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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 3
by C. King

Yugi reflected on the types of games that Mai was thinking about playing in
her bedroom. Games that he had been letting her lead him into for the night.
Games that had been developing ever since he had placed her under his mind
altering spell. Now the question for him was, would he let her finally win
what she wanted or would he delay it some more to cause her blood to boil.
'Which should it be? Giving in and letting Mai have her way? Or slowing
things down?'

Then it came to Yugi. Perhaps it wasn't one way or the other. Perhaps there
was a way to compromise the two ideas into a single whole. It would take some
skill to play this game, but as the king of games he should have the power to
do so. But how to play the opening move?

"I might be interested in a new type of game," said Yugi, continuing "But I
would have to see some of the game first. If I could be lead into the 'game
field', I might be able to make up my mind."

Mai smiled as if she had made a major move in a duel that would lead her to
win the game. She moved slowly to get up. Making she that Yugi got a good
look at her body as she got up. She walked over to him, placing out her hand
to help Yugi to get up. Yugi took the hand and moved to get up. They stood
there for a moment to take in the nude forms of each other. Each showing
signs of arousal to each other. Time seemed to freeze for a moment. Then
Yugi said, "Lead the way, Mai." His hand still in hers.

"Follow me, My Pharaoh." She said, her voice almost sounding like the purring
of a cat. She moved from the living room to one of the doorways in the
apartment. She opened the door and pulled at him to enter.

Yugi entered the room, and looked around. He could tell that it was the room
of a female. There were dressers against the wall, with a make up table. A
desk was placed on the same wall. An entertainment centre was placed against
another wall. Directly across from the bed. A large picture window which lead
to a balcony like the one in the living room also took up the final wall. Two
doors lined the walls. Most likely leading to a closet and a bathroom.

There were the decorations that lined the walls. Most had the images of
birds and feathers. 'Perhaps she already had a connection to her cards.' Yugi
thought as he seemed to get the scheme that this room was done up to reflect
the Harpy's Lady card that was Mai's favourite. It also had the hint of
butterflies, like the mask that she had worn in the virtual world when he and
Joey had discovered her there.

It was an interesting and most likely personal scheme that was made to
reflect the lady that lived here. "I see that you have done a great job
arranging the room to reflect yourself. I think that it might be an
interesting 'game field," Yugi said, "But I would still like to take a
closer look."

Mai's smile got wider. The look in her eyes turned more loving. 'Perhaps I
have hit a key spot for Mai. Something close to her heart.' Yugi thought. He
removed his hand and walked towards the bed. Taking a closer look at the
place that the games would likely be taking place.

It was a large bed that was covered with fuzzy blanket with a bird design.
Several fluffy pillows covered the head. Each covered by a silken cloth, that
hinted at silken sheets. He placed a hand on the bed to feel the material of
the mattress. It was firm, yet with a softness that must be great on the body
for sleeping. Or for other activities.

'I think that this would be a good place to lose my virginity. Hopefully, Mai
might be able to forgive me for any of my mistakes in the style. And that the
Wisdom of the Pharaoh has trained me for this kind of art and gaming.' Yugi
thought to himself.

Yugi thought for a moment to make an important choice. 'It's time for the
main game to begin and the sexual activity to begin. Time to take my little
concubine for her paces.'

"I think that I'm willing to play this game, but I'm curious about who is to
make the first move? And what the opening move might be? Do you want to go
first, Mai?" Yugi said, opening the stage for the next level of play.

Mai tilted her head in thought as she consider what Yugi had asked her. Her
eyes reflected the deep thought that she was having over the idea. Then she
spoke, "I think that I will, thank you my Pharaoh. And I have a few moves
that I'm willing to try out on you. Including an opening move that should be
quite the effective opening gambit."

She moved her arm out and gently pushed him down on the bed in a sitting
position. Then moved forward with the same motion till she was kneeling on
the floor. Her face was inches from the tip of Yugi's cock. Her fingers
reached out to the organ and the tips of her well maintained nails tickled
the length of it from tip to the ball sack at the other end.

Her touch seemed magic as it hit the nerves that made Yugi rise. For a second
he wondered if Mai had read from the Wisdom of the Pharaoh, but he realized
that it could also have been gained from the skills that Mai had developed
over time and practise. Skills that were well done, as Yugi's cock started to
rise from the caresses of the nails.

