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characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
This is a Fan fiction and not meant to violate the rights of those who own
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Yu-gi-oh: A Wiser Generation Part 8
by C. King ([email protected])

Jaden had returned in the early morning to the dorm that he shared with
Chumley and Syrus, without making a noise as he slipped into the room and
made a quick movement into the bed to pretend that he had been sleeping
there. He was also glad for the regeneration techniques that 'Wisdom' had
shown him, allowing him to make the most of the little sleep that he got
that night. The fact that he usually slept in his classes didn't hurt
things as well.

As he pretended to sleep he could hear the motions of his friends as they
slowly got up and prepared for the day's events. Events that would include
classes with his others friends have his main lover, Alexis. A chance to
chat with her so that he could thank her for the 'gift' that he had been
given last night. Plus it would also let him see Jasmine and Mindy as well,
who would likely be a little sleepy given the excerise that they did that

Syrus started to shake his shoulders as he cried out, "Jaden. Jaden! Wake
up, we don't want to be late to breakfast or be late again for class or else
Crowler will have our rears for that."

Jaden opened his eyes, saying, "I'm up! I'm up, Sy. I'll get ready. You know
me, always ready for class. Besides we all know that Crowler will be after me
no matter what time I show up. I just have to make sure I'm ready for my next
detention with him."

In his mind, Jaden was thinking, 'I think that Sy need to get laid. He seems
so stressed all of the time and his self-confidence is always so low. If he
just had a girlfriend, even a temporary one, he might be able to gather up
his strength and become a better duellist.' Jaden knew that most of the girls
in the school were Obelisk blues and therefore would normally shun the Slifer
red students. But he had the answer to that in his little hide-out.

'With a little help from Alexis and from the "Strength and Wisdom of the
Pharaoh", I might be able to get Syrus the date he needs so that he can get
laid. Once he gets laid, it should boost his confidence with his dueling and
with other women so that he will become a better person. It's the least that
I can do with my first friend at this school.' Jaden continued to think as he
knew it would be another thing that he would be discussing with the Obelisk
blue honey that was his.

But with in a moment of that thought his stomache started to growl with
hunger. Even with the resting tricks he had learned, he still need to get
his calories in. Especially after a night with out any food excpet for the
occational cum that he drank from his two lovers. Still he was lucky that
his dorm served the food that he loved to eat, even if the other dorms did
get better food.

"Well, I guess it's time for use to get some grub." Jaden said as he started
to laugh at the statement.

"Lucious, I hope they are serving Grilled Cheese!" Chumley said as he got out
of his bed. With that the three boys got ready to meet at the mess hall and
have their morning meal.


Alexis was listening to Jasmine and Mindy discuss their night with Jaden,
the lovemaking that they made all night that had left the two girls a little
sleepy with their excersizes. Alexis was enjoying the little orgy that had
happened and wished that she could have been involved with the adventure that
had occured with her two friends. All the while she was making plans for the
future of her, her master and their lovers.

"I can't believe the things that he did with us. Plus he seemed not to run
out of power for the whole night." Mindy said as she giggle at the topic
matter that they were discussing.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have thought that he would be that talented in the 'duel'
that we had." Jasmine said with a slight smile as her eyes lost focus for a
few moments. That caused Mindy to giggle once again.

The girls continued to eat their nutritious and first class meal that was
held in their giant dinning room. Given that this was one of the top dorms
of the school, everything was of the best quality. Alexis did enjoy the
food, but she did feel a little guilty that people like Jaden would not be
getting this quality of food.

"So Alexis, what do you have planned for today? Perhaps a special meeting
with you know who?" Mindy said with a wide smile.

"Well, I have that field trip coming up with Professor Banner and a couple of
the red students. But today is free so I was thinking of meeting with some of
my other friends when we get some free periods to ourselves. Perhaps having
some duels of my own with my 'friends', if we have the time and space for
them." Alexis told them as she nibbled at her meal.

The two girls just grinned with wide smiles as they listened to their friends
plans for the day. What they didn't know was that Alexis was already planning
for some other events that she have for her master. Events that would involve
another surprise gifts for Jaden that he would not even be knowing that he
would be getting. A gift that could even be ready to go today.

