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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom of the Pharaoh Part 1
by C. King

The first thing that Mai did when she returned to her apartment after her
time with her Pharaoh, was to strip and take a bath. She had been surprised
at how wet her panties had been from her exposure with the Pharaoh. 'Then
again he's hot enough to melt ice, let alone my cunt.' She thought as she
relaxed in the pool of water. Bubbles tickling her soft skin, the scent of
the bath calming her mind from the fires she was feeling.

'That brings up the question on how I should prepare myself for tonight's
activities.' She thought to herself as she soaked. Breaking from a rather
sexual daydream of sucking her Pharaoh's cock while she pleasure herself
with her free hand. 'Damn! I should have asked him what he was planning.
That would have helped me to get prepared." She thought as she got upset at
herself for not getting all of the information that she would need for the
first big date with the man of her dreams.

'I'll guess I'll have to wing it and go with the old stand by choices.'
She thought as she rose from the bath. Water dripped from her body, running
across her sensitive body. Making her think of Yugi's touch. The towel rubbed
against her body, dwelling more on her erotic zones a little longer than it
should have.

She moved to her bedroom where all of her clothing, make up, perfume and aids
in beauty were. While wrapped in only a towel, she started to go through what
would be the best to wear with this date.

"I want it to scream sexy babe, both to Yugi and to the ones that will see me
out there. Telling them that I'm a sexy babe and yet that I belong to Yugi!"
She moved to her closet. 'I have collected the finer things in life including
the most fashionable clothes for any occasion or type. Most of those same
clothes have been used to help use my beauty as a weapon in duels and in
dealings with men in my life. Clothes that increase my looks so that they can
be mind blowing. But what would go with Yugi's plans?' Mai said as she looked
through the closet.

She pulled out a blouse that held a elegant lace design, with a tie up the
front that could be made into a bow. "Here's something that's lacy and girlie
that might bring attention if it's done right. A little good girl that was
willing to do what her boyfriend wanted. Anything! Maybe I could combine it
with a miniskirt to go for that Catholic schoolgirl look. Naughty, but
acceptable in most places."

The next thing she looked at was a purplish-black pleather jacket, with
plenty of buckles. "This seems to match Yugi's metal punk like look.
Something that looked like bicker chick and her man going out to cause
trouble. Wild, yet it had limited places to go."

"Or I could combine the two looks to make something like a biker school girl.
Naughty, yet nice." She thought as she held the blouse with the jacket.

Then a deliciously wicked thought came into her mind. "Perhaps an outfit that
suggest the costume of a Duel monster? Something that looked like Harpy's
Lady, an Amazoness or... the Dark Magician Girl. The trick is finding a place
between normal clothing and full costume." That would be the trick as she
wanted an outfit that would be accept where Yugi was going to take her. Duel
Monsters costumes had limited acceptable wearing locations.

"What to choose? What to choose?"

Finally she made her choice. 'I'll go for the leather and lace for now as
that might be more acceptable and sexy for most outtings. A costume would
only be best if I know where I was going first. And I doubt that Yugi has
the money or the time to get a formal reservation.' she thought as she
gathered the clothes that would make her outfit. She tossed them onto the
bed. A white bra made of a lacey material, with a matching thong white
panties. She also took out a pair of nude pantyhose for her legs. That
covered her undergarments. Then she moved on to the next layers. She
retrieved the lacey blouse that she had looked at before. Then she moved
on to the skirt. She selected something that looked like leather, a mini
that was a shiny purple-black leather like material. Which matched the
jacket that she had seen. Pulling out that jacket as well, she looked at
the outfit.

'I'm only missing the shoes that I'm going to wear. But should it be shoes
or boots?' She said as she looked at the collection of footwear that she had
in her closet. She had decided that her feet should be dressed to match the
leather part of her look. But which shoes would be the match that she needed.
She knew that heels might lead to a problem of her height topping the short
boy, but higher heels she had always felt made her sexier.

"Well, this should do," she said as she pulled out a pair of black boots
that reached up to her thighs. It had a heel that was in the mid-range of the
heights of her heel collection.

"This should be perfect for Yugi. All I have to do now is get dress, and hope
I make the right impression on my Pharaoh."

Meanwhile, at the Turtle Gaming Shop...

Yugi finished dressing as he thought about what it was that he was going to
do for the date. His main idea was that he was going to go for a dinner at a
little cafe that he knew about in town. Afterwards he would play it by ear.
Either going to a site that he was interested in or, more likely, finding out
what Mai would find exciting. Then he would mold his plans to fit that

The fact that he would have Yami as back up, in case he got into trouble,
made him feel more secure. 'Are you ready to go?' asked Yugi as he shadow

"I should be alright. Besides, I find it interesting to learn more about the
habits of the people of this time. It might help with my memory." Yami said,
as he watched his Aibou.

