Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
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Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 9
by C. King ([email protected])

Yugi decided that it was time for him to return the pleasure and joy that
Ishizu had given him. So he lowered his head down to the pussy that was
open before him. He was going to smooth out the path that his cock was
going to take. He placed his tongue out of his mouth. Moving down, he used
the tip of it to circle the clit of his lover. Then rubbing over it, as he
moved to the part of the body he was going to tackle.

He stuck his tongue into her. Sliding down the sides of her sex, much like
a cock. He moved to twist his tongue. Boring into the depth of her. Ishizu
started to moan at the pleasure of the tongue that was digging deeper and
deeper into her. "Yes, my beloved. Dig into me and release my pleasure."

Yugi then tried to increase the pleasure. By blowing a simple raspberry
with his tongue, he caused a ripple of vibration to flow over her sensitive
parts. Causing her pussy to move and tingle. "Ohhh, Yugiiii!" She answered
to this motion.

It started slowly at first. A trickle of sweet tasting fluid. Or at least
sweet to Yugi. He knew that it was the beginning of a flow of the love
juices of the dark skinned woman before him. He continued his work with his
tongue. Adding to this, he moved his right hand to her clit and started to
stimulate it. Softly twisting it, even flicking it. This caused Ishizu's
moans to increase in volume, speed and force.

With a moan that was on the edge of a scream, Ishizu orgasm. Cum flowed
out, and down the throat of the young man. Yugi was growing to enjoy the
taste of female fluids. 'Each one seems to have a great taste that is
unique to it's owner. Makes me wonder if I could guess the woman that
each taste belongs to.' Yugi had a mental giggle at the idea as he lapped
up the cum.

His face pulled away from the pussy, his chin was dripping with cum. He
then moved so that his face was inches away from the female that he had
just pleasured. She in turn move to his face with her tongue sliding out
of her mouth. She then started to lick the fluid that had just came from
her. She smiled as if she was enjoying the taste of the white fluid.

She was moving quickly cleaning the face of her man. Once the face had
been cleaned off Yugi moved so that he was hovering over her body. His
erect cock pointing down directly to her pussy. His talented mouth moved
to the two orbs that were presented to him. Ishizu even moved to thrust
them out as she notice that Yugi was looking at her chest. "I see that you
have taken an interest in my womanly charms. What are you planning, my

"It is a surprise, lover." He said, as he started to suck on the orbs.
Softly at first, but as he continued the sucking motions he was using began
to grow harder. From time to time, he switched from one breast to the
other. Using teeth, tongue and lips to play with the soft cushions of

He made a second move. Thrusting his cock deep into her womanhood. It move
slickly down the coated valley of pussy. While he was thrusting in and out
of Ishizu, he continued to suck at her nipples and breasts. Hitting two
zones of erotica at the same time. A tip that he had learnt from the

This made Ishizu wild with pleasure. Scream out his name, "YUUUU-GIIIII!"
as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her lips trembling with
her excitement. To Yugi, it was like her whole body was vibrating in tune
to his actions. A symbol of his success in learning the erotic arts that
had once only belonged to the Pharaoh and his priests. Knowing that he was
in control, Yugi decided to let Ishizu cum first before he had his release.
His kindness still wanted to help people, even if it was just to help her
get off.

Humming his lips he caused ripples to flow over the breasts. That seemed
to be the action that pushed Ishizu over the edge. She let out a primal
scream as the honey flowed from her natural pot. Yugi knew that she was
coming as her hips thrust up and forward towards him. Yugi then let off
his own release. His cock twitched as it came as well. With a final thrust
he pulled out and rolled off Ishizu.

Turn to her, he took her into his arms in a cuddling action. She was
trying to catch the breath that she had lost in the lovemaking. He turned
to her and kissed her softly on the forehead as they lay next to each
other. "I think that the Pharaoh might have picked up a few new memories.
I know that I have." Ishizu smiled at him as she moved closer to him.

"I might have a few things that I might be able to teach you about the
world of the Pharaoh that I have found out." Yugi said, thinking of about
the Wisdom. He would teach Ishizu some of the hypnotic abilities from the
book. Then he would seek her aid at providing for his growing 'family'.

A stray thought popped into his head. 'I wonder what Mai and Tea are doing
at this moment? They can get be having as much fun as Ishizu and I.'

Meanwhile in the Puzzle...

Yami had been watching as Yugi had made love to the Egyptian woman. It
had been and interesting experience. It had brought up more memories of his
past love life. But it had been more enjoyable for him to see his Abiou
gain the rewards that he deserves for being himself.

