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Zoey 101: Part 2 - OMG Daddy
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Zoey walked out of her dorm building holding her daddy's hand and couldn't be
happier. If people only new what she had been doing only 10 minutes before.
'Guess I'm not my daddies little girl anymore.'

Zoey moved around to the passenger side and got in her daddy's car and sat
down not noticing that her skirt had ridden up when she sat down. Michael
(Zoey's dad) stepped into the car and noticed immediately that he could see
right up Zoey's legs and could see the start of her panties. He lost his
concentration for a second, one of the reasons he had agreed to send Zoey
to this campus was his unnatural thoughts of her since she had started to
developed. She had until before going away to school become more affectionate
and even though he knew she was only practising her flirting skills with him,
he couldn't keep her body out of her body. It didn't help that Zoey looked
exactly like his wife when she was the same age, when he had fallen in love
with her he was 12; he had never been with another woman and until recently
never thought of another one.

Michael drove away trying not to look over at her but every time he did she
would give that innocent smile back. When they far enough from school Zoey
asked "Daddy can you pull over?"

"Yes baby are you ok?" Michael replied.

"Yes Daddy."

Michael pulled over and Zoey undid her seat belt and started to move, "What
you doing baby?" asked Michael.

"I want you to let me drive," replied Zoey as she moved in front of daddy
and sat between on his legs.

"Baby, don't you think you're a little bit too older to be sitting on your
dad driving his car?" asked Michael.

"Never to old daddy, let's go" replied Zoey.

Michael undid the seat belt and grabbed it and move it from around his
body and moved it out in front of him and now in front of Zoey as well,
accidentally rubbing against her breast as he moved his left hand across
her chest, using his other hand he moved it around and felt for the handle
of seat belt in front but grabbed hold of her breasts just for a second
before grabbing the belt and pulling it around their body and into the
locking mechanism. "Sorry baby, I didn't mean to do that", said Michael.

"That's ok daddy, I know they get in the way," replied Zoey.

Michael started the motor and presses on the gas peddle, starting off slowly
he was surprised how straight she kept the car and so he gave her more speed.
The motion of the car, the smell of Zoey, and her ass on his cock was
starting to have an impact on his cock. Zoey didn't notice the growth of his
cock against her ass at first because the road they were on was dirt and a
bit bumpy but when they got to the cement road and there wasn't any bumps and
when she sat down proper she felt it between the cracks of her ass. At first
she was confused about why her Daddy had an erection but then got excited
that she could she could make her own daddy hard. She turned her head around
and smiled at her dad, "Am I too heavy for you daddy", asked Zoey

"No baby, you're not to heavy but you better slide across because we are
getting close to town and we don't want the police to catch us, do we?"
replied Michael.

Zoey pulled the car to the side of the rode and then stopped but Michael
didn't do anything, "You have to undo the belt silly", said Zoey.

Michael undid the belt and when switching it from hand to hand again cupped
her breasts, but this time he held it for a second longer. Zoey didn't say
anything and when he moved his hand away she started to shift across but
making sure, she did it slowly and so she had direct contact against his
cock. When finally on the other seat she leant over and kissed her dad on
his lips, while her hand leant against his cock for that briefest of moments.
"Thanks for letting me drive daddy, I owe you one", said Zoey.

Michael drove off and shortly there arrived at the shopping centre.

Zoey went from shop to shop getting all the clothes that she needed, but she
still couldn't get the idea of her daddies cock against and her and how thick
it felt when she had put her hand against it. She would walk in front of her
daddy trying that walk where her asked moved and the couple of times she had
caught him looking. They grabbed some lunch at one of the shops and sat down
in the middle area to have it.

"Thank you for letting me get these clothes all the girls is going to be
jealous, but can I ask one more favour?" asked Zoey.

"What is it, baby?" asked Michael.

"I need to get some underwear and could get those ones from K-Mart the cotton
ones, but I saw that they have Victoria Secret store upstairs and I would
like to get something nice, please daddy?" said Zoey.

"You know I can never say to that pretty face, ok baby," replied Michael.

Zoey leapt up and kissed and hugged her daddy. "Let's go", Zoey said as she
grabbed her other parcels and started walking to the escalators. Zoey handed
her bags to her dad and started looking at all the stuff, she had never seen
such pretty things, the bras, panties, thongs, and teddies, garter belts, it
was like being in a candy store but for undergarments. Zoey grabbed some
stuff and took it into the change rooms and started trying things on. Putting
on a red silky bra and thong she looked at herself in the mirror, turning
around to check her ass and couldn't believe how sexy she felt in them.
Changing from one outfit to another she loved the feeling of each outfit but
was also thinking still about what happened in the car. On an impulse Zoey
called out "Daddy can you help me with this outfit?"

