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Yes, Dear: Kim's Night Out
by Sniper32

One night Kim and her family got back from a night out, they were all giving
her grief over the fact that she was so up tight and would not loosen up at
home or in public. They had all gone out that night and the car had broke
down, so they had went into a biker bar to call AAA, Jimmy and Christine
decided to have a few drinks and play pool, Greg even lightened up an had a
beer himself, were as Kim had stayed in the car to wait for the tow truck.

After about an hour of sitting in the car, Kim decided to go in the bar an
see what her family were doing. Now the bar was kind of a run down, sawdust
on the floor type of place and kind of dirty in her opinion. The place had a
few bikers in jeans and leather, they were sitting at the bar. When Kim came
in to the bar their heads turned and they started leering at her. One of the
bikers, a huge guy named Jack, he was 6'7 and about 300 # of muscle
approached her and said "Hey pretty momma, can I buy you a drink?"

Kim let out a squeak and ran out of the bar an locked herself in the car.
Greg came out a few minutes later "Kim open the door an let me in" he said.
Kim popped the lock an let him in. "Honey what are you sitting out here, come
inside with us and wait for the tow truck". "I'm not going back in there with
those people, those bikers are scary and dirty, one of them called me pretty
momma and asked if he could buy me a drink. The big guy at the bar" she
exclaimed. "That's Jack, he's a nice guy, he's the one who let me use his
cell phone to call the tow truck. Honey you need to lighten up and not judge

At that minute the tow truck appeared, Greg went back into the bar to get
Jimmy and Christine. All the way home they all gave Kim grief about her being
uptight and her needing to get out of her shell an loosen up. This went on
all night until she went bed.

All the next day Kim was talking to herself "I'm not uptight, I can loosen
up. I'll show them". So she went shopping, she bought a leather micro mini
skirt, a leather jacket, and a black lace 1/2 cup bra. When she got home she
went upstairs and jumped into the shower, while she was in the shower she
decided to really get into the idea she had formed in her mind. She decided
to shave her pussy because in her mind that's what wild, non uptight women
do. When she was done shaving and showering she did up her hair like she had
it in the 80's when she was younger, an got dressed up in her new outfit. She
called Greg at work an told him that she was going out for the night and that
he needed to pick up there son Sammy after he got off work and that she would
be home late.

Kim drove to the bar an went in. The place didn't look any better during the
late afternoon than it did the night before. There were 4 bikers sitting at
the other end of the bar from were she was sitting. She ordered a drink and
observed that the bikers were leering at her from down the bar.

One of the bikers got up an walked over and sat down next to her, "Excuse me
miss, but are you the lady who freaked out here last night and ran out of
here in a huff?" he asked. "Yea that was me and all night long my asshole
husband, sister, and brother-in-law gave me grief about it". So I'm shy and
this place is really outside my comfort zone" Kim said. "Well you sure don't
look like you did last night" he said as he looked her up and down with a
grin on his face. Kim started to blush, she knew she looked hot. She had the
same nice sized tight little body she had when she was a cheerleader in high
school, except her breasts were bigger sense her son Sammy was born. "My
names Hank, why don't you come down and sit with the rest of us down at the
other end of the bar" he said.

Kim looked at him an the other guys and said" Sure why not, my name is Kim".
She slid off the stool she had been sitting on, which made her skirt slide
almost to her crotch. Being only 5'2 an Hank was 6'0 he got a nice view of
her chest when he looked down at her. Her jacket was only buttoned up half
way, she was showing off a lot of chest with only her 1/2 bra under her

So Kim walked down to the other end of the bar and sat down on one of the
stools. Hank introduced her to the other 3 bikers. "Guy's this here's Kim,
Kim the big guy on the end is Mack, next to him is Axe, and this here is
Johnny", he said as he slapped Johnny on the back. "So are all of you guy's
in the same gang" Kim asked. "Kim were not in a gang were in a club, there a
big difference" growled Axe. "See this here patch, that's our club patch,
were a chapter of the Devil Dogs" Mack stated.

"Do you guy's have women in your club or is it men only" she asked Hank. The
bikers looked at on another with shit eating grins, "Well a lot of the guy's
have an old lady, but there are women in the club that help out the guy's
when there asked" Johnny said.

By now Kim had a few drinks in her and had started to feel pretty good, the
stool she had sat in was in the middle of the group of guys, she felt a hand
on her thigh every now and then but thought nothing of it. She didn't know it
but the bar tender had been sprinkling cocaine in her drinks. "Good god it's
getting hot in here, don't you guy's get hot in all that leather your
wearing" Kim said, and without thinking about it she undid the rest of the
buttons on her jacket and took it of and put it on the floor by her feet.