'Miss Fontaine is jumping for the chance to have some teacher-student time
with Jaden to teach him everything that she knows about sex. Which is a
shocking amount given the fact that she's a teacher, but given the type of
teacher that she is... A health and gym teacher might know more about the
body than one on duel ethics, plus she is also a nurse who has read the
Kama Sutra.' Raced throught Alexis' mind.

It was then that the women that had been in the duelling queen's mind had
walked up to her and asked, "Can I speak with you for a moment, Alexis? I
have something important that I want to discuss with you in private." The
teacher motioned to Alexis to come with her into one of the more private
hallways of the woman's dorms. Alexis finished off her meal as it was
almost done and then followed the woman that was headmistress of the hall.

It was when they were alone with each other and out of ear shot of the other
students that Fonda spoke again. "I was wonder, Miss Rhodes, if it would be
possible for me to tutor the student that I spoke to you about. The one that
could use some special sexual eductaion lessons."

"I was just thinking about it myself, Miss Fontaine. I was thinking that
today might be the best day for that event to occur, but the questions comes
up about when, where and how. I am not sure what to do about it." Alexis told
her elder, still trying to develop a plan of action. She added, "Unless you
have some kind of idea that might make the lesson easier to occur, I am not
sure what it is that I can do."

"I do have access to the schedules of all of the students of the school on
my computer, including classes and spare periods. Plus I have the ability to
meet with students any time and place. I can simply send you and him a note
for a special meeting during a time when you are both free."

"Well, I guess that I will leave it up to you to determine the time and place
for the meeting. I'll not tell Jaden about the meeting when we meet up to
keep the surprise. I best get going so that no one gets suspectious." Alexis
said with a smile as she left the teacher to come up with a plan to seduce
her student.

Later that day...

Getting a chance to talk to Alexis alone was hard for the young red duellist,
but Jaden managed to slip away from the others so that he could do just that.
They met in the woods so that no one would find them easily. One alone, the
spirit seeing man spoke to the queen of the blues.

"I would like to thank you for the gift that you gave me last night. It was
not as good as beeing with you, but it was a lot of fun just the same with
all of the tricks and treats that it provided. It makes me wonder if you have
anything else up your sleeves for the future." The teenaged man said as he
looked into his lover's eyes as he held her hands.

"You just don't know because a woman never reveals all of her secrets at
once, it just keeps things more interesting that way if she has a few tricks
hidden to keep her mystique." Alexis said as she licked her lips, making them
look more juicy and kissable.

"Guess that's just the luck of the draw, just like in duelling, when you
never know if the card you get is the card you need. But I have another
things that I want to ask you about while we are together, something that
is very important." He told her, secretly enjoying the little bit of
flirting that she was doing with him.

"What might that be?" She asked, curious about this favour that he would be
asking of her. She knew that he could command her to do his bidding, but was
it was pleasing that he would be asking her to do it of her own will.

"It's Syrus, he just doesn't have the confidence that he needs, that he
deserves for being a great duellist. I was trying to think of something that
might be able to boost his confidence to a level that might make him more
assertive. The idea of giving him a girlfriend that might be able to make
him feel like he was a somebody rather than the nobody that he feel he is
now." He said, noticing that Alexis was taking a more thoughtful look on her
face that still made her look sexy.

"The fact of the matter is that Syrus really walks in the shadows of both his
brother and ironically you. Both are skilled duellist that doesn't help with
his nerves and self-confidence which causes him to get low grades and to give
him duelling stage fright. So you want him to have a woman that might be able
to boost his ego so that he can come out on his own." Alexis' eyes took on a
spark of wit as she began to think about the problem that Jaden had given her.

"The fact that most of the girls in the school are in the Obelisk blue dorm
doesn't help things as they tend to look at blues and yellows before they
even think of reds. Plus there is the fact that some of them are stuck up
since they came from duelling finishing schools, making thing that they are
better than those in the other dorms." Alexis thought out loud, so that Jaden
could give his input about the problem at hand.

"The Wisdom that we got from Yugi would help in this process since we could
use it to make any woman see the goodness in Sy and vice versa. However, I
would still like to find a woman that might be the best match for him,
perhaps even something that might last longer than just a few months. I just
want my best friend to feel the happiness that I have found in my life."
Jaden told his partner as he moved in closer to her.