Michael opened up the curtains and walked in, he was immediately taken back,
there was his little girl in a white teddy, her back to him, all he could see
was the top of her thong between her ass cheeks and some more material and a
few buttons that were undone. He started to get uncomfortable as his cock
started to rise.

"Can you do these button up daddy", Zoey said seductively.

Michael's mouth was dry and he moved forward and tried to do them up but he
was jumpy. When doing the buttons up he did they mistake of looking down and
he saw heave, the most perfect well formed developing breast he had ever
seen, and he had a massive collections on the hard drive back at home. He
finished the buttons and Zoey stepped forward and then twirled around. "Do I
look pretty daddy?"

Michael who looked up and down her body "Yes baby, you are pretty, but I
don't think I should be in here, I am a guy after all."

In her most innocent voice said "I'm sorry daddy did I make your thingy

Michael sheepishly said "I don't think we should be talking about this, but
yes baby you have."

"Oh My God Daddy can I see, I want to see how big I made it," replied Zoey.

"No I cant baby," replied Michael.

But Zoey was not going to let this opportunity go to waste and bent down onto
her knees in front of her daddy and started to pull down the zip, "No baby we
can't!" Michael kept repeating, but never taking any action to stop her.

Zoey finally reached in and pulled out the cock. "OMG Daddy it's so big and
so pretty!" said Zoey. Zoey knew that she had to act in a swift moved her
head forward and took her daddy's cock into her mouth.

The "No baby" soon started being replaced by "Oh baby" as he let his first
and only daughter take about half of his cock into her mouth, using her hands
to masturbate the rest of the cock she couldn't fit into her mouth. The
pretence of caring it was his daughter sucking him off was over and he placed
his hand behind her head and started to fuck her face. Zoey was moaning her
pleasure as well as she was using her free hand to rub between her legs.
Michael tried to how on but al the circumstances were against him and he
pulled out of her mouth and then his cum started to shoot onto her face,
mouth, and tongue and then down onto her breasts. Zoey after swallowing the
cum, she wiped off the rest of the cum and stood back up and undid the
buttons her daddy had done up and pulled down the teddy and stood their

Michael who was still recovering from cumming didn't notice at first but when
she moved forward and grabbed his hand he looked down at his naked daughter
but her hand had moved his hand between her legs and she rubbed his hand up
against her now moist pussy. It didn't take it long that he didn't care that
it was his daughter and his finger was moving further and further into her
pussy. If it wasn't for a shopping assistance asking could she offer any help
that Zoey would of orgasmed but she grabbed her skirt and put it on and her
top as well and put her panties and bra in her bag. Grabbing the goodies she
was going to buy she headed out and Michael paid for them.

They got back into the car and Michael didn't know what to say or do and so
immediately started to drive off, but Zoey had others things in her mind.
Zoey put her feet on the dashboard and spread them and immediately started
to finger her pussy, "Sorry Daddy but I was so close and I need to finish,"
moaned Zoey.

Michael tried to keeps his eyes on the road but who could do that with a hot
young girl rubbing their bald pussy only feet away. As soon as he was out of
the city and was back on the dirt roads he turned down one of the paths and
headed in towards the lake. When he pulled up Zoey jumped out of the car and
ran towards the water, the closer she got the rest of her clothing came off
until Michael saw her naked body running into the water. Michael was a bit
slower, thinking about everything that had happened so far.

Zoey swam around but kept on watching her dad, when she got to a spot where
she knew half of her body would be exposed she stood and said "Come on daddy,
take your clothes off, I've already seen your cock."

Michael looked at his daughter, the water glistening off her nude body; he
noticed her nipples hard and inviting. All logic that he had was being washed
away as he looked at his daughter. Michael started to take his clothes off
and walking towards the water until he was finally naked his cock was already
erect. Zoey moved towards her father and when they stood feet apart she moved
in and kissed him, he was reluctant at the start but as her tongue moved in
his he started to respond and was soon kissing her back passionately. Zoey
grabbed her daddy's hand and led to edge of the water, lowering her to the
sand she pulled her father down onto her. Zoey spread her legs around her
father and put her hand down and onto his cock and guided it between her
pussy lips, "Oh daddy I want it so much, fuck me daddy." Michael thrust hard
and deep into his daughter thinking he was taking his daughters virginity,
"Oh god daddy, your cock feels so good in me, it's filling me up."

Zoey locked her legs behind her dad's legs and thrust her pelvis forward
trying to fit all of her daddy's cock inside her. Michael started to thrust
in and out, looking at the face of his daughter he moved down and they
kissed, at first just like a dad would normally kiss his daughter but then
Zoey moved her tongue into his mouth and he began to respond. Zoey was so
wet; she couldn't believe that not just one guy but also two and the second
one being her dad had fucked her today. "Oh daddy, I'm cuming, this feels so
good daddy, oh yes, harder daddy. Oh harder" screamed Zoey.

