Disclaimer: This is a parody inspired by the works of Mr. Takahashi. All
characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
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Codes: fFF, hp, magic, mc, rom

Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 11
by C. King ([email protected])

Mai sat and waited, wondering when it would be that her 'student' would be
trying to go over the lessons that she had just learned. The fact that said
student had just recieved a punishment of ten slaps to the ass, she knew that
it might not be long.

It wasn't as Vivian started to crawl over to Mai, moving slowly so that her
body jiggled at movement. Her head was up looking at Mai, on her face was a
look like she wanted to please her teacher. To gain the respect of her
'elder'. She licked her lips in a manner that looked sensual to Mai.

"That's it Student Wong. Make it look as sexy as you can make it before you
begin your sexual experience." Mai said with a smile. She motioned to the
pussy that she had revealed to Vivian as her target of choice.

Vivian nodded her head she knew what it was that she was suppose to do. As
she reached Mai, she bent over and started to kiss Mai. Starting on her feet,
kissing the leather of her shoes, she moved up the stocking on her legs.
Moving closer and closer to the open cunt. Mai was loved the feeling of the
other woman kissing up her body. It made her feel like a powerful, femimine
figure. One that held great sexual powers over other people, being able to
control people with a flick of her fingers. But she knew that the best was
yet to come.

Vivian was beginning to kiss the area of Mai's mound. The area around her
pussy, making the 'teacher' tingle. Then Vivian moved to kiss the clit of Ms.
Valentine. Her tongue moved the little nub around. Down, up, left, right and

Each motion of the clit was making Mai more erotically charged. The fact that
she had just seen two hot women have wild sex didn't help her hold back her
orgasm. She let loose a tiny one, enough of one to cause her to shake. To
cause her to release her fluids as she shivered from the delight.

Once the fluid started to flow, Vivian took this as her lead to start eating
out Mai. Her lips moved quickly over Mai's lower lips. A strange kiss occured
as Vivian breathed into the pit of pleasure, causing a trembling pleasure
sensation. Vivian also started to drink in the cum that was now flowing into
her mouth. Her tongue was tangling it's self, gathering the precious white

"Oh, Yes! You have learnt well Student Wong. You have been paying attention
to your lesson with Student Gardner. But now is the time to make it your own.
Try to add an element to your behavour so that it becomes your own move."
Mai said, keeping control as she was feeling the erotic sensation of her
'student'. Vivian was doing a great job, but Mai was curious of Vivian could
expand beyond what she had experienced.

Vivian looked up at Mai for a second from between the other woman's legs. She
then performed something that Mai didn't know was possible. Vivian's fingers
started to hit different points on her body around her mound. Mai felt sudden
jolts of pleasure from where ever Vivian hit her, with the pleasure moving
like a river down to her pussy. The strange pleasure was making her pussy
more sensitive to touch. With Vivian's tongue licking her, Mai was on the
edge of having her mind blown.

'I wonder where Vivian learnt to do those pressure points tricks. Must be
something that she picked up in China. I am trying to remember what I
know about her, but with her tricks it is becoming harder and harder to
concentrate.' Mai thought to herself.

Out loud she said, "Excellent job, Student Wong. What a clever twist to your
pleasuring method. Continue this and you might recieve an A Plus." Mai smiled
as she looked down at her partner. She waited to see what else was next. It
was another surprise for the woman that thought that she had complete control
over the Duelling champion.

Vivian was using her tongue to hit pressure points from within Mai's own
cunt. Causing a rolling sense of enjoyment to flow over Mai, comming from the
very centre of her. The fact that Vivian was so skilled at the ability to use
accupressure reminded Mai of the Touch of Hathor that she had used on Yugi.
'I wonder what Vivian could do with the help of the Strength and Wisdom of
the Pharaoh.'

Like a musical instrument, Vivian was playing with Mai. Causing Mai to cry
out with moans that resembled a song. The urge to orgasm cause her to hit the
higher notes, while the coming down from that feeling cause her to let off a
lower note. Combining those feelings cause a melody of sex to occur. Mai
couldn't quite tell what the song it was that her moans were playing out, but
it seemed to be something with asian roots.

Mai could see Tea from behind Mai's hooded eyelids, grinning as she nodded
her head in time with the strangely beautiful music. "That's great Vi! Play
her till she cums. Make her orgasm come in time with the music." Tea said
with a wide smile. Mai could only let out a throaty growl as she kept in
time with the playing of Vivian.

