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Zoey 101: The Elixir (Mf,MMf,mf,mmf,nc-con,reluc,drugs)
by Digiovanni

It was Zoey's fourth TV season at Pacific Coast Academy, PCA for short.
Things had changed quite a bit from what they had been. Chase, Zoey's
would-be boyfriend, had transferred to the school in England where Zoey had
started the semester. Now she was back, and he was stuck over there for the
whole semester, leaving her pretty much a free agent.

Things had changed for her roommate, Quinn, too. Mark had broken up with her
and she was really upset about it. Logan had gone through great lengths to
comfort her, and she had developed quite an attraction for him. She wasn't
sure he was responding the way she wanted him to though.

Quinn, being quite knowledgeable in just about everything scientific, had
decided to do something about it. She concocted a liquid which she thought
of as an "elixir". If it did what it was supposed to do, all Logan had to
do was drink some of it and he would not only become extremely conducive to
suggestions, but would become extremely attracted to, and turned on by, the
one making them. Once it was ready, all she had to do was get him to drink
some, and be there to suggest that he really did like her a lot, and was
physically attracted to her as well. She didn't know how long the effects
would last: five minutes, an hour, a whole day, but it would be worth it to
give it a try.

After much trial and error, she finally came up with a fruity flavor that
anyone would find absolutely delicious. She put it on the table in her room
and set out to find Logan. She would tell him it was a new flavor she had
invented, and ask him to sample it for her.

She hadn't been gone two minutes before Zoey wandered into the room. Zoey
was a really cute girl, self confident, with a good bit of spunk. She looked
hotter than ever, with her year-around perfect sun tan. Her long wavy hair
couldn't seem to make up its mind whether to be blonde or brown, but with
blonde on top and brown underneath, it looked totally sexy. She had developed
quite a body over the summer, including a modest increase in her breast size.
She was wearing a pullover shirt with a v-neck deep enough to show that she
had some actual cleavage. Her short skirt and sneakers framed her really well
shaped legs, which, besides her face and breasts, were a really strong asset
for her. She was the epitome of what really turns a guy on.

She had an hour to kill before her appointment with Dean Rivers, so she
thought she'd just kick back and relax. She knew her appointment with the
dean would consist of a makeout session, followed by a blowjob. They always

The first time she had gone to see him, it was to try to get her little
brother, Dustin, out of trouble. She was a little puzzled when he invited her
to sit on his lap, but she did, figuring if that's what it took, that's what
it took. His legs were apart, so she had to sit on just one of his thighs,
her knees between them. She sat there and began telling her story. He let her
go on for a couple of minutes, explaining that Dustin wasn't really at fault
and she didn't think he should be punished for something that wasn't really
his fault.

When she finally finished, he looked at her and told her that if she really
wanted to get his attention, it wasn't about what she said, but what she did.
She looked at him with that deadpan look she did so well, as if she was
wondering what he was talking about. So he put his fingers on her chin and
pulled it down, opening her mouth. Then he leaned forward and kissed her,
pushing his tongue deep into her mouth. Zoey was a little startled and
flinched at first, but with his hand against the back of her head holding
her mouth against his, and his tongue swabbing the inside of her mouth, she
realized what he wanted, so she didn't resist. Her tongue even reciprocated
a little.

Then he broke the kiss and looked at her. She still had the deadpan look on
her face, but the wheels in her head were turning. She was beginning to
figure out what he had in mind. When he told her to kiss him like that, she
leaned forward and kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. He sucked
it in and covered it with saliva as he raised his hand to her breast and
began fondling it.

Zoey was a little nervous about carrying on like that with the dean himself,
but after a few minutes it became just like making out with anyone else, and
she really began getting into it, letting him fondle her tits as they kissed.
When he raised her shirt up to her armpits, she raised her arms, almost
automatically, to let him take it off. Then her bra. Her tits weren't quite
as big then as they were now, but they were just as yummy. Once he had her
topless, he guided her hand down to his crotch as he resumed kissing her and
fondling her bare tits.

As they kissed and fondled each other, he told her to explain again why
Dustin shouldn't be punished. But as she did, he would deliberately kiss her
mid-sentence, making it very difficult for her to get her point across. After
this went on for several minutes, he could see that she was becoming a little
frustrated at being toyed with like this, so he decided to cut to the chase.
He told her, very discreetly of course, that a blowjob would probably enable
him to see things a lot more clearly from her point of view, and would
probably get Dustin out of trouble.