Michael started fucking harder immediately using fast short strokes. Michael
felt like a teenager again, fucking a hot young teenage girl, her pussy was
so tight, he couldn't remember being in a girl this tight in so long, it was
becoming harder and harder to not cum. "God your so tight baby, I think I am
going to cum, said Michael.

"Oh Daddy I want your cum, cum in please daddy, I want to feel your sperm in
my body," replied Zoey.

Michael went deep and started fucking her harder and his body rubbing against
her clit started her orgasm.

"I'm cuming daddy, you cock is making me cum!" Zoey screamed out as her body
shook with her orgasm.

Michael couldn't hold back and his cum shot out of him like a cannon deep
into his daughter's pussy. After cuming Michael pulled out and laid at his
daughter's side, Zoey looked over and could see some of the cum dribbling
out of his cock which was still erect. Zoey immediately turned herself
around and took his still erect cock in her mouth and tasted herself on her
cock. Michael couldn't believe he was still hard; it had been ten years
since he had cum twice and was still hard. Michael looked down his daughter
and looked at her body and thought how hot she had become, he moved her leg
and got underneath her pussy. He looked at her lips which was red and open
and her clit, which was swollen and extended. Michael moved his lips and
tongue and started to lick her pussy, Zoey immediately moaned her approval.
She had never had a tongue inside her but the feeling was sensational, her
clit still swollen from the fucking. Zoey took her mouth off his cock and
she moved her legs off his face.

Michael who was still hard wanted to enjoy this erection and turned to Zoey
and said, "Now Zoey it's time for your introduction to a new method of sex.
Now keep yourself still this might hurt a bit at first but you'll soon like

Getting behind her, Zoey thought he was thinking about being done doggie but
when he started using her pussy juices to coat his cock and around her ass.
Michael placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her ass and very
slowly pushed forward. She was so tight I was having trouble gaining
entrance. "Relax babe relax it's just a little pain and then you'll see,
you'll soon be cuming again." Michael coaxed.

As he was saying this she relaxed slightly and with a final effort her
sphincter gave way and he lodged a good 3 inches of my cock in her anus.
Michael slowly pushed forward giving her time to adjust as he did so.
After a minute or so he was all the way in and my balls rested against
her pussy. "Good girl" Michael said stroking her hair, "I'm all the way
in now, that's the hardest part over."

"It hurts!" She moaned, "Please daddy it hurts."

Michael reached beneath her and started to play with her pussy not moving his
cock at all and paid particular attention to her clit. After a few minutes
Zoey began to moan once more. He slowly withdrew an inch and then slowly
backs in. She was so tight Michael was having trouble even moving that much.
Michael slowly pushed forward and back increasing the length of my strokes as
he did. He continued to play with her pussy bringing her close to orgasm once
more. Soon her rectal muscles relaxed slightly as the pleasure from her pussy
overcame the pain from her ass. Michael grabbed Zoey's right hand and placed
it at her pussy. He guided her fingers to her clit and started her rubbing
it. Soon she no longer needed my help and was pulling and playing with her
clit and moaning as she neared cumming again.

"Get ready now Zoey, play with yourself as my cock fills your ass. Soon
you'll feel the joy that a cock in her ass can give a women!" Michael
whispered as he realised she had relaxed enough to allow me to move a
little easier. Michael stood upright, grabbed her hips and started to
plough her with gusto. His shaft was plunging in and out of her tight
little hole. His balls where slapping against her pussy and she was still
playing with herself. Michael was enjoying this and could feel the pressure
building in his balls as his rampaging rock hard cock conquered her tight
ass. It wouldn't be long before he came. "Tell me how it feels Zoey! Tell
you daddy how much you like his cock in your ass!" Michael demanded.

"Oh daddy! You're fucking my ass! You're fucking my ass and I'm cumming! Oh!
Oh! Oh! Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh god I'm cuming! Arrrrrrrrrrrrragh!"
Zoey screamed her orgasm to the world.

As Zoey came, the shuddering from her orgasm sent Michael over the edge and
he pumped long thick jets of his spunk deep in her colon. They both collapsed
on the bed, spent. His cock was still trapped in her ass. Michael slowly
withdrew and with a slight pop his cock left her ass with only a slight
dribble of cum escaping.

"Oh daddy, that was so good we have to keep doing that, did you like my ass
daddy its not too big is it" Zoey asked with some hesitation.

"No baby, its perfect, you have the sexiest ass in the world," replied

Zoey lay in her father's arms and she felt everything was right in the world.

The End

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