Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
the rights to the Yu-gi-oh Series. I have no money and therefore not a good
suing target. Thank you very much.

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Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 14
by C. King ([email protected])

The girls looked at the man that was their master who had just asked them
to strip themselves so that they would begin their world of sex. Each was
thinking of the way to show off their bodies as they would dance only to
music that they could hear. A fraction of a moment passed before the two of
them started to groove. They began to dance in a manner that didn't match
each other, but as they watched each other they began to dance with the same

Vivian rubbed her hands across her body as she smoothed out the silk dress
that she was wearing as she wiggled herself in time. One hand started to
caress the breast that was dressed in the silk as another hand started to
move lower down the dress so that it came to bottom of the dress. That
second hand slipped up the inside of the chinese outfit and moved into her
undergarments. As she did this she licked her lips as if she was tasting
something tasty on her mouth, which was sexy to watch.

Serenity was trying to not be undone as she was not as experienced as the
former model as she tried to striptease her master. She was tugging at her
vest in a manner that looked cute and innocent, yet had the hint of the
erotic. Her pelvis twisted with a beat that was not there was she peeled
the vest off revealing a t-shirt that was loose against her body, showing
that she had not been expecting to been taken control of when she left her
home this morning. But now she belonged to Yugi Motou now and she was ready
to please. The Asian champion pulled her hair out with a sudden strike of
her hand that had been playing with her breast. Raven hair flowed like
ribbons from her head as they waved with her movements, swinging in a
hypnotic way in Yugi's view. Her hands returned to the dress so that it
could it could fiddle with the silken threads that held it close to her body
in a tight manner. Pulling them loose, her dressed remained on for a few
seconds before her moments caused them to flutter off her into a pull in the
room, revealing her bra and panties.

The younger Wheeler was trying to keep up with the martial artist that seemed
to have some kind of skill in the art of strip. So she pulled the shirt over
her head, while at the same time shook her torso so that her breasts shook
with her motions. She tossed that shirt away as her hands moved down her body
to pull at the shorts that she was wearing. Nibble fingers set to work on
those jean shorts so that they came undone in a few seconds and slipped down
her legs and on to floor as she stepped out of them. She was now also in her
underwear, just like Vivian.

Yugi's eyes lighted up as he watched these two girls boogie in their panties,
each trying to impress him with their bodies. In his mind, he enjoyed the
view of a hot bodies which were almost as good as Mai's. He thought, 'Mai is
my first love, so she is irreplacable. But I can still enjoy the beauty of
the woman that have decided to join my family.' His cock was slowly growing
in length as he gained his sexual energy from watching the two woman gyrate
in time with the beat of love.

The two woman were roaming their bodies with their hands, soft skin caressing
soft skin as the went. Vivian was rubbing her breasts again with her free
hand as her other hand was massaging her private parts. Vi tilted her head as
she moaned with pleasure that she seemed to be holding back.

The younger virgin was also rubbing her breasts with one hand so that it made
her gentle mounds dance with the invisble music. Her other hand was working
with the other end, smacking her ass so that it was turning a light pink
colour for the King of Games to see. Each time she smacked herself, she let
out a groan of joy.

Then it seemed that the music came to a climax, as the two women when to work
taking off their socks so that they were completely in their underpants. With
that final obsticle out of the way, they started to take off their final
piece of clothing that held them back from a nude state. Each one of girls
decided to start with a different piece of underwear. The champion decided to
start with her bra, her hand came up to the front of her tits with style as
her fingers took on the front facing hook that place the bra tightly against
her boobs so that the silk of the item was tight. The novice started her act
by slowly pulling off her panties as she bent over in front of Yugi, shaking
her as she slipped the cotton cloth off her body.

After both of them had taken off their first part of their twin clothing,
they threw them at Yugi in a way so that they each hit Yugi in the chest so
that they barely missed the millenium puzzle. Taking the panties that he
had just recieved from Serenity and took a good wiff of the scent that was
perfuming the undergarment. The scent of sex that was unique to that woman
was an intoxicating stimuli to him.