Zoey wasn't surprised; she could feel how hard his cock had become with her
fingering it. She smiled at him as she slid down to the floor and knelt in
front of him, waiting for him to unzip his pants and pull it out for her.
When he did, and she began gently licking and kissing it, he jokingly
cautioned her that if she didn't swallow every drop, it wouldn't count. And
they'd be right back where they started. Zoey smiled knowingly as she
proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life.

It had only been a couple of weeks earlier that she had lobbied for healthy
snacks on campus, and Dean Rivers couldn't help think of the irony, with the
special protein snack he was about to feed her. Zoey took her time sucking it
and swirling her tongue around its throbbing head before she finally got down
to bobbing her head, coaxing out her special serving of dean-cum. When the
time was finally right, Dean Rivers held her head and pushed his cock as far
into her mouth as he could, then began pumping his semen into it, stream
after stream. Zoey began swallowing frantically. She couldn't help gagging a
little, with that big cock crammed all the way into her mouth, but she
finally managed to swallow it all down. Then she smiled up at him, with a
smile of accomplishment, as she milked out the last few drops and cleaned his
cock off for him.

In the weeks that followed, she made a number of appointments with him,
all for the same reason. And they all worked out the same. She didn't mind,
though. Although Dean Rivers was happily married, she knew he liked an
occasional a la carte teenage blowjob, and she was apparently his favorite
side dish. In fact, sometimes he would have his secretary notify her that
she had an appointment and needed to come in and see him, even when Dustin
wasn't in trouble. Then they'd make out, and she would suck him off. Today
was one of those appointments, and she had an hour to kill before it was
time to go see him.

Of course, none of the other kids knew about any of this. As far as they
knew, Zoey was absolutely straight-up, and would never engage in that sort of

When she entered her room, she couldn't help noticing the glass of bright red
liquid sitting on the table. Figuring Lola or Quinn must have left it there,
she smelled it, wondering what it was. It smelled so good that she just had
to take a taste of it. She took a sip. It was absolutely delicious, so she
took another. Before she knew it, it was almost half gone. She figured she'd
better just leave the rest of it there.

Within a couple of minutes there was a knock on the door. When she opened it
she was very surprised to see Logan standing there smiling at her. Logan was
a good looking kid. Not quite as good looking or muscular as he seemed to
think he was, but not bad. In addition to being extremely self centered, he
was extremely rich, at least his father was.

Logan was crazy about girls, and always seemed to want to make out. Unlike
many of the other girls, Zoey had always turned him down. He came across to
her as just being too conceited and obnoxious. She realized that he could
be very nice when he was coming on to a girl, but she also knew what was

This time when she saw him, he looked more appealing than he usually did. She
didn't know why, and she didn't give it another thought. When he told her he
was looking for Quinn, she smiled and told him she wasn't there, but he could
wait if he wanted.

When he stepped in, he stood there for a moment, looking at her, then
proceeded to tell her how hot she looked. Zoey found herself really enjoying
the compliment; she smiled and walked with a little extra bounce in her ass,
just to reaffirm what he had said.

Logan knew he'd never be able to get anywhere with Zoey, but he thought he'd
give it another try anyway. "I really like your skirt, Zoey... Well, actually
I like your legs. But I like your skirt ‘cuz it shows them off so well."

Zoey looked down at her legs, then pulled her skirt up a little to show them
off even more. "Thanks, Logan.... I appreciate the compliment..."

That surprised him, especially since she raised her skirt high enough to show
the white crotch of her panties. Since things seemed to be off to such a good
start, he decided to ask the question he was sure would get "no" for an
answer. "While we're waiting for Quinn, wanna make out...?"

Zoey looked at him with her trademark deadpan look, "Okay...."

Logan couldn't believe what he was hearing. He walked over to her and put his
hands on her waist, then leaned down to kiss her. Much to his surprise, Zoey
kissed him. The kiss didn't last very long, but long enough to let them both
know they wanted another. So they kissed again, and again.

Logan still couldn't believe how cooperative Zoey was being, so he tried
pushing it a little farther. When they broke their kiss, he began running
his tongue lightly across her lips. Much to his surprise, she began doing the
same to him. Pretty soon they were simply brushing their tongues together.
When Logan decided to push his tongue into Zoey's mouth, she accepted it and
did the same. Soon they both had their tongues in each other's mouth, coating
them with their warm wet saliva.

