Zoey 101: She Picked The Wrong Costume (mmmmf,f-mast,oral,anal,ncon)
by NuggettDane ([email protected])

As Zoey looked through the costumes at the costume shop she was having a vary
hard time choosing which one to pick. They all were so cute and all, but she
wanted something that would make her really stand out. She went through the
selection again and again. That's when the lady who owned the shop helped

"Can't make a choice huh?"

"No, they all are good."

"Well I think I got the just the right one for you."

After she said that she pulled from a closet the cutest little tinkerbell
bell costume. Zoey's eyes lit up, she had found the perfect costume.

"That's it!!!"

The lady smiled knowing she had made a happy customer. "Well just fill out
this rental form and you can take it with you."

Zoey took care of the paperwork and soon was leaving the store with the
costume of Tinkerbell under her arm.

About 20 minutes later she walked into her dorm room and laid the box on the
bed. Her roommate Quinn asked her what was in the box.

"Just the cutest costume you've ever seen in your life."

Jumping off the bed very excitedly she said "Oh, let me see it."

Zoey took the costume out by the shoulders and presented it to her friend.

"That is nice," Quinn told her.

Then Zoey put it back in the box. "You think Logan will like it?"

Knowing her friend had a massive crush on Logan, she knew she would ask that.
But she also knew the answer. "I know he will, I mean how could he not?"

Smiling Zoey told her friend she was gonna take a shower. She slid the
costume under her bed and went into their bathroom to take her shower. She
walked into the room and got undressed. She stepped into the shower stall and
turned on the water.

She soon was lathering up her teen body with the soap. She washed her young
body and soon knew she was clean as whistle. After awhile thoughts on her
head moved to the dance and the guy she had the hots for, one Logan. She
really wanted him to like her and was going to do whatever it took to get
him. With him on her mind she found her hand sliding down to her moist young

A few seconds later she was sliding her finger into her cunt and playing with
herself. With the images of Logan dancing in her head it wasn't long before
she realized she was moaning and cumming all over her hand. She giggled as
she pulled her hand await from her young pussy. She looked down at her cum
drenched hand and for a brief second thought about licking it clean. Deciding
against doing that she just washed her hand off under the water.

Once she was done she got out of the shower and preceded to put on a pair if
tight blue jean shorts and an equally tight T-shirt. She knew that while she
might posses the face of an innocent angel, down deep was a fire of
adolescent heat. Yes she might be a virgin now, but there was part of her
that was aching to have it plucked away. She knew she should wait till she
was older, but she also knew she was turning into a hot little temptress that
guys were falling over. She didn't know how long she was going to be able to
hold out. One thing she did know without a doubt Logan was going to be the
lucky guy who got her cherry.

The dance wasn't for another three days but she couldn't wait to tell Logan
about the costume. As she did he was practically drooling at the thought of
seeing her in it. He was very much taken with the tiny cute blonde. He was a
year older then her 13 and he too was constantly thinking about sex. He on
the other hand wasn't a virgin. A year earlier he had been with a girl who
was two years older then him who had broke him in, he loved his first time.
While she may have never came out and said so Logan had a feeling that Zoey
was still a virgin. He was hoping that she would let him be the first guy to
his way with her. He would have blown a load right there if he knew that was
the very same thought running through her young mind.

Soon the night was here. She put on the small white dress. She loved the
frilly lace around the bottom of it. With the low hung shoulder straps on it
the dress reveled the perfect amount of cleavage. She just knew Logan would
be eating out of her hand. Then she slipped her dainty feet into the small
slippers that came with the costume. She originally thought to wear stockings
but decided against it because she wanted to show off her tan, plus she knew
it would make Logan even hotter to see her bare thighs.

Soon she and Quinn were heading out for the dance. Her friend had chosen a
cute little mermaid costume. They both looked so adorable. Before the dance
the two walked up the corner drugstore to get something to drink. When they
got ready to leave some older boys walked in. There were four in all and
everyone of them quickly began to eyeball the two young girls. This made
both of them rather uncomfortable.

"Come on Quinn lets go."

Noticing the disgusting looks that the boys were giving them bothered Quinn
too so she quickly followed suite and left the store with Zoey.

Soon the two were out of the parking lot and walking down the street heading
towards the dance. A few short minutes later they both spun the heads around
as they heard shouts coming from behind. They turned and saw the guys from
the store driving up behind them in a beat up old car.


"No thanks you we're fine walking" replied Quinn.

"Oh come on, hop in we'll have some fun."

"No were not interested." said the petite brunette again.

"You little ladies don't know what your missing" said one of the teen guys.

