Yes, Dear: Christine Teaches Kim (MF,FF,MMFF,F-mast,inc,voy)
by KHenne ([email protected])

Chapter 1

Jimmy Hughes was a 31 year old security guard for a major film studio in
California. He was married with 2 children. He was barely a high scholl
graduate. They lived with his brother and sister in law's house. It was a
nice house. They lived in a guest house on the grounds. Christine had been
with Jimmy for the last 15 years. They were in high school together she also
barely graduated. If there was something stupid to do on a bet Jimmy will do
it. Christine never seemed to miss a party. They loved having sex regularly
in numerous positions and places.

Kim and Greg warner waer a completely different couple. The Warners had money
and were cautious about spending. When they purchased items it took awhile.
They would do research and talk about it before they purchased it. Greg was
nerdy and boring. He was very shy when it came to girls. Kim was beautiful
and short. She was only about 5'2". She was smart and a little neurotic.
There child was being raised by both of them. Greg had gotten Jimmy his job
at the studio where he wrked. Greg and Kim met in college. Christine was 2
years older than Kim.

The sister were never really close until one night. They had gotten a phone
call from their mother telling them their favorite uncle had passed away. The
news was a shock to them. Christine told Kim and she broke down and collapsed
into Christine's arms. They cried holding each other for a few minutes. Kim
went onto the phone and got airline tickets for the next morning. She told
Greg they would be a few days. Kim told Christine. "I'll buy you some clothes
when we get there."

The girls left the next day and flew to New Jersey. Kim had flown before
Christine had not. She was nervous and the sisters held hands as they
departed. When the drink cart arrived Christine had scotch and Kim had a
beer. Christine had snuck a flask on board. She refilled her glass and
Kim finished it off.

When they arrived at the aunt's house they were greeted by their cousin
Joann. Joann told them it would only be a 1 day service and then the funeral
and burial the next day. She took her cousins to the mall so Christine could
buy some clothes. They got back to the house, changed and went to the funeral
home that afternoon. Their AUnt Betty held up pretty well considering. The
girls were driven to the motel by there cousins. As they said and kissed
goodbye Kim was surprised seeing Joann and Christine kiss on the mouth.

That night Kim was awakened by Christine masturbating.

Christine was moaning, "Yes, Joann eat me! Lick my pussy!"

She watched as Christine had her orgasm, which was strong. Kim had a hard
time sleeping the remainer of the night. The next morning she awoke first,
showered and got dressed. Kim found a resturant near by and got coffee and
egg sandwiches for them. When she got back Christine was in the shower.
When Christine came out of the shower she was nude. Kim looked as her and
saw she was shaved. Christine put on a robe and ate her breakfast.

Chapter 2

At the funeral and burial the girls cried and held hands. The family had a
gathering afterward. The girls both got a good buzz on with their cousin. Kim
watched her sister and Joann stare at each other and sit real close. Joann
leaned over and kissed Christine softly. The kiss lasted about 3 minutes. Kim
became turned on watching them. The girls talked softly afterward and kissed
some more. Joann kissed kim softly and slowly working her tongue into Kim's
mouth. Kim was surprised by the kiss and opened her mouth to accept her
cousin's tongue. The kiss ended a few minutes later. Kim enjoyed the kiss and
looked at Christine. The sisters kissed for about 5 minute. When the kiss
broke off they looked at each other differently.

The girls went to dinner which was good and sisters walked home talking. The
girls talked about each others partners. Christine told Kim that she would
make Greg a better lover. Kim told Christine, "I bet Jimmy would do wonders
for me."

They kissed good night and climbed into bed. Christine lied in bed and
thought about Kim. She was getting turned on and decided on seduced her
sister. She slid over to Kim's bed. Kim turned around and asked her,
"What's wrong Christine?"

She kissed Kim hard and deep. Kim opened her mouth quickly and played tongue
hockey for 15 minutes. She licked and played with Kim's breasts while looking
at her. She sliddown her sister's body kissing and licking Kim's pussy and
clit. Kim's body responded like she was shocked. Kim moaned and yelled, "Eat
my pussy!"

