I must admit that I'm not much on continuity, but if it really bugs you just
say that this story takes place sometime early in Duelist Kingdom.
Maximillion Pegasus has kidnapped Yugi's Grandfather and Yugi must collect
star chips in order to gain access to the final duel with Pegasus. Yugi and
his friends and wandering around Duelist Kingdom looking for a duel.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Ultimate Duel (mF,mmf,oral,exhib,voy,trans,herm,magic)
by DJ Salinger ([email protected])

Yugi stomped through the thick forest of Duelist Kingdom, his friends
following closely behind him. Immediately behind Yugi walked his good friend,
Tristan Taylor. Behind Tristan was Téa Gardner. Téa was the only female in
the group and acted as the cheerleader when Yugi was dueling. Bringing up the
rear was Joey Wheeler. Joey was a semi-accomplished duelist but mainly
provided the group with plently of comic relief. That was certainly the case
now as Joey found himself tangled in a thick bunch of vines.

"Hey, you guys, wait up!" the goofy sidekick called to his friends.

"Joey, you knucklehead! We would've had plenty of starchips already if you
weren't holding us up!" Tristan replied.

"Can it, you closet-case!"

"That's it, I'm gonna give you a knuckle-sandwhich!"

"Easy you two!" Yugi said. "We've got enough to worry about without you guys
getting into a catfight."

Téa giggled at this and the friends backtracked to help Joey out of the
vines. After he was free, Wheeler couldn't help taking another stab at his

"You're lucky, Tristan, if we weren't on a mission, I would've pounded you

"Please!!! I hope you fight better than you duel." came the reply.

Joey muttered some obscenities to himself and the gang marched on. Soon, the
buddies came to a clearing in the woods by a stream.

Yugi stopped and said, "Well, let's set up camp here and then keep looking
for a duel, we can return here tonight, grab a bath in that stream and get
some sleep. I think we could all use it. Everyone seems a little touchy."

Téa spoke up, "Yeah, I know that I could use a bath. This place is so hot
and muggy. My clothes are practically sticking to my body."

At this statement, all three of the men were silent and stared away
awkwardly. They had certainly noticed that Téa's clothes were sticking to
her. The sweat was also making them transparent. The gang could clearly
see the outline of her bra stretched across her well-developed chest. Her
tiny shorts rode up and clung to her tight, little butt. Sweat dripped down
her long, toned, tan legs. Her brown hair was tousled around on her head,
strands swinging down into her attractive face. She was quite a sight.
Unfortunately for the guys, she was a good friend and seemed to be
off-limits. Tristan and Joey both sensed that she had a thing for Yugi, but
Yugi was too oblivious to ever take advantage of it. Sometimes he seemed to
be too childish to pick up on Téa's subtle hints. However, there was another
side to Yugi, Yami Yugi. Yugi became Yami Yugi whenever he dueled. Yami came
from a place inside his millenium puzzle. He was certainly an adult, with
plenty of experience, but he was always focused on dueling. He didn't even
seem to have a sexual drive. Of course, apperances can be deceiving.

Yugi ignored Téa's provocative comment and slung his duffle bag to the
ground. The rest of the gang followed suit. The four buddies began to set up
tents on the ground. Joey, of course, was having some difficulty setting up
his tent, becoming enmeshed in a tangled mess of ropes and coming close to
nailing himself to the ground.

"Joey, you crazy bastard," Tristan said, "You're going to end up ripping your
tent in half. And I'm not going to be the one to let you stay in my tent."

"Oh?" came the reply, "I would've thought that a fudge-packer like you
would've loved that."

"That's it!" Tristan announced as he pounced on Joey and began to pummel
him with fists. Joey returned fire and the two rolled around on the ground
kicking up dust and dirt. Yugi and Téa dove into the fray and pulled the
two combatants apart. Yugi held back Tristan and Téa easily contained Joey.

"Alright, you two!" Yugi said, "If we're going to win this tournament,
you've got to stop bickering like 5 year old girls. Joey, you need to focus
on getting enough star chips to get to the finals so you can get enough money
to save your sister's eyesight. And, Tristan, you're not helping anyone by
provoking Joey. Now, shake hands and make up!"

Téa looked on with admiration at Yugi's assertiveness and leadership. He
really did something to her, but he seemed completely oblivious as to his
effect on the girl. Maybe he was really the young boy he occasionally seemed
to be. But, other times he seemed like a much more mature person.