"It will be a challenge, but who said that a true duellist wouldn't be
willing to face a challenge once and a while. Just give me some time to work
on it and I think that I might be able to find the right woman or women for
Sy. Do you have any other friends that you want to hook up with a woman now,
or do you want to leave them to their natural talents?" She asked as she
moved closer to the star of the red dorm.

"I think that the rest of the guys are okay for the moment. What I want to
do now is a little bit of this." Jaden went forward and kissed Alexis on the
lips with a deep, passionate liplock. Their arms went around each other as
they began to make out with each other under the branches of the trees.

Their bodies crushed into one another as they released their passions with
each other. Each knowing that it was the other that they desired most above
all other and the joy that they had that they were together once again even
it was for the moment.


Fonda Fontaine was looking at the computer schedule of the different students
that lived on the island school. Using her typing skills she looked over the
time tables of the two students that she was wanting to have a personal talk
with. 'Yuki, Jaden. Rhodes, Alexis. Okay, now I have their time tables up on

Typing in the new command, she began to look for slots in those tables were
they were both open for a half-hour or more. Soon a number of times would
appear on screen as the times were displayed, allowing her to takes those and
doing another check. A check against the times that she was teaching a class
with the other students, looking for a free period that would fall in common
with those of the two students.

She finally had a time period that was free for all three of them, which had
at least a half-hour which they could get to know each other better. Loading
that time in her PDA, she them began to plan what it would be that she would
be doing with the three of them.

"I could stay with the fantasy of a forbidden student-teacher romance with a
second student thrown in so that it becomes a forbidden threesome. Or I could
try the image of the nurse that I also am, a nurture that wants a little
nurturing for herself with her favourite patients." Fonda wonder to herself
out loud, trying to come up with a choice that would give her the answers
that she was looking for.

Fonda tried to think of what she could use to have the most effect on the
young man that she wanted to take as her lover and possible mate. The idea of
appearing dressed up before the two of them did enter her mind.

'If I want to go with the nurse's roll there is that outfit that I wore
to the last masquerade ball, the one that I use to make my self look like
Injection Fairy Lilly. I could also use that prop needle that came with the
costume as well.' Fonda thought as she remember the disguise that she had
use and the big hit it was at the party when she came in looking like a duel

'That makes it easy for the nurse's outfit, but a teacher's outfit is a
little bit harder to use, as I am having trouble thinking of a teacher duel
monster. This makes it a little tougher to figure out as I don't have that
template to use. I could just use some of my best outfits that I wear for
important occations, or I could dress in my Phys Ed uniform with nothing on
underneath it all. My pink minidress does look good on me, no matter that it
is my usual outfit.' She considered.

'Perhaps I should ask Alexis for help with this before I make my big move
with Jaden. We might even be able to have matching outfits so that we could
go together before we go on Jaden together. Or I can pick out the outfit that
I want and keep it a secret for Alexis so that both of them would be surprise
by the treat that I am going to give them.' The thoughts began to circle in
her mind as she knew that she would have to get this done in a short period
of them.

'Well it would be best if I would get a move on if I want to have time with
Jaden as soon as possible. He does have the field trip that is coming up with
Professer Banner that is in a few days, so I want to get to him before he has
to get ready for that.' Her mind becoming perky with the thoughts of what it
is that she would be doing with her master and her mistress during the time
that they all would be having.

Coded:mF, Cosplay (costumes with sex), Hp, Magic, Mc, Rom

Part Nine

Jaden was thinking over his mission to help out his self-concious friend
Syrus out of the depths of his low self-esteem, an idea began to form. He
turned to to sexual helpmate Alexis and began to speak, "I know this might
sound a little ungrateful, but what if we were to switch Mindy's sexual
attraction from me to Syrus? She did mention thinking he was cute that time
we ran into SAL."

"Well, it's your decision master. It should be simple enough to do with the
backdoor I left in her mind, I even bet that we could remake her as a virgin
with the secrets from the book of Wisdom. It would allow the four of us to
double date from time to time if we want to. It's not bad that you want to
share the love with your best friend... aside from me." she told him as she
snuggled closer to him.