'It lo-ooks like Vi-iv-ian knows the-ah human bod-ee wel-el-ell.' Mai thought
to herself, her thoughts loosing cohesion. It was like she was in a maelstrom
of chaos. For a second, it stopped as Vivian looked up at Mai again, her lips
white from cum. She gave a smile as she winked at Mai. 'The student has come
out of her shell. What is she going to do next?' Then the tongue entered
Mai's hole once again. Twisting like a drill, it burrowed into the channel
that was naturally there. The tip and sides of that organ were bumping into
the sides of tube. Each sparking a new sexual power in Mai. It looked like
Vivian was preparing to use her finishing move to bring Mai off. Mai got
ready for her next orgasm, know that this time it would be a larger movement
than the one that she had the beginning.

Another surprise hit as Vivian made quick sudden strikes from within her
pussy. Like rapid fire from a gun, there were sudden explosions within Mai
that were reflected by sudden explosive orgasms that occured in rapid fire.
"Oh, VIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" MAi cried out as she let the power of those orgasms
come over her. Her hips thrusted forward with the power of the woman cumming.
She could feel her internal muscles squeezed the tongue of the other woman.

Deciding that their sex play was finished, Mai let out the words that would
awaken Vivian from her hypnotise role. "Class Dismissed!" The memories of the
last minute flowed into Vivian's mind as he true mind came back. Or at least
the true mind that Mai had created for her.

Vivian slowly rose in front of Mai. "So do you think that my Yugi-kins will
like me?" She said in a sexy, yet sly voice.

"I think that he won't know what hit him. Welcome to the family, Vivian." Mai
said as she tried to catch her breath.

"So how about we have more fun while we wait for our master to come home. I
can teach you some of the accupressure skills that I learnt during my martial
arts career." Vivian said with a smile.


Yugi has just come from the realtor, having finished his business with that
company. The new home that he hoped to share with the women in his life had
been bought and paid for. They had also made arrangements for the moving of
his new family's items into the home. 'I hope that Mai and Tea like the new
home. It was hard trying to find room for all of use and the possible
children that we could have.' Yugi thought to himself.

'Plus I wanted it located where we could reach everything that we would want
visit with ease. Shops, parks and schools. All with easy access. Plus it has
a huge garage so that we can place the cars and bikes that girls own.' Yugi
knew that Mai had her beloved convertable. But he had also discovered that
Ishizu had developed an interest in motorcycles like her brother Marik.

Now they were on their way to meet with Mai and Tea at her appartment.
Perhaps even meeting a new girl or two that Mai might want to add to the
harem that Yugi had collected.

It was as they were walking through town that they stumbled across Tristan,
Joey and Serenity. They called over to him and Ishizu. Deciding that he had
to deal with his friends sooner or later, he headed over. He also took a look
at Serenity, who was growing into an attractive young woman of fifteen.

"So Yug, what are you and Ishizu doing out with each other? Talking about
that old stone that's going to help the Pharaoh?" Joey said as he looked at
the two of them. 'It would blow his mind if he knew the truth.' Yugi thought
to himself as he reviewed in his mind his answer. "Yes, we were just looking
for a place to eat and discuss the Millenium Stone. I need to find a way over
to Egypt so that I can reveal the Pharaoh's memory."

"Why don't we look for a place to eat together. We were just looking for a
place to eat ourselves." Tristan said with his eyes gazing over to Serenity,
his crush showing. "Okay." Yugi said as he followed his friends into a place
that they could get something to eat. In Yugi's mind, he realized how
attractive Serenity was. She was fifteen years old and was turning into a
very attractive woman. One that would make a great addition to his harem.

Yugi turned to Ishizu and used his eyes to point to Serenity, in a way so
that the others didn't notice. Ishizu nodded her head as she got the picture.
Then the five of them headed out to find a place to eat.


The five of them had found a fast food joint that was in the price range
of Yugi's friends. Ishizu commented that it was still unusal for her to
experience things like this after living most of her life underground in
the Pharaoh's crypt.

After that most of their conversation had turned to the Pharaoh's stone and
the events that occured in Battle City. While this was going on, Yugi was
looking for an opening to hypnotise his friends. Making them understand his
new life. He was looking for the right moment.