Joey and Tristan reluctantly apologized to each other and shook hands. At
this moment, the gang heard a russling in the bushes. Suddenly, Mai Valentine
stepped through the bushes. Mai was an experienced duelist and she was
determined to get to the finals of the tournament as well. She had watched
both Yugi and Joey duel on seperate occasions and considers herself an uneasy
ally of the gang. She was something else as well, she embodied the word
"sexpot". She wore clothes that showed off her large, milky white cleavage.
She had a voluptuous figure and was never ashamed to parade it around in
front of any man, woman, or child that she came across. Currently, she was
outfitted in a white corset which tightly hung to her breasts, short, white
shorts, and long white boots. Her blonde hair tossed about, framing her
pretty face with her large eyes and cute nose.

Mai absorbed the situation and took in Joey and Tristan's handshake. "Looks
like I came just in time for the love session. What's next, are you two going
to make out?"

Joey and Tristan immediately dropped each other's hands and glared at Mai.

"Look, Mai," Joey replied, "If you came here for a challenge, you got it!
Let's duel!!"

"Oh, Joey," Mai responded, "I DID come here for a challenge. But, I came
for a challenge from a man, not a little boy."

Joey looked away dejectedly and muttered to himself, "Give me half and hour
and I'll show you how much of a MAN I am."

"Anyway, gang, I am here to duel, and I'm here to duel YUGI!" Mai announced
to the crowd.

"Very well, Mai," Yugi said, "I will duel you, because I need the star chips
to help out my Grandpa. However, I hope that we can still be friends after
this duel."

Mai leaned in close to Yugi and stroked his cheek as she answered, "Oh, trust
me, I wouldn't want ANYTHING to get in the way of our *special* friendship."
She whispered the last part into Yugi's ear.

Téa noticed this and began to fume to herself. "Who does that slut think she
is? I hope she won't try to seduce Yugi out of a win. That's just her style.
I know Yugi can beat her because he plays for more than selfish reasons. He
believes in the heart of the cards to aid him in his noble quest."

"Alright Mai," Yugi responded, "Let's find a dueling platform and get it on.
It's time to Du... Du... Du... Du..."

"Sounds like a fucking broken record." Joey muttered to himself.

"DUEL!!!" Yugi finished.

Mai, obviously bored, replied, "As impressive as that display was, we don't
need to find a dueling platform. I have the perfect place all set up. There's
only one problem, your friends are not allowed to observe the duel."

The gang gasped in surprise. They always had Yugi's back when he dueled. He
relied on their strength to help him win.

"That's not fair!" Téa screamed.

"Yeah, you just want to make it easier to cheat!" announced Tristan.

"Yeah, you crazy bitch!" Joey bellowed.

"Now, now." Mai calmly answered, "I don't want to cheat. It's just that
this duel has special rules and special monsters and you guys would only
interfere. Trust me, Yugi wouldn't want you there. I assure you,
everything is on the up and up though."

"It's alright guys," Yugi said, "Beleive it or not, I trust Mai. You guys
go get a bath and finishing setting up camp. I'll handle this duel... alone."

"I don't know, Yugi," Téa said, "I don't trust Mai. How do you know she won't

"This is business for the adults," Mai piped up, "So why don't you just do
what Yugi told you to do, little girl?!"

Téa steamed at this comment, his face turning to crimson. Yugi decided to
quickly defuse the situation before another fight broke out.

"Alright, Mai, let's get this over with." the duelist said, "I'll see you
guys tonight."

With that, Yugi and Mai took off into the forrest, leaving the three friends
alone at the campsite.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I need a bath," Téa announced, "I'm
hitting the water!"

"Uh... Téa, do you have a bathing suit?" Joey timidly asked.

"Oh, shoot!" The girl replied, "Would you guys mind waiting at the campsite
until I'm done and then I'll come and get you and you can go after me?"

"That's fine Téa," Tristan answered, "We'll finish setting up, camp."

"Thanks!" Téa giggled as she ran down to the stream. Joey and Tristan sat
down on a log at the camp dejectedly.

"I sure would've liked to go with her. You know, check out the view, if you
catch my drift." Joey said.

"Of course I catch your drift, you douchebag." Tristan responded, "But, maybe
we can still sneak a peak."

"Really?" Joey asked, "That would be awsome."

"Alright, let's wait a few minutes and try to catch some of the action."

"Excellent, I can't wait."

* * *

Mai and Yugi walked about a mile from the campsite until they came across a
large, metal building that seemed abandonded.