"I'm sure that Jasmine could fill in the dark times you're not around just
alone just as much as she could with Mindy. It's just my gut is telling me
to pick the women in my harem carefully, just like I pick out my cards. The
wrong combination of cards could ruin the whole deck." said the brown haired
boy, being a little more thoughtful then he was normally.

"Of course, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't be willing to play with some new
cards to see if those ones were right for me." he added with a smile as he
continued to stay close to his lover.

"There has to be a good number of cards within the school for you to look
over if you want to. You never know where you might find the next card on
your list, it might be in the most unexpected places." She told him as she
gave him a passionate kiss. He moved to take the kiss in as they sat in the

It was then that both of their PDAs started to buzz with a message for
them to take. Hesitantly breaking the kiss, Jaden pulled out the personal
organizer to see what the message was.

It turned out to be an e-mail from Ms. Fontaine about an important health
check up he had to attend. It was something he hadn't expected this, but it
sounded reasonable. He turned over to his crush and asked, "Ms. Fontaine want
to give me a check up. What's your message about, Lexi?"

"I have to meet some friends for a study lesson on dueling ethics or else
Crowler is going to get pissed that one of his blues isn't getting top grades
in his class." she told him as she placed her organizer away.

"Given all of the things he's done to get me expelled, it's surprising he's
the one teaching us ethics. Still, I have to run if I'm going to catch Ms.
Fontaine before I have to go back to class. Seeya as soon as I can, Lexi."
He said, giving her a quick and sizzling kiss.

Minutes later...

Jaden entered the room that was used for an nurse office within the main
building of the school. A curtain was drawn with a silloette on the other
side that looked kinda like Ms. Fontaine. He heard her voice called out to
him, "Jaden, I'm going to need you to take off all of your clothes and put
on the gown on the bed."

Jaden looked around and saw that there was a gown on a bed across from where
the curtain had been placed. Not knowing why he had to strip for her, but not
wanting to get into trouble, he took off his uniform and placed on the gown.
As soon as he was naked except for a loose fitting piece of cloth that didn't
cover his ass.

"Okay, Ms. Fontaine. I'm finished with that, what do you need me to do next?"
he asked her, hoping for her to explain.

"Please, call me Fonda. I just need you to turn your back to me and bend
over. I have a few new shots I have to give certain of the students as part
of their health check up. You name was one of the ones on the list and I need
to make sure that you're kept health." she told him as she seemed to fiddle
with something behind the curtain.

"Alright, but I'm going to have to close my eyes. I don't like getting my
shots." He told her as he turned around and bent over so that his ass was
stucking out before her. He heard the sound of metal skimming across metal
as the rings cross the metal bar. It was a few moments before he felt a
soft poke on his backside, but it wasn't the prick of a needle that he was

'What the heck..." went through the red duellist's mind as he turned around
to see what the heck it was that Ms. Fontaine. What he saw made him realized
he had been given another present from his lover.

Fonada was holding a giant plastic injection needle, which had to be the
thing that poke his ass. Yet that was just an aspect of the special uniform
that Fonda was wearing. It was a sexualized version of a Injection Fairy Lily

The minidress was slightly lower cut then the illustration with the bird
wings actining kinda like a bra for her generious bossum. A single red
vertical stipe on the white dress was crossed by one red stripe just under
the bird wings and tits, the second crossed her hips showing off her waist.
The hemline ended a few inches above her mid thigh, which would allow him a
look to see if she was wearing panties if she bent over.

The ankle boots were red trimmed on white with red toes, but it differed as
it looked more like thin pumps then the thicker clunky boots. The boots also
differed as they had three inch heels extending the legs upwards and showing
them off.

On her head she wore a long pink wig that covered her shorter hair, making a
better match for the card. With that wig she also wore the nurse hat that
went with the costume with a tall white height with a huge red heart on it.
The hat was finished off with a black brim that highlighted the style of the

She also wore gloves like the lily card, yet it was also different. The red
trim went up to her elbows, the white gloves covered most of her hands except
for the fingers of her hands which had red painted nails. Nails that matched
the lipstick on her own pouty smile. Dress, boots, hat and gloves were made
of a shiny material that looked like a kind of plastic yet was also strangely
erotic to his eyes. He wondered if it felt as good as it looked.

