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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 6
by C. King

In the home of Yugi Mutou...

Yugi approached his bedroom. Tea was hugging close to his body, with both of
them dress in their undergarments. He knew that tonight would be the night
that he would finally make love to the woman that he had desired for years.
He moved to look at her face and the look of bliss and excitement that was
being reflected in it.

He then opened the door to his room. Inside he found Mai, in her violet
undergarments, pleasuring herself. Tea was about to say something when Yugi
spoke out. "Sleep time Tea. Sleep Mai Concubine." The girls feel back into
their hypnotic trances as Yugi stood there thinking of his next move.

"Girls, you are both bisexual and open to me having more than one
girlfriend." Yugi re-enforced in their minds. "In fact, seeing each other
in sexual positions will cause you to increase in sexual desires. Also you
are open to my suggestions while we are in the mood for fucking." Yugi said
as he impressed this idea into the minds of the members of his harem. Then
he spoke the awakening phrases and watched the girls reach awareness.

They smiled at each other, as Mai continued to pleasure herself slowly. Her
long fingers moved over her clit as she massaged it. The hand that was not
in her privates, was lightly touching the nib of her nipple, with the
occasional trip to her lips to wet her finger.

"I hope that you two are enjoying the show. Perhaps that you could put on a
show for me. Help me out with my problems." Mai said with a smile.

Tea smiled back as the older woman. "I'm sure that we could give you a show
that is worth your money." She then pulled down Yugi's boxer's so that he
would be nude. Yugi stepped out of the shorts that he had been wearing. Then
he was guided to the bed by the young vixen that he had mental seduced. Tea
smiled as she moved back to her dancing in the small room.

She moved to the music that only she could hear. Twirling around, shaking her
upper and lower body in sexy moves. She even threw into the mix a few high
kicks, with her legs flowing over Yugi's shoulders. But it was not only Yugi
that she danced with in her striptease act.

She also moved on Mai, moving her head from between the legs of the blond to
the breasts to the eyes of the woman. Moving so close that the breath of the
brunette was tickling Mai's flesh.

While she was doing this she was taking care to notice the growing motion of
the cock of the young man in the room. She was proud that it was growing
stronger. That made Tea move to take off the underwear that she still had on.
She inched down the panties that she was. Making sure that she was showing
off her ass, so that both people in the room could enjoy the motions of that
part of her body.

The panties slid down the long legs of the dancer as she moved to the groove.
Her bare feet moved out of them in time with the dance. She flipped forward
to pick them up and turned to throw them at Mai. Mai caught them and brought
them up to her face to sniff them for the scent of the younger woman.

Tea continued her dance as she started to play with the bra that she was
wearing. She moved her chest side to side as she moved her hands to her back
as she fiddled with the bra strap. It was only a few second before there was
a pop and the bra straps hung from the sides of Tea's body. Moving her arms
out of the bra with grace, then gathering up the bra from in front of her.

Then with a flare of physical motion, she threw the bra from her body at
Yugi. Yugi picked it up and looked at it pleased. Then Tea launched forward
to Yugi and then her leg moved up over his shoulder. She giggled as she moved
to her next pose. She moved up on to Yugi's lap. She then moved her other leg
over the other shoulder of Yugi, proving the limberness of her body.

Yugi himself let out a laugh at the image that Tea was showing him of the
skilled dancer and acrobat. Even as her legs drifted off of his shoulders as
they fell around his waist. Where they tightened to gain a better hold on the
man. Tea's face was in his when she moved in for the kiss. A passionate
embrace as they locked lips and the tongues tangled.

Mai was watching all of this with a smile in her face. She was feeling
increasingly horny. Horny for both Yugi and his female companion. She knew
that this was the effect of the power that Yugi had. Power gained from his
reading of that magic book.

But Mai was enjoying this, none of the less. I made her hunger for a taste of
her man and the woman that he was with. Images of other women that might join
the harem. Women in the world of duelling. Mai purred in pleasure at the idea
of this. Cum started to pour out of her pussy as she was getting more and
more turned on.

