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This is a story about Zenon the Disney original movie on the Disney channel.
Hope you enjoy it!

Cast (in order of apperance)
Margie: Lauren Meltby
Zenon: Kristen Storms
Stranger: Could be me, could be you!

Zenon's Adventures Part 1

As Margie walked down the hall in her typical short gold skirt (with her
usual lots of legs showing under the skirt,) into the cargo room to try and
find out where Zenon was to tell her dad what kind of trouble Zenon had
gotten into she heard a voice calling her from the backside of the room,


Margie curious as to who would even want help let alone Zenon's help, she
walked to the back of the cargo bay suddenly a man with a faint blue glow in
his eyes grabbed Margie and wrestled her to the ground and looked into her
brown eyes and started to rub his fingers against her matching gold panties
and said, "Oh how I have waited for this moment, my Zenon, soon you will have
your revenge on the one that causes you the most pain."

Margie tried to resist and stammered out, "But I'm not Zenon." but his
fingers kept plunging under her panties like a piston plunges into the vavles
of a car, faster and faster. Marige couldn't finish her thought as she was in
such delierious pleasure and began moaning "Yesss..yesss..please.

The man laughed and asked her, "You want me to be a part of you? You think
you can solve all the problems in the wrold? Because we can all you have to
do is let me cum in you and and we can have it ALL together, you will never
ever need to worry about trying to solve any problems but motherhood again."

"Yesssss I need it, cum in me let me have a part of youuuu," Her voice
trailed off in ecstasy as she hit her first orgasm, "Yesssss, oh god I'm
there, please I need your cock in me!"

The stranger removed his pants and revealed a 8.5 inch dick. Margie
overwhelmed by his size started to suck on his dick, as the stranger called
out, "Yes Margie that's it, suck it good get it all hard and let me send my
seed into you."

He ripped her gold top around her breasts letting her tits come free and
hanging as he began to feel them from behind, he lifted her skirt and pulled
away her gold panties. He started to thrust into Margie, to cum in her and
start the ultimate seedling, of revenge.

She moaned with delight as she felt the stranger inside her pumping hard into
her tight pussy, "Yesssssss, harder, plllleease.umph..yea.umph.harder!"

As the stranger continued to pump harder and harder, slapping her ass as he
did. He continued to feel her young tits and he silver dollar sized nipples.


As Zenon began her trek down the hall 100% determined to find out what was
causing the air from their space station to be sucked into space. Zenon was
your average girl who loved to be a kid, yet had a knack for solving
mysterious events that usually led to a bigger plot waiting to be discovered.
She was wearing her typical blue spandex and pink mini skirt and sleeveless
jacket, her shoulder length blond hair bouncing gently as she marched towards
the elevator to take her to the bridge.

She swore heard some strange noises coming from the cargo bay to her left, as
she walked thru the she noticed how dark it was inside, when she tried to hit
the light button nothing happened, she hit it again, and again the same
result nothing. As Zenon peered closer into the dark she could make out an
object on the opposite side of the cargo bay, curious she walked closer,
again more muffled noises. As she got closer she was amazed to see her arch
nemesis Margie who was leaning up against the far wall, it appeared that
Marige was in pain as her brownish blond hair was in her face and she
twisting but not moving anywhere.

Unbeknown to Zenon, Margie's top was ripped around the breast area by
something unknown and her skirt was pulled over her hips as she was thrusting
back and forth on the invisible lover continued to fuck Marige hard and
harder. Zenon approached Margie and asked her in a half snottish, half not
caring kind of way, "Cetus-lepedus Margie what are you."

