Disclaimer: This is not merely fiction but fiction about people who don't
really exist so they can't possibly get offended and neither should you. If
you are, then you have problems you should seek professional help for. Now go

Note: All the girls are 14 as are Logan, Chase and Michael. The onlookers in
the shower scene range from 12 to 16.

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Zoey 101: So You Want To Make Some Money? Part 2
by Tricksterson

"Ha! You're mine now! All mine!"

"Why don't you just rub your hands, cackle and go 'Muhahahaha!'" said Zoey.

"That would be a little over the top, don't you think?," asked the gloating
Logan, her schoolmate and frienemy. He was also PCH's resident rich boy who
had just purchased the services of Zoey and her friends Lola and Nicole in a
People Auction held to raise money to rebuild Sushi Rox, the kid's favorite
restaurant which had recently burned down. The climax of the event had come
when Logan had used four thousand dollars of his father's money to buy the
trio and make up the needed sum.

Even though no one talked about it openly everyone knew exactly what kind of
services he was purchasing because Zoey, Nicole and Lola were well known as
the biggest whores on campus.

Literally. It had started when Zoey, Nicole and their then roommate Dana had
needed money to bring a big popstar to PCH for Spring Fling and had gotten
it, and a tidy tip, by fucking a rich alumnus.

It was then that the three girls had realized that the key to both success
and happiness was the ability to make money doing what you enjoyed. Since all
of them enjoyed fucking, why not make a business of it?

The first step had been to guarantee both academic success and free time by
trading sex for grades. Currently the only class they had to attend was
American History whose teacher was a gay man. The rest of the time they spent
getting both fucked and rich off of wealthy alumni and their friends, male
and female both, who were funneled to them by the principal whose cut was
sometimes taken in the form of cash, sometimes in the form of sex. Sometimes
they worked solo, sometimes in a pair, sometimes all three. Lola and Zoey had
even fucked Logan's rock-star father.

But not Logan.

In fact not Chase, Michael or any of the rest of PCH's student body. It was
one thing to be a whore with people you only saw in the context of a "date",
another to do it with people you met and interacted with on a daily basis.
Teachers of course didn't count since, like students throughout history, the
girls didn't quite consider them as human.

So when the three tartlets supreme had offered themselves for a weekend to
whoever could pony up the dough bidding had been furious until Logan's bid
had trumped all others. None of them were looking forward to being sexual
thralls to their least favorite classmate.

"So...what do you want us to do?," Zoey asked, wrinkling her pert little

"Put on the costumes I had sent to your room then come wake me, Chase and
Mike up at Seven O'Clock sharp in the morning."

"Wake you up how?"

Logan smirked. "Use your imaginations."

* * *

"Cheerleaders? How much more cliche can you get?," asked Lola as the three
girls walked down the dorm halls.

"Hey, at least we all look hot," said Nicole, the perpetually annoying voice
of cheery optimism. "Especially me."

When they reached the boys room the door was ajar and all three boys
apparently asleep.

"So how do we want to wake them up?," Lola whispered.

"Oh, I have an idea," said Nicole perkily, then went to the bottom of Logan's
bed, pulled up the bed covers and burrowed underneath. Soon Logan who, unlike
his roommates whom he hadn't told about this, had been faking sleep after all
gave up all pretense, opened his eyes wide, sat bolt upright and threw off
the covers to reveal his shorts pulled down and Nicole's head bobbing
enthusiastically up and down his cock.

"Okay, so which of us does who?," Zoey asked her other friend. A quick game
of rock-paper-scissors soon had the blond girl climbing up to Michael's bunk
while Lola approached Chase's lower bunk. In truth Zoey was glad the game had
come out the way it did. She had genuine feelings for Chase and thought he
reciprocated. If they ever got together she wanted it to be to make love, not
just fuck.

Besides, she had never had a black man before and was curious. That it was a
friend only made it better.

The weight and noise of Zoey's climb up quickly woke Michael up.

"I thought you belonged to Logan?"

Consider me on loan," she replied with a smile. As she finished climbing up
he was happy to note that she wasn't wearing any undies. This was made even
more evident as she straddled his legs and peeled off her top to reveal a
pair of small, round breasts topped by erect, pink nipples.

* * *

Meanwhile below Chase, who had only started to stir felt soft lips on his and
an equally soft but insistent tongue pushing between them.

"Mmmm, Zoey," he murmured, still mostly asleep.

"Not quite," came the tart reply from Lola, who wasn't quite as annoyed as
she sounded since she had pretty much expected that reaction. The only people
in PCH who seemed unaware that Chase and Zoey had a crush on each other were
Zoey and Chase.

"Oh! Oh I'm soo sorr..."His apology was broken off by two fingers placed
across his lips.

"If you really want to make it up to me, you'll fuck me until I scream."

"Where's Zoey?"

Lola looked up at the bottom of his friends bed where creaking noises and an
occasional grunt from Mike as Zoey went down on him sent a pretty clear
message as to what was going on.

"Right," said Chase, his face a mask of anger, even though he really had
nothing to feel betrayed about. "Let's do this then." Lola's answer was to
push his covers aside and put her hand inside his boxers as she climbed into
the bed with him.

* * *

"So, do you want to cum in my mouth or my pussy?," Nicole asked, removing her
mouth from Logan's five-incher for a moment, but substituting her hand and
stroking while she talked since he seemed to be having trouble keeping it up.

"Your ass," he replied with a sneer. "And there's nothing you can do about it
because you're bought and paid for."

