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Zoey 101: Part 1 - A New Start
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

Zoey had grown more comfortable being away from home and living in a room
with two girls. It was weird changing in front of them, she thought back to
the times she would just prance around in her room naked looking at her body
but she hadn't been able to do that, yet any way. But at least today she had
the room to herself because the other girls had a school excursion in a class
she didn't have to take.

Zoey logged onto the computer they had been given. None of her friends from
home were on she just started to just go into rooms. Immediately she started
to get on by the entire weirdo's and pedophiles and she just clicked on the
ignore button. Changing rooms she found one that said "Black guys for white
girls" in the teens room. Having heard all the rumours about the size of
black guys cock she entered the room. No guys in the room hit on her straight
away and so she started looking at the profile and seeing which ones had
profiles with pictures.

Zoey then got an instant message from "BB&P".

BB&P: Hi Zoey101, how are you today

ZOEY101: Hi, do I know you

BB&P: I don't think so

ZOEY101: Ok, how are you today, what does the BB&P

BB&P: I'm good thanks, I hope your no shy, it means Big Black and Proud

ZOEY101: You mean your thing

BB&P: Yes

ZOEY101: hehe

BB&P: Have you seen one yet

ZOEY101: Yeh kids I have baby sit and my brothers sometimes but not like a
hot guy

BB&P: So would you like to see mine

ZOEY101: lol, yeh

BB&P: BB&P has inviting you to accept Cam (Yes or No)

Zoey was scared but was more then a little bit excited, his profile said he
was a year older so she hit the yes button.

His Picture cam on screen and she liked what she saw. He wasn't wearing a
shirt and only had a pair of shorts on.

BB&P: You like what you see

ZOEY101: Yeh, u r so hot

BB&P: Do you have a cam

ZOEY101: Yes

BB&P: Can I view yours

Zoey turned on her cam.

BB&P: You're sexy baby, how old

ZOEY101: 13

BB&P: Baby you are so fine

ZOEY101: thanks, can I see it

BB&P: Yes (Removes his shorts revealing his cock)

ZOEY101: Wow, it's big but not hard yet

BB&P: you want to see it hard

ZOEY101: OMG Yes

BB&P: Take off your T-shirt

ZOEY101: umm ok

Zoey stood back and lifted her t-shirt up and off and sat back down.

BB&P: Nice baby, show me those nips

ZOEY101: (Taking off bra) wow it's getting big

BB&P: You like baby

ZOEY101: OMG yes, its so nice

BB&P: (Starts to masturbate) would u like to be touching it

ZOEY101: lol, yes

BB&P: Suck it

ZOEY101: I haven't done that but yes

BB&P: Like it in that pussy of yours as well wouldn't you

ZOEY101: OMG, u r so bad, it would hurt

BB&P: Yes it would but only at the start, and then u would feel so much

ZOEY101: really, you are getting me wet

BB&P: Show me

ZOEY101: You mean show my below area

BB&P: Yes

Zoey who had been rubbing herself removed the thong and stepped out of them
and moved the cam so it showed it.

BB&P: Nice pussy, touch it

ZOEY101: ok, this is so naughty

Zoey started to move her fingers inside herself, she had masturbated before
but never when someone was watching and this was much hotter.

BB&P: Show me your face, baby u r so hot

ZOEY101: ok (Being so horny Zoey was thinking she would do almost anything
for him)

Zoey turned the cam onto her face and continued to masturbate. Constantly
looking at his monster of a cock that he was rubbing faster and faster.

BB&P: Hey, I will be right back, keep on rubbing baby, u r so cute

ZOEY101: Ok

Logan had recognised Zoey straight away when she had shown him her face.
Lucky he hadn't shown his. Still hard and horny he new he had to do
something. He rushed out of the room and went down to level one and moved
down until he was in front of room 101 and knocked on the door. Zoey was
startled and grabbed her robe and headed to the door. Opening it she
recognised Logan from the basketball match the other day.

"Hi Logan, how can I help you," Zoey asked.

"No, I thought I could help you," Logan responded and pulled down his shorts

"What the hell are you doing, OMG it was you!" Said Zoey.

"Yes," responded Logan as he walked in and closed the door.

Logan moved forward and kissed Zoey taking her breath away with the passion
behind the kiss. Immediately his hand was inside her robe and then suddenly
she was standing their naked, his body against hers. Zoey could feel his
thick cock between her legs and it felt so good. As Logan kissed her he kept
moving her back and then he was lowering her back onto the bed. Zoey had
never felt a guy on top of her before and was surprised how good it did feel,
she then felt Logan moving his cock just inside her pussy. Her pussy
stretched to fit in his cock head and Logan didn't wait and started to thrust
more of his cock inside her. It wasn't long before Logan felt his cock
hitting against hymen and realised she was a virgin. It didn't matter to him
but he realised he should be going slower but knew he had to get through this
first and started to move back and forward until his cock pierced her hymen.
Zoey screamed out with a mix of pain and pleasure, she had no idea that the
pain would be this intense, none of her friends had ever gone this far. Even
though with every inch she took the more pain she was in but new it would get
better, she could already tell her pussy was stretching to take it all in.
Zoey looked down between her legs and watch as his thick cock disappeared
inside her, and she felt proud that she could take this inside her. With a
couple more thrusts he was fully inside her and he leaned back and looked
down at Zoey, her body obviously had only just started, even though she had
some sexy curves, her breasts not yet fully developed but enough to have fun
with. Zoey was glad he had stopped thrusting long enough for her to get used
to it and she could feel the pain being replaced by more pleasure.

"You love my cock, don't you, baby?" asked Logan.

"Oh god, yes! It feels so good, it's so big," replied Zoey.