'Yes, I just hope that I can handle that which I have unleased. I've never
really been on a date before. Except for Tea and that was more of a date
between you and Tea. This will be my first time and I hope that I can manage
it.' Yugi said, a shade of a doubt fallening over the confidence that the
Wisdom of the Pharaoh had given him.

Yami knew that Yugi needed a boost in confidence or all of the work that he
had made using the ancient book would be lost. "You should do fine, my Aibou.
You have prepared things to go in your favour. If in doubt, you can use the
command that you gave Mai to place her under. Or you can use some of the
other techniques that are in the book. Even some of the self defence moves
and spells in the book can be used to protect the two of you." Yami said,
adding, "Plus I will be there to help out where I can. You are a kind and
noble soul, with some faults, but overall a good person. You deserve more out
of life and I feel that it is my duty to help you gain that which is due you
in life."

Yugi felt a little better after that pep talk. Yugi felt a little taller
than he normally did with this surge of confidence. He didn't notice that he
was taking the form that normally occured when Yami was in control. Subtle
changes in attitude that made him look taller and more in command. Little
things that had been the difference between the timid youth and the powerful

Yugi was ready for the night of seduction and fun that he was about to
experience. He was dressed in a blue t-shit, with his school jacket attached
like a cape. Blue pants covered his legs to his black boots. He wore twin
belts and had on his right arm a leather armband. Around his neck was a
leather choker with a big silver buckle. From his neck hung the Millenium
Puzzle on a steel chain. He was ready to go.

He just had to wait for eight o'clock and the arrival of Mai for their date.
He looked at the clock. The time on it's face was seven thirty. A half hour
to the date. His grandfather and his mother were in the living quarters of
the store. He had convinced them that he was going out with his friends and
that they had wanted to go out as quickly as possible. They said it had been
alright, and given him space.

Then there came a knock on the door. 'She's early.' Yugi thought as he when
to the door. As he opened it he was pleasently surprised to see that it was
Mai be hind the door. She was dressed in a sexy outfit that seemed to ooze
her sexuality, making it clear to anyone that this was one hot babe. Her
hands were on her hips as if she was about to strut her stuff. "Hello, my
Pharaoh. Thought I give you a thrill or two and show up a little early for
our little party." She moved to place her arms around Yugi's neck as she
leaned in close to his face. A sly and sexy smile on her face. "Or perhaps
we can move this to a private place for a personal party? Just the two of

Yugi looked to the woman that had become his sexual servant and was tempted
to give up the whole date idea. 'Maybe I should move on to the next level of
sexuality with Mai?' Yugi thought as he felt a shiver run down his body. 'No,
I should stick with at least the plan of going to the dinner, at least.'

"That's possible for tonight, but first I thought that we might go to
somewhere to eat first. To gain strength for the night to come." Yugi said,
as he hinted at the possible sexual nature of the night.

"As much as I hate to admit it, that sounds like a plan. So we might as well
get going." Mai said as she unwrapped her arms from Yugi's neck. Only to
place his arm in one of hers, as she moved to his side. They left that way,
side by side.

Returning to the apartment that night...

Mai had convinced Yugi to come to her apartment that night, after the dinner.
It had taken a little pushing, but she managed to get him to agree. He had
made the call home to say that he was staying over at a friend's place.
'Which would be true,' Mai thought adding, 'But tonight we should be real
close friends if everything goes as plan.'

Her place was as it always was. A cosy place that could be used for amny
purposes. A part of her hope that Yugi would like it and would start to feel
the sexuality that was between them. A sexuality that was beginning to have
more built on it. During the dinner they had talked about their lives, with a
hidden agenda underneath it all. She seemed to have much in common with Yugi.
He had lost a parent as well, had developed an interest in games and had been
a lonely child for a time.

Then he had discovered skills at confidence and friendship that had altered
the fabric of his life. He had found a way to grow close to people. To be
able to get what he wanted in life and that was to be close to people, to
help people. It touched Mai in a place that she didn't know could be touched.
He had be a light that she had been attracted to like a moth before. But know
he was a flame that might burn her, but would could grant a deep hidden
desire that she didn't know she had.