The 4 bikers were all smiles, the black bra she was wearing was only a 1/2
bra meaning all it did was push up her tits but left the tops of them
uncovered, it did not even cover her nipples, which were now long and hard.
"I feel as loose as a goose, I need another drink" Kim exclaimed. This time
the bar tender put a 1/2 hit of Ecstasy in her drink, she took the drink from
him and slammed it down.

The bartender winked at Axe, and walked out from behind the bar, went over to
the jukebox and put some quarters in. Kim started to sway her hips to the
beat of the music, Johnny got up from his stool an brought Kim out on the
dance floor, she started grinding on him, rubbing her crotch up and down his
legs. The other 2 bikers came over and started caressing her hips and thighs,
Hank started rubbing his hands over her breasts, tweaking her nipples and
squeezing her 32B's. "Oh that feels so good Hank" Kim said in a husky voice.
She ran her hands over the bulges in the tight jeans "My my what do we have
here, is little ol' me getting you big strong men all excited" Kim purred.

Hank reached around her back and unhooked her bra, an pulled it off, he then
took one of her nipples in his mouth and started sucking on it. Axe got on
one knee and slid his hands up under her skirt and slid her panties down her
legs, then lifted her shirt around her waist. He then started running his
fingers up and down her freshly shaved pussy, then he thrust 2 of his fingers
up into her and started fingering her "Oh you've got a hot little fuck box
don't you, yea nice and tight and wet" he said.

Kim couldn't believe she was letting these men do this to her, she felt light
headed, but her body was tingling all over, and she liked the feeling of
being naughty for once.

Hank grabbed her and lifted her up on the pool table, unzipped his jeans and
pulled out his cock "Here you go Kim something to suck on" he said. Kim was
shocked, Hanks cock was at least 8" long by 3' thick, much bigger than her
husbands. Only Greg knew how much she loved to suck dick, so this really
turned her on, especially when Axe had his tongue and fingers working on her
pussy. She began to swirl her tongue around the head of Hank's dick, getting
it nice an wet while she grabbed his shaft and started to jerk him off at the
same time. Kim then surprised him by slamming her head down on his cock,
taking it all the way down her throat. He could not believe such a small
woman could do that. She started bobbing up and down on his tool like a mad
woman, "Oh man that feels great, guy's this is one talented cock sucker" he
said. "Her mouth is like velvet."

Between the sensations of the dick in her mouth, the tongue and fingers in
her pussy and the cocaine and Ecstasy flowing threw out her system, Kim
started to cum hard "Ohmgh, Ah, Ohmmmmm" she moaned out as her pussy started
squirting in Axe's face.

Axe pulled out his now hard cock an run the tip up and down Kim's wet slit,
getting it lubricated. Then he thrust it in her cunt, ramming it all he way
in to his balls. "Oww God, that's it Fuck Me Hard" Kim screamed out. She
could not believe that she had a hard cock in her pussy and in her mouth."
Loosen Up, Learn to be less Uptight my ass. I'll show them" she thought.
Johnny dropped his zipper and approached Kim's mouth with his dick out, Kim
grabbed it and started to suck it at the same time as she had Hank's dick in
her mouth, she had both of the heads of there cocks in her mouth at the same
time, she looked like a chipmunk. As Axe proceeded to thrust in and out of
her pussy with long deep strokes, her pussy muscles clamped down on his cock
an started to massage his dick, her hips began to meet his thrusts "Oh yes,
right there, Harder Harder FUCK ME" Kim cried out.

Axe couldn't believe this small housewife had 3 cocks in her and was in fact
fucking them harder than they were fucking her. He started to grunt when he
unloaded a massive shot of cum into her pussy, shot after shot of his cum was
being deposited into her. When he pulled his dick out of her pussy, there cum
started running down her legs. Mack had been sitting at the bar watching his
buddy's bang Kim, he decided to get himself a piece also, he walked over to
the pool table and pulled out his cock, it was huge, at least a foot long and
5" thick. "Mind if I join in the fun"? he asked. He rolled Kim over so that
she was bent over the edge of the table and slowly began working his tool up
in her.

