Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
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Codes: hp, magic, mc, rom

Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 12
by C. King ([email protected])

Serenity finished with using the stall of the rest room and was washing her
hands. While she was doing this, she watched Ishizu dry her hands off with
a couple of piece of paper towels. Serenity had to admit that she was a
beautiful woman.

Then Ishizu turned to Serenity. "Serenity, I could I ask you a favour?"
Ishizu said, one of her eyes was closed for some reason.

"Sure, Ishizu." Serenity said as she grabbed a couple of paper towels and
started to dry her hands.

"I want to look at my eye. I think that I have something stuck in it that is
causing me some irritating." Ishizu said, adding, "I want to to keep your
eyes on my eye."

"Of course. I would love to help you out." Serenity said, as she concentrated
on the eye of the exotic woman. Ishizu opened her eyes, and form a moment
Serenity couldn't see anything that could be causing all of the trouble that
Ishizu was talking about. Then Ishizu eye turned golden and so did the rest
of Serenity's world.

Serenity then heard Ishizu's voice talking, filling her mind. "Serenity, you
are in a happy state. Floating without care, worry or thought. As I countdown
from five, you will go deeper and deeper into this state till at the number
one you loose all thought or will."

"Five... four... loosing everything to gain your happiness... three... two...
about to fall completely... one." Ishizu said, as Serenity felt herself let

"Serenity, you have discovered that Yugi has a harm that is compose of
myself, Tea Gardner and Mai Valentine. You have also discovered that you have
fallen in love with Yugi. You have also developed a respect for Mai as a big
sister and mistress of the harem." Ishizu said, as Serenity realized that it
was the truth.

'Yugi is the hottest man in the world. I love him with all of my life. Plus
Mai has alway been like a big sister to me. Helping my brother regain my
sight and encouraging me were she could.' Serenity thought to herself, under
the trance.

"You are also a bisexual woman, who is interested in women as well as men.
The only man for you is Yugi, but you are open to multiple women in your bed.
The top one being Mai, followed by Tea, myself and who ever else Yugi selects
for his main harem." Ishizu told Serenity as Ishizu prepared the younger
woman. "You find you fellow harem sisters very sexy and would love to make
love to them, especially if Yugi can watch or join in." Serenity mind
revealed images of Mai, Tea and Ishizu nude. Nude with each other, nude with
her, nude with Yugi. Each image was sexual in nature and was turning the
young fifteen year old on. A part of her mind was willing to run out of the
bathroom and allow herself to be lead to Yugi's love nest. 'So Hot!!' was her
only thought.

Ishizu spoke again, "Whenever you hear the words 'Serenity Nap' spoken by Mai
or Yugi, you will fall into this trance state only deeper. Whenever you hear
the words 'Serenity Awake', you will return to the waking state. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Serenity said, softly and sleepily. As she said this,
Ishizu took a look around. Then she seemed to make a decision.

"When you return to Yugi, your brother and their friend, you will make the
suggestion of traveling with Yugi and myself. Then after that we can return
to Mai's apartment. While going there, Yugi can tell you about his interest
and things he would like you to be interested in. Plus you can meet the rest
of the harem." Ishizu told Serenity. Then pausing for a minute, Ishizu spoke
the keywords. "Serenity Awake!"

Serenity blinked her eyes for a few seconds before she fulled awoke to her
new life. She looked deeply at Ishizu and smiled. "So do you have any hint
about where we are going?" Serenity asked, the look in her eyes revealing
that she was completely in the harem. "Only one way to make sure." Ishizu
said as she lead the two of them out to the booth where Yugi and his friends
were. As they approached, Joey rose to greet his little sister.

"Welcome back Sis." Joey said, as he waved at her.

"Hi big brother. Ishizu was telling all of these amazing stories about the
ways that ancient Egyptians. It's full of things that I can't even imagine.
Ishizu promised that she could give me a tour around the Egyptian Exhibit.
If it's alright with you..." Serenity asked her brother.

"I think that it would be okay, if those two will be doing the supervising
over you. I don't want mother angry with me because you're getting into
trouble." Joey said, a serious appearance crossing his face. "If that's
alright with you, Yug?"

"It would be a pleasure to show her around with Ishizu and myself." Yugi said
as he got up to clean some of the table off. "We will have to leave as soon
as possible, as I don't want to waste time to gaining the information that I
need to help out a friend." Yugi said as he smiled at the thought about
helping out Atem.