Logan had waited a long time for this. He still couldn't believe he was
actually standing there swapping spit with Zoey Brooks. As they kissed, he
carefully raised his hand to her breast. He had noticed how much bigger they
were than they had been the year before. When he gently squeezed it, he
realized that it was even fuller than he had expected. And what was better
yet was that Zoey didn't resist; she seemed to welcome it.

After a couple of minutes of kissing Zoey and fondling her tits, Logan
decided that, since things were going so well, he would try pushing it even
farther. He took her hands and guided them to his crotch. Surprisingly, Zoey
wrapped her fingers around his bulge and began gently fingering it. That
really made it grow!

Before it got out of hand, he urgently asked, "Zoey, wanna go to my room?...
There won't be anyone there for a while."

"Sure... You can always catch Quinn later," Zoey smiled. So the two of them
walked hand in hand over to Logan's room. He was thrilled that a couple of
kids actually saw him walking hand in hand with Zoey.

Once there, he discreetly turned on the camcorder, and they began kissing
again, and without being reminded, Zoey's hands were again wrapped around
his cock, gently fondling it. She had seen him turn the camcorder on, but
she didn't give it a second thought; whatever he wanted.

After several more minutes of his hands on her tits and her hands fondling
his cock, Logan finally got up the nerve to break the kiss and ask, "Have you
ever sucked a guy's cock... you know, a blowjob...?"

"Well,... yeah..."

"I'd REALLY like a know...?"

Zoey smiled "Okay... Would you like my shirt off?... That's the way Dean
Rivers likes it..." She took hold of the bottom of her shirt and began
raising it.

"You've done Dean Rivers?!"

"Well, yeah... When Dustin gets in trouble, sometimes I do it to get him off
the hook..."

"No wonder Dean Rivers likes you so much..."

"Yeah... He helps me out and I help him out..." By then Zoey had her shirt
off. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, then slid it off, exposing
those luscious tits of hers. They were gorgeous, perfectly shaped, creamy
white with little pink nipples.

She couldn't help notice the way Logan was staring at them. "Surprised?" she
smiled as she jiggled them a little. "Wanna suck 'em....?" as she arched her
back and presented them to him. "Dean Rivers likes to do that before I do

Logan hesitated for a moment, then, "Uh, wanna sit on the bed...?... I think
that would be more comfortable." He led Zoey over to the bed and sat down
beside her. In no time he had one of her tits in his mouth, or as much of it
as he could fit.

"Take it easy, Logan... They're not going anywhere..." Zoey giggled. Then
she put her hand in his crotch again. "Wanna take your pants off...?" as she
resumed squeezing and fingering his cock.

Logan kicked his shoes off, then took his hands off Zoey's tits just long
enough to get his pants and shorts off. As he resumed fondling her tits, she
wrapped her fingers around his bare shaft and began gently pumping it. He
knew he wasn't going to last long, and the last thing he wanted was to cum
in her hand rather than in her warm wet little mouth.

He stood up in front of her so his cock was pointing directly at her. Zoey
leaned down and gave it a gentle kiss. He took her hands and stepped back, so
she would kneel on the floor in front of him. Kneeling there, Zoey embraced
him around his ass and gave his cock another kiss. Then she began licking the
precum from the head. She smiled up at him, her lips glistening with it. Then
she took the head into her mouth.

Logan couldn't believe how good it felt. It was like warm melted butter, with
her little tongue gently swirling around the head. This super cute girl, so
perfect in every way, who would never condescend to even make out with him,
was now down on her knees sucking on his cock, and she was really enjoying
it. He began thrusting forward erratically. Zoey knew she didn't need to use
her hands. She had done this enough times to know that he was ready to cum
without any additional help from them. She used them to caress his ass as she
looked up at him and began bobbing her head.

With Zoey's lips wrapped around his cock like that, and her warm wet tongue
flicking and licking it, and her hair bouncing back and forth as she bobbed
her head, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, Logan was soon spewing
his hot, sticky semen into that accommodating little mouth of hers. He let
out a long sigh of relief as he pumped stream after stream of it into her.

Zoey swallowed it down, then used her hand to pump out the last few drops.
When she had finished swallowing them down too, she sat back on the bed and
pulled Logan's hand to get him to sit beside her, which he did.

Just then the door opened. It was Logan's roommate, Michael. "Ooooops... I
didn't know anyone was here..."

Logan immediately began reaching for something to cover himself up with. But
Zoey wasn't embarrassed at all. "Hi, Michael... Come on in." She patted the
bed beside her for him to sit there. Apparently the elixir made her respond
like that to whomever she was with.

