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characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
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Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 13
by C. King ([email protected])

Yugi walked into the bedroom of his main consort, Mai. He had been here
before and knew some of the lay out of the land. Following behind him were
the two women to be introduced into his harem. They being the newest members
of his developing family. In the living room he knew that Mai, Tea and Ishizu
were getting to know each other as well.

As they closed the door, he thought about his next move. Turning to face the
women that were with him he savoured their beauty. Vivian with her mature
sensuality and Serenity with her youthful cuteness, both of which were his to
enjoy. Yugi knew what he wanted to do next.

"Girls, how about the two of you undressing me in the most sexual manner that
you can think of so that we can begin." Yugi said as he stood before the two
women. They looked at him with twin smiles with Vivian licking her lips in a
manner that was not unlike Mai when she wanted to turn him on.

"I have been waiting to see you naked for a long time now, Yugi honey!"
Vivian said as she moved closer to Yugi. She began by taking off the coat
that was part of Yugi's uniform. As she moved in close to take off the
jacket, she kissed him on the cheek with a firm pressure. She then threw
the jacket in a corner of the room as gave Yugi another good look over
before turning to Serenity.

"I always wanted a man that was as cool as my big brother and who better than
the best friend of my big brother?" Serenity as she slipped off some of the
leather belts and belt necklace off of Yugi's necklace. Taking care to avoid
taking off the millenium puzzle, knowing that it was very important to Yugi
because her brother had told her so. Serenity looked at Vivian who looked
curious. 'Likely wondering what I didn't touch the millenium puzzle that was
hanging around Yugi's neck.'

Vivian taking a cue from Serenity that it might not be a good idea to take
off the golden amulet that was hanging around the neck of Yugi. She decided
to just stick with the other clothing that was on Yugi's sexy body. Staring
with the t-shirt that he was wearing under his coat so that she could see
his upper torso, perhaps getting a look at any muscles that might lay
beneath. Sliding it smoothly off of Yugi's body the appearance of the body
was revealed. It was tone but there was not sculpted muscles like those on
a body builder. Still it was sexy in it's own way.

Vivian took a sniff at the piece of cloth that she now held in her hands,
revealing in the scent of the man that was before her. It held the musky
scent of Yugi's sweat mixed with another fragrance that had to be the
deodourant that he wore. Vi began to think, 'This must be what he uses to
cover up that manly scent so that the women don't mob him in the streets.
Too bad girls, he's with me and my girls now!'

Serenity was also enjoying the view of the Yugi's upper body. In her mind she
thought, 'He looks strong without looking freakish like some of those other
strongmen. Something that could protect us, yet also be something that we can
snuggle against at night.' Serenity decided to accent the moves that Vivian
were doing. So she raised the legs of her master and slipped off the boots
that he normally wore. Making it one step easier to take off the pants.

Vivian guessed what it was that Serenity was planning, nodding with the idea
that the young woman was having about their master. She push Yugi gentily
down on Mai's bed as she slide the zipper down Yugi's pants, then she moved
quickly to remove the pants off. Yugi was wearing a pair of boxers that had
the designs of the Dark Magician on them in various poses.

Vivian and Serenity had to share a laugh at the playful nature of the boxers
that they were now seeing. Each knew that the Dark Magician was the signature
card of the duellist, the trump card that had always protected him from
danger and had helped him win at least one God card. They just didn't know
how strong the bond was or how deep it went, so to speak.

Yugi listen to their laughter and the looks on their faces, his mind telling
him that they were not laughing at him but at something they found funny.
That their 'man' was wearing boxers were such a youthful look on them,
showing that he did have a playful innocent side that still existed. Yugi
just hope that the girls would find that an attractive trait that would bring
them closer together.

Serenity's turn was next as she removed the boxers that the girls had
developed the giggles over. It was through the removed of those shorts that
the objects that their girls had been thinking of had been reveal. The
precious treasure of Yugi's manhood which was known as his cock, the powerful
male organ that was to be placed in their female palaces of pleasure.

