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Yu-Gi-Oh: Wisdom of the Pharaoh Part 1
by C. King

Yugi walked out of the old bookstore, looking at collection of books that
he had collected on the ages of ancient Egypt that the store owner, an old
friend of his Grandfather, had collected for him. He remembered the events
of the recent Battle City contest. 'I'm glad that we won the tournment and
pervented the Evil Marik from gaining the power of the Egyptian God Cards or
your power Yami.' Yugi thought to his other self.

'Yes, fortunately we had fate on our side. But the question is what do we do
next now that we have the God cards?' came the reply. 'Especially now that
the stone had been sent back to Egypt.'

'We find a way to Egypt, find out who you were and gain your memories back.'
Yugi thought back. Just then, the young boy looked at one of the ancient book
he held. "What's this?" he asked as he looked at the cover. On it was the
words, "The Strength and Wisdom of the Pharaoh". Yugi cracked open the pages
and looked at the inside. It took a few minutes to register. Then he looked
wide eyed at the words and pictures that were in the book. A trickle of blood
flowed from his nose.

"Why the heck would Granpa's friend give me such a book!?!" Yugi asked, still
wide eyed. "I mean most of these positions look impossible."

"Actually, I've done a few of those. Some of this book deals things that were
know in my time. Especially in sacred texts only seen by the Pharaoh and the
high priests. And most of them were quite good." Yami told his young friend.

Yugi just looked at the pages shocked. 'What am I'm going to do with this? I
can leave it here for any kid to see. But what if my mom or Grandpa saw it in
my room?' Then Yugi thought of his Grandpa. 'Okay, Gramps might not be much
of a problems except for keeping it out of his hands. But what of my friends?
Joey, Tristan...Tea!' Yugi thought hard.

'It would be best if we were to take this book from here. It could be
dangerous if it was to fall into the hands of a less moral person.' Yami
said, he urged Yugi to pick up the book. If it held the power of the ancient
texts that he had seen in his days in Egypt, it could make the user a king
amoung men... and women.

Yugi didn't like to have the book in his possession, but Yami might have a
point. Plus he seemed to know more about the strange erotic knowledge that
was collected in the book. 'Alright, but you're going to have to help me find
a hidding place for it when we get home.' Yugi thought to his other self as
he picked up the book and hid it in his jacket.

Yami smiled a little as his friend took the "Strength and Wisdom of the
Pharaoh." He had sensed a great amount of mystically, sensual energy from the
book. Energy that would effect the owner of the book, releasing their sexual
side. In it's own way it was as potent as the Millenium Puzzle.

"Besides, it should be good for Yugi to embrace his sexuality. Even in this
prudish period of time."


Yugi read through the "Master's Way" mostly out of curiousity and suggestion
from Yami. At first, it was too shocking for Yugi to read about the different
techniques and wisdom inside. Yet the more he looked and read, the more it
seemed to grow on him. The more exceptable it seemed to him. The more he
wanted to try it out on a woman to see what would happen. It didn't hurt that
he had masterbated while looking at the book a few times.

"I have to use this on someone? But who?" Yugi asked.

'Who to use it on?' Yugi thought to himself. 'Tea is out. If the book's
knowledge is not real or powerful enough, it would hurt our friendship. That
and she would kill me! That would also leave Serenity out of it too. Not only
would it peek peoples notice, but it's likely that Tristan, Joey and Duke
would kill me!' Yugi crossed out the names from the list as he went over the
women he knew. Slowly the names were rejected for one reason or another.

Soon he had a limited pool of people to choose from. One name stood out.
"Mai." Yugi said to himself. 'She's sexy and mature. If it goes wrong she
might just let me off with a beating. Plus she staying in town for the
moment, getting ready for her next big move. I should be able to invite her
over here while Gramps and Mom are out.' Yugi circled the name.

'It should be simple to lure her in here. This is a gaming store and it does
hold a few rare cards that might attract Mai's interest. Plus a suggestion of
a practice duel might give her extra incentives.' Then he looked at his other
list. A collection of methods that he had memorized.

'This is like a duel.' The young man decided. 'But instead of using magic
and trap cards to affect attack and defence, this is using traps and magic
to control and/or have sex with a figure. One method would most likely be
powerful enough to take control, but having a few other methods set up for
back up and renforcement. But what should be my lead method.

'The psycho-mystical technique of the "Eye of Horus" seems like a good idea.
An alteration in the eyes that contained great energy that would place the
user's subject in a highly suggestable state. It's more of a control
technique than sexual one. But it should work. Now I just ahve to get things
ready." Yugi said as he gathered things together.