Nicole frowned a little then shrugged. A lot of people suspected that Logan
was a secret back door boy and this kind of confirmed it but it didn't make
much of a difference to her. Oral, anal or straight, as long as she had a
cock in her she was happy. She crawled backwards on the bed until she was
only halfway on it, her legs being on the dorm room floor in a kneeling
position. Logan got off the bed, went behind her, spread her ass cheeks and
pushed in without benefit of lubricant which made her wince in pain, though
not as much as she would have if he wasn't a needle-dick.

Still it caused her to have one of her rare bursts of temper, driving her to
ask, "Well? I'm waiting. Are you going to put it in or what?" This of course
only enraged Logan, causing him to grab her hips and proceed to ram his
member into her brutally. Which she actually started to groove on, giving
little whimpers and moans to encourage him.

* * *

On the top bunk Zoey was discovering that at least one story about black men
was true as she pulled down Michael's boxer-briefs to reveal a dick that was
eight inches and still growing.

She leaned down and gave it a long, slow lick from root to tip before
swirling her tongue around the head then placed the glands in her mouth and
gave it a suck while her fist stroked it up and down. She felt her partners
hands on the top of her head pushing her mouth down and cooperated, slowly
deep throating his entire length while one of her hands fondled his sack and
he sat up to stroke and tweak her nipples.

When she pulled her mouth off he looked disappointed but it didn't last as
she moved forward and up to straddle and then lower herself slowly onto his

"Unnnh," she groaned as she started to rock back and forth on Mike's big
black cock.

* * *

Below, Chase heard the groan and something in his head and heart gave a twist
and snapped. He and Lola had shifted positions while still soul kissing and
he had two fingers in her pussy. Suddenly his play became much rougher as he
bit down on his partners tongue and gave her clit a vicious pinch. While she
winced this also turned the young Latina on.

"You want rough baby? We can do rough. Hurt me. Hurt me and make me want it"

His immediate response was to slap her hard in the face. "Shut up whore."

"That's right," she whined, really starting to get into the role. "Treat me
like the whore I am. Fuck me like the whore I am!"

He obliged her, pushing her legs wide then shoving his cock in hard.

"Mmmmmyeeeahhhh! That hurts so good!," she moaned as she licked blood off her
lips as he wrenched her head back by the hair.

* * *

The sounds from across the room, especially those from Chase and Lola had
made Logan come and now he and Nicole watched the other two pairs, his hands
fondling her tits while she rubbed herself to the climax he had failed to

On the top bunk Michael's hands roamed over Zoey's tits as she threw her head
back, eyes rolled up into her head and came. Below Chase pounded into Lola
with a mixture of anger and lust and her arms and legs clutched at him. Soon
she too was coming.

* * *

"Okay, now that that's done with, get down here," Logan ordered his "pep
squad" once they had all recovered and Chase and Michael had gone off to
class. Once Lola and Zoey had climbed out of the bunks of the other boys, he
assembled then in a line and made them assume military attention stances.

"I'm going to take a shower and I need someone to scrub my back and suck my
dick while I do. Who should it be? Eenie meenie minie...." Once the game was
done Zoey turned out to be the loser. She made a face and rolled her eyes but
a deal was a deal.

Since getting dressed would be pointless, they each wrapped a towel around
their body and walked through the corridors that way. As soon as they got to
the boys showers Logan dropped his and ordered Zoey to do the same.

"But...there are other boys here!"

"So? Why shouldn't they enjoy the show? In fact, maybe I should have you put
a show on for them. Strip. Now."

There were only three other guys in the room at the time but all of them
started chanting, "Strip! Strip! Strip!" This was another reason Zoey and the
girls had avoided fucking their classmates. Boys were such...boys! Older men,
and the occasional woman, were much more mature and considerate, especially
the women.

When he saw her hesitating Logan said, "Do you want Sushi Rox to reopen or
not?" She sighed and let the towel drop then turned around to give them a
full view.

"Now come into the showers and suck me off while they watch."

Reluctantly Zoey followed Mister Rich Brat into the boys showers and knelt
down while he turned the water on and let it spray over her naked body. She
opened her mouth and when he presented his dick to her licked it up and down,
then licked his mostly hairless ballsack before returning to take his cock in
her mouth. Looking out of the corner of her eye she saw the other guys
watching them, cocks in hand stroking away. Part of her felt humiliated but
part of her was excited and proud that she could get all these boys so horny.
Slowly, even though it wasn't that big, she slid her mouth down to the root
of Logan's member, twisting her tongue around it like a snake as she did so
then unwrapping it as she pulled back.

"That was pretty good," he said. "Now lean against the wall while I fuck
you." She obeyed, spreading her legs as she did so.

"Are you in yet?," she asked as he entered her, then went ouch as he pulled
her head back by the hair.

"Why does everyone say that?!?," he shouted. She didn't answer since the
truth might get her hurt worse and because she didn't want to lie. But she
could feel him pushing hard inside her and while she wasn't likely to come
from this, not after having experienced Mike's huge dick, it was a job so she
moaned and groaned as if she were while one hand came off the wall and went
between her legs, to rub her clit.

The first spurt of cum came, not from the boy inside her but from one of
those watching, splattering her leg and hips. Soon she was covered in cum
from the onlookers and so was Logan. She suspected that that was what enabled
him to finally ejaculate but again, kept her mouth shut. In a strange way the
warm, slimy feel of sperm all over her smooth skin made her hot and horny.
She started rubbing faster and when she came she felt as if she'd been
fucking the entire room. She made a mental not of the boys face and resolved
to do something nice for them later.

She sighed inwardly as Logan came inside her. Only two more days of this


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