The girls smiled at the emergence of the rod that was strating to gain height
from the rising of flesh. Vi had a sly look on her face as she saw what she
wanted while Serenity had her eyes opened in surprise as it was the first
male cock that she had ever seen before. But still the job was not finished
until their man was naked. Their was one last pair of objects that had to be
removed to finished that goal.

Vi knew that it was up to her to make finished the job that she had started
when she had first began to take off the clothing of their master. She bent
over so that she could reach the socks that were on Yugi's feet while at the
same time showing off her tight ass so that Serenity and Yugi could get a
good look at it. She even started to shake it a little in circular motions
as she took the last pieces of cloth of her man.

Finally, Yugi was naked and ready for the two women that he was about to fuck
the minds out of. But first, "Girl, it's your turn to get your clothes off so
that your master can show you the pleasure! So I think that it is time for
the two of you to strip for me." Yugi said as he lay on the bed, only his
puzzle around his neck.

Meanwhile, in the puzzle...

Yami was watching the events that were occuring around him. Everything was
occuring in a way that was making Yugi's life more... pleasant than the one
that he had before. In Yami's mind, "Yugi has made friends that will stand by
his side for life. Collected a family of beautiful woman that will keep him
happy for the rest of his days and has enough wealth to take care of those
that he loves."

"I know that I have to take care of Yugi now while I still have the time to
do it. It is possible that once I collect my memories that I will no longer
be here with Yugi to protect and guide him. I have to work hard to repay my
abiou for the gift of friendship that he has given me. A treasure that is
beyond any price that I have ever known. For that, I am eternally in his
debt." Yami said to himself as he studied his soul room.

"There is still much to do before we begin our next adventure, one that
could be the last adventure that I will be able to go on." Yami was getting
a feeling that he would soon be crossing over to another world, a world that
he was suppose to go to many centuries before. One that he had been prevented
from going over to so that he could protected the world from an evil that he
had forgotten. Even the fact that he didn't even know why he forgotten it
bother him a little.

"Why did I forget my past? Was it so horrible that I didn't want to remember
it? Or was it way that I developed to save the world from the evil that I
once knew." Yami's thoughts turned to the little that he did know. The memory
stone had shown him that he had once fought what looked to be an incarnation
of Seto Kaiba in what looked to be a Duel Monsters battle. A fragment of
strangeness that was his past.

Then there were the flashes that he got from the exposure that he had with
the Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh. Memories of a more sexual side to his
life in the anicent past. The images of two women popped up in his mind. One
was a woman that looked like Ishizu with the same darkened skin, but dressed
in robes and golden jewelry that was out of the kingdoms of Old Egypt.

"Only she didn't keep those robes on too long after I see her in those
visions." Yami remembers as this woman seemed to be a teacher, instructing
him on the passages that he had learned from the scrolls that had once held
the Wisdom Yugi held in book form. They had passionate, loving sex with each
other even if Yugi didn't remember her as a wife or girlfriend of his. Only
a close friend who was willing to share herself with him when needed.

But that was not the only woman that popped in his mind. There were many
others that filled his mind, many of which involved ceremonies that looked
like they were religious in nature that involved him having sex in a certain
way while everyone watched in awe and joy.

Ritualized sexuality that he had to do to bring happiness to the people of
his land, happiness linked to the prosperity of their narrow field of land.
To bring the floods of the Nile so that crops would grow and feed the people
of the land of the Pharaohs. But there was another woman that held a more
intimate relationship with him, a woman that wasn't a wife or girlfriend but
a friend as close to him as Yugi and the gang. The surprising thing was that
she looked a lot like the image of the Dark Magician Girl that he and Yugi
used in their decks, similiar yet with many other differences.

She was dressed in off-white robes that were accented in what looked like
gold jewlery with minor gemstones or beads in the same accents. Her skin was
darker than the Dark Magician Girl, going to the same shade as Ishizu and the
woman in his memory had brunette hair instead of the blond of the Magician

In his mind there was a interesting paradox about her, a tomboy that could be
very feminine when she wanted to be, like when she took him into his bed. A
sweet woman that could turn savage during their love making. In Yami's mind
there was a natural tendancy to link this woman with the image of magic as
well, as if she was a sorcerer or some kind of witch. An urge to encourage
the young woman when they were together was also in his mind.

