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characters that I have not created or borrowed from other sources are his.
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Yu-gi-oh: A Wiser Generation Part 5
by C. King ([email protected])

Alexis was collecting the equiptment that she would need for the first
meeting of her two disciple of the new Red girls dorm with their master.
They had talked it over, trying to picture which way they should display
themselves to their lover.

'I can believe how dirty their minds are. Everyone says that women are the
fairer sex, and that the males are the perverts, but it seems that women can
be just as twisted.' Alexis thought as she ran over the ideas. Anal sex, oral
sex, bondage and submission. Those were just the tip of the iceberg.

'Of course, have similiar ideas involving mind control and hypnosis, so who
am I to speak?' Alexis thought to herself as she gathered the ribbon that she
would need for the costumes of the outfit that Jasmine and Mindy would be

The ribbon was silky and lace like. It was a very bright colour, a red that
was just a little lighter than the red of the Slifer red. A more feminine
version of the Slifer colour. The ribbon would be very comfortable to wear,
for as long as Jasmine and Mindy would need to wear it.

Alexis was just finishing off a sample of the outfit that her friends would
be wearing, when her PDA went off. Taking it out of her pocket, she clicked
it on so that she could get the message that was being left on it. It was
from Jaden.

"I have just finished getting my friends to accept any disappearances that I
might make as perfectly normal. I have also made it so that they will accept
that you and me are dating, with them keeping it secret for now. I am having
trouble getting to Professor Banner. That might take a little bit longer. I
can wait to see you again. Bye!" Said the image of Jaden on her PDA.

'Looks like Jaden has been as busy as I have. Too bad about Professor Banner.
It might have made things easier with two faculty members with us.' Alexis
thought. It brought her to the thought of arranging the next meeting between
the two of them, plus the two extras she had gotten him.

Her two friends were playing with each other as Alexis worked with a fashion
dummy. Currently Mindy was licking out the pussy of Jasmine. 'Mindy had
always been more of a submissive character than Jasmine. Of course they are
both submissive to me. They have always looked up to me even before their

It was musical to listen to the sounds of the redhead moan out her pleasure.
With her newly awakened sexual side, she was getting into the sexual noise
that was being played. She was even tempted to move away from her design and
go back to having sex with her friends. The fact that all three of them were
naked didn't hurt.

Still she had to place the final bows on the tip of the outfit. A larger,
darker red bows. Perfect for placing the attention on the spots that Alexis
wanted to bring to Jaden's attention. Taking a step back so that she could
look at the whole outfit in detail. Nodding to herself, she liked how it

'Perfect. I just had to focus on sizing them to fit Jas and Min. I think that
Jaden will like the little surprises that I have gotten him. Once he gets use
to the two of them as his loving slaves, I can introduce him to his other
slave in waiting.' Alexis thought as she tried to think of the best way to
introduce Fonda to Jaden in her new role.

'She perfect for the teacher/student fanasty that most young men have while
they are in school. I bet most of the young men in the school have thought of
her in that way. But she is also the head of the medical department, so the
image of the naughty nurse also fits into her appearance.' Alexis tried to
figure out what way to display her master's future lover.

"Alexis, why don't you join the two of us here?" asked Jasmine as she looked
up from the middle of the tongue lashing that she was recieving. Mindy's
mouth was a little full at the moment, but she was still able to nod at that

"That sound exactly what I need." Alexis said as she walked over to the bed
that her friends were sitting on. The girls stopped what they were doing, and
moved on to their mistress. Jasmine took hold of one of Alexis' nipples with
her mouth. Jasmine's tongues circled the aerola as her teeth teased the erect
tip of the nipple.

Mindy, on the other hand, had moved from one friend's pussy to the other.
Her lips kissing the lower ones of Alexis. Mindy began to suck softly on the
cunt, occationally sticking her tongue into the narrow channel. With a sudden
switch in tactics, Mindy blew into the channel.

Alexis could feel the air blowing into her most private part. It caused a
tingling to travel up her body. It was an interesting form of pleasure that
cause her to shiver. It seemed that Jasmine was paying attention to Mindy's
action as she lifted her lips off of Alexis' nipple and blew some cool air
on it.

'It's amazing how enjoyable a little breath of air that could be.' Alexis
thought to herself. But Alexis was interested in the taste of female cum.
"Jas, could you do me a favour? Could you give me your pussy for a little
taste test?" Alexis asked.