Finally Zoey had enough. Whirling around to face the guys she screamed at
them saying "Will you please leave us alone? We don't want to have anything
to do with scumbags like you and if you don't go away were going to call the

Saying that got the point across to the guys as they slowed down their car.
Seething with anger the driver pulled away from the two girls. Both Zoey and
Quinn walked a quickened pace to the dance. A little while later they were
inside and having the time of their lives, the memory of the repulsive boys
miles from their minds. But while they may not have been thinking about the
guys the two hot young girls were not only on the guys minds but their lips
as well.

"Man can you believe those smart ass little bitches?" Said Scott, the
recognized leader of the group.

"No shit" replied Doug. "they need to be taught a lesson."

"So what are we going to do? Asked Mike.

"Any suggestions?" Scott shot back.

"Well we defently need to stay by the dance and see if we can catch those two
girls coming out." said Barry, the other member of the group.

Meanwhile back at the party Zoey and her friends were having a great time,
without a care in the world. They were all having fun, but Zoey was really
enjoying being with Logan. She was dancing a lot of dances with him and
whenever they danced a slow dance she made sure to dance close and, just to
get him hot she would rub her crotch against his, after awhile she could tell
he was getting hard because after each dance he would have to adjust himself.
"Maybe not tonight Logan, but soon you and I will be fucking" she thought to

The hours passed and much sooner then anyone there would have liked for it
to happen the dance was over. Eventually everyone made their way outside the
gymnasium where the dance had taken place. They all were going to walk down
to the near by pizza hut to get something to eat, but Zoey decided to go by
the dorm first and grab a sweeter as it was getting a bit chilly. Logan
wanted to walk with her but she knew if the head mistress of her dorm saw him
then there was a chance she wouldn't let Zoey leave. So she told him to go
with the others and she would meet them there. He agreed and off she went.

As she was walking back to the dorm she never realized that four sets of eyes
were watching her every movement.

"Well look there boys, its little miss smart mouth."

"What are we going to do Scott?"

"We can't grab her now" he said, "she's too close to the school."

"Think she is coming back out?"

"Maybe", he replied, but with a hint of doubt in his voice.

A few minutes later they all saw the sweet little lass come strolling out of
the building again. She didn't have a clue she was being watched. In fact
the only thing on her mined at that moment was a certain boy by the name of
Logan. Zoey began to wonder if she was in fact falling in love with him, she
knew for sure that she liked him a great deal. Maybe if she wasn't thinking
so hard about him then she would have been paying more attention and would
have noticed the big Buick that was slowly gliding up behind her.
Unfortunately for her she didn't realize it was there until the moment she
heard it slam on the brakes and suddenly before she had time to react she
felt someone grab hear and spin her around and give her a fierce punch in
the stomach.

The only thing that kept Zoey from crumbling to the ground was that the guy
that hit her grabbed her and pulled her towards the car. He quickly drug her
into the backseat and he and the other guy back there pushed her onto the
floor. One of them leaned down and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists.
Both of them then put their feet on her and one of them told her to lay still
or she was really going to get hurt. All told it took all of about 10 seconds
for them to grab her and have her in their car. As they pulled away Zoey
could only imagine what they had in store for her.

It took a few moments for everything that had just happened to sink in and
for her to recognize the voices of the guys who had grabbed her, "Oh my god!
That's the guys from earlier tonight." She began to wonder what they wanted
with her and none of the thoughts going through her mind were good.

It only took the four teens about 20 minutes to get to where they intended to
do their dirty deed to young Zoey. "Ok get the little bitch inside" she heard
one of them up front say. The one closest to her feet reached over and
grabbing a handful of her hair pulled her up. Then he took a handful of the
back of her sweater and pulled her out of the car.

"Get the cunt inside!" She looked up at the guy who said that and was now
more terrified then ever. The two guys who had been in the back seat with her
each grabbed an arm and started dragging her towards an old barn. In no time
she had been brought into the large structure. Once inside the guy on her
right side stepped behind her and took a hold of both her arms. She now faced
the one who had said to bring her in the barn. She assumed he was the leader.

"So you stuck up little bitch you were and your friend were too good to take
a ride with me and my pals huh?, well its unfortunate that we don't have both
of you, but that just means your sweet ass is going to have to take care of
all of us."

Zoey shook her head no and began to cry. Slowly she got out "What are you
going to do to me?"

"Anything we want bitch" the guy in front of her spat out.

"Please let me go, I wont tell anybody, I swear."

"Sorry toots ain't happening, nope your not going anywhere till me and my
boys have our fill and our fun."

Suddenly the much bigger boy stepped forward and put his hand under her
tingerbell outfit and, much to her disgust, began groping her crotch. She
was horrified.

"Hey Mike hold her up."

"Ok Scott."

Once he had her pulled up Scott took a hold of the shoulders of her cute of
the cute pink sweater she was wearing and with a quick jerk tore it off her
shoulders. Then she felt the rest of it tear as one of the guys behind her
jerked the remainder of it off.

