Zoey 101: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 33 (fff,voy,magic,mc)
by Hamster

Saturday morning at Pacific Coast Academy...

Bob is one of Venus's cupids, his duty was to spread lust.

It was a typical girls' dorm room in Pacific Coast academy. And Bob the
cupid, being the horny little voyeuristic pervert he was, was in the dorm and
invisible. He was just sitting around waiting to get the chance to watch the
girls get naked. Zoey was the first of the three girls to awaken and she
threw off her covers and yawned. Bob loved the way that the girl's ass looked
in the little shorts she'd been sleeping in. Bob looked over to the other
girls Lola was adorable and had cute pink streaks in her hair. Nicole was
also a tasty treat. Bob scratched his chin then notched a couple of his
lust-inducing arrows. He fired them at Zoey. The arrows sank into the girl's
ass and made her yelp.

Zoey rubbed her cute bottom then looked around to see what had struck her. As
she looked about she saw her roommate Lola laying on her bed. Cupid watched
as Zoey walked over to Lola and. Zoey couldn't believe she had never noticed
how cute her roommate was. She sat on the corner of Lola's bed and gently
pulled the covers off. She but her hands on her roommates leg and felt the
smooth skin of her thigh. Lola stirred a little but didn't awaken. Her hands
then went to Lola's smallish boobs which Zoey began to fondle. Lola now began
to awaken. Cupid quickly scratched Lola with an arrow lightly. He wanted the
girl to be sexually interested in Zoey but to be reluctant. Bob took out his
digital camcorder and began filming the action. Lola looked up and saw that
she was being fondled by her same-sex roommate and her eyes widened with

"Zoey! What are you doing." Lola demanded.

"Shhh you'll wake Nicole. You're just so cute, I can't help wanting to touch
you!" Zoey said.

"But we're both girls! Please stop." Lola said in a hushed voice.

Despite her protests Lola was feeling aroused.

"Please Lola, I want to touch you so bad." Zoey begged.

Lola was getting more and more excited as the arrows magic slowly did it's
work. Zoey was pretty. And She wanted it, what was the harm?

"OK. If you really want to." Lola said.

"Cool!" Zoey replied.

Zoey pulled off Lola's shirt. Lola was not wearing anything underneath
and her half-peach sized breasts were suddenly made available for Zoey's
pleasure. Zoey bent down and licked a nipple like a pacifier. She sucked
it and licked it then gave it a soft bite. Lola practically purred as
Zoey nibbled on her tit. She squeezed the other nipple between her fingers
while she sucked and chewed on the other one. Zoey removed her face from
her friend's breasts and brought it up tot Lola's face. She brushed her
tongue over Lola's lips and then their mouths opened and they began to kiss.
While their tongues danced, Zoey's hand went straight to Lola's crotch and
began to rub Lola's pussy through her shorts. Lola moaned softly. Zoey
stopped and sat up.

"No don't stop." Lola begged.

"Don't worry, I just want to do this right." Zoey assured her.

Zoey pulled off her t-shirt and then pulled her shorts off. She then turned
her attention to Lola and grabbed the waistband of the other girl's shorts
and pulled them off as well. At this point Nicole had begun to awaken. She
peeked down from her bunk bed and was shocked at what she saw.

"What is going on here...." She demanded just as cupid shot her with a
lust-arrow. "...and why didn't you invite me to join?"

Lola and Zoey looked at each other and giggled.

"We're sorry." Said Lola.

"Yeah," Said Zoey. "Please join in."

Nicole jumped off of the top bunk and began to undress. Once naked she joined
her friends on Lola's bunk. Zoey quickly kissed Nicole. Then Lola kissed
Nicole. Lola lay back and spread her legs apart. Zoey quickly got between
the girl's legs and began to lick her pussy. At the same time Nicole began
to lick Zoey's pussy while pumping her own pussy with her fingers. The
three girls were moaning and whimpering with pleasure as they enjoyed their
teenaged lesbian orgy. Bob had his cock in his hand and was stroking it like
mad as he watched the scene. The girl's switched places, to Bob's delight,
and Zoey lay on her back and ate out Nicole who rode Zoey's face like a
cowgirl. Meanwhile Lola lay on her back also with a leg thrown under and
another thrown over Zoey's legs. Their pussy's mashed together and they began
to grind the against each other. The girl's fucked each other until their
pleasure reached an awesome climax. The girls collapsed atop one another.

"That was Great." Nicole said.

"We can all be girlfriends together." Added Lola.

"Great Idea." said Zoey.

There was a soft splat as Bob shot his load all over Zoey's face.

The girl's stared in shock as they realized that Zoey was now covered in
phantom sperm!
_ _ _

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