"Excuse me, I have to go to the washroom." Serenity said as she moved to get
up. "I believe that I'll join you." Ishizu said as she smiled to Yugi, giving
him a hidden wink. Yugi figured out that Ishizu was about to add to his
harem. This would also give him a chance to change the mind of his friends.
Especially Joey if Serenity was about to join his harem.

The girls left soon after that, allowing Yugi to make his move. Fortunately,
he was across from his friends. "Guys, I want to show you something that I
have discovered. I need you to look into my eyes."

"Okay Yug." "Sure, Yugi." Came the replies as the two men looked into the
shorter man's eyes. They soon lost their thoughts as Yugi's eyes took on a
golden colour.

"Relax guys. Relax and focus on my voice. Focus on the words of my voice.
Listen and loose yourselves in my voice. As I count back from ten, you will
gain focus while loosing your thoughts. When I hit one you will be competely
focused and completely free of thoughts." Yugi said as he held their eyes.
Then he slowly turned off the 'Eyes'.

"Ten... nine... eight... drifting slowly down to focus... seven... six...
five... halfway down, soon you will be free of thoughts... four... three...
two... you will be completely focus and free of your thoughts... ONE!!!"
Yugi said as he finished his induction.

The two young men's eyes took on a glazed look as Yugi moved to the next
step. "Guys I have to tell you some news. You will accept that news with
understanding. You will be happy for me with this news and be willing to
help me with it."

"I have been building a harem of lovers. Included is the head of my harem and
the woman that I love the most, Mai. Also included in that harem is Tea and
Ishizu. Soon I will be adding Serenity." Yugi said telling them about the
nature of his new life.

"Joey you are happy that your sister is going to belong to a loving family.
Happy that she is going to be with me. Plus you no longer have a romantic
relationship with Mai. You do have a platonic friendship with her that
borders on a brother sister relationship. Joey you have moved on to other
women." Yugi said as he took care of the problems that might occur with

"Tristan, you have also lost your crush on Serenity and moved on to other
women. You will feel happy for me was well." Yugi said, taking care of the
problems that might occur with his other friend.

"When ever you hear me say the words Dark Magician Pie, you will enter this
trance state once again. You will be willing to accept any commands in my
voice only. You will then awaken when I say Awake!" Yugi said, giving himself
a backdoor.

Then Yugi took a deeper breath as he prepared to take the final step and
awaken his friends. Then with one word, he released his friends, "Awake!"
Yugi watched as the light came back to their eyes, as they become more and
more aware of their surroundings. Then they looked at Yugi with admiration.
"So Yug, how is it having a harem? I sure wished that I could have as much
luck with the woman." Joey asked.

"Yeah, Yugi. We are dying to know about you new life." Tristan said as he
looked at Yugi.

"Well, it has it's perks. But it needs a lot of work as well to take care of
all of the women as well as yourself. It takes work and care with everything
that you can do." Yugi said, hoping that they would get a picture of a more
serious look at his new life. Joey nodded and said, "It's good to know that
my sister is going to be well taken cared of." Then he moved on. "So Yug, do
you have any tips that you can give us that might help us to find our own

"I bet that he can. If he managed to catch four women into his harem, he can
sure help us to get at least one women interested in us." Tristan said.

"I would guys, but my methods are my little secret. But I can put in a good
word with the women that you might be interested in. Or I can send one of my
girls to encourage them to be more excepting of you guys." Yugi said with a

"Of course, Joey could use all the luck he could get with women. Especially
with that face of his." Tristan joked as he laughed.

That just caused Joey to turn to Tristan, his face red with his anger. "Like
you would do an better with the ladies. With a goofy haircut like that." That
caused Tristan to turn red as well with his anger.

"Don't dis the hair." came Tristan's reply. Then he grabbed Joey and was
trying to place him in a headlock. Joey return the favour by trying to get
a hold on Tristan. As his friends playfully fought each other, Yugi's mind
couldn't help but turn to the women that were missing from this scene. The
one that was under her power and the one that would be under his power in
a short period of time. 'Just a matter of time before everything comes

Turning back to his friends, Yugi spoke simply. "Guys, I think you better
lay it off before we get kicked out of here. Serenity and Ishizu wouldn't
like it if we were kicked out of here, would they?"

That got them to stop. But still Yugi waited.


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