Michael was a pretty good sized black kid, a good bit bigger than Logan.
He was a nice kid, and was pretty much a typical teenage boy. He gingerly
stepped in and closed the door behind him, then walked over and sat beside
Zoey. He was incredulous that she was sitting there topless, next to Logan,
who was bottomless, and she didn't seem to think anything of it.

As he sat down beside Zoey, she smiled at him, "Logan and I were making
out... and then I sucked him off... You wanna make out...?" She took his
hand and rubbed it against her tits.

Michael was dumbfounded, but he wasn't going to let an opportunity like this
pass him by. He eagerly took hold of her tit. He, too, was surprised at how
big and full it was. As he squeezed it and worked it around in his fingers,
she turned to him with her mouth open, waiting for a kiss. He gladly leaned
down and kissed her, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth.

It startled Zoey. When they broke the kiss, "You really mean business, don't

"Uh, sorry... I thought you meant..."

"It's okay... It just surprised me... Let's do it again... gimme some

Michael obliged her and crammed his tongue into her mouth again. This time
Zoey sucked it in and lavished it with her saliva, sticking her tongue into
his mouth too, as far as it would go.

When they finally broke the kiss, Michael looked down at her tits, "Can

"Sure... Go ahead." Zoey smiled as she arched her back to raise them up
for him. Michael sucked them into his mouth, one at a time, making them
completely wet as he licked and kissed them. Then he went back to kissing
Zoey's mouth.

As they kissed, Zoey reached down to his crotch, but she couldn't really feel
much because of the way he was leaning slightly forward. So she put her hands
on his shoulders and pushed him back so he was lying on his back on the bed.
Then she lay down beside him, propped up on her elbow so she could continue
kissing him. With her other hand she reached down and grabbed a handful of
his bulging cock. She couldn't get her fingers all the way around it, but
that didn't stop her from trying. As they kissed, she gently fondled and
fingered it.

After a couple of minutes Michael grabbed her hand, "Uh, Zoey... if you keep
that up, I'm gonna... you know... in my pants."

Zoey smiled, "You want a blowjob?... You know, do it in my mouth...?"

A big smile came across Michael's face, "You mean you wanna suck me off

"Sure... Why not?" Then she added, with a smile, "...if you want me to..."

"Of course... I want you to..." He began undoing his pants and pushing them
down. Zoey got on the floor, kneeling in front of him, and helped pull them
all the way down.

Michael's cock was a good bit bigger than Logan's. It was bigger than Dean
Rivers' too. Zoey gulped when she saw it standing there. But she wasn't
going to let the size stop her. As she began licking off the precum, Michael
propped himself up on his elbows so he could get a better look at this really
cute little white chick sucking his big black cock.

Zoey wasn't sure how much of it she could get into her mouth, even the head.
She took her time licking up and down the shaft and fondling those big balls
of his. Finally she decided it was show time. With her little mouth wide
open, she managed to get the head inside. She felt like that was a good first
step. As she held the head in her mouth, she began swirling her tongue around
against it, mixing her saliva with his precum.

She was getting ready to try to take it in farther when Michael began
thrusting up at her. She knew he was getting ready to cum, so she began
bobbing her head. Suddenly Michael grabbed her head and pulled it all the
way down onto his cock.

Zoey could feel his cockhead pushing against her throat. She tried to pull
her head up a little, but he wouldn't let her. Then she felt a splash of hot
cum surge down her throat, then another and another. She began gagging on it,
but it kept coming. With her arms helplessly flailing around, he finally let
her up a little, so just the head was in her mouth. She recovered from her
gagging and milked out his remaining cum, dutifully swallowing it for him.

When he finally let her raise her head, she smiled at him, "Wow!... I didn't
expect that!"

He smiled back at her, "You handled it like a champ, Zoey... I'm proud of

"Thanks, Michael... You had me scared for a minute..." Then she climbed back
onto the bed between the boys.

Logan had recovered from his orgasm, but watching Zoey being force-fed that
big black cock to the point where she was gagging on it really got him turned
on again. His cock was back up to a full erection.

Zoey looked at it and smiled, "Don't tell me..."

"No, you've sucked enough cock for today... I wanna fuck."

That sounded like a really good idea to Zoey. She had been servicing these
guys, and hadn't really gotten much of anything in return. She stood up in
front of them and turned to face them. Then she pulled her skirt all the way
up to her waist and pushed her panties down, giving them their first glimpse
of her cute little twat. Her little muff of hair was dark brown, like the
darker color of hair on her head, and it was trimmed to about the size of a
quarter, but elongated. And her pussy was visibly wet.