She then moved her face closer to the end of the prick and took a small
little lick that moistened the tip. After making sure that the tip was wet,
she then did something unexpected. She blew gently on the end of the cock.
The tingle of the cool air on the little Yugi made the cock jump to
attention. The other point was that her hand was still on his ball sack,
moving it softly in a circular motion while she blew on the tip.

'Mai sure know her stuff.' Yugi thought as he let out a soft moan of
pleasure. This seemed to encourage the female duellist to proceed. She
started to give small kisses down the length of the prick. Just the ghost
of sensation travelled up the stick and into Yugi's mind. It was quite
enjoyable. But that was just the starters for Mai.

Mai returned to the tip and teased it with her tongue. A mixture of movement
and licking, it might have made the previously unexperienced Yugi cum. If it
wasn't for the fact that the Wisdom of the Pharaoh had given him the
knowledge to control his sexual organ. He had the strength to hold out till
he hit the "Moment of Fate" the book had told him about. It also told of how
to regain the "Rise of Amon-Ra", after the first "Moment of Fate".

Then it was that Mai tried for the main course of this opening move. She
began to swallow down the cock in her mouth. Yugi's cock was not overly large
like some kind of mutant porn star, but it was above average for his size and
was a good size seven inches.

Still, Mai was able to take down much of the organ. And her technique was
quite amazing. Her tongue was still in motion, twisting and wiggling down the
length of the cock that she could get in her mouth.. She also used the edge
of her teeth to softly scrape the skin in a way that was erotic in nature.

Yugi was definitely enjoying himself. He wished that he could have made
it as fun for Mai as she sucked and licked his cock. But the book hadn't
mentioned much about about a man given a woman pleasure from a blow job.
Erotic massage, mind altering lore, or expert sex were part of the training.
But not blow jobs. He would have to wait for Mai to finish with her erotic
play before he could start with his and reward her.

Mai's action developed into a mixed pattern. She would sometimes move in a
slow movement up and down the length, sometimes she would have a quick suck
bring her lips up halfway and back again. Mixing and weaving the pattern of
quick and slow so that it never got old with the sexual energy.

Yugi could feel himself building with energy as he felt his seed grow with
in the instrument of his sexual organ. He knew that it would soon be time to
free his life cum. So he focused his energy on his cock, bring the light
energy that the Wisdom had taught him to use. He felt the force and knew that
the moment was at hand.

Waiting for the moment that Mai was in the right position, when she moved to
the right spot he released. A strong flow of cum came out, filling Mai's
mouth as she moved to swallow it all down. There was a little bit of white
jizz trickling down the sides of her mouth. She slowly slide the cock out of
her mouth. It had a coating of saliva and cum on it. Mai the started the work
of licking up the cum from the sides of her mouth. Her tongue made an erotic
display of it as it lapped up the cum from her face.

"Tasty, my Pharaoh." Mai said as she finished the cum. "It has a sweet taste
to it, like a kind of candy. I would sure like to taste some more." She gave
a cat like smile as she gave her lips one more erotic lick.

Yugi smiled at this. This could be a useful little bit of news. But he had
other fish to fry with his next move. "But it's my move next and I have an
interesting move that I would like to try out on you." He said, getting up
from the bed. He then moved to Mai and gently raised her from the floor. He
then lead her to the bed and laid her down on it. "You have eaten, it's only
right that I have a meal to give me strength."

He began with kissing her feet. Soft, yet firm kissing. Mixed with the
occational lick that would spice up the action. He also added a careful
use of pressure points as he rubbed and caressed the feet. Erotic signals
traveled up to Mai's head causing her to moan with pleasure. He then began
to move up the legs. Using his mixture of mouth and hand to cause pleasure
to flow up the body, causing more moans and even some sighs as he used the
technique that he had learned from the ancient world of Egypt.

He was moving slowly to the target that had been explained in that old tome
that had helped boost his sex life. One of the temples of pleasure, the book
explained, was the home of Isis. Or to use modern termology, the cunt. The
book continued that to feast in the home of Isis, would bring unbelievable
pleasure to the consort or concubine that one wished to have. The book then
began to give pointers on how to best feast.

Yugi arrived at the pussy. He knew that his next moves were key. Some he
contiuned his slow pace. He circled the pussy with his tongue, lightly
touching the skin of the hole. Then he rubbed his tongue against the tip
of the clit, with a firm action. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!" Mai called out as he moved
to the next step of the technique. Like she had used against him in the
blow job, he blew on her. "YEaaaaaaahhhhh!" came Mai's moan as she felt the
colloing touch of his breath.