"Alright, Yugi, this is the place." Mai said.

"This is it?" Yugi asked, "This isn't exactly what I expected."

"Trust me, Yugi," Mai replied, "This may look like a beat up old metal shack.
But, I assure you that it is a state of the art dueling facility. In fact, I
can guaruntee that you've never dueled like this before."

"Alright." Yugi consented and walked to the door of the building and opened
it up. He walked inside and Mai followed, shutting the door behind herself.
Inside, the building was more or less barren. A small card table sat in the
middle of a vast, empty floor. Florescent lights shined down from the
ceiling, lighting the room. Strange devices protruded from all four walls.
The devices emitted a strange, blue light that shone across the floor.

"What the heck is this?" Yugi asked, the anger rising in his voice. "There's
no dueling platform here. It this is some kind of set-up, Mai..."

"Oh, relax, Yugi," Mai responded, "You're in no danger... unless you count
the danger of losing your star chips to me. This room is one big dueling
platform. The devices on the walls are virtual reality machines. They can
create a duel out of nothingness."

"That's incredible!" Yugi responded, facinated with the new technology.

"Yes," said Mai, with an aire of indifference, "It's also very necessary for
the special duel that we are about to participate in."

"Yes, you told me about this duel and that it was special, but you never
told me how. You said we were going to play with special monsters and
special rules. What did you mean?"

"Why, just that. But, don't worry. It's just a variation on the Duel
Monsters theory. It works with the same basic principals."

Mai then reached in her pocket and pulled out two decks of Duel Monsters
cards wrapped in a rubber band. She handed one to Yugi and kept one. Yugi
took the deck and shuffled through the cards, observing their name, qualities
and abilities.

As he did this, he absent-mindedly rattled off their names, "Blue Eyes, Black
Dildo, the Whip of Domination, the Magical Vibrator??!! What the hell IS this
deck? I can't duel with these cards, I don't even know what any of them do.
They sound perverse anyway. I don't want any part of this duel. Besides, I
only duel with my OWN deck. I know those cards, I trust them. I beleive in
their heart."

"Yugi, you're boring the FUCK out of me!" Mai replied. "You can't use your
deck for this duel because of the special rules. And, to make things fair,
I've never used my special deck before, either. So, we'll both just be

Yugi sighed, "This is insane, alright? I don't know what your scheme is, but
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you. What exactly are the "special rules"
that you keep bringing up anyway?"

"Well, have you ever played poker?"

"I've played with my Grandpa one or two times."

"Have you ever played strip poker?"

"With my Grandpa??!!!"

"No! I was just wondering if you knew what the game was."

"Yeah, I've heard of it. It's a variation on poker where you have to remove
an article of clothing any time you lose a hand."

"Exactly! This game functions much in the same way. It's a variation on duel
monsters. However, instead of our monsters attacking each other, we will
summon equipment and use it to attack each other directly."

"I don't want to attack you directly, Mai. I'm not a violent person."

"Of course not, neither am I. This game doesn't use violence as a means of
attack, but rather pleasure."

"Pleasure? Whachutalkinbout Mai?!"

"Well, we attempt to turn up the pleasure on one another and the first
duelist to reach orgasm loses!!"

Yugi could only stare in silence at this proposition. He was inexperienced
at best in sexual matters. He harbored a crush on his friend Téa and he had
masturbated thinking about her on more than one occasion. This constituted
the extent of his sexual experience, though. He flipped through his Grandpa's
girlie mags, but this was an entirely different level. He was expected to
sustain himself through a sexual session with this gorgeous lady. Not only
that, but he had to force her to reach orgasm... before he did!! It seemed
like a lot to ask for his first time. But, he knew that if he did it, he
would have to win, for his Grandpa.

"Fine, Mai," Yugi finally responded, "I'll accept your challenge, and I'll
win. But this isn't for vane personal reasons... I'm only doing this to help

"God," Mai muttered, "What a tool."

Mai had her own reasons for initiating the duel. She had witnessed Yugi duel
in the past and was quite impressed, and not only with his dueling abilities.
She admired and respected the boy-duelest, but she was quite smitten with the
adult Yami Yugi that manifested during a duel. She hoped to bed the brave
warrior and knew that the best way to do so was during a duel. She hoped that
she had the special sexual accessories in her deck that would help her to
succeed in her quest.