Kim exploded about 15 minutes later as Christine fingered kim's sopping
pussy. It was the best orgasm she ever had. Christine ate her to 4 more
orgasms. They curled up and fell asleep in each other arms.

Kim awoke the next morning. She was holding her sister large breast. She
rolled days and went to the bathroom. Kim had a headache from the drinking.
As she set in the bathroom the events of last night came back to her. 'Why
did it happen, she wondered. Kim really enjoyed the night with her sister.
Did she really like girls? In the shower as she washed herself kim reached
down and touched herself. As she masturbated she moaned, "Yes, Christine,
lick my pussy!"

The orgams she had was intese. She knew it was not as good as Christine gave
her the night before. When Christine awoke and showered the sisters took a
cab to the airport. The girls held hands as the plane took off. No words were
spoken during the flight and the ride home.

A few days later Christine and Jimmy were making out and he went down on her
and ate her to a screaming orgasm. She didn't realize she said, "Oh God,
Kimmy, I'm cumming!"

Jimmy heard it and fantasized it was Kim in bed with him. He gave her a hard
fucking and blew a large load. Jimmy looked at Kim differently the next week
and jerked off thinking about her.

Chapter 3

Christine had noticed her sister was very moody lately. They had not been
together since the funeral. Kim was helping Christine with a paper she had
due for her college assignment. Kim made some coffee and they talked. The
both wanted to talk about what happened between them. Kim asked Christine,
"This was not your first time was it?"

Christine told her, "No, when I was 17 and at a partyJoann and I got drunk
and ended up in bed. We did it 2 more times when we were sober.

Kim told her it was the best sex she ever had. Kim told her it was the booze
that made her feel like that. Thet both agreed that kissing and some light
petting was acceptible.

Christine made friends from class and they invited her to there sorority. She
went with them to a college mixer. Christine had a couple of drinks and got a
good buzz on. She looked over at Kathy and Linda, who were talking and
drinking. The roommates approached her and asked her if she wanted to go back
to the house with them. The departed the mixer quickly and went to the house.

Kathy ran up to her room and linda got some beers. The girls were talking to
Christine about married life. Kathy leaned over and kissed Christine softly.
The kiss grew in intensity quickly. They helped each other strip quickly.
Linda interruped them nd told them lets go to the bedroom. Kathy went down
and ate Christine to multiple orgasms. Christine told Kathy, "You really good
but I'm going to rock your world."

She ate Kathy so well told her, "Stop! I can't cum anymore!" Kathy curled up
and slept.

Linda asked her if she needed a beer. When she came with the beer she had sex
toys with her. Christine drank her beer as she fondled the dual headed dildo.
They exchanged small talk and kissed a few times. Linda lubed up her end of
the dildo and put it into her pussy. She moaned softly as it entered her.
Christine lubed up and inserted the other end. The girls worked well as a
team. They fucked each other for about 15 minutes when Christine came hard.
Christine looked down and saw she had about 9 inched in her. This was more
then Jimmy had. Linda came abouit 5 minutes later. She screamed Kathy's name
as she orgasmed. "Yes, Kathy, fuck me harder with your big cock!"

They rested up about 10 minutes and pulled out the dildo from each other.
Christine asked Linda if she was bisexual. Linda told her, "I've experimented
with Kathy only. My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago. I was
upset and cryingin here when she came home from a date. She stayed with me
all night. The next morning she was in the shower I joined her and asked her
to make love with me. It was the best sex I ever experienced. Kathy usually
fucks me with the strap-on.

Christine fell asleep with Linda and awoke about 6:20AM. She dressed quickly
and went home. When she arrived Jimmy was up and very upset. Christine told
him, "Sorry, Jimmy, I got drunk and passed out."

Jimmy told her, "There will be no more college parties for you."

She looked at Jimmy and told him she understood. He told her for the next
2 weeks you will do whatever I say. Kim and Greg agreed with Jimmy which
surprised her. She knew Jimmy wanted to see her with Kim so she decided to
give in.