Logan started to move his cock out and move it back in, Zoey moved her legs
behind Logan and locked it behind his legs. The more of his cock that he
would take out the more Zoey would thrust her pelvis forward to get as much
of it back in. Logan moved from her mouth down to her breasts and her erect
pink nipples that were the size of a penny. He licked around them and could
hear Zoey moan her approvement, he flicked them and they took them into his
mouth. Zoey who already had been close to orgasm when she had been
masturbating started to cum when she felt Logan bite down on her nipples.
She couldn't believed how turned on she was getting from the difference
pains she was feeling.

Zoey screamed out "Oh god, it feels so good, I'm Cumming, I'm cumming!!!"

Logan who hadn't fucked such a tight pussy for a while continued to pound
deep into Zoey getting closer to cumming himself. Just before Logan felt the
urge to cum and he pulled out and moved up Zoey body, the first quirts of
cum shot up onto Zoey's face and continued to spurt onto her body and face.

Zoey was shocked at first when she felt his cum on her but instead of feeling
disgusted she started to feel sexier, she kept watching the cum from that
little hole in his cock and had this overpowering instinct to put in he
mouth. Zoey moved her hand onto his cock and her mouth followed, using her
tongue she licked around the head and a few shots of cum flowed into her
mouth. "Mmm yummy" she thought as she took more and more of his cock into her
mouth. Zoey looked up at Logan as she sucked him.

Logan started calling out, "Suck my big black cock, you hot white whore."

This normally would of disgusted Zoey that a guy would speak to her in this
way but when he had fucked you and you have his cock in your mouth in kind of
felt right. Logan had never stayed hard like he had this long after coming
and it had a lot to do with Zoey, even though this was her first blowjob she
wasn't doing such a bad job.

Logan pulled his cock out of Zoey's mouth and she actually looked
disappointed. Logan moved off her and told her to turn over. Zoey did as
instructed and turned over and was on her knees as Logan moved in behind her.
Logan spread her pussy lips with his fingers and moved the head of his cock
just inside but didn't do anymore then that, Zoey waited but Logan didn't
start thrusting it in and she was becoming frustrated, she had this
overwhelming need to have it inside her. Zoey moved her fingers down to her
clit and stared to rub. Zoey turned her head and Logan was smiling, in a
quiet voice Zoey said "please".

"What was that", asked Logan.

"Please" replied Zoey in a louder voice.

"Please what Zoey" asked Logan.

"Please fuck me, I need your cock in me, please" replied Zoey.

Logan knew he had teased her enough and new she was his for the taking and
instead of the first fuck didn't go slow and thrust deep and hard into her
pussy. Zoey gasped at the thrusting, it seemed to her that his cock was
actually going further then it had the first time. Logan grabbed hold of her
hips and started thrusting harder, and Zoey was in a constant moan, she kept
rubbing as he fucked her and the double feelings was paying off. Her second
fuck orgasm started to build up, and started to pus her body back to meet
her thrusts, this time the fucking was going longer and she loved it more.
Logan was also moving his hands down and around her body and feeling her
breasts as he thrust and moving his body around.

He pulled Zoey's body back towards his own and touched her all over, she
moved her face around and they kissed passionately, she had never felt such
utter bliss then at this moment. Logan pushed her back down and started
thrusting as fast as he could, grabbing her hair and pulling on it as he
thrust. Each thrust would move her slightly off the bed. The combination of
this harder thrusting and her continued rubbing of her clit brought her
closer and closer to her third orgasm.

Zoey started screaming "Oh go, oh god, I'm cuming again, yes, oh god yes" and
her pussy exploded with juices coating Logan's cock and this was enough to do
one last thrust and explode his cum deep into her body, every second or two
just doing a small thrust to make sure he let her have it all, but she had
learnt enough that her pussy muscles were working in away to milk his cock
anyway. Both just collapsed on the bed in utter exhaustion from the last
hour's activity.

Logan knew enough about girl to know that they like to be held after sex and
he held Zoey with her head resting on his chests. Zoey loved it and was close
to purring like a cat she was that contented. But she also noticed the time
and realised that her dad would be here soon to take her to the big shopping
centre to buy some more clothes and stuff. Zoey lent up and kissed him and
"Thank you, I will never forget this but we have to stop because my dad is
coming shortly."

Zoey moved and got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom that was
connected to their dorm. She moved underneath the steaming hot water and
started to wash her self, every touch to her body was like electricity. Her
breasts and especially her still erect nipples sent a warm feeling though
her body every time her hand or the soap touched them. Zoey washed down
lower and lower leaving her pussy to last but knew she needed to wash herself
down there, she couldn't be with her dad and have cum dripping down her leg.
She moved her hand and the water handle of the shower towards her pussy and
it felt a little tender to the touch but it still felt nice, she opened
herself up and started to clean herself inside with warm water, and she
watched as a load of cum flowed from within her. When she was ready she
stepped out and dried herself and walked back into the room, Zoey was
disappointed that Logan was still not their but though "Would I want to be
in room when her dad came after just taking her daughters virginity".

She went to the bed and then saw a note "Baby you were fantastic, you're so
sexy, here's my cell number, Luv Ya, LOGAN".

Zoey smiled and then noticed that Logan had already taken off her bed sheet
and was sitting in a bag against the wall and a new sheet had been put on
her bed. Dressing she couldn't keep the smile off her face. Then there was
a knock on the door and in walked her father, "Hello Daddy, right on time"
said Zoey.

"Hi baby, how's my beautiful girl", replied Zoey's Dad.

Grabbing her daddies hand she walked out the door not realising that she had
actually had left the cam on from before.

The End

See Part 2 called "Zoey 101 - OMG Daddy


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