Mai and Yugi took a seat at the table, set down their decks and began the

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Joey and Tristan climbed to a small patch of trees that overlooked the
stream. From here, Tristan peaked his head out through the trees and took
in the sight of the beautiful water glistening in the hot sun. The water
looked cool and inviting, the trees russled slightly in the wind.

"Hey, do you see her?" Joey asked as he stood behind Tristan.

"No," came the reply, "Oh, wait, wait a second, here she comes!"

Indeed, Téa stepped out of a thick patch of trees down by the stream. She
was completely and totally naked, her tan body visible in the bright sun.
Her breasts bounced with every step, they were every bit as big as they
looked tucked under her tight shirts. Capping them off were dark brown
nipples, about the size of a quarter dollar. Her legs rose from the ground
and seemed to extend forever, they were clearly muscular, but also toned and
sexy. Those legs rose to a perfect butt that slightly jiggled as she walked.
Their was no fat on it, it was perfectly skinny and tight. Her body was a
miracle and Tristan observed every inch of it as she walked to the water and
slowly stepped in. She winced slightly as the cold water touched her warm
body. Her large brown nipples quickly shrunk and hardened to a tight point.
Goosebumps crawled over her body. She slid into the water further, it rose
to her perfect breasts. Soon, they too were immersed in the stream. She was
in up to her neck and she began to playfully splash around in the cool water.

"Come on, man, step aside, I want to see." Joey whined at Tristan. Tristan,
however, was too engaged in the view that he was getting. He responded to an
elbow in his side however, and slid over to let Joey have a gaze. The boys
each looked out through a tiny clearing in the trees. They could fit one eye
each through the hole and those eyes were both focused on Téa's tight, young

"Would you look at that ass?"

"Oh yeah. And how about her tits? I bet they're almost as big as Mai's."

"Oh, no way."

"OK, well they're still pretty damn big."

As the guys whispered to each other, Téa splashed around oblivious to the
leering eyes that watched her every move. She ran her hands over her body
in an attempt to clean off the dust from the road. She dipped her head
beneath the water and came up, her hair flattened against her head. She
brushed her hand against her hard nipple. The sensation was quite pleasurable
for the girl. She took a quick glance around and then returned her hand to
her nipple, rubbing it between her fingers. This continued until she became
more daring. She slowly moved her other hand down her young body, over her
tight stomache to her strong thighs. She began to quietly rub her clit and
moan to herself. This went on for a minute or two. Then, she inserted a
finger into her vagina. She threw her head back and moaned in pleasure. She
hadn't felt this good in weeks and she let the forrest know about it.

"Oooh, God, uh, uh, ooooooooohhhh!" she screamed to herself in the vast

In her mind flashed pictures of one thing, Yugi. She pictured him naked. She
enjoyed the imagery of his young body. She pictured his cock, though she had
no idea what it looked like. She imagined him kissing her. She imagined him
slowly entering her body. She imagined feeling so full as his dick penetrated
her. She imagined feeling his body pressed against hers. And, once again, she
spoke her mind.

"Ooooh, yes! Yes, Yugi! Fuck me, Yugi! I need to feel you inside me!"

Meanwhile her actions were certainly not unnoticed by the boys.

"Holy Moly!" Tristan exclaimed, "I can't beleive she's masturbating. I never
thought she would have."

"I can't beleive she's screaming Yugi's name." Joey said.

"Who cares what name she's screaming? This is so hot!"

"Yeah, I know, I've got a huge boner."

Tristan stared over at Joey's face. "First of all, the only way you could
have a huge boner is if you borrowed it from someone else. Secondly, what
makes you think I want to know about your erections?"

"Ah, shut up, you pillow-biter." came the response, "Now, scoot over and let
me get a better look."

"Watch out you idiot, we're on a fucking cliff for Pete's sakes."

The warning came a big too late for Joey. He shoved his way to the hole
and in doing so, knocked Tristan off his footing. The big guy grabbed for
anything to keep his balance. Unfortunatly, he ended up with a handful of
Joey's shirt. This knocked both men off balance. The uncoordinated twosome
struggled to stay upright, but it was all in vain. The boys tumbled off of
their perch and fell down the short cliff, bumping into rocks on the way.
Suddenly, they both hit the water with some force, landing mere inches from
the spot where Téa was pleasuring herself.

At the sound of the boys hitting the water, Téa's eyes shot open and she
struggled to hide her perfect body in the water.

"What the HELL do you two think you're doing?!?"