Vi smiled at the action as her hand continued underneath her panties as she
rubbed something into the silk with her fingers. One could see her fingers
move under the sensual cloth. Serenity merely enjoyed the fact that she had
pleased her master first as she moved her hands behind her and took off the
now uncomfortable bra and dropped it to the floor of the room.

Vivian, on the other hand, was ready to slide out of the underpants. With a
sharp shake of her hips, she removed the panties to reveal so that one could
see the slightly wet and glisting pussy. Pulling the cloth to her nose she
sniffed at it before she tossed it over to Yugi. The King of Games took a
wiff of this as well to increase his sexual hunger.

He was now nude with two nude women in the room with him, willing to fuck him
senseless. In his mind he could only think, "Life is good." But now came the
moment of choice, to select the woman that he would be having first during
his night of sexuality. The woman that would begin an orgy that would last
most of the night if they pulled it off right.

It was a very intersting choice to make as their sexual natures were quite
different than each other, differences that also shadowed their skills in the
game of Duel Monsters. Vivian was the champion of the game and was also more
experience with the art of lovemaking as she at least had to had sex with Mai
and Tea. One the other hand was the novice that was Serenity, a near virgin
in the game of Duel Monsters and a complete virgin in the arts of sex.

Should he go for an experienced fucking or should he break in his first
virgin, popping her vaginal cherry for his main course of sex tonight? This
was a hard choice to make, but Yugi knew that he would make the right choice.


Two women began a contest to cause the other one to come first, by using
their sexual experience at eating pussy to make the cum flow from the other's
pussy. All for the enjoyment of the woman that was sitting watching them try
to top each other, for her own personal pleasure before she would have sex
with one of the women in the contest.

Tea was working hard at making the egyptian woman to cum before she did,
using the skills that she had been developing by eating out Mai and Vivian
just hours before. She was using her tongue with care to hit the different
parts of the pussy that held pleasure for a woman when they were hit. She
was using all of those skills in her mission to win the contest that they
were in.

Ishizu was also trying to use skills to make the brunette dancer to cry out
in orgasm. Ishizu's advantage was the secrets that her homeland, secrets in
sexuality that had been hidden for centuries out of sight of normal eyes.
She had been kept underground for most of her life and she had little time
to experience life in the sun, all she had was the ancient secrets that she
had grown up in. Secrets that she was willing to use on Tea. While this was
going on, Mai was also getting ready to move into action. As tongues played
with the female clit, Mai was using her own fingers to stimulate her own
clit so that she could get her own juices going. Nails teased the clit as
she watched the women before her devour each other in a race to orgasm. The
winner didn't really matter as Mai would be the one eating out Ishizu next.

Ishizu began to use the secrets that she had learned from the writings that
had been literally on the walls of her home. Tales of how wives in the land
of Pharaohs pleasure their follow sisters in the harem as well as the
Pharaohs that held them there. Tricks that she was using now by trying to
hit the clusters of nerves that would send a woman howling with pleasure.

The dark skinned beauty had wished that she had some of the oils and
ointments that were created by master Egyptian wizards to create the greatest
pleasure for lovers to use. But she had to make do with the knowledge that
had been passed down from the harems of the pharaohs. Careful slipping of the
tongue down the love channel, moving from different selections of sensitive
nerves that could bring joy to the other woman. But it seemed that Tea has
also developed knowledge of those same nerves, trying to trigger her
sensitive parts before the Egyptian beauty could hit hers. However, Ishizu
also knew a few other tricks that she could use against the dancer that she
was dueling against. Nimble fingers went directly to the clit of the other
woman and started to massage it with the tips of her nails and the edges of
her finger points.

'It appears that Tea doesn't know about the other points that are connected
with this precious tool of sensuality. Or the points that are on the outside
of the body rather than those that are on the inside of the female body,
which can bring as much pleasure to a woman.' thought the tomb keeper's

Pressing hard on those points that are outside the body while she was hitting
the inner points with her tongue cause Tea to moan out in pleasure. So much
so that she stopped licking out Ishizu as she cried out in enjoyment, her
moans starting to become screams of excitement that seemed to fill the room.