'Yugi seems to be gaining a strong family from the women that he has
seduced using the Wisdom. It should build a strong base, should anything
happen to me.' Yami was thinking of his own mortality. Even as a spirit
he was realizing that even he had to move on to the next world. Of course
he needed to finish his mission involving his memories. But there was still
much that he could do while here.

'If I can set up Yugi with a good life before I leave, that would make me
very happy. It is the least that I can do to repay him for all of his help
and for the priceless friendship that he has given me.' Yami turned to an
interesting point. 'Mai seemed to have found the Wisdom from Yugi's hiding
place and used it on him. It might not be a bad thing, but it may need my
personal touch to keep things in Yugi's favour.'

Yami had been watching as Yugi had read the book, so he knew many of the
tricks that would be needed to manage the 'family'. He would let Yugi do
what he could to manage it, before stepped in. 'I might only need to fix
Mai so that she doesn't work against Yugi's interests.'

Yami's mind turned to Yugi's question. 'What are Mai and Tea doing now?'

Meanwhile in a mall...

Mai was in her element. She had developed her skills at shopping to the
same level as her duelling skills. She could find the best sales in a store
in seconds. Smell which boutique has the lowest prices. Find combinations
outfits from different stores, different prices. She had even found a trick
for carrying massive amount of packages without looking like it.

They had been at adult entertainment stores, the local Victoria's Secrets,
and even a costume shop to pick up the outfits that might be of use. In
most of the stores the men had been looking them over with lust in their
eyes. Even a few of the women. But Tea agreed with Mai that the only ones
that really counted was Yugi and the other members of his harem.

'I can wait Ishizu is part of the "family". That dark skinned vixen looked
like she would be fun in the sack.' Mai said as she walked in the mall,
followed close behind by Tea.

They had not run into the boys yet, so didn't have a chance to change
their minds about Yugi's new status. They had also been missing Serenity,
who Mai had thought might make a good member of the harem. She had also
been looking for someone that might make a good member of the harem. The
main requirement that Mai had been looking for was someone that was
extremely beautiful, while also been a duellist.

So far that had not happened. Till Mai turned the corner of the mall to
see a very sexy woman dressed in a Chinese style take on a man with her
duel disk. A woman that beating that man senseless. Mai stopped to keep
a watch on the woman that was fighting.

'She seems to be using monsters that are based on martial artists. She is
using that Dragon Lady with quite a bit of skill. Plus she does look sexy
in the yellow dress. I swear that I have seen her somewhere before.' Mai
tried to rack her brain to come up where she had seen that sexy woman
with the dark hair before.

Then it came to her. 'That's Vivian Wong. The Asian Duel Monsters
champion. She's been a model, an actress and a martial artist before she
turned to duel monsters. And that was in a span of a few years.' A smile
crossed her face as she thought of the potential of having such a person
introduced into the harem. The fact that was a multiple belt martial artist
might come in handy in protecting the 'family'.

Mai turned to Tea. "So Tea, what do you think about adding her to Yugi's
collection." She pointed to Vivian.

"I looks like a good idea. She is a skilled duellist, and I would love to
having her in my bed." Tea said as she smiled. "So what is our move then?"

"I'm not sure. Let's just play it by ear. Remember to follow my lead." Mai
said as she watched the duel continue. It wasn't long before the young
woman had destroyed the young man. Vivian then looked around at the crowd
that was cheering her victory.

Vivian then zeroed in on Mai. "Mai Valentine! The Duellist Kingdom
finalist and the Battle City Semi-finalist." She made a leap over a far
distance to arrive in front of Mai. "What a pleasure to meet you." Vivian
held out her hand. Mai took the hand and shook it. "So Mai, want to duel?"
Vivian said her eyes lighting up.

"I would love to, but I left my duel disk at home. I was just doing a
little shopping before meeting with another friend. You might know him.
His name is Yugi Muto." Mai said. She was looking for a reaction to her
mentioning her master and the King of Games.

"You know that cutie Yugi. He is one of the two duellist that I would love
to meet. I love to meet strong, confident duellist like Yugi and that other
cutie Seto Kaiba. I just know that they would love me if they were to meet
me. With either one and me, we would make a super team." Vivian said,
blushing as she thought about her crushes.

'It seems that Vi has a crush on Yugi already. That might make things
easier. The crush on Kaiba? Well it takes all kinds. I think that I can use
Yugi as a lure for this sexy thing. Careful wording might help.' Mai
thought before she moved with her plans.