They had their own New Year's Eve party after the kids went to sleep. When
midnight struck them kissed their partners and then switched. Jimmy slowly
worked his tongue into kim's mouth, which she accepted. They made out for
about 5 minutes. Christine kissed Greg hard and deep. She broke the kiss off
after about 5 minutes also. Jimmy nodded to Christine, who walked over and
kissed Kim deeply. Greg's mouth dropped wide open, but he couldn't speak
this was a fantasy come true for him. When Kim broke off the kiss she smiled
as Greg and Jimmy.

The girls slowly did a striptease for the men. Christine took Kim to the
bedroom and kissed her slowly. She licked Kim's brest and fingered her pussy
and clit to the point of Kim telling Jimmy to fuck her. Jimmy fucked her
while she ate out Christine to a screaming orgasm. Greg and Jimmy double
teamed Christine, who had another intense orgasm. When they recovered Kim
told Greg to fuck her in her ass while she gave Jimmy a blowjob. She had
never let Greg fuck her in the ass.

The next morning Greg and Jimmy went out and got everything for breakfast and
fed the kids. They went up to the bedroom and found Kim and Christine making
love. They all agreed to switch partners once a week.

Chapter 4

Greg's boss Mr. Sativsky gave Jimmy the keys to his beach house for the
weekend. There was something that drew him to Chritine and Jimmy. He was a
widower for about 2 years. Jimmy took the boys to the beach to play in the
sand. Christine stayed home and sunbathed nude. Shad the radio on and fell
asleep when a shadow appeared over her. She looked up and there was Mr.
Sativsky staring at her. Christine wrapped the towel around her waist and
let him see her tits. He took her into the bedroom and made love to her
twice. She asked him, Where is my husband and kids?"

He told her, "Out having lunch on me."

Christine had to admit he was damn good in bed. When they got back from the
weekend Kim noticed Christine was not herself. They talked and Christine told
Kim, "I slept with Mr. Sativsky while Jimmy was out with the kids having
lunch Saturady."

Kim was shocked by what she heard. She had never cheated on Jimmy before. A

Few weeks later he stopped by Greg's house to take Christine and Jimmy out to
lunch. He asked them to move into one of his houses he had. They were floored
by his generousity. They just had to keep it clean and keep the appearence of
a normal couple.

When they got back to the Warner's house they told Greg and Kim, who were
also floored by this. The Hughes moved into the beautiful house and the kids
each had their own room.

Christine invited Greg and Kim over about 2 weeks after they moved in. They
had a BBQ and the kids went into the pool. When they got home Kim and Greg
were talking. She told Greg how they got the invite to get the house. He
asked, "Does Jimmy know?" She told him no.

She looked at Greg, "Would you be upset if it was me instead of Christine?"

Greg told her, "Yes, very upset. I would ask my boss why he did it and
probably divorce you."

Kim thought to herself, 'Why couldn't I be that slutty?' She knew she could
never had gone through with it.

A few weeks later Kim went over to Christine's and the men had taken the
kids out for the day. They made sandwiches and had some beers outside. They
had finished and Kim was walking by the pool when Christine pushed her in and
jumped in with her. They horsed around for a little while and went into the
changing room out by the pool. They stripped and took the wet clothes inside
to dry. The doorbell rang and Kim answered the door wearing a towel. There
was Mr. Sativsky. She invited him in. He turned to her after entering and
said "I'll give you a thousand dollars to sleep with me right now."

Kim was surprised by the statement and more when she told him ok. He took her
to the master bedroom and fucked her with style.

Christine had heard the whole conversation and was telling herself. Yes, she
was turning Kim into a slut like her.

When Mr. Sativsky came down the stairs Christine was reading a book. She
closed the book and asked him if everything was okay with the house. He told
her everything is perfect and kissed her goodbye. She ran upstairs and there
was Kim putting a envelope in her pocketbook. Christine Came up behind Kim
and kissed her neck and whispered to her, "You like being a slut don't you?"

Kim turned around kissed her sister and said, "It has it's advantages." She
told Christine, "Next time he wants a threesome with us."

Christine told her, "I'll have to check me schedule."


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