pussy lips and then her

Nicole was shocked, even though she has guessed the way Dana had been
touching her while she washed her back and legs, it was still a surprised
her. Nicole couldn't think straight, should I tell her to stop, should I say
something. Nicole had certainly touched herself and had been touched by boys
as well, but this wasn't a boy it was her friend, her girl friend.

Dana grew more confident the more she was allowed to continue, and continued
to rub harder, she could here Nicole starting to breath heavier. Dana while
not moving her fingers away from Nicole pussy lips and clit, stood up and
moved her other arm in front of Nicole and started to rub her from the front,
moving her whole body. Dana looked up at Nicole who had her eyes closed and
moved in and kissed her friend gently on the lips while continuing to gently
finger Nicole and rub Nicole's clit.

Nicole opened her eyes when she felt Dana's lips against hers and they
just looked at each other for a little while and Nicole surrendered to her
feelings and her body and when Dana moved her lips against Nicole they
started to kiss. Nicole was surprised how different it felt kissing a girl,
most of the guys she had kissed, kissed like they were devouring you, but
this was so gentle, so erotic. Nicole's whole body was on fire, she could
feel Dana's hardened nipples against her own body but could also feeling
her nipples hard rubbing against Dana.

The pretence of the shower was gone and when Dana turned the water off and
grabbed Nicole's hand and started walking back into the other room, she
happily followed. They both laid down on the bed facing each other, what
neither of them spotted that the cam on top of the computer still had it's
red light on (Zoey hadn't turned it off). Dana leaned in and kissed Nicole
and let her hands wander down her body until her fingers found Nicole's
pussy, Nicole not knowing what to do just copied what Dana was doing to her.
Her fingers entered for the first time another's girl's pussy and started to
masturbate like she did when she was by herself at night.

* * *

Dustin walked back into his room and noticed that Logan wasn't around. He
thought how lucky Logan had been not to go on this school excursion; what
were good about it was the girls in their short skirts. Dustin through his
bag down and walked over to the computer. "Damn, Logan has left the computer
on," thought Dustin as he noticed the light on the computer was on. He went
over to it and moved the mouse so that the screen would turn on. He then
noticed that a cam window was open but all he could see was 2 beds, he then
noticed something through a door in the room it was showing, it looked like
a girl but he couldn't really tell so he left the little window open. He
then noticed two girls walking in from that room, they were naked. Dustin
resized the cam window to larger and continued to look. He noticed almost
immediately that it was Dana and Nicole that were in the room and then
noticed the name on top of the screen "Zoey101". "Logan must have been
chatting with Zoey," thought Dustin.

He then noticed instead of going to separate beds that they were laying on
same bed facing each other and noticed that their hands were moving between
each other's legs. Dustin could feel his cock getting hard and had an
uncontrollable urge to rub himself, and pulled down his shorts and started
to stroke his cock. Dustin had always been proud of his cock, for his age he
seemed to be pretty big but he had seen Logan's and felt small in comparison.
Dustin grabbed his cam and brought it around and let it face the screen so
he could mirror the cam he was watching and started to record what he was

* * *

Dana moved on top of Nicole and started to kiss her passionately, her
fingers continuing to finger Nicole as she was getting close to her own
orgasm. Moving from Nicole lips, she started kissing down, her neck first
and then between her breasts. She kissed all around Nicole's breasts getting
closer and closer to her erect nipples. Then Dana started to flick Nicole's
nipples with her tongue, Nicole started to moan as she started experiencing
her first orgasm with a girl, she didn't know if it was how her nipples were
being teased or Dana finger work on her pussy or a combination of both. Dana
moved from breast to breast but then started to move lower, kissing her
stomach, licking around her belly button and then even lower. Then she found
her face in front of the pussy she had been longing to lick since they had
moved in together a couple of weeks ago. "You have such a pretty pussy
Nicole," said Dana as she moved lips down to Nicole pussy and started to lick
around her pussy lips.

"Mmm", moaned Nicole as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings she was

Dana opened Nicole lips apart and moved her face deep and started using her
tongue like a cock, while continuing to rub Nicole's clit with her fingers.
Nicole started to moan loudly as she felt another orgasm approaching. Dana
moved from Nicole's pussy to clit with frightening speed.

* * *

Dustin was stroking his cock faster and faster building up to an orgasm, he
couldn't believe how lucky he was to be watching this, he couldn't believe
that hours ago he was watching them walk around and know he was watching them
naked licking each other.

* * *

Michael (Zoey's dad) pulled his car up outside the dorm room. Zoey looked
around and noticed no one was around and leaned over and pulled out her
daddy's cock. Leaning over she took her daddy's cock into her mouth and
started giving him a blowjob. The excitement of getting a blow job from
his daughter while others walked near the car was too much for him, and
with her technique of rubbing his cock while using her tongue around the
head he started to explode his cum into her mouth.

After making sure she had all his cum, she popped her head back up. "Thank
you, daddy. That was so good."

Grabbing her shopping bags, she jumped out of the car with a smile on her
face. Running up the stairs she didn't look back but when she got inside
instead of going up the stairs she turned right and walked the corridor
until she was outside the door of Logan's room. The door was slightly
opened and she peeked in and saw Dustin at the computer. She couldn't see
what he was doing but noticed his hands was in his lap and moving up and
down and guessed what he was doing. Even thought she had been fucked several
times by two different guys, the thought of another guy's cock was still
exciting to her.