"Oh what a cute costume, look boys its Tinkerbell!"

They all laughed, and then the one called Scott told her "Well Tinker tonight
I'm playing Captain Hook, and before I'm done I'm gonna tear your pussy wide
fucking open."

Even though deep down she knew that could be one of the was the reasons they
had grabbed her she couldn't help but begin to cry anyway.

"Please don't, I'm still a virgin."

That statement did nothing but put a big smile on Scott's face. "Even better,
not only am I going to get some pussy but a chance to bust a cherry as well."

Now Zoey was really crying hard, no way could she lose her innocence this

"Hey guys I think its time to get Tinker naked. Abruptly he grabbed the front
of the dress and with one sharp tug he ripped the front wide open exposing
her small breasts incase in the matching white bra. Then Scott took a hold of
the rest of the torn outfit and jerked it down her legs. It was now at the
bottom of her feet.

"Lift her up!"

She felt one guy grab each of her arms and pull her into the air. Once
suspended in flight Scott squatted down and removed the rest of the costume.
Then he pulled her tiny shoes off as well. Once he was done he stood up and
the guys holding her arms let go of her and her bare feet hit the ground.
Now the only thing that kept her from being totally exposed to these animals
was a frilly bra and panties.

But Scott was determined that wasn't going to last long. He took the bra in
both hands and with one motion tore it from her young body. When he did she
let out a scream that shocked all of them.

"Come on baby calm down, you had better save some of that energy for later so
you can enjoy the fucking were gonna give you."

Scott then took her head in his hands and began to sloppily kiss her. Now she
was more sickened then ever before. A few seconds later she felt his tongue
sliding down her throat. He let go of her head and grabbed two handfuls of
her girlish tits. At first he just squeezed them and then he began tweaking
her tiny nipples. She started crying even harder at the abuse that was taken
place on her tiny body. Suddenly, much to her surprise Scott let go of her.
Then he looked up at his friends and said "Time to see everything."

Then he placed his fingers in the lining of her panties and with one quick
tug he had pulled them down her legs and off her petite teen body. In doing
so he had uncovered her untouched pussy to the world. Zoey was horrified.
"Now I'm going to find out if Tinkerbell was telling the truth about being a
virgin. He pushed his index finger into her young cunt, which cause Zoey to
whimper. Feeling around he soon found what he was looking for and much to
his delight he realized that she wasn't lying when she said she was still a
virgin. To Scott this revelation couldn't have been more sweet. Not only was
he going to take a virgin apart this night but he was also getting the chance
to fuck a stuck up little cunt and take her down a few notches.

"Hey guys get the whore over there."

Quickly Zoey was drug over to a pile of hay that was laying in a corner. Once
over to the place where Scott wanted her the other guys turned her around.
Scott walked up to her and looked down into her face. He told her "You know
if you and your friend had just taken a ride with us then none of this would
be happening now. But no, you were too good to have anything to do with us,
and then to top it off you have the nerve to call us scumbags too, you stuck
up little cunt, well I think we're gonna have to teach you some manners."

After he said that he place his hands on the tiny blonde's shoulder and with
one small push she was sent down to the hay laying below her. The moment she
hit the ground she burst into tears, not because the fall hurt, but because
she knew the trouble she was in for. She knew she was fixing to lose her
virginity as well as, in all likelihood, be the victim of a gang rape.

As she laid on the ground Scott got on his knees above her, straddling her
waist. He was enjoying the fact that he could do anything he wanted too the
delicate play toy below him. He began playing with her young breasts again
laughing at her as she cried for him to stop. Soon he raised up and started
pulling her thighs apart. She tried her best to keep it from happening but,
since he was far stronger then she was, it was no contest. Soon he was
between her legs.

Suddenly he did something she wasn't expecting. He lowered his face down
between her legs and began to eat her young cunt out. No he wasn't doing it
to pleasure her but rather to get her wet for the fucking that was to come.
With her being a virgin he knew she was going to be tight as hell and he
wanted to make it easy on his cock to get it in her. At first he was getting
into the way she squirmed about like a fish out of water, but after awhile
it became annoying.

Lifting his head he said to his friends "Hey guys help me hold this bitch

Quickly his friends came to his aid as Barry got on his knees in front of her
and held her arms down with his meaty paws. Then Mike and Doug grabbed her
ankles and held them out so Scott would have better access to her teen
snatch. He pulled her pink lips apart and began jabbing his tongue in her
cunt again and again. Soon he started running the wet appendage in her moist
box. After some time doing this he heard the girl begin to moan, it was
clearly getting her off. Knowing it wouldn't be long before he had her
cumming he thought it was time to stop eating her. After all he was only
doing it to get her wet enough to fuck, he wasn't interested in getting her

So he stopped the pussy licking and raised up. She watched in horror as he
unsnapped his pants and pulled out his cock. Having never seen a cock up
close before the sight of it scared her more then anything ever had in her
life She looked at the bulbous head and she sure it would tear her apart.
Almost as if her could read her mind he knew how it petrified her and he
loved the thought.