As she stepped out of her panties, she smiled at Logan and struck a pose,
pushing her hip out to the side, "You want that...?" Then, without waiting
for an answer, she undid her skirt, let it fall, and stepped out of it,
leaving her standing there wearing nothing but her sneakers... and her watch.
She looked at her watch and realized that she was supposed to be at Dean
Rivers' office in just a few minutes.

"I've only got time for one. And Logan, you look like you're ready..."

Logan took her hand and pulled her onto the bed beside him. She crawled all
the way onto the bed and lay on her back for him, her legs parted, showing
him the little pink slit that was waiting for him. Logan climbed on too. And
after a few seconds of kissing and giggling and squeezing those luscious tits
again, he rolled on top of her, found her pussy lips with his cock, and
pushed it in. As he continued pushing it in to its full length, he could feel
her tight little pussy clamp onto it, still allowing it to slide, but very

Looking down at her, her tits hanging slightly to the sides, her very cute
face anticipating him, her slim, tanned young body laid out for his pleasure,
he knew this was going to be the perfect fuck. And it was. She sighed and
cooed and caressed his ass as he began thrusting his meat into her.

Having cum just a few minutes earlier, he could have dragged it out for a
long time. But he wanted to be considerate of her appointment. Besides, she
hadn't had a climax yet and, judging by the way she was thrusting, she was
building up to one pretty quickly.

He began hammering her for all he was worth. And sure enough, just as she
began moaning and quivering and stiffening up, he shot his load into her,
stream after stream. His cock was so far into her he might have thought
surely his cum would come out her mouth. But it didn't.

When he had finished making his donation to Zoey's perfect little pussy,
he collapsed on her. Zoey's climax lasted longer, though. He could feel her
pussy methodically clamping on his cock, then releasing it. It must have
lasted for another thirty seconds.

When she finished, she smiled up at him, "Thanks, Logan.... That was a
really good fuck." Then she turned to Michael, "I'm sorry I can't do you too,
Michael... but I've really got to get to Dean Rivers' office... I'll do you
tomorrow, though... Promise."

Then she turned back to Logan, "You too..."



He pushed it a little more, "How 'bout after tomorrow...?"

"Yeah,... anytime you guys want," she smiled.

Logan slid his spent cock out of Zoey so she could get dressed and make it to
the Dean's Office on time. Zoey got up and quickly got dressed. She gave the
boys each a kiss, and was on her way.

When she arrived at Dean Rivers' office, she was still really turned on. She
had anticipated Michael fucking her too. But without enough time, it left her
wanting more. When she walked into Dean Rivers' office, she closed the door
behind her. As he sat in his chair watching intently, she walked over to him,
slid her skirt up to her waist and pushed her panties down until they dropped
to the floor, then stepped out of them. Then, with her skirt still up around
her waist, "Want some of this...?"

"Your pussy...?"

"Yeah,... Would you like to... you know... fuck me...?"

Dean Rivers had his arm around Zoey's legs, caressing her smooth, firm thighs
and ass as they spoke. Her offer to fuck him was too good to resist, but he
wanted to play with her a little first. "Well, I was kinda looking forward to
a blowjob... You give them better than any other girl I know of..."

Zoey raised her shirt and took it off, then her bra. As she brushed her tits
against his face, she reached down and begun fondling his cock, "I'd really
like you to fuck me, Dean Rivers... Please...?"

He brought his other hand over and began caressing Zoey's pussy with it. He
could feel how moist it was. "You're really horny today, aren't you?"

"Yeah... Please...?"

"Okay, but if I do, you've got to come back this time tomorrow and give me
one of your fantastic blowjobs..."

"I will... I promise."

"And you've got to stand up there and do a strip tease for me... a really
sexy one..."

"I promise."

"Then plead with me to let you suck my cock."

"I promise."

"And I get to record the whole thing on video... you know, for the record."

"Okay, I promise... and anything else you can think of... now can we fuck?...

"Oh... and wear heels... I like the way they show off your legs..."

"I will... I promise."

As Dean Rivers had been eliciting all these promises from Zoey, he had taken
his cock out, allowing her to fondle it up to a full erection. "Okay, Zoey,"
he smiled, "Climb on, and I'll fuck your little brains out."

Zoey didn't waste any time climbing up on the chair, straddling his legs,
then lowering herself down onto that big academic cock of his. Once she had
it worked all the way in, she sat still for a moment. "You've got a nice
tight little cunt, Zoey... I like that."