"Would you like to meet Yugi? I think that it might do him some good as he
is currently between girlfriends at the moment." Mai was careful to speak
the truth while making it sound like something else. Yugi was between
girlfriends: Tea, Ishizu and herself.

Vivian took the bait. "Thank you, thank you. I would love to meet Yugi. I
can't believe that I get to meet the King of Games." Vivian then started
to smooth out her free and pulled out a mirrored compact. "Do I look
alright? I want to make an impression my Yugi."

Tea spoke up. "I have know Yugi for years. I am sure that looking like
that you're going to knock him dead." Tea said as she smiled. Mai could
tell that Tea had understood the plan to this degree and was trying to help
it along.

"So what are we waiting for. Let's get going." Vivian said all excited.

"Just follow me." Mai said as she moved to head for her convertible. She
looked at Tea and winked. Hopefully she would pick up her part of the plan.
Once they got to the car, it would begin. Hopefully.

It took a few minutes before they arrived at the red car that Mai drove.
It was part of her flash personality. Making sure that she would be noticed
no matter where she went. She still like to be notice, but she took a
perverse pleasure that she was still desired by men even when she didn't
desire them.

"Vivian, why don't you take the front seat. Tea, you take the backseat."
Mai told her female companions. They girls took their seats. Mai moved to
start the car, revving up the engine. As the machine roared, Tea struck out
at Vivian. Using her hands to massage the temples of the older woman's

Tea's hands glowed silver as she whisper, "You are sleep, Vivian. Going
deeper and deeper into sleep. You dropping down a deep, dark hold. As you
drop, you loose more and more control over your thoughts. Loosing more
and more of will. As you drop, you will count backwards from ten. At one,
you will loose all of your free will be open to all suggestions."

Vivian started to countdown from ten. "Ten... Nine... Eight..." As she
counted backwards, she took on a more relax position. Her eyes started to
glaze over with a silver shine to it. In her mind the words sounded better
and better as she dropped into the pit that was swallowing her up. She just
listened and let herself go.

Mai drove back to the location that she and Yugi had agreed on. Her
apartment. They had chosen this as it would be less hard to explain away
their playing there than at Yugi's home.

"... Three... Two... One!" Vivian said as she drooped into her seat. She
was ready for becoming one of the family. Tea looked up at Mai with one
eyebrow raised. She seems to be asking if Mai wanted to do the programming

Mai just winked as they drove to the parking lot of her apartment. Once
they arrive in the parking lot the hustled Vivian into Mai's home in
Domino. They sat Vivian on the couch as Mai and Tea sat next to her.

"Vivian, do you remember the crushes that you had on Yugi and Kaiba."
Mai said as she had decided to take control of this situation.

"Yes." Vivian replied.

"We now that crush is completely on Yugi only. You have no attraction to
Seto Kaiba. Instead, Yugi is the only man that you are sexually attracted
to. But as a bonus you are now a bisexual, with major attractions to Yugi's
other girlfriends. In fact you love the fact that Yugi has multiple
girlfriends as that gives you more sexual partners."

"Yes." Vivian said, as she sighed softly.

"Vivian, you must know that there can be only one queen of the harem. Well
that queen is me, Mai. You are submissive to me, with the only one that you
are more submissive to is Yugi." Mai added, trying to think about what else
that she could add to the conditioning.

"Yes." Vivian spoke as she listen and obeyed. In Vivian's head the words
took shape on her thoughts. Where once had been fantasies about live a
stylish and exciting life with one of the top two duellist, a single
fantasy about only one of them remained. Then new fantasies arose of the
women that she had been travelling with. Nude images of Tea and Mai in
sexual positions swirled in her mind like a spiral.

A single image also kept popping up in her mind since Mai's last words.
Images of Vivian kneeling nude before Mai and Yugi. Her breasts thrust out
so that the appeared larger. Waiting for their commands to her. Commands
for their pleasure. Just as she was waiting for Mai's next command.

"Vivian, when I saw 'Wake Wake Wong' you will awaken from this trance.
Refreshed and understanding my commands in your subconscious. But if I say
'Sleepy Sleepy Vi' you will fall back into this trance like state. Ready
for any commands from Yugi or myself." Adding a hypnotic trigger, Mai then
thought of a fun game that they could play with Vi. One that could make
use of the costumes that they had. One that they could record for Yugi.

"Tea, how would you like to play a game with Vi?" Mai asked her sister in

"Sure, what do you have planned?" Was Tea's reply.

"Just a little playtime fun." Mai said with a smile. She walked to where
they had placed their bags and looked for the right costume.


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