"Ready to become a woman?"

All Zoey could do was cry and beg for mercy, but mercy wasn't something he
intended to show the girl. "Ok guys hold her tight and get ready to hear some

He placed his meat between the young lips of her cunt and shoved the head in.
Even though the act hadn't started yet Zoey was weeping uncontrollably.

Suddenly and with out warning Scott lunched forward and slammed his cock deep
in her.


"How do you like it baby cakes?"


"Sorry sweetie but I ain't about to stop!"

Over and over he would pull his cock out till the head remained in lonely to
drill it in her as hard as possible. Each time he did that her head would
flip around as she screamed. Scott was loving the feel of her tight young
cunt. He was also loving the display of the way she bounced her head around
from the pain he was causing her. He wanted to make sure he first time would
be something she would never forget.

So tell me dumpling you enjoying your first fuck?"

All Zoey could do was shake her head and sob. The rape that seemed to go on
for hours was in reality only a few minutes in length. But the pain was
eructing while it lasted. Zoey found herself wishing she could just pass out
from the pain, but it wasn't to be, as Scott drilled his cock in her with all
he had. Soon however he felt a stir in his balls and knew he was going to be
filling her young snatch with his seed. Sure enough just a few seconds later
his head fell back and he let loose with a primal shriek of his own and he
exploded with cum oozing into her young scoter box.

She knew what was causing the wetness that was shooting into her. He was
cumming in her and all she could do was pray she wouldn't get pregnant by
this creature. He stayed in her love tunnel till he was done blowing his
wad and every drop had oozed out. Finally he was done and he slid out his
cock and got off of her. He looked around to his friends and said "Boys
your in for a real treat." With that he stood up and asked who wanted to
ride the cupie doll next. Doug was the first to holler out next so he would
get the next chance to pound her pussy.

Scott took his place and held her leg so Doug could fuck Zoey next. He pulled
put his rock hard meat and got down in between her legs. All poor Zoey could
do was sob and beg him not to do it. Her words fell on deaf ears.

"Bitch you can plead all you want, but nothings keeping me out of that pussy

Those words no sooner left his lips before he was on top of her and slamming
his beef stick in her. Like Scott before him there was no way he was going to
show the diminutive girl compassion. All she was for him, and for all of
them, for that matter was just a piece of tail for them to shove their penis
in and get off in. He just laid on top of her slobbering and groaning as he
fucked her as hard as he could. Soon just the mere thought of doing such a
sizzling girl as this one pushed Doug over the edge and he was adding his cum
in her cunt.

"Fuck that was awesome!" he said as he rose to his feet.

"So who wants the next round?" asked Scott.

Barry left go of her arms and told everybody he was next. He passed Doug
who moved above her to hold her arms. He got on his knees and it was once
he looked down at her the he realized holding her down would be necessary
because they had broken her, she was theirs.

The next to ride the pussy train, Barry, got in between her tender thighs and
shoved his rock hard cock in her pussy and began to brutally pound away in
her. She by know was just laying there sniffling and hoping that they would
soon be done with her. She had resigned herself to the fact that they were
all going to fuck her and there was nothing she could do about it. As he
banged her silly Barry thought it would be fun to taunt her a little as well.

"Whats a matter baby cakes why are we boohooing?"

All they other guys thought that was finny as hell as they roared with
laughter. Zoey for her part could do nothing but bawl.

The latest guy to rape her was taking his time, viciously fucking her with
long slow strokes as her repeatedly pumpled her pussy. After screwing her
very slowly for several minutes he began jack hammering himself in her and
then he added a new twist. He told the guys to let go of her legs and when
they did he slid his arms under her thighs and pushed them against her chest
and started penetrating her cunt even deeper then before. Where earlier she
just laid beneath him and whimpered now she was openly wailing. Barry knew
he was getting ready to blow so he picked up speed. Finally he thrust forward
and Zoey felt even more cum being added into her. Barry, like Scott and Doug
stayed inside her until every drop had dripped out and into her.

Finally it was Mike's turn to rape the girl. He switched places with Barry
and got on his knees between her legs. Zoey was to weak to even beg for mercy
by now so she just shook her head. Not that Mike paid any attention. He
placed her legs on his shoulders and slid his meat in. She was so wet from
all the cum in her snatch that he slid in very easy. He wasted no time in
getting down to action. He was so turned on by the sight of his buddies
tearing up her cunt that he went to work humping her as hard as he could. He
never laid down on top of her, preferring to stay on his knees and keep her
legs draped over his shoulders.