"Uh, thanks, Dean Rivers... I'm kinda clamping on with it too... It feels

As Zoey began fucking him in earnest, Dean Rivers sat there casually playing
with her tits and caressing her all over, bringing her eventually to a very
fulfilling climax. She was writhing and moaning as it flooded her whole body.
When she finally finished, she collapsed on his chest, relishing how good it

After a few moments, still plugged in to her, Dean Rivers stood up, lifting
Zoey up with him. Then he set her on his desk, lying her on her back for the
rest of this fuck she had been so insistent on. He took hold of her ankles
and lifted her feet up to his shoulders. Then he held her hips as he began
thrusting into that tight little pussy of hers.

Her pussy wasn't clamping on quite as tightly as it had before. Frankly, it
was getting tired. And that made him have to thrust even harder, her tits
bouncing every time his pelvis slapped against her ass. He smiled down at her
as she winced a little. She wrapped her fingers around the edge of the desk
so she could thrust back somewhat. Even though her pussy was getting sore,
she was still so turned on that she really wanted another orgasm.

Dean Rivers saw how horny she was, and that made it even better. "That's it,
you cute little bitch... Show me what that pussy's for... Show me how much
Zoey Brooks likes to fuck."

Then, as he felt her begin to tense up, he shot his load deep inside her,
stream after sticky stream. Zoey moaned and wrapped her legs around his
shoulders, pushing his cock in as far as she could as she climaxed on his
desk. It was even better than the first one. She lay there absolutely
helpless for several minutes, as Dean Rivers looked down at her, caressing
her hips and enjoying the feel of his cock relaxing inside her.

When she finally recovered and he slid his cock out, allowing her to sit up,
she smiled at him, "Thanks, Dean Rivers... I really needed that... I owe you
for that..."

He smiled, "Well, you can pay me back tomorrow..."

"I will... I promise."

Later that afternoon the elixir began wearing off. Zoey could clearly
remember everything she had done, but the ramifications hadn't yet begun
to sink in. The next morning they did, though, and she was thoroughly
embarrassed. She couldn't believe she had done all that stuff! As she
played it all back in her memory, she remembered Logan turning on the
camcorder when they went into his room. That meant he had recorded

She was so embarrassed that she didn't know whether to confront him about it
or not. She really didn't want to bring the subject up at all. She didn't
even want to see Logan or Michael that day, she was so embarrassed. And
besides, she remembered promising to do them again, whenever they wanted.
After thinking about it for a long time, though, she figured she'd better
confront him. Otherwise there's no telling what he might do with the video.
She would simply try to talk her way out of the promise.

She went to their room and knocked on the door. Sure enough, Logan and
Michael were there and welcomed her in enthusiastically. When Zoey tried
to explain that it had all been a mistake, their jaws dropped. They were
thoroughly disappointed.

Zoey tried to explain further, "I'm sorry, guys... I know I promised, but I
just wasn't in my right mind..."

"You hear that, Logan?... She said she was crazy to have sex with us."

"No... I didn't mean that..." she tried to explain, "I just... well,... you
know... Won't you let me out of my promise...?"

Michael and Logan knew what each other was thinking. "Two weeks?" Logan

"Yeah... Two weeks ought to do it," Michael replied.

"Two weeks what?" Zoey asked, rather confused.

"That's how long you'll have to keep your promise," Logan responded,
"otherwise you'll be seeing yourself on the internet, and so will everyone

"Yeah," Michael chimed in, "And we do mean keep your promise."

In a way Zoey could see where the boys were coming from. After all, she had
led them on and done everything they wanted her to, and then some, even
though it was totally against her character. She was scared to death someone
would find out, and if it were posted online it would absolutely destroy her
reputation. Try as she might, she just couldn't think of a way out of it.

"...Okay..." Then she added meekly, "Are you guys really gonna make me do all

"Don't worry," Michael assured her, "You're gonna love it."

He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, pushing his tongue in to see how
she responded to it. She kissed him back, licking his tongue and tentatively
pushing hers into his mouth. He could tell that she wasn't comfortable with
it, but she was doing it. He took a handful of her tit to see what her
reaction would be. She didn't resist, so he took her hand and pressed it
against his cock. At first she just left it there, but as they continued
kissing she gradually began fondling him, very lightly at first, then more
actively. Then he gave her to Logan.