* * *

"Alright, Mai, I'm ready. Let's begin this odd duel."

"Very well Yugi, I'm more than ready for the best that you've got. You go

"Well, I must admit that I really don't know what I'm doing. I've never
played any duel like this before. However, if I beleive in the heart of the
cards I can overcome all!"

"Enough with the corny shtick. I want to make you cum!" Mai whispered the
message seductively across the table.

"Oh no," Yugi thought, "I almost lost the duel in my pants right then. This
is going to be impossible. Mai really knew what she was doing when she
designed this duel. I can't last under this pressure. I'm going to let
Grandpa down."

Suddenly, Yugi felt a surge in his Millenium Puzzle. He could feel himself
becoming Yami Yugi, the powerful, confident warrior. Now, Mai would be in for
a real challenge. Yami Yugi would not bow out without a fight.

Yugi straightened up in his chair and faced Mai. "I lay my first card,
"Sexual Boost". This card will increase the effect of any of my attacks
against you. You will feel more pleasure than you thought was possible.
There is no way you will be able to resist!"

Mai smiled at her fortune. She could tell that she was dealing with Yami Yugi
now. This would be fun. "That may be a powerful card, Yugi, but you have no
idea what you're up against. Maybe I should show you. I play "Naked Truth".
This card removes the barrier of clothing from both combatants!"

Yugi could feel his clothes slowly start to melt from his body. It must be
the work of the virtual reality equipment. His examined himself as his
clothes peeled to the floor. He was a skinny, yet muscular boy. Mai examined
his lean frame and then tilted her head lower. She examined the real prize,
Yugi's "duel monster". It was at least 7 inches and it wasn't even hard yet.
Well, that would change soon enough, she thought.

After seeing his clothes evaporate, Yugi turned his attention to his
opponent. Mai boasted an incredible body. Her large tits rested on top of her
rib cage and jutted out to the world. They were creamy, smooth, and white.
Her nipples were hard, little, pink nubs. Her figure was like an hourglass.
Her stomache was flat and sexy, her belly button was adorned with a piercing.
Her ass was round and bouncy. Baby certainly "had back". Her legs were long
and lithe. She looked like a pinup girl. Yugi quickly looked away. The more
he looked at her, the more arroused he became. And, the more arroused he was,
the closer he was to losing the duel.

"What's the matter, Yugi, shy?" Mai chuckled, "I'm certainly not avoiding
checking you out. That's a *great* package, where do I sign for it?" Mai
gazed longingly at Yugi's half-hard member.

Yugi, desperate to change the subject, drew a card from the deck. His
worried face grew into a smile as he examined the card. "This may change your
attitude, Mai, the card I just drew will have you too preoccupied to look at

"I doubt it, what have you got?"

"I play "Milk Maiden"! This card should keep you busy!"

As Yugi laid the card down, two metallic arms grew out of the table. The
tenticles were each adorned with small suction cups. The arms wiggled around
until they found Mai. Each suction cup latched onto one of her hard nipples.
Mai gasped as the cups began to touch her large breasts. The cup began to
whirl and suck. They vibrated against her tits like a child hungry for it's
mother's milk. Mai could not deny the stimulating effect of the tenticles
against her hard, sensitive nubs. She moaned slightly and smiled at Yugi.

"Impressive, Yugi, but this battle is hardly done. Though, I must admit, that
*does* feel good, especially with that pleasure bonus that you added earlier.
Still, it's time for you to get some!"

Mai reached to her deck and pulled a card off of the top. She smiled a wicked
smile. "Yugi, don't look now, but I play, "Stiffening Agent"!" Mai dropped
the card to the table between the long arms that were enjoying her mammaries.
"I would advice not looking *up*, Yugi."

Of course, it was only human nature for Yugi to look to the ceiling. As he
raised his eyes heavenward, he saw a large pile of liquid raining down from
the cieling. In an instant, he was covered in the liquid from head to toe.
It slimed all over his naked body.

"What the hell is this, Mai?" Yugi questioned.

"Look down."

Yugi indeed looked downward and saw that his penis was now fully erect. So
erect that it hurt, in fact. It strained against his body, searching for
relief from it's prediciment. It was an impressive size now, about 9 inches
straight out. It seemed to Yugi that it was bigger than it ever had been
before. He knew that it would need releif and soon.

Yugi quickly drew the next card from his deck. He slammed it down on the
table, anxious to finish this duel. "This is the card "Blue Eyes, Black
Dildo"! It is a powerful card and it should spell the end of you!"