She had a hunger to share in Yugi's happiness, to make him happy. That mixed
with the desire to have sex with him, transforming into an urge to make love.
But how to do it. She could strip for him to music, but that wasn't quite her
style. She could dance, but she wasn't skilled in that art for a really good
show. Her main strengths as they are now were shopping, seduction and games.

'Those last two,' Mai thought, 'If I were to combine the two of them somehow.
Yugi seems to have a natural instinct for games. He is called "King of
Games". He's a Duel Monsters superchamp, beating the likes of Marik, Kaiba
and Pegasus. He beat the creator of the Dungeon Dice Monsters game, Duke
Devlin, on his first time playing the game. It's likely that he would win any
game that I were to play with him. But if I could use that to may advantage
in a game with a sexual edge, like Twister or Strip Poker...' But what game
should she play?

'Best keep it to the classics for now. Even if a strip versions of Duel
Monsters or Dungeon Dice might seem slike a light of fun. And Twister doesn't
have enough disrobing for the plans I have to night,' She turned to where
Yugi had taken a set on the floor in the living room. Thoughts of her getting
him naked or of her stripping for him as part of his winnings crossed her
mind. 'This might be fun!'

She went to gather the cards that she could need for this particular game.
Then she walked over to where Yugi had been sitting, waiting for her next
move. She sat down and started to shuffle that playing cards that she had
gathered, a special pack that had been designed by Pegasus himself as a
early project. She loved the Duel Monster like images of the pictures of
face cards. She did it with the skills she had picked up while working for
the Casino cruise ships, even fudging her age so she could get work.
Fortunately for her she had developed early.

"So my Pharaoh, are you game?" she asked, still shifting the cards.

"I'm game for anything you want to play." He said, he face full of curiousity
of what it was that she was planning.

"The game is Strip Poker with jokers wild. We wager pieces of clothing that
we strip off for the pot. The winner of the pot takes the clothes. Are you
still game?" Mai asked as she held the cards.

"Sounds like fun, but I have one request. That the Millenium Puzzle not be
counted as clothing. I have a special attachment to it and I don't want to
have it wagered in our little game." Yugi said.

Mai was a little curious why it was that he didn't want that particular item
wagered. 'I wonder what it is that's so special about the necklace that he's
always wearing? Could it have sentimental value to him? A gift from a loved

"Agreed. However, I'll be the dealer. Let's get this game started." She said
she started to deal the cards.

A while later...

Mai was doing as well as she expected. She had managed well for clashing
heads with the "King of Games". She had won his jacket, shirt, pants, socks
and shoes. Yugi, on the other hand, had won all of her clothing except her
panties. The question of who would be naked first was riding on this last
hand of cards. Mai didn't know what Yugi had in his hand, but she seemed to
have a strong hand. Three queens and a pair of kings. Now it as all a
question of if Yugi was going to be able to beat this.

She stripped off her last piece of clothing, her panties, and added them into
the pot with a pile of Yugi's clothing. She was getting ready for the winning
blow. 'Either I loose, I get naked, and then seducing him. Or I win, he gets
naked and I seduce him to my bed. Either way, I'll win what I want. And it
was fun doing it this.'

"So my Pharoah, are you ready to up the ante? Are you ready to win the big
prize and go for everything? Perhaps even getting more than you think?" She
asked encouraging him to place that last bet. To get naked.

"I'll take that bet." Yugi said, with a smile. He took off his briefs and
tossed them into the pile of clothes. "So Mai, ready to show your hand?"

She toosed down the cards to reveal them to him. The images of the queens and
the kings were apparent to the young master of games. Mai looked to him to
see what his reaction would be. To see the image of smile cross his face.
"That's a good hand. But I have a better one." He said, pulling out the four
aces and the kind that was in his hand. "I take it that this means that I
win?" he said, playfully as he watched the surprise on her face.

'I don't know how he does it, but he always seems to have the luck and the
skill to pull off the most incredable moves in any game. I wonder if has
anything to do with the heart of the cards thing he's always talking about?'
She thought before she remembered that they were both naked at the moment.
Something that she had wanted. 'The next trick is to get him to the bedroom
for more fun and games.'

"My Pharaoh, I have other games that we can play... together. But we will
have to retire to the bedroom to fully take advantage of the... gamefield.
Plus there are game pieces that I keep in the room that might add to the fun
that we could have in the room." Mai said, trying to hint to the kind of
games that they might play in the room.

Yugi looked at Mai, acting like he was giving it deep thought about what it
was that he was about to do. A serious look crossed his face as he weighed
the options. It put Mai on the edge of her seat, trying to read his thoughts
from the little body language the boy gave. She hung on the answer.


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