"OH MY GOD, YOUR SPLITTING ME APART" Kim screamed. Mack just kept sliding his
dick into her, inch by inch. By this time Kim had been blowing Johnny and
Hank for about 10 minutes when they both started to blow there loads in her
mouth, she was thrashing around, getting the fuck of a life time by Mack, so
a lot of there cum went into her mouth and on her face, she didn't care. She
was having multiple orgasms, one after another, her cum was being squeezed
out the sides of Mack's cock. "Ow yea, Harder, Fuck Me Harder, Umggg Mgmmmm".
Kim was deliriously moaning out as Mack ravaged this pretty mom's pussy.

Mack lifted Kim off the table while he was still in her thrusting away, he
held on to her waist an was pumping her up and down on his cock. Finally he
laid down on the table himself and let her straddle him. Kim rode him like a
horse, her hips pumping up an down on his giant tool. The bartender decided
to join in, he left the bar an went over to the table, jumped on it and
whipped out his cock, Kim grabbed it and started sucking on it like it was a
lolly pop. She started to lick it up one side an down the other, rolling his
balls with one of her hands. Johnny was still hard as a rock and decided to
really put the boots to this hot little slut, he walked up behind her and
pushed he forward over Mack's chest, then he put the tip of his cock against
her asshole and shoved it in. "AWWW NOOOO" Screamed Kim as her asshole was
stretched out like never before. Pain shot through her, the likes of which
she had only felt once before, when she had given birth to her son, Johnny
kept thrusting his dick in and out of her ass, he reached over and grabbed a
beer and dumped it over her ass for lubrication.

Kim was in pain, but in heaven, the feeling of two cocks rubbing together in
her with only a thin piece of skin between them plus a hard cock in her
mouth, she had never imagined the feelings she was experiencing, the pleasure
kept building as she had one mind blowing orgasm after another, she now
regretted not going wild in collage, she had missed out on a lot of fun, but
she was making up for it now.

Kim was screaming out "OH YEA, MGHFFFFF YEA YEA FUCK MEEEE" All three of the
guys started to erupt in all of her orifices, their sperm was gushing into
every hole she had, it was running down her thighs, and down her chin
dripping on to her tits "More More, give me more cum" Kim begged. The door to
the bar opened up an another dozen bikers entered the bar, Jack was one of
them. they saw there buddy's climbing off of Kim, she was laying on the pool
table with her pussy gaping open with cum running out "What's going on here"
Jack demanded. Hank told him what was going on, Dude, she can't get enough,
she fucked the shit out of us and was still asking for more" he said.
"Really, well boy's looks like tonight we have a new prospect to break in,
lock the doors" Jack said with a smile.

The bikers started to crowd around Kim, their hands were all over her body,
groping her tits, rubbing their buddy's cum off her face an in to her mouth,
they were sticking their fingers up in her pussy and ass. The bartender gave
her another drink, this time with a whole hit of Ecstasy in it, she chugged
it down. "OK guys, drop your drawers an whip them out, it's time for this
momma to have a lot more fun, get in a line an let me blow ya" Kim said in a
very sultry voice. The bikers stripped an lined up, Kim's eyes were glazed
and wide at the amount of dick meat that was staring her in the face, some
were no bigger than 5" long, but there were a couple of 1 footers in the
bunch. "What about you Jack, drop them jeans" Kim said." Well Kim I don't
want you to freak out, but there no way you could handle my dick" he said.
I'll be the judge of that, whip it out" Kim commanded. The bikers all started
to laugh when they saw the look on Kim's face when Jack dropped his pants.

You see Jack had a cock that semi hard was 14" long and about 5" thick. Kim's
eyes were huge "Holy Fucking Shit" she exclaimed. "I'm going to save you for
last, so go and have a beer or three" Kim said with a throaty chuckle as she
grabbed his dick and gave it a few pumps and a sloppy wet tongue kiss on it's
huge bulging head.

Kim got on her knees and started sucking on the first bikers cock, sliding
his dick in and out of her mouth, letting it glide down her tight throat, the
biker grabbed her head and started slamming his cock in and out for a few
minutes before he shot off his load down her throat. "Whew guy's, this is one
talented little cock sucker we have here tonight" he said with a grin. Kim
continued on down the line, blowing the bikers as she went, some of them blew
there loads down her throat, others deposited their spunk across her face. By
the time she had reached the 9Th biker the first one she had blown was hard
again, he came up behind her an got her off her knees and bent her over, he
started to slide his dick up and down her wet slit before he slipped his cock
into her cunt and started slamming her with short fast strokes. "Oh yea
that's it, fuck me, pound my wet hot pussy" Kim moaned out. She continued
sucking off the bikers one by one, after they dropped their loads they would
go get a beer and go to the end of the line an wait for there turn to jump on
the train that the bikers were pulling on her cunt. The amount of cum running
out of her mouth an down her legs was staggering, she was covered in the
stuff an was standing in a puddle of it. One after another the bikers ravaged
he pussy, shooting their loads deep into her cunt.