Opening the door she gently put down her bags and crept closer to Dustin.
Dustin then started to smell something like perfume and turned around and
standing in front of him was Zoey. For a second he didn't think about his
cock was out and Zoey was looking at it. Dustin then noticed and went to
put it away but Zoey rushed forward and grabbed it in her hand and
immediately started stroking it. Even though five minutes earlier she had
taken a load of cum in her mouth, she put her head down and started to suck

Dustin who had been masturbating for a while had never felt anything so good
and within seconds was cuming. Zoey kept sucking to keep him hard and to get
all his cum. Zoey then lifted her mouth off his cock but kept rubbing his

"First time?" asked Zoey.

"Yeh, I'm sorry," replied Dustin.

"Don't be, it taste so nice and it's a nice size," replied Zoey.

"Wow, thanks!" said Dustin with a huge smile on his face.

"Now what were you watching, and do you mind if I sit down on your lap?"
replied Zoey.

Nervously he replied, "Ok."

Zoey moved in front of him and looked down at his cock and grabbed it as she
sat down on it. Zoey sank her pussy until it was fully inside her. "Do you
like that, Dustin? How does that feel?" asked Zoey.

"Oh my god, it feels so good, so tight but so wet also," replied Dustin.

"Don't move, baby. Just let me do it all. Now what were you doing?" Zoey

Zoey had heard from her girlfriends that guys don't last their first time
because they go too quick and that is why she had decided to fuck Dustin
this way. She concentrated on her pussy and her muscles and felt her
self-moving her muscles up and down Dustin's cock, and Dustin must of loved
it because he started to moan. Zoey moved her hand to the mouse and the
screen turned back on and she was initially shocked at what she saw. She
knew straight away it was her room and she noticed straight away because it
had Zoey101 at the top of the cam box. Zoey thought immediately Dustin had
been watching her and Logan, but then remembered that he had been on the
school excursion with Nicole and Dana. She watched as Dana was eating out
Nicole and even though she couldn't hear anything she could tell that Nicole
was screaming in ecstasy because she had that look on her face several times

* * *

Nicole screamed, "I'm cuming, I'm cumming, oh god, I'm cumming again!"

When Nicole started to come down from her orgasm, Dana moved back up her
body until she could kiss her lips. It felt different to taste your juices
on someone else's mouth and tongue thought Nicole. After kissing that just
looked at each other, Nicole thinking about what had just happened and
wondering if she could do what Dana had just done. Dana was thinking the
same thing if Nicole would do the same thing to her. Then Nicole made up
her mind, she had to do what Dana had done. She had given her three of the
most powerful orgasms she had ever had and wanted to give the same the
pleasure back. "You might need to help me, I havn't done this before,"
Nicole said nervously.

"Ok baby, turn around and look at my pussy and I will show you," Dana said.

Nicole instead of kissing down Dana's body just moved her whole body around
so they were toe to head. Dana moved her body until she was underneath Nicole
and started to tease her clit. Nicole started to do the same but faster. Dana
tasted so much like herself Nicole thought, and it was kind of easy to do,
you just do what you would like done. Even thought it felt amazing, Nicole
was thinking how good it would be to have a thick cock pounding into her
right now. Nicole started to use two fingers inside Dana and couldn't believe
how tight Dana was. "Maybe she is still a virgin," though Nicole.

Dana hadn't been with a girl for a couple of months and even though she only
had experiences with girls, she did think of boys but thought more of girls.
Nicole moved down from Dana clit to her pussy lips and let her tongue trace
them with her tongue. Then she started to lick deep into Nicole pussy just
like Dana was doing to her now. Both girls were moaning heavily trying to get
even further into each other.

* * *

Zoey was highly turned on watching her friends fuck each other, but she was
concentrating on the feelings of the cock in her pussy. Gyrating her hips
around every couple of seconds was driving Dustin nuts. He had already had
his hands on her hips and was trying to go faster, but Zoey wouldn't allow

"Do you like their bodies Dustin?" asked Zoey.

"Oh god, yes!" replied Dustin.

Zoey lifted her top back over her head and moved Dustin's hands from her hips
up until they were cupping her breasts. "Better then these?" asked Zoey.

"No, god you're so beautiful. I can't believe this!" replied Dustin.

Zoey started to move quicker. She wanted to get back to the room and talk to
her friends. Not just about what they were doing but also the things that had
happened to her today. Dustin started thrusting up to meet Zoey's body and
was soon getting that feeling and within seconds was soon shooting his cum
deep into Zoey. Zoey let him pump into her, and even though she had orgasmed
she was glad that Dustin had enjoyed himself. When he finished cumming Zoey
lifted herself off his cock and turned off the cam and turned around, kissed
him and then grabbed her bag and walked out of the room. Dustin still in
shock just sat there, little bit of his cum oozing out of his cock.

* * *

Dana screamed out in her second orgasm but Nicole kept on licking her. Both
girls started to stop and Nicole got off and turned around and laid back down
facing each other. Kissing each other and touching each other they just fell
asleep naked in each other arms.

* * *

Zoey was going to back to the room but decided to let the girls finish what
they were doing and so she went to the dinning room and had a drink.

The End

Continued on Zoey 101 - Dorm room Call Girls


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