Mai grunted as she felt he pussy invaded. A large 8 inch dildo materialized
inside of her vagina. She shifted uncomfortably as she felt the large
instrument in her body. "Please, Yugi, this may be a nice toy, but I do
this for fun. You'll have to do better than that if you want me out of this
one! But, right now, it's my turn!"

Mai reached to the deck and pulled the card off of the top. She read it,
smiled and laid it to the table. "This card should make things really
interesting, "The Snake Handler"! At that, she smiled a blew a kiss at

Yugi sat and wondered what the effects of the card could be. He didn't have
to wait long as another arm appeared out of the table. It was identical to
the arms that were manipulating Mai's tits. However, at the end of this arm
was a delicate, feminine hand. The hand ran up Yugi's leg and found his
erect cock. Slowly, it started to jack him off. Yugi rolled his head back
and moaned. He couldn't hold out long now. He had to counter with something
equally effective. He quickly reached to his deck and pulled the card off.
He grabbed another card from his hand and threw them both down on the table.

"I am sacrificing my "Red Eyes, Black Dildo" card and fusing it with this
card, "Anal Attacker" to form the mighty "Double Headed Black Vibrator"!
Yugi smiled in his triumph.

Mai suddenly felt pressure in her backside. Now, the large dildo in her pussy
was attached to a smalled dildo that was stuffed into her tight asshole. She
had never felt so full in her life and things were about to get worse. She
felt the machines start to turn and move inside her body. They had become
vibrators and they were working her over well. The huge dildo in her vagina
rubbed against her clit and the small one in her ass made her thick buttocks
jiggle. This was so much more pleasure than she had counted on. She knew that
she would cum soon unless she did something drastic.

Fortunately, she had something drastic in her deck. She reached down and
pulled up a card. She slammed it down on the table and laughed at Yugi. "I
play the "Black Hole" card. This card erases every move that has been made
in the game." Yugi watched in stunned awe as the arms and devices that
filled Mai disapeared. Her nipple suckers vanished, as did the two headed
vibrator inside of her. Luckily for Yugi, the hand that was jacking him off
disappeared as well. Everything was back to the way it was in the beginning,
except for the fact that both opponents were naked and aroused.

"Damnit!" thought Yugi, "She's erased the work that I built up. What will I
do now? My whole strategy is shot! I'm done for sure!"

* * *

Back at the stream, Téa sat on the edge of the water with a towel wrapped
around her body. Her face was red as she screamed at her friends.

"What the hell were you doing?! Spying on me?! What the hell is wrong with
you?! Don't you have any respect?!"

Tristan and Joey could only look at the ground in shame.

Téa stopped yelling and took a deep breath. She was so angry. She had to
find a way to humiliate the boys the same way that they humiliated her. Then,
the idea came to her.

"Alright, guys, you humiliated me, so it's only fair that I humiliate you
two. You saw what I look like naked, now I want to see what you guys look
like. It's only fair."

"Aw, Téa!" Joey exclaimed, "That's not fair. Look, we're really sorry. It
was completely our fault! Please forgive us!"

"I won't forgive you two until you go through what I went through. Now, get

"Fine," Tristan said with some bravado, "I've got nothing to be embarrassed
about. I'll go first. Try not to check out my cock, Joey."

"Why don't you shove it, you bastard." came the reply from Joey.

Tristan slowly removed his shirt, slipping it over his head to reveal a
muscular upper body. He undid his pants and let them fall, then he did the
same with his boxer shorts. His 5 inch cock lay flaccid in view of both of
his friends as he stood proudly in front of them.

Téa stared approvingly at Tristan, he was certainly well built. "Alright,"
she began, "Tristan looks good. It's your turn, Joey."

"Aw, do I have to?"


Joey grudgingly removed his shirt revealing a thin upper body without much
muscle definition. He then slipped off his pants and underwear. What sprang
out was a surprise to almost everyone in attendance.

"Wow!" murmered Téa.

"I don't beleive it." said Tristan.

Dangling between Joey's legs was a healthy 8.5 inch cock. Joey looked down
and smiled proudly.

"That thing is huge." said a mesmerized Téa.

"Well," Joey replied, "Any time you want to try it out, it's available." He
flashed Téa a goofy smile and a wink.

Téa ignored his suggestion and bent in to examine it closer. "Can I touch
it?" she asked. Téa had never seen one that large.