This gave Ishizu the advantage in their little duel so she took the lead as
she continued to hit those points of pleasure that would drive the other
woman over the edge of orgasm. Tea was losing her mind as the dark lady
continued her work at making the woman of Domino break into an orgasmic bless
that would follow her cumming. Deciding it was time to make the final move,
she used her secret weapon.

The move was called the 'Twisting Lotus' and was a manipluating of the tongue
that was rare for people, common only to those that could roll their tongues
so that they could take the shape that was need for the move. With each roll
hitting on a different part of the pussy that would bring off the dancer so
that she would tremble with sexuality. With a twisting of that special organ
she began her final assualt.

Tea cried out with an explosive quality to it as her face took on the quality
of a woman who was having a great cumming. Her eyes closed as she as let out
a final moan before she collapsed on the woman from the tombs, a light
coating of sweat on her body made her skin glisten in a way that looked
erotic and seemed to cause her to glow. Ishizu moved so that Tea would be
moved off her so that she could get up and moved closer to Mai.

Mai had been busy herself as all of this had been going on, as she
masterbated herself to the actions of the two woman that we competing for
her. Each one working to bring the other off, each one making her horny as
she played with her clit and pussy. She had just finished having a small
orgasm of her own as she felt the dribbling of cum pour out of her pussy as
she moved her fingers into the hole that held that same fluids.

Mai brought up her cum coated fingers to her mouth so that she could have a
little taste of herself on her lips, she was delighted with the taste of that
she had. As she did this, Ishizu crawled over to her so that the Egyptian
woman was kneeling before her so that she was looking up to Mai. Mai smiled
as she looked at the tomb keeper's daughter, she moved her hand back to her
pussy gathering up more cum on her finger tips.

As she took up the cum on the fingers, and moved her hand so that it was
close to the crimson lips of the dark lady. Without a word, Ishizu moved so
that she was sucking on those fingers and devoured the cum that was on those
same tips. The lips of the dark haired woman curled in a smile as she drank
of those cum covered digits. Ishizu let out a little moan as she enjoyed the
taste of Mai, the taste of her mistress and alpha female of the family.

As Mai removed the now clean fingers from the other woman's mouth, Ishizu
moved closer to the woman that she desired. Soon the tomb keeper's lips were
on the lower lips of the Dueling Queen, hot breathe flowing over the love
channel as the Egyptian woman waited for her time to move. Ishizu's tongue
moved over the lips as she continued her feast of Mai's special sauce. Which
surprised Mai as she was the one who thought she was going to go down on

Mai decided to go with the flow as she let the other woman lick her out,
trying to drink in more of the juice that lurked with in Mai. Mai was having
the time of her life as the dark lady used all of her skills to make her have
a larger orgasm that would bring more of the precious jizz. Ishizu was also
using her tongue to play with Mai's clit a little bit as she continued to dig
deeper into Mai. Soon Ishizu was just focusing her tongue on the pussy and
her fingers took over the clit.

Mai smiled for a few seconds as she waited for the rush that would be coming
with the sexual pleasuring that she was having. It finally came with the
tickling of her lower body by Ishizu's skilled lips, and caused Mai to moan
out her enjoyment of her own sexuality being released by the other woman.

Mai moved her hands so that they were resting on the head of the dark skinned
woman that was eating her out, and began to play with the pressure points
that were on her head. Playful movements of the blonde's hands danced over
the temples so that Ishizu would feel a pleasent sensation flow from her
head. Hands played with the long, lucious hair that was used to tickle the
Egyptian woman so that she would giggle over Mai's cunt. Mai enjoyed the
feeling that she was not in control of the sex that she was having with
her partner, even though in the back of her mind she knew that she had the
most control over things other than Yugi. But she continued to enjoy the sexy
as she waited for herself to come from the eating out that she was getting
from her lover.

As she did that she could not help but wonder what was going on in the other
room with Yugi, Vivian and Serenity. What kind of orgy was happening behind
that closed door and how long before they all could enter that play.


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