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characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
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Yu-gi-oh: Wisdom Of The Pharaoh Part 10
by C. King ([email protected])

Mai wanted to record the event for her lover, so that he might watch this
later. But the batteries in her video camera were dead. It would take too
much time to recharge it. So for now, they would play. They would just have
to re-enact this little play.

'Plus it will give us time later for Vivian and Ishizu to go shopping for
their own costumes.' Mai thought to herself as she looked over to her fellow
love slave.

They had decided on a school setting for their game. So each had dressed for
their role. Mai as the dominant teacher, Tea as the submissive schoolgirl and
Vivian as the new transfer student. One that had to learn the new rules in
this school. Rules that would make more sense in a erotic film.

Mai had dressed up in a sexy suit that was flattering her figure. A tight
jacket with matching short skirt. All a dark shade of her favourite colour,
purple. The jacket forced up her breasts. making them show off more. The
skirt had a slit up the legs, that flashed the occation sight of her white
stockings. Stocking that were as thin as the white blouse that she was
wearing. On her feet were black, shiny shoes with stilleto heels that were
a few inches high.

Mai looked at Tea in her costume. Tea was dressed as a school girl in the
Catholic mold. She wore a similar thing white blouse. She wore a short,
plaid skirt. A skirt of red with black and gold lines. She also wore white
stockings. With high heel mary jane shoes. On her wrists were a couple of
bracelets. She had also tried to tie her hair into pigtails. Mai turned to
Vivian, thinking about the scene that she had just set up for the Asian Duel
Monsters champion. Mai and her student helper, Tea, would be coming to visit
the new transfer student, Vivian. They are here to teach her the new rules
that have been placed by the headmaster, Yugi.

Vivian was sitting on Mai's bed as Vivian was in her trance. Her mind ready
for the sex play that was coming up. She would really think that she was the
transfer student. Until Mai gives a one time trigger word that would wake her
up, that is. Mai stood in front of Vivian, with Tea sitting behind her.

"Time to wake up the star of our show." Mai said, as she looked back to Tea.
"Student Wong, are you listening to me?" Mai said, saying the special trigger
word. Vivian's eyes started to gain focus as she looked up to Mai.

"Ms. Valentine. I was just distracted. My apologizes. Can you repeat
yourself, please?" Vivian said, looking up at Mai. A look of awe and respect
crossing her face.

"I was just saying that there will be some new rules at this school.
Headmaster Motou had just implimented them. For one, you will have to get a
uniform like Student Gardner here. As soon as possible." Mai said as she
pointed out to her 'student'.

"Another is that there will be an implimenting of physical punishment. If you
disobey a teacher or headmaster's command, it will be expected that you will
be punished by a spanking of a certain number of hits." Mai said as she
smiled. Vivian paled as she thought about it.

"Another is the fact that you must be given an immediate sexual education.
The headmaster will be giving you half of the education when he comes back.
But we are rather an open minded school and will be teaching you another form
of sexual education. Sex between female and female." Mai said, looking for
Vivian's look.

Vivian blushed."You must be kidding, Ms. Valentine." She blurted out as she
looked at the two women that were standing in front of her.

"I am not, Student Wong. Unless you want your punishment, I suggest that you
prepare to learn the lessons that I am about to teach. Student Gardner is
going to be your partner for now. Now I suggest that both of you strip to
your undergarments." Mai said, trying to sound strict.

Vivian looked down at the floor, and started to take off the dress that she
was wearing. Vivian was wearing a pair of golden coloured bra and panties
that looked like they had been made of silk. They held close to the skin. The
bra was holding up the breasts in a firm grip. She looked up at the teacher
that was before her.

Tea had stripped the blouse and skirt that she had been wearing. She was just
dressed in a pair of white bra and panties matching set. She was also still
wearing her white stockings and her mary jane shoes. She moved to sit next to

"I know that this is all strange and new for you. But it is for the best. We
have to learn how to do things in case we find ourselves in this position. I
promise that you will learn to enjoy this." Tea said, trying to play the good
cop to Mai's bad one. It was all part of the game. Tea turned to Mai and
asked, "What is the first lesson, Ms. Valentine?"

"I believe that it is time for you to learn to eat each other's pussies. It
is a move that is know as sixty-nining each other. Turn so that each other's
faces are at the pussy. Then try to remove the panties of the other person.
Avoid using your hands." Mai said as she when to take a seat.