But Tea was on the move as she lowered her body down on the erect cock that
Yugi provided. She groaned with satisfaction as she pushed down on the pole.
The tunnel of her love was covered with a light coating of cum that was
flowing to lubricate the motion. Using her skilled muscles, she pulled
herself onto and off of the cock as she rocked back and forth.

But that didn't keep Tea's upper body from getting in on the action. Her
hands were all over Yugi's shoulders and torso. Her lips moving on to Yugi's.
Yugi's lips slipped off of Tea's and moving down her body to the firm orbs
that sat on her chest. Little pink nibs stood up as Yugi's tongue started to
tickle them.

Tea's head moved back as she moaned out an "Oh, god!" as Yugi has his way
with her body. "Thank god that I have met Yugi!"

Mai spoke as she watched the scene. "That's the way, Yugi. Show her you
skills in the marital arts. Make her cum screaming." Mai took her fingers
from her pussy and sucked on the tips of those fingers to drink the nectar
that had dripped out of herself. She smiled at the taste of her own juices.

Tea continued to rock back and forth on her ride with the man of her dreams.
Releasing increasing moans that where getting louder and louder. "OH, Yugi!

Yugi increase his pace of sucking and kissing Tea's body. He was building the
pressure inside himself as he felt that Tea was approaching her orgasm. Yugi
stepped up his erotic play, trying to get her to reach her coming point. With
a final trust of force, Tea moan "YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" and came.

Yugi then let his load out as he came with in seconds of the girl that he
had lusted years for. He leaned back his head and moaned out his joy of
fulfilling one of his dreams.

He fell back on the bed with Tea on top of him. Tea looked in his eyes and
said, "You think that we might go for round two?"

Yugi lay silently for a second. "Would that be fair to Mai who has been
waiting all of this time for some fun and games?"

Mai looked at the two of them. Her plans in the back of her head. 'But before
that, I could take some time to have a little bit of fun.' Mai spoke to the
two of them. "Perhaps we could give Yugi a little break, Tea? You and me
might be able to put on a show that might raise Yugi's spirits?"

Mai rose from her seat and moved to the bed. She used a hand to raise Yugi
from his seat. And lead him to the seat that she had just left. Then she
turned around and headed for Tea on the bed, shaking her rear just for Yugi.

Mai arrived at the bed and sat on it with Tea facing towards her. Mai was
smiling her seductive smile. Tea had a more innocent look on her face, but
she seemed as excited about this as Mai. "So how do you want to start..."
Tea said before she was interrupted by Mai's lips.

Tea was surprised at the tenderness of the kiss from Mai. She had thought
that Mai might have been more... rough. But it felt good to have Mai touching
her. Mai moved around so that their bodies were touching. Arms wrapped around
each other in a deep embrace as their breasts touched each other. The
hardened nipples rubbing against each other in a pleasant way.

Mai pulled back and purred at the pleasure that she was feeling. Kissing her
way down, she started to suck on the nipples of the woman that was her new
lover. Tea moaned with renewed joy. Mai was quite the demon with those lips
of hers. Mai then rose and moved toe present her breasts.

Tea knew what it was that she had to do. She moved to the breasts and started
to suck on them as Mai had done to her. She was not as skilled at this art.
But Mai spoke, "Use a light touched with the lips. Like it's your first
kiss." With Mai's encouragement and her tips, Tea was soon developing her

Mai was soon moaning with the goodness that was this love making. Tea was
pleased with herself for giving the more experience woman a thrill. But Tea
was having little naughty thoughts about her next move. She began to kiss
lower and lower down the body of her female lover. Heading for the port that
would really start the wild love making.

Yugi was enjoying this lesbian love making experience as he rubbed his lower
head in time with the erotic show. He had never thought about how delightful
this could be. It made him want to increase his harem so that he could have
more women making love with each other as he watched them go at it. It was
second in his desire list. The first was making love with the women in the
first place.