At one point the took hold of her ankles and pulled her legs farther apart
and while fucking her began to run his tongue up and down the sloes of her
feet. His friends didn't know it but Mike had something of a foot fetish and
he loved the sight of Zoey's tiny feet and just had to taste them. Over and
over he licked them. As he was doing that he was also furiously pumping away
at her cunt. After fucking her for about 10 minutes Mike felt a hot stirring
in his balls and he knew it was time to let the cum rip. He began drilling
into her faster and faster and soon added his spunk to the collection in her

By now since each guy has taken a crack at her young pussy they decided it
was time to take a break. They all got up walked outside the barn. They knew
they only way out would be going by them so they weren't worried about Zoey
trying to escape. They stood around and chatted about the conquest they had
just made and how they "Taught that stuck up cunt a lesson."

Zoey meanwhile was curled up in a little ball trying to take in everything
that had transpired over the last few hours. She couldn't yet comp rend that
she had lost her virginity in such a brutal way. Oh how she wanted to lose it
to Logan. She was hoping they were done with her and that they would now take
her back or at the very least just leave her there.

But leaving her alone was not meant to be. After taking a 20 minute break she
heard the four come back in the room. "God please let this be over." Soon she
heard them speak and knew that weren't done with her yet.

"Hey, who's up for some more fucking?"

"Sounds like a winner to me."

They gathered around her and then she heard the one called Scott tell his
buddies to roll her over, that he wanted her face down. They goy her in the
position he wanted her in and then he told them to get her on her knees. Then
she felt the handcuffs being unlocked and taken off her. Two of guys pulled
her up by her arms and soon she was looking up into the face of the guy who
had taken her innocence.

"What's the matter baby, not having a good time?"

Zoey couldn't force any words out, all she could do was sniffle and wait for
whatever cruelty they obliviously had in store for her.

"Now I'm sure you enjoyed your first round of fucking, but trust me your
gonna love the second round ever better."

After Scott made those remarks he calmly walked behind her. Zoey tried
looking over her shoulder to see what he was doing but could only turn her
head slightly. She felt his hands on her waist as her gripped her hard and
pulled her towards him. He forced her knees apart and got in behind her ass.
Soon she felt him once again forcing his cock into her already sore snatch.
He reared back and with all the strength in his legs he drove forward and in
the process drove the entire length of his manhood into her. Over and over
he fucked her that way. He knew from this angle he was capable of going even
deeper them last time, that added to the fact that he was hurting her even
more was really getting him off. Every time he would shove his cock in he
kept hitting against her cervix causing her to yelp out in pain. He was
nailing her with long slow strokes, just enjoying the feeling of her young

All the while he was doing this Zoey was screaming for him to stop, begging
him to show her mercy. He almost laughed. After they have already fucked her
raw did she actually think they were going to quit now? Nope they still had
plenty of juice in them and were going to rape her all night long. Even
though Scott loved being in her cunt there was something else he wanted more,
but before taking that he thought it would be a blast to fuck with her mind
a little. So he began asking her some questions.

"So tell me honey do you want me to stop?"

"Oh yes please!!!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure, please stop, I cant take anymore!!!"

"Well if you insist."

After saying that he slid his entire cock out of her. She sighed thinking he
was done with her. Then Scott looked up at his friends and winked. Suddenly
he placed the head of his penis at the small opening of her cute butt and she
felt him pushing inside her ass.


Scott laughed at her as he forced his meat deeper into her shit chute. She
was completely dry and he knew he had to be hurting her bad, not that he
cared, but he was going in all the way no matter what. As he kept driving
it in he found if felt like the skin was ripping off of his cock because
she was so tight. "If this is hurting me it has to be killing her" he
thought. He loved that thought. Soon his whole rod was up her butt. "Now
to remove it" he thought. Just as slow as it went in he started pulling it
out. Inch after inch slid out of her rectum until nothing but the head of
his meat was still in her. She knew in her heart he wasn't going to stop.

With one vicious motion he drove himself, all the way up to his balls into
her rump again. The thrust drove all the air out of her lungs. Like when he
took her cunt virginity he was going to show her asshole who was the boss
as he fucked her rear with everything he could muster. His friends held her
arms tightly so she could never slump over an take get any relief. Being as
sadistic as Scott was they too wanted to see her suffer. Scott pumped her
ass for about 15 minutes when he felt himself getting ready to blow. He
shoved his hips forward one more time and felt a gusher of sperm rip from
his penis as he shot into her butt hole. He dropped his head back almost
looked like he was going to start howling. After making sure he drained
himself fully into her he slid himself out of her.

He pulled loose from her rectum and slowly made his way to his feet.
Grinning, from ear to ear, he told his friends "You've have got give her
ass a try."

Almost immediately the room filled with a chorus of "Oh yeah!"