Mai entered the Turtle Gaming shop, looking for Yugi. She had come to the
shop looking for a chance to boost her deck with more powerful cards. But a
major reason she had come was for the chance to duel Yugi again. 'The last
time he duelled me I almost won while he was distracted. But then he came
back in the end with an incredible move. One that took me completely by
surprise.' Mai thought. 'If I could somehow see how he does it, discover his
ability to pull out the right move.... then I could be the new Queen of

She shut the door behind her as she moved towards the counter and the back
room. It was quiet as she looked at the cards in the case. Most were uncommon
at best, but a few were fairly rare. It was as she was watching this that she
heard someone clear their voice. It made her jump a bit before she thought of
who it could be. She looked over and saw Yugi. "Hello Mai, I was just getting
things ready for us. So how are you?"

She turned to him, "I'm finnnnnn..... " She started as she looked at him,
looked at his eyes. They had changed. The irises had taken on a metallic gold
shade that seemed to glow with an inner light. One that seemed to stop her in
her tracks. The light flickered and grew as it bore into her, digging deeper
and deeper into her mind. As it did, her mind started to get fuzzier and

"Isn't it relaxing Mai to look into my eyes. Letting the light flicker and
grew, flicker and glow. A great light freeing your mind from responsibility,
from stress, from the trouble of free will. Isn't it just wonderful to let
your mind be free of thought, free of will? To let all of that trouble of
thinking belong to someone who can really help you, someone who you can
trust. Someone like me. You trust me with your very soul, don't you Mai?"
Yugi said, still looking at Mai.

"Trust... Yugi... Free... of Will... Free... of Thought... Trust.... Yugi..."
Mai said as her mind went deeper into the trance, her thoughts and fears
disappearing. Leaving her floating on a cloud of no cares.

"Yes, Mai, you trust me without a doubt. This light makes you happy as well.
Happy to obey the light, to become one with the light. Be free with the
light!" Yugi said, still bring the light of the Eye of Horus to bare on Mai.

"Happy... Light... Obey... Trust... Yugi...."

"You belong to the light and the light belongs to me. You trust me! I make
the light, I make you happy! You must obey the light and I am the light. Am
I not, Mai?"

"Happy... Trust... Light... Obey... Yugi... Obey Yugi...." Mai's mind soon
merged the ideas that she trusted Yugi, she had to obey Yugi, obeying Yugi
made her happy. Both the telepathic and the vocal induction had brought her
in the deepest depths of the trance.

Playing Duel Monsters had given Yugi a knack for tactics. Plus the help of
the spirit of the puzzle, had given him confidence. He needed that for his
next move. He needed to build a foundation for his relationship. So he
decided to dig deeper into Mai's mind for help. "So Mai, what is it that
you want to get out of life? You must answer truthfully as you trust me."

"Was so alone, had to be alone to be strong. But I didn't want to be alone.
So dark and lonely. Had to be strong and alone, but I didn't want to be
alone." Mai replied, her voice monotone. Her face had little expression, but
a hint of sadness was clear.

"What was so bad about being a child? What has made you so sad? So scared?"
Yugi asked, digging deeper into the psyche.

"Parents working all of the time, leaving me alone. Had to lie to get a job
as a card play on a cruise ship. Spent most of my time alone. My only friends
were the Harpy Ladies and the other cards. Constantly hit on by jerks for
sex. Had to learn to take advantage of anything I could to survive. Hate
being alone. Is the worst thing I can think of. Alone."

Mai shivered a bit with that. "But had to stay alone so others can't hurt

'Interesting.' Thought Yugi, 'I remember a technique that might help out.
It creates a psychic link between two or more people, keeping a close bond
between lovers...or master and slave. Removing one of her greatest fears
would bind her to him. But more importantly it would make Mai happier. Even
as a newly perverted sex craft master, he was still Yugi Mutou. A young man
who believed in friendship, love and the heart of the cards. But it was time
to dig deeper.

"So Mai, how do you feel about me and my friends?" Yugi asked, curious.

"Surprised that I am so closer to them. Tristan is a nice guy and Tea is the
closest thing I have to a female best friend. You are cute and yet strange.
So innocent, yet so confident. It is like you're two different people. It was
fun to flirt with you." Yami laughed in Yugi's mind.

"Joey... have a connection. Like me, yet not like me. Strong, yet not alone.
How? How can I be strong, yet not alone?"