"Yeah, sure." Joey answered. He couldn't beleive his luck.

Téa bent down and got on her knees before Joey. She slowly stroked the
monster up and down. She rubbed the head in bewteen her fingers. It didn't
take long for the member to respond. Soon, Joey was sporting a full 10 inch
wood. Téa moved her face in to get a better look, but she couldn't help
herself. She just had to take a lick of the monster. She pulled the shaft
up and then licked from the balls to the head. She didn't stop there, taking
the cockhead inside her waiting mouth and sucking softly. Joey rolled his
head back and moaned in pleasure.

As Tristan watched the scene, his cock too sprang to life. He walked over to
Téa and pulled the towel off of her. Her naked body was once again revealed
to the boys. This only further stimulated them. Tristan moved Téa until she
was down on all fours still sucking Joey's large dick. Tristan bent down and
began to lick her pussy from behind. He reached up and rubbed her clit. He
stuck a finger in her wet slit. He pulled the finger out and tasted it. Then,
he dove in to get it straight from the source. Tristan's tounge worked up and
down Téa's tasty's pussy. It dove inside her and swirled around. He licked
her clit one time and then straightened up. Tristan positioned himself behind
Téa and lined his dick up with her pussy. He slammed it in and started to
fuck the girl doggy style.

All the while, Téa continued to suck on Joey's impressive member. She had
almost worked the whole thing into her throat. Tristain's first push into her
pussy sent her head foreward. She engulfed Joey's cock. Her cute, button nose
was buried in his pubic hair. Joey grabbed her face and began to steadily
face-fuck her. Tristan slammed again, he was now halfway to heaven inside the
girl. He pulled out and then slammed all the way back in. Téa's pussy was
incredibly tight and the friction on his cockshaft was delightful. He grabbed
her hips and began to sway in time to her head bobs on Joey's cock. The boys
see-sawed the lovely young girl like this for a while.

After a while, Téa reached up and squeezed on Joey's dangling balls. This
broke the camel's back. Joey released a ton of sticky, white cum right down
Téa's throat. He emptied his balls inside her mouth and she sucked down every
last bit of it. After his dick was completely drained, Joey got down and
began to suck on Téa's large breasts. He lightly bit down on her hard nipple,
rubbing it between his teeth. All the while, Tristan fucked her pussy like a
man possessed. Téa simply sat in the middle and enjoyed it.

* * *

"So, Mai, you've destroyed everything I've worked for, but I will get back
into this duel."

Yugi reached back into his deck and pulled out a card. He placed it face down
on the table. "I'll leave this card face down and use it later. It's your
turn Mai."

"Very well, Yugi, you're going down." Mai reached into her deck and pulled
out another card. She laid it on the table. "Yugi, this is the end for you.
I play the "Fuck Me" card. It's simple and to the point. You have to fuck me
and a virgin like you will never last!"

Mai got up and laid across the table. Yugi felt himself forced out of his
seat and pushed infront of Mai. Mai spread her legs wide and Yugi grabbed
his cock, he shoved it inside of Mai and began pumping in and out like a
crazy man. He couldn't beleive that the machines had this level of control
over him. He had bigger problems though. He had to admit that Mai's pussy
felt great. She would move the muscles inside of it and massage his dick on
every thrust. He would never last at this pace. He reached down and drew
another card. He looked at the card and slammed it on the table.

"I hope you like this little fuck, Mai, because it's about to get a whole
lot better. I just played "Enlargement". This little card should improve me

Indeed it did. Mai could feel the member in her vagina grow larger and
larger. It was bigger than any human penis could possibly be. It filled her
entirely. She had never felt so good in her life. The thing felt like a human
arm and Yugi slammed it in and out of her harder than ever. She couldn't
beleive that Yugi was this skilled at sex. Soon, she would be cumming all
over this obsene penis that was shoved in her cunt. She had to respond. Her
body shaking from the fucking, she grabbed a card from the deck.

"As much fun as this little fuck session has been, it's over! This card
isn't normally used in this way, but it will do in a pinch. I play
"Transformation". This card turns any female who uses it into a
hermaphrodite. It should ensure that you can't finish screwing me over."
Mai threw the card to the table.