Before Zoey knew it another boy was behind her and she was receiving another
anal intrusion. This time it was Barry who was intending in taking her for a
ride up the old dirt road. He too was none to gentle in getting his cock up
her ass. He pushed her face into the hay beneath her and began driving his
cock in her butt. He was determined he was going to shove it in as hard and
quick as he could. It didn't take long before he has his whole manhood buried
in her hinny.

She kept trying to raise up and shake him loose, to no avail. In no time he
was rocking back and forth and drilling her rump in half. If anything he was
rougher then Scott was. As he began fucking her harder she began screaming
for him to stop. Where Scott loved the sound of her anguish it annoyed Barry.
He wanted her quiet so he could concentrate on his "work". He looked at his
friends and said "Hey can someone just shut this bitch up?"

Mike dropped to his knees in front of her to take care of that. He took a
hold of two handfuls of her long hair and violently jerked her head back.
When she let loose with a yell he rapidly shoved his entire cock down her
throat. He was not interested in a blowjob though, he wanted to give her a
pure face fuck. As Barry was busy hammering her bowls loose, Mike was in
her mouth poking her tonsils. She was getting it from both ends and was in
agonizing pain from both. She kept thinking "How long will this last."

After what seemed like hours Barry let loose with a volley of sperm as it
shot deep into anal canal. About a minute or two later she tasted something
she had never tasted before in her life when suddenly Mike began to ejaculate
in her mouth. Since she was not prepared for it most of the load went down
her throat and she swallowed it before she knew what had happened. To say the
taste sickened her would have been an understatement. They viscously drilled
their cocks in her again and again. They made sure she felt as much agony as
possible. After several minutes they both had spilled everything from their
penis's as they could and slowly removed their manhood from both ends. She
slowly fell onto her face and laid there panting.

Now only Doug was left to take a turn. He walked up to Zoey and reached down
and took two handfuls of her golden hair. He jerked her up to her knees and
looked down into her face and told her "My turn baby cakes." Then he grabbed
the side of her head and jerked it back. He placed his hand under her chin
and pulled her face up so he could look in her eyes. Then he told her what he

"Bitch I want you to wrap those pretty lips around my cock and give me a

Knowing she had no alternative Zoey opened her mouth and let him slid his
meat past her lips. "Now suck, whore!"

She began sliding her lips up and down the shaft of the penis in her mouth.
Since she had no knowledge of how to suck a cock she was doing a rather poor
job. After only a few minutes she felt him grab her head and tell her to

"Guys this cunt doesn't suck dick with a shit."

They all thought that was funny as they laughed.

"Guess I'm gonna have to do the work."

He let go of her and walked behind her and got down on his knees. He took a
hold of her shoulders and pushed her forward and told her to get on all
fours. She did as she was told, and then realized he was pulling her ass
cheeks apart. It was all to obvious where he was planning on sticking his
cock. The thought alone made Zoey shudder.

A few seconds later she felt the latest guy to start pushing himself into her
ass. Although she had already taken two brutal ass fucks it still hurt like
hell when he began to force it in.


Doug ignored her as he kept banging her butt. Scott however couldn't pass up
the opportunity to give her a mental fucking so he got down in front of her
and looking right into her face he said "uh uh you little stuck-up bitch, we
aint even close to being done, we gonna keep drilling you till we cant get
our cocks up anymore, dare I say your in for a long night."

Zoey started crying once more when he told her that. Plus the piece of meat
driving up her ass helped pull even more tears from her eyes. Like the two
guys who had done raped her shit chute Doug was trying to see how hard he
could hurt her. He also felt she was a snotty little bitch who was being put
in her place, and if it took his rock hard cock up her butt to do it then so
be it. He was determined to show her ass no mercy and he drilled her for all
he was worth. Soon he to added his spunk to the loads up her ass. Once done
he pulled his meat out and then leaned over her shoulder and looked into her
face and told her "Thanks for the ride bitch!"

Zoey looked up to see Scott approaching her. She knew he was going to fuck
her again, where was the only thing she found herself wondering about.

As he looked her in the eye he told her "Judging by the lousy blowjob you
gave Doug I think I need to teach you how to do it right."

Zoey now realized he was going to take her mouth. He thought she should do
the work so he stood in front of her and told her to unzip him. She reached
up and taking hold of his zipper she pulled it down. Then he instructed her
to pull his meat out of his pants. She placed her hands into the front of
his pants and soon had it out and ready to be worked on.

"Well come on bitch that cock ain't gonna suck itself."

Knowing full well she had no choice in the matter she slowly slipped the head
of his meat into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and began to try
and suck him off. Like before she had no idea of what she was doing so she
just worked her mouth over the head of the cock. For Scott it was truly a
funny experience. He was somewhat enjoying the fact that she didn't know what
to do, if only because it made the event last longer. After a few minutes he
thought it was time to step things up a notch.