What completed the look was the soft pink wings that were smaller then
those of the cards. She then spoke to him, "I think you took your shots
pretty well, Jaden. I do think, however, you might need a closer examination
by Injection Fairy Fonda. I have some special medicine for my favourite
patient." With that she smiled with shiny lips.

"Your costume is great, Nurse Fonda. I can wait for my exam and I might just
happen to have my own medicine for you to take as well. So how should we
begin with my medical treatment? Should I go first or should it be you who
makes the first check." asked Jaden as he looked at her.

She continued to smile and pulled up her short dress to reveal the fact she
was not wearing panties under her dress and the glint of a moist pussy
region. She spoke to him, "I thought I would let you take some of the liquid
medicine I can give you. I hope the flavouring is to your liking, since it
only comes in very limited varities."

She moved to the bed as she pulled a curtain around the cot and the two of
them, keeping everything private. She sat down on the edge of the bed and
opened her legs so one could get closer to her precious treasure. Jaden knew
what to do as he moved to the floor and kneeled so he could get a taste of
the honey within. With two well manicured fingers, she held her cunt open as
he began to play with it using his tongue.

First he tickled her clit with his tongue, making sure to use that pleasure
point to make her arousal rise with each motion of his flesh on hers. He had
developed some skill with the numerous practice he had been getting with the
three other girls he had been sleeping with. He was pleased with the groans
of joy which came out of the mouth of the teacher nurse. Checking with his
eyes to the flow of the cunt, he saw it had increased in volume. Deciding on
the right moment, he licked downwards into the flow.

He tasted the flow of the juice and it had a slight salty-sweet taste to it,
like kettle popped carmel corn. It was something he had to admit was good on
his taste buds, so he continued to suck it into his own body. At the same
time, he was using his tongue as a tool to sense which parts of the women's
inner cunt was most sensitive to his tender care. He had some clues of a
woman's most enjoyable areas, but each women had their own special points to

He was looking up with his eyes and listening to the sounds made by the
woman, waiting for the signs both visual and audio of the increase of
pleasure and lust. Probing deeper into the older woman's abyss of sexuality,
his tongue soon hit a spot which cause the woman to cry out in joy. He had
found one of her erotic zones, and with this he continued to stimulate the
G area.

While this was going on, Fonda had managed to place her free hand on the top
of Jaden's head. A well maintained hand stroke softly through the mane of
hair of the younger man's head. Nails of the hand were gently massaging the
scalp in a way which was pleasurable, moving through the hair in a wild and
untamed manner. All the while her hand was also aiding Jaden with his pussy
licking, guiding his head up and down as it pressed in and out of her love
hole. Her other hand continued to hold that love hole open as he licked into

Jaden knew he could cause her to have a massive orgasm within seconds of
touching her nerve, bring her sexual energy to bare in a split second.
Deciding he wanted to move on to other sexual activities, he initated the
sequence which would cause the climax with in the female dorm master.
With a quick and sure strike, he touched the pleasure spot and hear the
moan of out of his current lover. Then his mouth was flooded with the
salty-sweet taste of her cum, which he drank up regaining his own sexual

Pulling out of the woman's delicious private part, he turned his head up and
looked to the violet eyed woman only to see those eyes closed. Her mouth was
also open as she called out his name, "Ja-ay-ay-ay-den!"

Pulling back, he noticed the action of his lover trying to pull herself
together as she got back into the action of sexual activity. Smiling with
open eyes, she slipped off the bed and moved smoothly behind her student.
She then maneuvered him to the bed and sat him down before she spoke once

"I think it's time for me to take my temperture, because I think I'm running
a fever since I feel like I'm burning up. Unfortunately, I don't have any
thermontior ready. We are lucky, however, to have the one which you provided.
I just have to warm it up a little bit so it will feel good when it's placed
in the body. So just sit back and let me fix everything up." She said as she
placed him into a laying down position. With him into position, she crept up
on him and soon was hovering over his erect cock.

Her tongue coated the thick, juicy lips which puckered up a moment before
they moved to kiss the tip of his penis. Then she slipped out her tongue
again and started to lick the fine curves of his own balls. The smooth,
wrinkled skin of his sack was soon moistened by the touch of the sexy
female. Once she finished with the balls she started to move up the cock,
yet at the same time she moved her right hand to his nuts. Her hand started
to give the a firm yet sensual massage which was really helping with the
formation of his own brand of medicine.