"Well, I guess that it's time for us to split up. Just given me a call when
Serenity is done." Joey said, as Tristen and himself made their move to

That soon left Yugi and the two young women alone with each other. The three
soon were standing on the streets, looking forward to the walk that would
lead them to their arrival point. Mai's apartment. Each woman took an offered
arm of the short young man. They also began to walk close to him so that
their bodies touched and rubbed against him, in a subtle, sexy way.

The sight did cause both men and women to look at the strange trio that was
making their way down the street, but the three of them didn't care as they
were more interested in each other.

"So Yugi, where are we going?" Serenity asked, curious about the location
that they were traveling to. "I get the impression that it isn't to the
exhibit." Serenity smiled as she moved in close to Yugi.

"We're going to meet Mai and Tea at Mai's apartment. They went out shopping
this morning, but they should be home by now. Mai even hinted that she might
bring home any sexy woman that they might find to be possible new members of
our family." Yugi said softly, so few would hear. Yugi wasn't sure that the
world was ready for him to reveal that he was gaining a harem.

"We were also going to tell Tea and Mai the good news that we have. The fact
that we have a new house for all of us to share with each other. It is large
enough for all of us plus any number of children that we might decide to
have." Ishizu said, her hand on Yugi's back moving slowly down his body.

"Actually, it's more like a mansion than a house. It's in the city, yet
private for when we want to be by ourselves. It also has space for anything
that we need." Yugi said, grinning at the action of the women that were with

"Oh, I wished that I could live with you guys in that house and become a
member of Yugi's family." Serenity said, her voice slightly above a whisper.
"But I am pretty sure that my mother wouldn't allow me to live with you guys
in that kind of way."

"Well, I am pretty sure that if she was to talk to me or one of the other
women that we might be able to convince her around to that kind of thinking."
Yugi spoke, remembering the powers that he held and shared with the women in
his harem.

"I wonder what it is that the girls are doing right now?" Yugi asked, as they
continued on their way.

"Of course, it might have been helpful if we all had cell phones, Yugi. That
way we could keep in touch with each other no matter what it is that is going
on." Ishizu said, trying to advice Yugi on handling his harem in the best
manner possible.

"That's going on my 'To do' list.' Yugi answered, nodding in agreement.

Later, at Mai's apartment complex...

Mai laid back on her bed, with two beautiful women on either side of her.
Both of whom were sleeping soundly as they waited for their master to return
home to the three of them. She had plenty of excerise with the two women that
shared her bed, but she was ready for more playing once Yugi got home with
his surprise.

She had also learned that Vivian was skilled in the art of accupressure. To
the point that she could remove pain or cause it to return with a simple
touch. Or she could do the same thing with pleasure. The "Touch of Hathor"
hypnosis training did fit in with her special techniques. She could even
deliver it with a smooth and rapid motion.

All Mai had been looking at when she had selected Vivian was an attractive
Duellist. What she had got was a sexy duellist, bodyguard, model and
accupressure expert. A person of many role, each helping the family out more
and more. 'It was one of my best accidental moves.' Mai thought to herself.

It was then that the phone rang. Mai knew that her buzzer for her apartment
was hooked into the phonelines. The blonde moved gracefully to the phone that
she kept in her room. Picking it up, she answered "Hello?"

The voice on the other end of the phone was one that she had been waiting
for. "Yugi? You've finished your business with Ishizu? What's that? You have
another surprise for me and Tea? Well, I have gotten a surprise for you. I
have picked up a friend that wants to become family. I'll buzz you into the

Mai pressed the number on the phone that triggered the door so that it would
soon open it's self. Once the buzzing noise stopped, Mai began to shake awake
her fellow women. "Rise and Shine girls! Master is on his way up and we want
to look pretty for him." There was a sudden rush of activity as the girls
moved to get into some new clothes that would make them look good for the
collective man in their lives.

For Mai and Tea that was easy as Mai lived in the apartment and Tea had just
been shopping for new clothes. Vivian had to make due with the clothes that
she had been wearing when she had been seduced by Mai's techinque. But the
Asian champion seemed to know some kind of skill that allowed her to get rid
of the wrinkles in her dress whiles she was wearing it.

"Where did you pick up that trick?" Tea asked Vivian.