"You know Doug you were right, this whore does give lousy head, guess I'm
gonna have to show her how to do it right."

Zoey looked up at him and wondered what he meant.

"Ok slut stop sucking it and just run you tongue up and down my cock."

Zoey wasn't to keen on the idea of using her tongue on the foul thing in her
jaws, but she also knew if she didn't things would get much worse. So she
began bathing his penis with her small tongue. Even though she wasn't
proficient at sucking cock she had no problem getting Scott into this. Over
and over she licked him and he was finding her mouth rather talented. But
soon he wanted more. He told her to wrap her mouth around his joystick once
more and suck on it like she would a straw. Soon Zoey was doing as she was
instructed. After several minutes of sucking on his cock he told her to deep
throat it. She didn't know what he meant so he quickly told her swallow the
whole thing. She didn't think it was possible to take his entire penis down
her gullet, but he told her "If you don't I'll do it for you."

Wanting to avoid another face fucking she closed her eyes and soon was
gulping his whole cock down her esophagus. She soon started gagging, which
was music to Scott's ear. While he was enjoying her discomfort he wanted her
to suck his meat off.

"Come on cunt suck it faster!"

She started pushing her lips up and down the shaft to try and please him.
After awhile she began to get the hang of it and soon wasn't doing to bad a
job at sucking dick. As she started going faster Scott felt the same tingle
in his balls he felt when he fucked her cunt and ass. He knew she would soon
be receiving a mouth full of sperm. The thought no sooner left his mind when
she felt a nasty taste in her mouth, she didn't need to be told he was
cumming, and in her mouth of all places! She started to pull his penis from
her oral cavity but when she did he griped her by her head and told her to
swallow or things would get worse for her. She didn't know what he meant by
that comment, but she had no doubt he was telling the truth so she started
gulping the shooting sperm in her mouth. The taste sickened her but she
managed to get it all down.

Once he was done spewing his load down her throat he slid out of her and
pushed her back down on her back. All she could do was lay there and try and
get her breath back. She could still taste the residue of the sperm Scott
blew in her mouth.

She looked up to see Mike standing above and she could easily sense he wasn't
there to check on her, but to bang her yet again. "Man was this ever going to
end" she thought to herself.

"Sweetie now It's my turn to take a test drive up the dirty highway."

Zoey didn't understand at first what he meant. But when he told her to roll
over and get on her hands and knees she quickly knew she was in store for yet
another butt fucking.

As she was rolling over she heard the one called Barry hollered out to the
latest guy getting ready to take her ass "Hey, tear her hot ass apart!"

She knew this guy didn't need any encouragement. After all everyone of them
had attacked her fuck holes with absolute brutal lust. She had no doubt he
was going to ball her with no concern but his own to getting off.

She got in the position he wanted and a few seconds later she felt a fourth
prick going up her tiny ass. This one didn't feel any better going in her
rear them the others did. If anything Mike was trying to fuck her harder and
more intensely then the others. It was as though he was trying to see if he
could hurt her more. If he was out to cause her pain he was succeeding, as
he drove the full length of his rod up her tightest of holes.

Having watched his buddies repeatedly cornhole the tiny hottie he was
determined to pork her ass till she couldn't sit down. Over and over he would
pull himself out of her rectum only to drive his meat in her with everything
his body could give. The whole time Zoey was crying and begging for him to
stop. As she came to grips with the knowledge that he wasn't going to quit
she started begging with something else.


Having her beg to be filled with his seed drove Mike over the edge and a
short time later she could sense more sperm was being added to the collection
in her ass as he let go with streams of cum. Even though she hated the fact
that she had begged him to blow a load in her she was relieved that the
latest but banging was coming to an end.

Mike stayed in her rear till every drop had oozed out of him and into her.
Once he had finished ejaculating in her he slid his meat out of her and stood
up. Zoey found herself wondering what they may do to her next.

For awhile they all just stood around talking. She began to think they were
finally done with her. Eventually Scott made his way up to her. Looking down
on her he began asking her questions.

"So tell me, you learned your lesson?"


He kicked her slightly in the leg and said "Huh, no, that would be yes sir,
try again."

"Yes sir," she repedeted, trying to please him.

"So you think the next time some guys offer you and your stuck up friend a
ride you'll be so nasty to them?"

"No, I swear I wont be."

"So you think we should let you go?"

Wanting desperately to be realized she said "Oh yes sir, I promice. I swear
I'll be a good girl from now on."

"Well I'm sorry buttercup but we cant let you go just yet, see we all haven't
had a chance at all your holes, and I just don't think it would be fair if
one of us got to say nail your ass and another one of us didn't, don't you

All Zoey could do was start to cry again. She really thought they were done,
but apparently had more abuse in store for her.