As they kissed and fondled each other, Zoey was extremely embarrassed and
self conscious. She knew that this whole business was completely out of
character for her, but at the same time, she couldn't help becoming turned

It wasn't long before the boys had her shirt off and were playing with her
naked tits, kissing and sucking them. That really got her turned on, and
before long she was totally naked, carrying on in the same way she had done
the day before. She was still very self conscious and embarrassed because it
was so out of character for her, but she really didn't have much choice about
it. And, in spite of her reluctance, she found herself really not wanting
them to stop.

Before she knew it she found herself having to agree to suck their cocks, and
then to fuck them both. Knowing that Zoey's actions weren't exactly voluntary
probably contributed a lot to the boys' enjoyment. Under normal circumstances
she was too good to even make out with them, but under these circumstances
she apparently wasn't too good to be on her knees sucking their cocks like a
little whore, trying to coax out a serving of their special sauce. She had
never been so humiliated in her life. First they took turns fucking her cute
little face, and then they took turns fucking her prissy little cunt, giving
her a double serving in each end. And it was fantastic!

Of course the boys didn't know anything about the elixir. They simply thought
Zoey had decided to relax and get with the program of her own accord. Then,
when she tried to go back on her promise, they figured she was just reverting
back to "Miss I'm-too-good-for-that," so they decided to show her that she
really wasn't. And they were right: she wasn't.

When it was Michael's turn to fuck her she asked if she could be on top. She
knew it would be more embarrassing that way, especially when she saw Logan
getting out the camcorder to make a video of it, just in case she decided to
go back on her promise, and also to watch it whenever he wanted. But she had
never been fucked by a cock as big as his, and she wanted to have a little
bit of control. It was fine with Michael; he wanted to see her tits bounce
with every thrust, and he made sure they did. But half-way through, without
even unplugging from her, he flipped her over, got on top, and hammered her
silly. And she loved it. She learned that, as small as she was, she could
take a lot more cock than she had thought she could.

By the time it was all over, she had become somewhat more comfortable and
somewhat less embarrassed by what she was doing. After all, she couldn't very
well hide the orgasms she was having.

But the next day, starting out cold again, she was extremely embarrassed
again, having to let them grope and slobber on her, and the humiliation of
having to do it back to them. And it went on like that for the next two
weeks. But she lived through it.

In fact, even when it was all over, she would occasionally stop by their
room, especially when she thought Michael would be there. She had developed
somewhat of a craving for that big cock of his. And she didn't mind sucking
it all he wanted, knowing that before it was over he would be fucking her
little brains out with it. She had gotten so she actually enjoyed the
embarrassment of being stripped and manhandled and told to suck it like a
good little slut. It seemed to turn her on even more.

But this day wasn't over yet. She still had an appointment with Dean Rivers.
As she thought back about all she had promised him, she couldn't believe it.
Sucking him off wouldn't be so bad; she had done that enough times that it
was no longer a big deal. What she was really apprehensive about was having
to do a striptease for him, then beg him to let her suck his cock, and it
would all be on video. She had been willing to beg for a fuck the day before
because she was under the influence of the elixir, but today she was stone
cold sober, and very aware of everything that was happening.

She hurried back to her room, grabbed a pair of heels as she had promised,
and headed for Dean Rivers' office. When she arrived, she stepped in and
closed the door behind her. Then she looked up and saw Dean Rivers sitting
behind his desk, but she also saw another man sitting in the corner. Dean
Rivers welcomed her, "Hi Zoey... Glad you could make it... This is Mr
Quigby... He's a new teacher here at PCA." Then he turned to Mr. Quigby,
"Adam, this is Zoey Brooks... She's going to be one of your new students."

Mr. Quigby looked Zoey up and down and smiled, "I'm looking forward to it."
Zoey half smiled back, then turned to Dean Rivers for an explanation.

Then Dean Rivers went on, "He's going to be doing the camera work... You
know, so we get the best shots."

Zoey was mortified. "But you didn't say...!!!" she glared.

He ignored her and turned back to Mr. Quigby, continuing, "She's going to do
a striptease for us, and then show us a good time." Then he turned back to
Zoey, "Right, Zoey?"

Zoey stood there silent for what seemed like forever trying to decide what
to do. She couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into. He hadn't
said anything about someone else being there watching, especially a total
stranger. On the other hand, she knew that she had made all those promises,
and she didn't want to be known as someone who went back on her word,
especially with Dean Rivers and the man who was going to be one of her
teachers. Besides, they could really make things rough for her if she pissed
them off. Finally she decided to go through with it. She kicked off her
sneakers and slid her feet into her heels. "Yes..."