"Who are these people that I am starting to remember? I know deep in my heart
that they are my friends and I might even go as far as to say that they are
my family. But why did I leave them behind when I sealed myself in the
Millenium Puzzle? Why did I make myself forget them if they were so important
to me?" Yami asked himself, wanting to scream as he confront his past in the
maze of his mind.

"I can only hope that in time I will find out the reasoning behind all of the
mysteries that I have placed myself under, to see if it was really worth it
as I tried to protect the world from evil." Yami tried to calm himself as he
watched what Yugi was doing, wondering what Mai was doing in the other room.


Mai was looking at the bodies that were before them. The three woman that had
been left in the living room knew that they wanted to get to know each other
as soon as possible. So they had slipped out of their clothes in the way
known for it's speed and ability to protect the clothes that one was wearing.
Soon they were nude in the daylight that came from the covered windows,
lightly tinted by the cloth that hung on those same panes of glass.

She was enjoying the view of the sexy woman that she was with. The dancer's
body that belonged to Tea, maintained with exercised gain by the constant
dance routines of the teen. The dark skinned, exotic sensuality of Ishizu
that hinted at the ancient land that she came from. A land of mysteries and
powers that was made flesh in the book that had made this family possible,
the Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh.

The blond duellist could only smile as she thought of the next move. In her
mind, 'I want to taste some of that Egyptian pussy, to have a little bit of
the extraordinary today. But the question is, should I wait and have Tea go
first? Go in myself with full force ahead, going down on that carpet? Or
should I double team her with Tea so that Ishizu doesn't know which way is
up?' The head of the harem started to choose from the different paths before

Deciding to be a good queen today, she decided that she would let her
subjects get on with each other first. Opening her mouth she said, "Tea, why
don't you go down on Ishizu first? Warmer her up first before I try my luck
with her, making sure that she feels welcomed before I teach her about life
in this harem."

Tea smiled at her queen as she replied, "Sure, Mai. I'll start up Ishizu's
engines and get her purring before you take her out for a test ride. Bet I
can get her roaring in less than five minutes." Tea then winked at the blond
in an impish, yet sexual way.

"Perhaps," purred Ishizu, "I might be the one to get your engine roaring? I
do know a couple of 'mechanical' techniques from my homelands that might make
you be the one going from zero to orgasm in under five minutes." The dark
beauty gave a sly smile that hinted at her own skills.

"So I guess that this might be a little contest to see who might get the
other off first, using the skills that each woman has learned to make the
other experience pleasure first? " The High Queen asked the lesser queens as
they looked at her with a hint of surprise and pleasure in their eyes. Each
one wanting to impress the woman that they both desired the most, a desire
that was second only to their love for Yugi.

Ishizu made the first move, heading to the couch that was in the living room
and taking a place on it that made her look like one of the queens on the
walls of an Egyptian tomb. Her hair hanging free giving her a wild look, she
asked Tea, "Are you ready to begin or are you willing to give up now to avoid

The blue-eyed girl just smiled as she marched over to the couch and took her
place on it. Soon the two of them were in the clasic sixty-nine position.
With her mouth free, Tea said, "I play to win. Bring it on!"

Mai took a seat so that she could get a good look at the action that was
about to begin with the two woman that she had encouraged into sexuality. She
saw that they were both looking at her as if they were waiting for her to
give the word that would allow them to begin with their erotic contest. As
the highest ranking member in their harem, it looked like it was up to her to
start it.

Watching as the two woman hovered over the other's body parts, the blond knew
that she held true power over these two woman. Power that she would have to
respect as it was a gift from her beloved Yugi that she held only because of
him. She knew that these were the days that she had been waiting for since
she had left to strike out on her own. She was no longer alone, she had a
true family.

With a lot of deep contentment, she spoke one word, "Begin!" The contest
started as Mai purred with delight.


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