Yugi decided to start with the programming of his new slave. 'To start Mai
Programming.' He thought to himself with a laugh. Then he started to organize
his suggestions. Best to start with the beginning.

I can channel Mai's feelings of sexual attraction and love to me.' Yugi
thought. Then he spoke...

"You are in love with me. Because you can trust me. You obey me. You are
sexually attracted to me. You love me. Because you desire me in every way."
Yugi told her, letting it sink in.

"Desire you in every way..." Mai repeated back, the words digging in and
taking up residence. The words molding and shaping her mind. Her face started
to change. The hint of sexual desire started to reveal it's self, with the
major hint being Mai's sly, sexy smile.

Yugi smiled. To him, Mai's face took on an interesting and sexy mixture of
sexual hunger and submissive mental control. A mix of emotionless monotone
and vibrant sensual life. He had to move to the next level. "You have a
special hunger for pleasure. The greatest pleasure that you can feel is to
obey me, please me or pleasure me! Also you have a great attraction to women,
a bisexual attribute that almost gives you as much pleasure as obeying me."

"Hunger...pleasure...obey,please, me pleasure...
girls...pleasure." Her tongue moved to sensually lick her lips. If Yugi
had been able to see her naked, he would have seen the fluids of her cunt
beginning to flow.

Another idea crossed Yugi's mind as he thought of something he wanted in Mai
and his sex life.

"You will refer to me in private, or in the company of those I have told
you it is okay, by the name of Pharaoh." Yugi like that little twist in
the Master relationship. "You will also develop a sexual fetish for Duel
Monsters. Having the desire to dress and pretend to be the sexiest of the
Duel Monsters Women."

"Oooo.... Pharaoh...Duel Monsters are sexy!" Mai said, excited.

Yugi decided the end the trance for now, releasing Mai. 'But it's best to
leave a back door for any additional commands I have.' So he started to issue
his last command. "Mai when I tell you to 'Wake up, Mai concubine' you will
awake from the trance. However, whenever you hear the command 'Sleep, Mai
concubine', you will fall into this trance once again, willing to obey any
command I give you. Understand?"

"Wake up, Mai concubine... end trance... Sleep, Mai concubine... enter
trance." Mai purred as she remembered her last command.

"Wake up, Mai concubine!" Yugi said, ending his mystical eyes from glowing.
Mai slowly shook her head, waking up. Her eyes started to focus, on Yugi. As
he became clear to her, her smiled grew.

"Hello, my Pharaoh. So what were we up to? I hope it wasn't something...
naughty." Mai said, playfully. She moved her hand to touch Yugi's cheek. She
moved her face closer to his. "So what do you want to do now, my Pharaoh?"
She said, flirting.

Yugi thought about what he should do next. Rush into sex with Mai after all
of the commands he had given her? Make her and himself wait for the pleasure?
Perhaps with a date first? Or check with the others first to see their
reactions and the effects of his work on the Joey/Mai link. As Yami for help?
'What to do? What to do?' Yugi thought. Yugi needed some time to think and
take note of things. Fortunately, he had prepare just the thing. "I was just
thinking that we should go out some where tonight. Just the two of us for
fun. Interested?" Yugi said, hoping that Mai would take the bait.

Mai looked disappointed for a moment, before perking up. "I might be able to
squeeze in a cutie like you for a little time tonight. It might be fun, My
Pharaoh. But are you sure that there's nothing that I can do for you now?"
She said, with a hint of sex on her breath. Her lips moved closer to his.

"Play your cards right tonight and there might be something you can do for
me." Yugi said, then Mai kissed him . It was a firm kiss that moved from
close to open kissing. Their lips were wrestling with each other. But it
was a short taste of what was to come.

As their lips left, Mai tugged at Yugi's lips. Then Mai slowly stepped back
from her Pharaoh.

"Well, If I can't tempt you now, I'll just have to convince you tonight."
Mai said as she stepped towards the door. As she left, Mai add a last point.
"I'm sure that I'll change your mind with what I'm going to do tonight. See
you at eight. Goodbye, my sexy Pharaoh!" She said as she blew a kiss at Yugi.

After a few moments of recovering from the events, Yugi thought of what he
was going to do tonight. Then his puzzle glowed as Yami appeared in Yugi's
mind. "So Aibou, you have started on the path of manly presuits. But what
are you planing next?" Yami said, his spectral form looking at Yugi.

"I'm not sure. I wanted to place Mai in a state of great sexual desire and
allow time for the suggestions to set. I have a few ideas, but I'll have to
get them ready." Yugi said, adding, "I do wonder what Mai is planing."


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