Indeed it did stop the sex, Yugi was pushed out of Mai's vagina and thrown
to the ground. Suddenly, he looked up and saw Mai changing. Her pussy was
being transformed into a large, long cock! Her she-penis was almost as big
as Yugi's large member. He couldn't beleive it. Not only was this an odd
development, Mai had found yet another way to negate his attacks. He couldn't
pleasure her vagina if she had a penis. Yugi went to his deck, he drew a
card. Unfortunately, it was useless. He couldn't beat Mai in this state. He
didn't have any offensive weapon to attack her. It seemed hopless.

* * *

Téa groaned as Tristan worked over her pussy. He slammed into her with all
of his might. His cock dissappeared inside of her cunt on every thrust. He
grabbed her hips and pushed harder and harder. Suddenly, Joey came around
behind Téa to observe the fucking. He watched Tristan's cock enter and leave
her vagina. Soon, Joey was hard again.

"Hey, Tristan, I want some of that too."

"Screw off, man. I'm not sharing this pussy with you."

"You don't have to. Lie down man. Téa, you get on top of Tristan and ride
his cock."

The two friends did as Joey told them. Once it was accomplished, Joey leaned
down and stuck a finger in Téa's asshole.

"Oh my God, Joey" Téa asked, "What are you doing?"

"Just relax, Téa, this will be fun" came the response.

Joey spit on his finger and rubbed the saliva on Téa's tight butthole. He
slide two fingers in and then lined up his cock. He pushed foreward and
slammed the head into Téa's unused butt.

"Oooooooooh FUCK!" came the response from Téa. She had never felt such a
thing and the mixture of pain and adventurous pleasure drove her crazy. She
began to buck like a madwoman all over Tristan's dick. Joey pushed harder
until he was all the way inside her. Téa couldn't beleive what the double
penetration felt like. Despite some of the pain, it was the greatest thing
she could ever imagine. She rode both dicks as both the manly men fucked
into her hard. The threesome worked each other over for an hour.

Eventually, Téa announced to the group, "I'm gonna cum!!"

Indeed she did, her vagina and ass contracting down on the cocks shooting in
and out of them. She came all over Tristan and screamed through the forrest
yet again.


The shockwave went through both of the men, they pulled out of their
respective holes and lined their dicks up. They shot wave after wave of
sticky spunk all over Téa. She was a sticky, white mess lying on the
forrest floor. She began to scoop up the cum and suck it down. Eventually
however, she had to just into the water to get completely clean.

"That was great guys." she announced to the boys afterwards.

The guys agreed and informed Téa that they would be happy to do it again
anytime. The threesome then returned to camp to await the return of Yugi.

* * *

Yugi had forfeited his last turn and waited on Mai to make his move. He was
basically helpless now that they both had dicks. She had all the cards that
could work on the penis. All of Yugi's cards were centered on the vagina. Mai
reached into her deck with the intention of finishing the duel. She pulled a
card and layed it down on the table.

"This is it, Yugi!" Mai announced, "This game is now over! I have played
"Oral Exam". This card allows me to perform oral sex on you! You won't be
able to hold out and I will win! It was a good try though Yugi!"

"I don't think so, Mai!" Yugi proudly announced, "Remember the card that I
placed face down?! Well that card was "Mirriorforce". It allows me to turn
any attack against me against my opponent! Now your dick will turn back
into a pussy, I will eat you out and I will win this duel!" Yugi smiled at
his nearing victory.

Mai stared at the card. "Damnit," she said "You *do* get to perform oral
sex on me, but the card says nothing about me having to have a vagina.
Therefore, you have to suck a little cock to win this battle!"

Yugi was dumbfounded. Mai was right. He would have to suck her she-cock to
win this duel.

"Unless," Mai continued, "You merely want to give it all up and give me your
star chips. I understand if you just want to quit."

"I can't quit." said Yugi, "My Grandpa is counting on me. I'll do it."

With that, the boy got on his knees in front of Mai and stroked her large
penis. He moved his mouth in twords her and brought it to the head. He
swallowed the head and began to suck hard on the cock in his mouth. After
several minutes of this, he felt Mai's cock stiffen. Instantly, she began
to shoot white, sticky cum all over the boy's face and body. She coated him
in her woman-cum and moaned with relief as she did so.

After Mai finished cumming the virtual reality devices shut off and
everything was returned to normal. Both competitors were exactly the same
as they were when they entered the duel. Yugi had been cleaned up
automatically. They left the building. Mai gladly gave Yugi the star
chips. The young duelist returned to the campsite. He was a bit dejected,
a bit disgusted, but more importantly, he was closer than ever to saving
his Grandpa. With that knowledge, he could sleep easily that night.

The End


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