"But don't worry baby, by my calculations there are only two of us who have
yet to fuck a couple of holes. So what were gonna do is this, Barry here has
yet to get his cock sucked by you, where Doug didn't like the blowjob you
attempted at giving him earlier. So you take care of both my boys with your
mouth and we shall be done with you once and for all. Your choice.

Once again knew it was better to just give in and let these animals have what
they wanted. She rose up onto her knees and looked at the two guys waiting to
fuck her jaws. Barry stepped forward his cock in hand. She could tell just by
the look on his cruel face that he was loving the pain and humiliation that
he and his friends were causing her.

Suddenly Barry thought it would be fun to throw in a little degradation of
his own. Once he was in front of Zoey he told her "You know cunt, I'm not
sure if a nasty little bitch like you is good enough to suck my cock. So if
you really want the privilege of wrapping your lips around my meat then I
want to hear you beg for it."

Zoey didn't know what to think, but she knew there was only one way to get
this nightmare over once and for all. She had to please these guys no matter

"Please so may I suck you?"

"What bitch I cant hear you."

Louder this time Zoey said "Please sir may I suck you."

"And what would you like to suck?"

"Y-Y-Your cock sir."

`"Say it all at one time slut."

"Please sir may I suck your cock?"

"Ok whore get to it."

Zoey slid over closer to him and took hold of his penis. It looked so huge
in her small hand. She wrapped her pink lips around it and began sucking the
shaft into her warm mouth. She had an idea of what he might like having just
sucked off Scott cock a little while before. She tried her best to take the
whole thing in her mouth so she could suck him off and this would be over.

"Use your tongue toots."

Soon she began whipping the tongue in her mouth on the under shaft of Barry's
rod and after several minutes she felt him tremble and once again bodily
fluids were exploding into her chops. She knew he wouldn't want her pulling
off his cock so she obediently started swallowing his sperm. She gulped down
the entire load. As she was finishing the latest blowjob out of the corner of
her right eye she could see Doug standing there with his cock out anxiously
awaiting his crack at her giving him some oral pleasure.

Barry looked down at her and told her to suck down everything. She obediently
obeyed by slurping down his juice and even going as far as to lick him clean.
She was willing by that point to do whatever it took to get this over with.
Soon she had licked Barry clean. He pulled his cock from her oral cavity and
Doug stepped in front of her. She didn't need to be told what to do as she
took his cock in her tiny hand and put it in her mouth.

Over and over her head bobbed up and down on the meat. As she was sucking him
he told her to play with his balls. Soon she was massaging them in her palm.
She worked them over for a good while. Finally he wanted to go ahead a blow
his wad in the girls mouth so he decided to pick up the tempo. He griped the
sides of her head with his hands and began briskly shoving his cock all the
way down her throat. Soon he was giving her throat an all out fucking. He
started viciously drilling her mouth, lucky for Zoey the oral screwing
wouldn't last long as he soon was spewing his spunk down into her mouth. She
quickly swallowed the vile venom. To add insult to injury Doug slid his cock
out of her mouth and shot two huge wads all over her pretty face. Then he
instructed her to rub it all over her face. Hoping this would please him and
his sick friends she did as she was told.

"Well little girl I guess you learned your lesson" Scott said. "I think were
done with you."

"Aren't you afraid she might go to the cops?" asked Barry.

With that Scott walked over to the petite girl and griping a handful of her
hair he jerked her to her feet in one yank. Then he looked into her eye and
told her. "I'm telling you right now bitch, if one word gets out about what
happened tonight then trust me either me or some of my buddies will get your
cute ass again, and maybe your friend, and we will do more then rape you next
time, next time we'll cut your throat. Got it!!!?"

All Zoey could do was mutter out a small yes.

After she answered him he threw her back onto the hay. She looked up at him
terrified he might rape her again or even worse, take her life. Instead he
just laughed and said "See you around sweetie, thanks for the pussy!" Before
he left he walked over to where her panties laid in a heap and bending over
he quickly snatched them up. Looking to his friends he said "souvenir" and
he shoved them in his pocket.

With that he and his friends turned and walked out of the barn. They soon
had made their way back to the car and had gotten in to drive away. As they
started off Mike asked "So how is she gonna get home naked?"

"Who cares?" Barry said as they all laughed.

All Zoey could do was lay on the hay in utter agony. Soon she drifted off to
sleep. She awoke in the morning and slowly made her way to her feet. Looking
around she saw her clothes had been destroyed. She wrapped the rest of what
was left of her clothing and walked gently out of the barn. She made her way
to the road and was walking down it when a car pulled up beside her. In it
were two elderly people. They both got out to help her. Soon they had helped
her into the backseat and were taking her for a ride to the nearest hospital.
The only thing going through Zoey's mind at that moment was "What will I tell

Soon she drifted off to sleep again.


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