Her voice trailed off because at that point she realized that something was
wrong with Margie, her eyes looked like for almost a minute to glow a deep
blue glow. As Zenon noticed Margie's dress still over her hips, she noticed
the young spoiled Margie's pubic area for the first time, and saw a tuff of

Zenon soon saw someone for the first time, it was odd she didn't see him
before, but he was a good looking man around his mid twenties fucking the
brains out of Margie! This stunned Zenon for a moment as she didn't quite
know how to react, She stood their with her mouth ajar not knowing what to
say when. The man cried out "Yes baby take it all, let me cum inside your
young pussy, let me create the ultimate being of revenge inside of you.

With that he shot wave after wave of his cum into Margie's young pussy as
Margie cried out, "Oh GOD YES! YES! Fill my slutty pussy up with your hate

As he finished up with Margie, he looked and noticed Zenon standing their. He
quickly looks down at Margie and realizes his mistake and laughs, "Ha ha ha,
I knew that slut couldn't be you, but she was so delectable I couldn't help
myself now, it's time for the main course."

His eyes shoot with a blue tint. Zenon is scared frozen, she can't move as
the stranger quickly shoves her to the ground and knocks the wind out of her
before she has time to recover. She feels her spandex mini skirt and jacke
being torn away like it was made with velcro. Then her blue spandex leggings
are torn away along with her top leaving the young blond girl nude.

"Mmmm even better than I could ever imagine." His fingers begin to slowly
caress it's way up her creamy white thighs and over her pussy.

"Nnno..." Zenon stammers "Plleease, don't I've never had a guy before...'t hurt me!" she says with tears in her eyes.

The stranger laughs and says, "Zenon the all mighty crime stopper begging me
to stop. Oh this is one moment I'll remember forever."

Zenon at notices in fear his 10 inch member as he grabs her head as she is
gasping for air and stuff his cock into her mouth. Her blue eyes welting with
tears as the strange man laughs, "Ha ha ha, poor Zenon, you look so full, but
I have something that will really make you full."

He contines to pump in and out of her mouth faster and faster until he pulls
out of her mouth. Tears are still streaming down Zenon's eyes as she looks up
at him and stammers, "Ba-bastard."

The strange man replies, "No but your child will be!"

Zenon is scared to death now, the LAST thing she wants is to get pregnant.

Margie now regaining her senses looks up and tries to tackle the stranger,
but to no avail, the man is built like a rock, he quickly throws her to the
wall knocking her unconscious.

"Stupid child" he mutters.

Zenon trying to escape with the moment of distraction is caught by the
ankles, "Ah Ah Ah. Not so fast young lady, we've only just begun!" He quickly
pulles her near and as she tries to squirm leaving her pussy open as he slams
his member into her.

Zenon shrieks "AHHHHH!"

As he tears thru her hymen, quickly he begins to pump faster and faster, the
pain running thru Zenon's body is that of pain but is quickly replaced by
that of passion. She soon finds her body pumping back against his hard
member. She starts babbling losing all control, "Ugh...Uh...Oh...Um." She
thinks to herself, "I can't give in.I can't but it feels so good."

He continues to slam into her like the iceberg into the Titanic, harder and

Soon Zenon gives in, and starts moaning with pleasure, "Ohhhh Yeessss yesss
do me. Do me," She mutters under her breath "Faster, faster.yesssssss," Her
voice begins to raise "YESSSS YESS! OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING!"

The man pumping into her screams, "Yes bitch cum, cum for me! I'm goin to
fill you up with my seed!"

As she reaches her peak, she screams, "YES FILL ME WITH YOUR BABY MAKING

The man hearing this from Zenon feels the pressure in his groin, as he yells
out, "YESSS! I'M CUMMING! I'M GOING TO KNOCK YOU UP!" The man dumps what
feels like a gallon of sperm into Zenon, as she passes out from the pleasure
she never knew. The man, lays on her body and massages her tits, thinking to
himself with a smirk, "Yes babies will love latching onto these babies!"

The stranger hears people coming down the cooridoor and quickly exits thru
one of the side exits. As Zenon's dad comes in and see his naked daughter
and Marige partially naked, is shocked, but then he begins to lick his lips.



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