Yugi continued with his actions. He used his tongue to caress and tickle the
clit as he also rubbed the inner edges of Mai's thigh. Hiting pleasure points
in both the leg and the pussy as he waited for the action that he was looking
for. Mai was twisting and turn as she held the pleasure. This caused Yugi to
change his movements to handle the changes in Mai's position. But Yugi knew
that he almost had the movement that he was waiting for. Then it came.

Mai's pussy juice began to flow.

Yugi could now moved into the pussy, tasting the juice of Mai while he began
to give her other pleasures as he entered her for the first time. His tongue
fell into the hole of her cunt as he moved to the points of pleasure that
were within the sexy woman that he had been manipulating. While he was doing
this he also moved one of his hands from a thigh to the clit. He then began
to manually manipulating that as well. It was quite the feeling to have a
tongue acting like a cock digging deep into her as her clit was also
experiencing a really good feeling as it was played with as well.

Yugi was also tasting the unique taste that was Mai as he continued with his
activities. It was an interesting taste that was had an interesting sweet and
spice taste to it. Quite the treat for a man who was luck enough to be able
to sample it. And with his ability he had been that lucky man for once. And
he was enjoying the fruits of that luck.

Still he worked to hit that keystroke that would given him what he wanted. To
bring Mai over the brink of an orgasm. And from the increasing volume of the
moans and the increase of the motion of the young woman, Yugi knew that he
was on the right track. He continued his attack, moving the clit hard and
firm. Licking deeper and deeper into the filling pool of the pussy. Trying to
find the exact points that would bring her over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhhh GAAAAwwwwddddd!!! Ohhhhhhh YUUUUUgiiiiiiii!!!!" Mai screamed
out as she reached the tip of an orasmic flow. Yugi just had to hit the final
points that the Wisdom had revealed to him.. He flicked the clit and licked a
point on the pussy that were said to bring the crashing weigh of pleasure.

The flow of fluid poured out of the honey pot. Mai was having pleasures of
the flesh as Yugi prepared to decide on the next move. Should he have Mai
try a counter to his counter? Or should he push on to the true entertainment
that he had been working to? Yugi was at a critical moment in his lusful
activities and would have to make up his mind over which move would be the
best to take.

In his mind, the possible moves played out. Like a duel, the trick was the
use the right action from the list of possiblities to bring the end of the
game. But with this game, it was not the defeat of the enemy that was the
desired. But the sexual delight of his partner that was important. So it
was the interplay of his actions with the actions of his partner. Her
actions were just as important as his were.

As his lips dripped with the tasty honey from Mai's cunt, he moved forward
over the woman. Till his face hovered over hers. Licking his lips slowly, he
moved in for the kiss. On each other's breath were the taste of the other's
rich fluids. Their lips moved to touch more of the other's counterpart. Their
tongues moved with skills, caressing each other. Bring pleasure to each
other. Their eyes closed to enjoy themselves.

Then Yugi moved away from his lover, as he looked at her lovely face and
thought of the relationship that they had. And what was to come. Soon, and
for the time after the first sexual coupling. Then the question about his
next move was to follow that. But he had a game to finish and it was best
that he continue with it.

"So I take it that you like my counter move on your opening gambit?" Yugi
smiled with a sly smile. Mai nodded quickly in agreement. "Now do you have
another move? Or would you like me to use another move of my own? Or perhaps
we should move on to the end game? The final moves that will reveal who the
true winners are in this game?"

Mai's mind was still reeling from the moves that Yugi had made. She hadn't
expected something like that could come from such an innocent. And no matter
how sexy Yugi was, he was still an innocent in Mai's mind. There was just
something about him that seemed to scream that.

Mai began to gather her thoughts. 'I'm not sure that I have anything of that
calibur to counter with. With the exceptions of the actual "end game" moves
that Yugi hinted at. Then there's there is the moves that Yugi might have up
his sleeve. I wouldn't have expected him to have much of those, I always
thought that as virgin he wouldn't be that skilled. But it seems that he has
some great skills in the games of the heart. The question is would I last
after the next possible move that he could pull out. I do want to play the
final end games with my Pharaoh.'

'So the question is, what choice to make? Have Yugi make another move or skip
to the lightning round?' Mai wondered as she tried to choose as quickly as


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