Vivian took a minute to digest it before she moved to take the position. Tea
had already moved into the position. Tea's mouth went to the fabric of the
panties, feeling the soft texture of the silk. Holding on with her teeth, she
pulled the underwear down, inch by inch. She was doing a better job than

As she was the sexual innocent, she was feeling a bit overwhealmed at the
action. She tried to pull the panties down, but had to resort to her hands.
Subconciously, her fingers caressed the skin of the other girl. Nail softly
scrapping Tea's sesnitive areas. Tea let out a soft moan.

The panties had come off. The pussies were out in the open. Tea had a small,
yet hairy patch above her pussy. But interestingly enough, Vivian had a
completely bare pussy. 'It seems that Vivian shaves her pussy. I wonder why?'
Mai said, holding in her smirk. 'I know who it is for now. The same for the
rest of us. It makes for a nice variety. Shaving mine into a heart took a lot
of work, but it is worth it for my Yugi.'

Tea took the first move. She moved her tongue over Vivian's clit, pushing it
back and forth. Vivian let out a soft moan. "That is good, Tea. Using your
tongue to pleasure the clit is a good move for this lesson. Vivian, why don't
you try it?" Mai said as if she was teaching them.

Vivian moved to lick the clit of her partner. She could feel the little
bump that was on Tea's body. Using her tongue, she pushed on it. Moving it
forward, back, right, left and down. Listening to Tea's moans and sighs,
Vivian started to try to figure out what made Tea feel good. Moving ahead,
Vivian used her teeth to touch the clit. That made Tea moan out louder.

"Excellent idea, Student Wong. Using your teeth as tools of pleasure is a
great idea. But you might want to expand that idea by using your lips as
well. Blowing raspberries on the clit can bring great pleasure as the
vibration moves through your lover." Mai said as she looked at the two
women. "Student Gardner, perhaps you could demonstrate on Student Wong."

Tea obeyed without a thought as she moved her lips to the clit and started
to blow on the clit. Moving her lips so that they buzzed on the sesitive
organ. Vivian moaned out loud at the pleasure that she was feeling.

Trying to gather herself, she moved her lips to Tea's clit and repeated the
act. For a few seconds, both of them were buzzing each other. Vivian was the
first to pull back as she had to sigh. Shortly after, Tea pulled out as well.

"Perhaps another demonstration is required. Student Gardner, show Student
Wong how to eat out a pussy. Student Wong, study how that feels before you
try to repeat that on the pussy of Student Gardner." Mai said, relishing her
role as teacher. Mai was getting a little wet at the image of the two women
making love with each other.

'This is so hot. Too bad Yugi is missing it. But then he is likely having fun
with Ishizu. Once he gets back, he can have some private fun with Vivian to
welcome her in, while Tea and I welcome Ishizu.' Mai thought to herself. She
crossed her legs to hold back on her horniness.

Tea acted on Mai's instruction and stuck her tongue up the pussy of the other
woman. A quick movement in and a slow, lingering move down the pussy wall.
Then she repeated it yet again. Over and over again, Tea moved her tongue
into the sides of Vivian's pussy. As she did so, Vivian cried out over and

Slowly, fluid started to pour down the tube that was the vagina. The taste
of cum hit the tongue of the dancer. She knew that Vivian was on her way to
having an orgasm. Pulling back a second, pulling a string of cum from the
bush as she went, she spoke to Vivian. "Try to do it with me while I am
doing it with you. Focus on transfering the pleasure you feel to giving
that pleasure to me."

Vivian nodded as she moved into her next position. Vivian's tongue when into
the centre of the other girls. Trying to get to the white juice that was to
come out of Tea's precious part. She tried to duplicate the moves that she
had felt in her own pussy. It was tricky as she had not done this before. But
from the sounds that Tea was producing, she was getting the hang of this.

Soon they were both tasting the fluid that was coming out of them. Each
tasting the cum from the other. Each beginning to reach the mythical point
known as orgasm. Each trembled from the pressures that were building up
within each other. Then as they hit the rising wave of pleasure, it came.
A sudden burst of sexual energy that revealed the twin orgasms.

The two women rolled over and rested from the excerise that they had just
had. Each was breathing hard. Mai spoke, "Very good Student Gardner, like
always. But Student Wong, I sense some disobedience. I think that you need
to be punished for your behaviour. Come to me."

Vivian had decided that it would be best if she obeyed her teacher's
commands. She walked over to Mai, revealing that she was now completely
naked. Mai then used her hands to guide Vivian, so that she laid over her
lap. "I believe that you know what is about to come next." Mai said as she
raised her hand.


The hand fell with a quick motion as Mai firmly slapped the naked bottom of
the Asian Duel Monsters Champion. The cheek that she hit took on a slight
reddish tone. To Vivian, the pain was sharp and sudden. Yet it left a warm
and tingling sensation that could be constider pleasurable if it wasn't for
the pain.