She continued to stroke the prick with her mouth, lips and tongue. With tiny
kisses, licks and some minor sucking she managed to make something hard even
harder. Yet she managed to do this with both sides of his cock, switching
between the two sides yet not missing a single inch of the private organ.
Fingertips and nails softly traced the wrinkled in his sack as well making
him hunger for the time he could finally unleash his own personal load. He
knew that this orgasm would have a massive amount of his own juices when it
finally popped out.

It seemed like forever when she finally made it to the top of the cock and
it's big red head. She looked up to his face as she smile with a sexual look
in her eyes before she dived down and engulfed the head. Her lips forming a
tight seal from behind the end of the mushroom cap before sliding down the
length of the cock before returning to the sealing point.

As she did this, her tongue roamed the same tool from within the chasm of
her mouth. It was surprising to have the tongue seeming to encircle his own
member, massaging it as it when. Jaden thought to himself, "She must have
complete control of her own gag reflexes if she can fit so much of my own
cock down her throat while being able to manipulate it. She's also good at
keeping my balls in the equation with playing on my sack while sucking me
off. Wait, what's that? I think she's using her other hand to stroke my
inner thigh as well. It feel fucking good. I wonder how long I can last or
should that be how long I should last?"

Jaden let the pleasure wash over him as he felt his teacher devote herself
to his own enjoyment for the moment before he thought about popping his cork.
A minute or two later, after holding back all of his cum from the time the
blow job started, he knew it was time to release. He gave Fonda a warning of
what was coming, "Fonda, I'm about to cum, baby! I hope you have room for a
fucking large amount of my own special homemade medicine, cause her it

With those words he let himself go with the flow of cum out of his cock and
feel the relaxing sensation which came with an orgasm. He could also feel the
huge sucking motion on his tool, as he moved every so slightly so he could
see Ms. Fontaine drain his balls out. He was given a little shock at the fact
she didn't seem to loose a single drop of the massive charge of cum he had
managed to unload into her.

Pulling herself off him for a moment, she spoke, "I guess you didn't know I
was juice chugging champion of my dorm in university. It involves careful
management of my breathing I get from Yoga exerises with my about to supress
my own gag relex as you might have guess. It comes in handy when you're
trying to swallow the herbal syrup."

She looked at him and continued with her own devilish grin, "I think that
the thermonitor is warmed up enough for me to place in my body, plus I also
managed to get some medicated syrup. Yet you don't seem to be able to hold
the stick up while checking my temperture. So I guess I'm going to have to
give you a strength restoring treatment before I can find out if I have a


Alexis was currently hiding from the two lovers on the other side of the
nurses office, hidden behind the desk of Ms. Fonataine. She had been given a
chance to watch all of the action from a remote camera which Fonda managed to
put up before this little encounter. A DVD was being recorded, yet Alexis was
still managing to cause herself to build to orgasm. In her mouth was a
specially created piece of plastic with would allow her to breath heavy yet
not be heard shreiking out when she came.

Which was helpful when one was masterbating to their master and their new
sextoy makeout. The image of a sexy nurse and a patient mixed with the
illisted nature of a student/teacher relationship and the power of cosplaying
a duel monster. All of this was giving Alexis her own ideas for future
encounters with her master and her fellow sex slaves.

'As the first and favourite slave, I have to manage the entire harem my
master creates. So I'm thinking I may need some more authoritarian outfits
for use with the harem. Also it might be interesting to dress up as a duel
monster for some sexual loving, especially if we can get one which was made
for sex and not just an old Halloween costume.' was the thoughts she managed
to gather while touching herself.

'Of course the obvious choice would be the Dark Magician Girl, one of the
most popular old school duel monster beauties. Yet there are several
different monster girls I could dress as, like any one of my Cyber Sporty
girls or my Cyber Angels. Or I could go old school with something like
Harpy's Lady. Perhaps something connected to my beloved master like
Burstinatrix. I think there were some more sexual versions of these cards
created for the Europeon markets. Still, let's look to see what Jaden and
Fonda do next.' she finished with her thoughts of costumes and turned to
thoughts of sex.


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