Plus it was amazing to see how adventurous Tea was being as she moved down to
the pussy of Mai.

Tea had, in fact, reached the pussy of the other woman. Trying to drink in
the juice that was inside Mai. On the bed, Mai shifted her position as Tea
continued her play. Soon, her face was facing Tea's pussy as well. Then she
dug into the pussy as well. Soon, the sounds of slurping could be heard as
the two of them started to flow with the nectar within.

However, Mai was still a demon with those lips as she not only tickled Tea's
pussy, but used her deft tongue to stimulate the clit of the other woman.
Tea's head had to lift up moan out the joy of the pleasure. But she moved
quickly to try to duplicate the skills that Mai was using on her.

To Mai, this was like a duel. The mission was to be the one with the best
hands of cards. Sometimes that meant giving a few cards to opponent so that
you could gain a better hand. Sometimes it meant using a few lesser cards to
bring about a powerful move. Sometimes that meant pulling out the big cards
to bring about a finishing move. Like she was about to do to Tea. She locked
her lips on the pussy and moved her tongue up that magic hole.

The little move was the final straw that brought down Tea. She moaned while
sucking at Mai's pussy and started to cum like a rush. But that moan had
trigger Mai and she cum herself. That set off Yugi and he came. Energy flowed
out of the three of them for that moment. But soon they were up again.

Meanwhile in the rooms of the Millennium Puzzle...

Yami sat in his room mediating on events. 'Yugi seemed to be growing his
harem, filling it with lovely and talented women. Much like the time that I
came from.' Yami thought about the book that had brought this all to his
other self. It contained secrets that had been long buried. Secrets that
could be of help to him.

But the real help would come from visiting the stone tablet. One that had
been shipped to Egypt due to a need to check it against the discovery of a
new tome that contained glyphs of duel monsters. The question was how long
it would take before they could return it to continue the display.

The only one that knew that kind of information was Ishizu. She had remained
in Domino as the head of the Egypt display. Her brothers were also around but
were more focused on the life of freedom that they had gained from the
battles they had been through.

'It would do well to check in with her in the morning, to look into this
matter.' Yami also smiled, 'Plus it would give Yugi a chance to added another
beautiful woman into his love haven.

"Abiou, I need to talk to you." Yami said as he reach out of his room to
enter that of Yugi. His mind room had matured a bit looking less like the
room of a child and more like a teen. With posters of the sexy woman he was
having on the walls.

Yugi appeared in the room a few minutes later. "Sorry, I was in the middle
of something. How can I help you?" Yugi was blushing, which was easy to see
as he was naked.

'He still at it with those two ladies. I must admit that he has the heart of
a Pharaoh. Perhaps more.' Yami then turned to the mission at hand. "I was
just thinking of checking up with Ishizu about the state of the tablet to see
how soon it can be returned."

Yami continued, "Plus Ishizu is a lovely woman who is quite intelligent. She
might make another great lover to add to your harem. Plus she might be able
to help you organize things in your new collective life."

Yugi blushed at that. "I was thinking about her. Do you think that I should
go after her? I mean that she has brothers that might not like me having my
way with their sisters."

"I'll take care of that. You just continue with your new sex life. It is the
least that I can do for you for all that you have done for me. Besides, you
are a good, kind and strong young man who can handle this responsibility that
you have been given." Yami told him.

"I let you get back to pleasing those young woman. I'll even give you a
little privacy. You can take the Puzzle off and place it in the drawer. I'll
concentrate on developing my memories." Yami added.

"Thanks." Yugi said as he disappeared. Moments latter, Yami was in his room,
alone. He could feel that Yugi was close, but the mental connection was not
there. The puzzle was away from Yugi.

Yami walked in his soul room and looked at one of the doors before him. "Yugi
should be alright. What could happen?" He opened the door.


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