It came again, the sensation spread over her other cheeks. Vivian was
wondering how many more of these punishment she would have to endure before
she would be judged to have paid her price.


The double slap of both of her buttocks, was a surprise that she had not
expected from her teacher. She was begining to feel numb of the pain that
she was experiencing, but still there was the tingling sensation. She could
even feel her ass become redder and redder from the slapping of her elder.


It was rapid fire of spanking. Vivian was bitting her lip, both due to the
pain of the original hits and the tingling, warm pleasent feelings that
followed. It was strange how pleasure and pain could be mixed together. Like
the mixing of positive and negative. Vivian was curious about what this was
doing to her teacher.

'Is Ms. Valentine getting the same pleasure-pain sensation that I am getting?
Is her hand tingling the same way that my ass is tingling?' Vivian thought to
herself as she waited for the next slap from her teacher. 'Sometime, I think
that the waiting for the hit is worse than the actual hitting of my ass. When
will it hit?'


It was an odd number of hits. One for each cheek and one that overlapped the
two buttocks. Vivian was wondering what Ms. Valentine was thinking. Till Ms.
Valentine spoke, "That should be enough. Ten spanks of the bottom looks like
a good punishment for a first offence. I believe that you have learnt your
lesson for now." Mai guided Vivian up as she looked at the woman.

"I believe that a review is in order. You can show me what you have
discovered in the art of eating pussy. Using myself as the practice aid, so
to speak." Mai said as she slide her skirt up and moved her panties out of
the way.


Yami watched from his vantage point as Yugi went to work, trying to make it
so that his new family would be most comfortable. After Yugi and Ishizu had
gotten dressed for business around town, they had headed for Yugi's home to
convince his guardians that it was time for Yugi to move out on his own. With
Yugi's new skills, that had been easily done.

'It had been a little bit harder to convince Tea's parents, even under mind
control. Still Yugi did prove himself a master of the ancient techniques.'
Yami thought to himself, remembering what Yugi had to do.

Once the work with the parent had been done with, it was time to get to work.
Yugi walked with Ishizu, a hand around her waist as they went to the bank to
collect the money they would need. It turned out that Ishizu had only used
the Millenium Necklace in rare moments of doubt. Most of the wealth that she
had gather had been from her wise choice and great instincts.

That wealth turned out to have been formed of cash, stocks and bonds of
various amounts. Creating quite the portfolio. 'The ironic things is,' Yami
thought to himself, 'she had invested a lot in Kaiba Corp. shortly after Seto
took control. Even if it is under an alias of another company, I wonder what
Seto would think if he knew that Yugi was an investor of his company.' Yami
had a little laugh to himself at the look on Seto's face on discovering that

The same cover company had also invested a lot into Industrial Illusion. The
company that Pegasus used to publish the game of Duel Monsters. 'I wonder if
I could use it to make some suggestion on card design?' Yami thought as he
smiled at that fact.

Her reasons for collecting the wealth turned out to be wise as well. "I had
to make sure that I would have the resources on hand to stop my brother. His
mad quest for the power of the Pharaoh gave him a distrubing focus on his
mission. The fact that he had the Millenium Rod, a tool that can be used to
control the minds of others, he could gain a strong collection of resources
himself. I had to match his reserves with my own, so that is why I collected
what I could during my time above ground." Ishizu had told Yugi.

Soon Yugi's name was on those resources along with Ishizu's, giving him
joint access to the wealth. Making him a very wealthy man. And that was just
Ishizu's resources. Mai also had quite a bit of cash. A result of having to
go hungry for a time in her youth. She did spend her cash on her own comfort,
she did keep a health bank roll in case of emergancies. Or that was what Mai
had told him. They would work at making those accound joint later.

Now they were shopping for the house that would become their new home.
They had seen many different homes that they could affort with their new
priceline. They had seen plenty of nice homes that could hold quite a few
people, in case their family was to increase. That brought Yugi to Yami.

'So what do you think? You have more experience with harems.' Yugi thought
to him as they spoke internally.

'I think that with this modern world, a smaller harem might be in order.
Perhaps between four and six. So a large master bedroom might be in order.
Then there must be rooms for the children that might result from the
relationships. You do want children, Abiou?' Yami asked his other self.

'Not right now, but perhaps in the future. I want to finish school first
before I have a family. Tea would also want to finish school and perhaps go
to dancing school. Still Mai or Ishizu might want to start to have a family
sooner than Tea.' Yugi thought as he reviewed the homes for the possiblity
of developing a new family.

'I think that I might have the home picked out for us.' Yugi thought as he
had a word with Ishizu and the guide that had been showing them the homes.
Telling them which home he had selected.


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