"It was something that I learned when I started modelling. It's help to use
when you have wrinkles in the designer dress your suppose to be showing a
crowd of fashion elites!" Vivian said, with quite a bit of pride over what
she had done in her life.

The trio were dress neatly and quickly for their meeting with their master,
even if they had no time to put on make up for him. Soon their heels were
clicking on the floor as they headed to the front door of the apartment. Mai
was, as expected in the lead.

The door opened and Yugi walked in. He was soon scooped up into Mai's arms,
his moving around her as well. Their lips met with a fiery passion. Soft
moans were released as their tongues danced with their love. A minute passed
and someone innocently cleared their voices. Mai and Yugi pulled away from
either other, a naughty look crossing their faces.

The two groups of three looked at each other, before Yugi nodded and spoke.
"Well, I am Yugi Muto. Behind me are Serenity Wheeler and Ishizu Ishtar."

Mai nodded and continued with the introduction on her half. "I am Mai
Valentine, this is Tea Gardner." Mai said as she pointed to Tea. "And Vivian
Wong." Mai said as she pointed to the other woman. "I believe that we are all
here for the same reason." She said as she moved to close the door.

Once the door was closed and locked, Vivian was the first to speak. "I
believe that we are all wanting to be members of Yugi's personal harem. To
be sister wives in a group marriage." Vivian said, her mouth slightly up on
one side as she smirked at the idea. "I believe that is the general idea."
Ishizu said, smiling softly back at the cocky woman.

"I'm just not sure that my mother will be willing to have me join Yugi even
without the idea of a harem setting." Serenity said, her eyes lowering to
the floor as she sighed. Mai went over to the young woman. Before her
transformation by her beloved, she had thought of Serenity as a little
sister. Now, with her introduction, Mai thought of her as something... more.
"Serenity, Don't worry about. Yugi has been teaching all of use special
techniques to use in situations like this. Just stay the night, and by
morning we all should be able to help your mother understand." Mai said with
a smile.

Yugi came up behind Mai and whispered in her ears the command words that
Ishizu had told him would place Serenity into a trance. Once that was
finished, Yugi walked over to the couch as he was followed by the girls.
Tea and Ishizu were lucky enough to sit next to each other. Each woman
placed a hand on the leg of the King of Games, rubbing it up and down

"Well, I have some good new. With Ishizu's help, I have set up a master bank
account that we will all have access to. We will all put in a large portion
of our collective wealth into the account to pay for things that will help
out the family. I have also procceed to buy a small mansion in the city that
is private, but located with in distances of most of downtown." Yugi told
them, letting his words sink in.

"Within a week, I should have it ready for most of us to move into. It comes
fully funished, but we will be able to fix it to our tastes. My grandpa and
mother are okay with my moving and I have talked to Tea's parents. They too
have accepted the news. Mai and Ishizu should be able to move into the build
with realtive ease. I am not sure about Vivian's arrangements, but I should
be able to talk to Serenity's mother. I know that I can convice her." Yugi
said, a sly look on his face.

The girls nodded, though Serenity looked a little nervious about the
interaction that might occur with her mother. But their were other things on
her mind than her mother. Mai could tell by the look in her eyes. It was the
same one that was in her eyes when she looked at Yugi. 'Or any of the other
sexy ladies that have gathered here today.' Mai thought as the other women
gave each other looks. Hungry looks.

"So what do you plan on doing now, Yugi love?" Mai asked her mate. He was her
master after all. He would be the one to decide their next moves.

"Well, I was thinking of having some 'quality' time with Serenity and my
new friend Vivian in the bedroom. Then Mai and Tea could get to know Ishizu
better out here. Then later we could see what we can do with each other."
Yugi said, his eyes going over the body of Vivian and Serenity. The eyes of
the two women that had been selected lit up as they looked over their man.

Mai turned to the dark complectioned woman and the woman of the group that
she knew the longest. She smiled. 'I don't mind playing clean up for my Yugi
love.' She thought as she said, "I believe that the three of us would love
to get to know each other better. Have fun you three!"

Yugi got up, quickly followed by Vivian and Serenity as they headed to Mai's
bedroom. Mai got up and took the place of the now departed man. Sitting
between the two woman, she took their hands and moved them to her legs.
"Let's talk, girls." was Mai's cry as she got ready to have some more lesbian

In her mind, Mai was glad that she had also memorized the tricks in the
Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh to keep on fucking all night long. "I'm
going to need it, just like my master."


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