As she began taking off her clothes, she could feel her face turn red from
having a total stranger watching her strip, and getting it all on video. And
it was extremely embarrassing having to try to be sexy, dancing around naked
for these two men. She had never been to a strip club, so she didn't really
know what to do. She just did the best she could. She even shimmied when they
told her to, bouncing her tits from side to side for their amusement, and
forcing a smile while she did it.

Next came the begging. As Dean Rivers motioned for her to come over to him,
he turned his chair so she could stand directly in front of him. But he kept
his legs together so she would have to stand there straddling them. As she
stood there, he wrapped his hands around her ass and pulled her closer, so
her tits were directly in front of his face. At the same time, Mr. Quigby
came over closer so he could get good closeup footage of them interacting
with each other.

As Dean Rivers took one of her tits into his mouth, Zoey got up the nerve,
"Uh, Dean Rivers... can I... suck your cock...?"

"Do you like sucking my cock?" he began toying with her.

"Uh, yeah... You know I do..."

"Why do you like sucking it?"

"Uh, I don't know... I like it... And I like the way it feels in my mouth...
And it's so big, and hard... And I like the way it tastes... Can I suck

"You like being my little bitch?... and eating my cum?" he smiled.

"Yes, Dean Rivers... I wanna eat your cum... please...?" Zoey had no idea
he was going to make her beg this much, and grovel for him. She was totally
humiliated and embarrassed.

As zoey was begging, Dean Rivers was kissing her tits and caressing her
thighs and ass. Then he slid his hand between her legs, and up to her pussy.
As he caressed her ass with one hand, he began fingering her pussy with the
other. It was already moist when he started, and was becoming wetter. "But
you wouldn't suck it yesterday when I wanted you to."

"I know. And I'm sorry... But I really want to suck it now... Can I?" As Zoey
spoke, she began gyrating her hips as Dean Rivers began fingering her pussy
more intensely. She was becoming quite turned on, and he could see it.

He slid his finger all the way up into her pussy, and began sliding it in and
out. "Are you sure a cute little cunt like you wouldn't rather be fucked?...
Your pussy acts like it wants to be fucked."

Zoey would have much preferred that, but she didn't dare say it. "Uh, no...
I really want to suck your cock, if it's okay... You know, and swallow your
cum..." She lowered herself down, practically sitting on his lap and on his
hand, and began kissing him on the mouth, her hips thrusting harder and

Within a few moments, as he pushed his tongue into her mouth and his finger
into her anxious little pussy, he could feel her stiffen up in climax. She
reached down and held his hand tight against her as she moaned and shuddered
in pleasure.

After a few minutes, when she had recovered, she figured she'd better get
back to the business she was there for. "Uh, thank you, Dean Rivers... I
didn't expect that... Can I suck it now...? your cock...?"

"Are you going to suck Mr. Quigby's too?... like a good little whore?"

"Uh... I don't know..." She looked at Mr. Quigby with her deadpan expression.

By then, he was holding the camera in one hand and casually fondling her tits
with the other. "I'd sure appreciate it, Zoey,... a cute little cocksucker
like you?... and it would probably get you an A on your first quiz."

"Probably?" she looked at him quizzically.

"Well, unless you really screw it up. But I don't think you will," he smiled.

Zoey thought about it for a moment. What did she have to lose? She was
already naked with both of them, and she was already totally embarrassed and
humiliated. And besides, it would probably get her off to a good start with
her new teacher. "Okay, I'll do you too... But not at the same time... And
promise not to tell anyone."

"I promise... Your secret's safe with me," he smiled as he kept the camera

This time Dean Rivers stood up for his blowjob, so the camera would get a
good view of her kneeling more upright as she made love to his cock. They
both fucked her face that afternoon, one holding the camera for the other.
And they both filled her mouth with as much cum as they could muster,
smiling as they watched her swallow it all down without complaint, and both
joking about what a cute little cocksucker she was.

Unfortunately, they both had to get to a meeting, so they couldn't stay there
playing around with her as long as they would have liked. But the standard
had been set. In the future, whenever either of them wanted her to put out,
she didn't really have an excuse not to. As a result she would occasionally
find herself kneeling under one of their desks, or lying on her back on top
of one of their desks, fulfilling their most twisted little erotic fantasies.
And that was not to even mention the next two weeks of letting Logan and
Michael take turns with her.

All in all, things were good at PCA, especially for the guys in Zoey's life.


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