"Sure thing, Lexi." Jasmine said, as she and Alexis moved a little. Soon they
were in a position that made it easier for them to create a chain of pussy
eating. Alexis was laying down as Mindy kneeled before Alexis' pussy. Then
Jasmine sat over Alexis' mouth, so that the Queen of Obelisk could eat her

Alexis dived into the muff. Her tongue twisting down the love passage,
trying to find the points that she had seen in the Strength and Wisdom of the
Pharaoh. 'If I want to be head of Jaden's Harem, I have to know how to please
and punish the other members.' Alexis thought to herself as she moved on

Mindy was still moving on Alexis' pussy, trying to bring joy to the mistress
of the harem. Mindy let out little moans that would cause the muff to vibrate
in different ways. This traveled up Alexis' body, before Alexis let out her
own moans. Moans that caused the cunt of Jasmine to vibrate in the same way,
causing the redhead to moan as well.

Alexis could feel herself beginning to flow, her channel filling with the
liquid of her love. She had been licked for a while now, but she had just
begun to suck her prey, Jasmine. Alexis needed a way to cause Jasmine to
begin to flow. Alexis worked at remembering the words of the Wisdom. More
exactly, the words that discribed the 'Drinking of the Nectars of Womanhood'.

The 'Drinking of the Nectars of Womanhood' told of the central points in the
pussy of a woman that would cause their juice to flow. Points that were easy
to access with one's tongue if one had the skills to hit those pressure
points. 'Now those points should make things a bit easier for me to catch
up.' Thought Alexis.

Alexis moved her tongue so that it touched those points in Jasmine pussy in
the right series. With each right touch, Jasmine's moans increased in volume.
Like tiny sparks, each point was leading up to a major fire that would bring
about an orgasm and the flow of pussy honey.

There was one last press of the buttons from within, there was a loud moan
from Jasmine. Jasmine also shivered as she reached the point of no return.
Soon Alexis was drinking cum from the pussy of the other woman.

Alexis also felt the giggling of her other friend move through the the lips
of her pussy. This was like being tickled by the other woman as Alexis was
being licked out. 'I have to share this with Jas.' Alexis thought as she
began to giggle with kissing the lower lips of her redheaded friend.

"That's amazing, Lexi. I can't believe how good I feel." Jasmine said as she
caught her breath between the pleasure of her orgasm and the tickling of her
cunt. Inhaling deeply, Jasmine asked, "So Mindy, how are you doing down

Mindy moved her head up from the valley between Alexis' legs. "I'm having a
blast. Lexi has good taste, or should I say she tastes good?" Mindy said,
letting out a little laugh. "Even better than you taste, Jas!"

"We-lll, I'll have to have my turn with it!" Jasmine said as she was being
given a tongue lashing by the teenage girl below her. "How about a switch?"

Mindy smiled and said only one word, "Sure!"


Fonda Fontaine had redressed herself as she thought about her mission that
she was carrying out for her master and mistress. To hit the major enemy to
their plans. The largest pain in the ass on the entire island. Dr. Crowler!

Even before her convertion to her master's harem, Fonda had not been the
biggest fan of the good doctor. She respected him for his knowledge and
skills with a duelling deck, but disliked his entire personality that
seemed to be caused by some kind of stick up his rear region.

'The fact that he is in control of the dorm of the haves giving him so much
power from status, seem to be a great shame of the entire Academy. Worse, is
the fact that he thinks that the school should only contain those that "he"
thinks are worthy. Those who do not live up to his expectations deserve to
be expelled.' Fonda thought to herself as she got ready for her meeting.
'Even if it means that the Academy loses great duellist like Jaden.'

'Still all of that pressure on Jaden has made him stronger in the long run
and made Jaden and those around him better duellist in the long run. Alexis
even told me that Jaden thinks highly of Crowler, even with the hatred that
Jaden recieves.' Fonda smiled as she took her seat. 'Still it is time for
Doctor Crawler to get with the program!'

Crowler walked into the room with his natural over dramatical flare. "So Ms.
Fontaine, you wanted to talk to me? Perhaps you want me to give you some tips
on teaching your charges about duelling. I do have several degree on the
topic from the highest ranked duelling universities." Crowler said, boosting
his ego with every word. Fonda held her smile on her face, while holding
back the urge to gag over the display of arrogance.

