Young And The Restless: Part 2 (FFF, anal)
by ezryder2 ([email protected])

Sharon was jealous over seeing Mac getting her butt spanked buy Nikki Newman.
Mackenzie's pouting and crying bent over Nikki's lap was more then Sharon
could stand with out wishing it was her being spanked by the beautiful Nikki.
Peering through the door she had to rub her crotch through her spandex pants.
"Ohhh what a firm little ass."

It should be her getting spanked after all Nikki threatened to spank her more
than once. May be if she provoked her one more time she would be spanked, so
charging in on Mac's spanking, she said, "Why don't you leave her alone?"

"How would you like to take her place Sharon?"

"You wouldn't dare! Nikki you bitch!"

That was all it took. Droppping Mac, she grabbed Sharon and in one swift
movement put Sharon over her knees.

"ohhhhh ahhhhhawyyyyy awyyyy ahhhhh ahhhhoh Nikki ohhhh Nikki I've needed
that ohhhhhh yesssss spank my big ass good ohhhhh ahhhh ahhhh your comming
you little sex kitten you actually like me spanking you,dont you. ohhhhhh
yes my ass is getting what I need. Now finish Mac I will help you she is a
naughty little brat, ohhhh Sharon I masturbate at night thinking of you,
spank me naked please ohhhhh ohhhhhh please. Let me see you naked too."

"I will do more than that. Lets get to bed Mac and Nikki. Lets give Nikki a
spanking next. Make her cry and beg for mercy."

Mac's pussy is already damp. Nikki is dripping down her legs.

"Ohhhhh! Sharon you're putting your finger up my butt."

"My buut needs your finger, too. Ohhhhhhh Nikki ohhhhhh Nikki ahhhh ahhhh!"


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