After the 8Th biker spewed his spunk in her, they grabbed her and impaled her
on one of the bikers dick, right in her ass, then the last two bikers shoved
their cocks in her now gaping cunt and all three of them started to fuck the
hell out of hell out of her. "YOUR SPLITTING ME IN HALF,AWWWW,AWWWWWWWW" Kim
screamed out in ecstasy." Harder, harder, ya get my cunt stretched out for
Jack's horse dick" she screamed.

They continued to pound this little house wife/mother's ass and cunt, then
they all erupted at about the same time, over flowing her orifices with their
spunk. When they pulled out of her all 11 bikers worth of cum came pouring
out of her. Her pussy looked like she had just given birth. Jack walked over
with a pitcher of beer an dumped it into her cunt to wash out some of the
sperm that remained. "It's my turn now" he said.

Kim looked up at his now fully erect dick, it was at least18" long an 7"
thick, it looked like a flesh covered baseball bat, her eyes were a mix of
lust and fear. "Here drink this" Jack said. It was a shot of JD with more
cocaine and Ecstasy in it. She slammed it down, and in a few moments her
whole body was tingling again.

"OK guy's help her assume the position" Jack said. Four of the bikers picked
Kim up one on each arm and one held on to each of her legs, they held her up
at Jacks waist level. Jack walked up between her wide spread legs an started
to run the huge tip of his cock up and down Kim's pussy lips to get it
lubricated. Then he started to slip his cock in to her, it slid in
surprisingly easy after the 3 hour gang bang her pussy had just endured. He
continued to push his man meat into Kim's ravaged cunt, by the time he had
embedded a foot of it in her she had started thrusting her hips at him to get
more in her, her pussy muscles were spasming, clenching and unclenching on
his tool.

"OH GOD, this feels so fucking Good, I'm CUMMMMING, Slam it all the way in
me" Kim screamed. So Jack pulled out a little bit an then slammed his
monster into her in one thrust, completely filling her cunt. The top 6" of
his dick was in her womb, he proceeded to slam in an out , in and out,
thrusting with animal aggression. The 4 bikers who were holding Kim up
started to move her body back and forth in rhythm with each of his thrusts.
Kim's now seriously re-sized cunt was gushing out her own fluids, she was
having one massive orgasm after another, they were so intense she was passing
in and out of unconsciousness from the pure pleasure of having such a huge
slab of dick in her.

Jack continued to slam her cunt for about a 1/2 hour, he was shocked that she
had taken all of him in her and wasn't screaming in pain but in pleasure. Her
cunt muscles were working his horse sized cock like fingers, stroking his
cock with each thrust, he could not hold out much longer. The other bikers
were chanting "KIM KIM KIM" they had seen Jack fuck dozens of chicks but none
of them had ever witnessed what they watching take place right before there
eyes. Kim was fucking him for all she was worth, giving more than she was

Finally Jack erupted in her, he shot load after load in to her, when the
first blast of his cum hit the back wall of her womb Kim had the largest most
intense orgasm of her life. She started squirting all over his groin area,
drenching him. When he finished pumping into her and pulled out, it was like
a water balloon had been popped inside her cunt. Their fluids came pouring
out of her gaping cunt. The bikers who were holding her tried to let her
stand up but her legs wouldn't support her, so they sat her down on a chair.
The bar erupted with laughter when she said "Uptight my ass, Loosen up;
Shit". Kim knew she could never go back to being little Ms. housewife/mother.
"Well guys, what do you say, am I in the club, can I be the Devil Dog's ol'
lady on a full time basis?" Kim asked. Jack turned to the club members an
said "She's got my vote, anybody want to disagree?"

"HELL NO" the bikers chanted. Jack grabbed his club vest and draped it over
Kim's shoulders and said "Your one of use for life, I know pronounce you a
Devil Dog".

Kim left the bar the next morning, after a few more hours of sucking and
fucking with her new family. She went home an grabbed some of her stuff,
kissed Sammy good bye, and told Greg she was filing for a divorce and he
could have everything. She then went to the bank and took out her half of the
savings and off she went to start her new life as a biker club ol, lady.


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