"Yes, Doctor Crowler. In fact, I wanted the advice of a more educated faculty
member about a new method of pre-duelling mediation techniques that might
help pysch one up before a duel. I have found this out from a source that has
been linked with the King of Games himself." Fonda said, trying to catch
Crowler in her trap.

"You don't mean Yugi Muto! The Greatest Duellist that every lived! How did
you get into contact with such a great and powerful man." Crowler said,
looking shocked that Fonda had a connection to the most famous duellist in
modern history. Things like that lack of respect for his peers also got on
peoples nerves.

"I have a friend who is a friend of Yugi and got in contact with a text that
was used by Yugi to help him meditate before a duel. Unfortunately, they were
not able to give me the original text that it was based on. But I was given a
copy that I memorized. I can now perform this mediation technique for others
to increase their own duelling ability." Fonda said. Fonda was hoping that
Crowler's ego would force him to know about the technique. Then she would

"So you could show me this technique, allowing me to, as the children all
say, 'Kick my game up a notch'?" Crowler said, already hopelessly hook on the
idea of improving himself from his tone of voice and the idiotic grin that
was covering his face right now.

"Yes, I can even perform this techinque right now. It is simple, but
very effective. All you have to do is look into my eyes. Then follow my

"Of course, Ms. Fontaine." Crowler said, with a nod. He then started to stare
into her eyes. Fonda found that looking into the strange professor's face was
rather creepy, but necessary. Fonda started to focus on the hypnotic trick
that Alexis had taught her for moments like this. The trick was most
effective as it could be used quickly and easily.

Fonda's eyes turned gold as they began to glow with an inner light. As the
colour brightened and the light rose, Crowler's eyes took on the look of a
fish, lifeless and dazed. Half of his eyelids closed as he was placed in a
trance state. Fonda smiled as she placed her first victim under her power,
and the power of her masters.

"Crowler, you are slowly sinking into an endless sea of gold. As I count to
ten, you will be slipping under the waterline into the depth of that ocean.
When I reach ten, you will be so deep in that bottomless depth that you will
lose yourself. Your will, thoughts and beliefs. All will disappear once you
hit that point of no return in the sea." Fonda told the man before her.

"Remember that you are on that see and no one is around to save you as you
sink. One... Two... You have just slipped under the waterline, your head is
below the waves... Three... Four... You slowly slipped down, your eyes
keeping watch on the fish that are swimming around you as you fall... Five...
Six... You are halfway to that no return point, where nothing can save you
from the depths... Seven... Eight... Everything is slipping away, your mind
is slipping away as you know that everything will soon be losted... Nine...
Ten! You have reached the point of no return, everything is gone save the
sound of my voice as it fills the void that is within you." Fonda finished
her induction as she prepared to prepare Crowler.

Crowler was sitting like the idiot that he was, waiting for the words that
would change his life. Of course, Fonda was looking for the right words. She
knew that Jaden would be expecting the harshness of the teacher that he knew.
The jerk like behaviour that was classic Crowler. But Fonda knew that they
needed to make sure that no attempt by Crowler to expell Jaden would work.
The best way is for Crowler to no longer made any motion for that fate.

There was also the need to make him ignore or accept that Jaden had a new
life that include a few of the female 'Blues' plus herself as well. Fonda
had to choose her words carefully. Picking her words, she began to speak.

"Crowler, you wil continue with your normal behaviour of strictness and
intense egotistical behaviour. But you will no longer work to expell the
students of the Slifer Red dorm, especially Jaden Yuki. Instead, you will
work on the idea that you must try to improve the members of that dorm till
they are of a higher level." Fonda said, staring the first step of the

Next was the new arrangements with Jaden's love life. "You will notice
that things will be changing around here. Jaden will be gaining lovers from
different levels of the school. Students will be developing new relationship
with each other that are very different from the way things are now." Fonda
continued with the next line of commands.

"You will not comment on these changes, but except them as the way that
things are. You will accept that Jaden will have lovers from the Blue dorm
and that I will be one of his lovers. You will accept that the Blue girls
may date Yellows or even Reds. That sexual relationships will occur on the
island. You will make no move to stop or change these events. You will hide
the evidence of such action from the public. Understand?" Fonda asked.

"Yes, Madam." Crowler said, his voice monotone. He was responding on cue.

Fonda held back a laugh as she moved on to her next move. Placing the
keywords that would bring Crowler back into this trance state if Jaden,
Alexis or herself spoke them to her. 'It feels good to be in charge.'


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