This story continues by timeline after "Y&R: Victor And Victoria, The Dragons
Rule." It is a story that stands on its own.

Young And The Restless: Victor And Victoria - Dragon's Breath Of Fire
by Shadow Walker ([email protected]) (M/F,M/f,M/fg,solo,inc,ncon)

City Jail: Monday Morning

"Let me out' a here damn-it!" Billy acts like a madman as he screams from
within his cell; he kicks at the door as the jailor approaches.

"Knock it off butthead or you'll go to detention and be knocked out on

"I'm Billy Abbot; I've done nothing wrong! Release me; I demand my release!"

"Yeah, I know, everyone is innocent." Acknowledged the officer rhetorically,
"Now sit down drunk and shut up."

Newman Corporation, office of Victoria Newman

Victoria is in her office, she's wearing a beautiful long black dress, low
cut in the front to show off her breasts, a long slit up both sides, showing
her long legs, the front hangs like a wide loin cloth. She studies the
mirror that hangs on the opposite wall to see what she looks like as she
sits and leans against the desk, allowing the slit to open and the front
part of the dress to fall between her legs; she pulls the left side slit
open further with her hand to see her bare thighs up to her waist. "Oh yeah,
my red string panty doesn't show at all, you can see my ass nicely." Victory
says to herself as she stands and lifts the slit further, exposing her butt
cheeks, "Oh yes!"

The secretary announces over the intercom, "A Mister Edwards is here for your
meeting Miss Newman.

"Send him in please, and I want no interruption for two hours; or better yet,
I'm free when I notify you."

"Yes Miss Newman."

Victoria moves to her side of the desk as she turned to greet Edwards, an
older man, tall, showing through his suit a well-formed athletic muscular
body. His eyes catch Victoria's beauty, he had seen her before, when she was
a little teenager of fourteen, she had sit on his lap and flirted as he was
in a meeting with her father, now she was grown up indeed. Victoria's slender
body, with the frontal slit showing ample leg to thigh, is a glory goddess of
female perfection. Her blue eyes glow with her smile as she stands to greet

"Mister Edwards, I think the last time we met I was a bothersome teen." Says
Victoria as she greets Edwards with a handshake as she bends forward to hug
him as an old friend of her father.

"You look absolutely charming Miss Newman, and how is your father nowadays?"
Asked Edwards as he returns the hug with a kiss to her cheek and his hand on
her lower back, he caresses her upper buttocks, he then gives a squeeze to
her butt cheek.

With a grin, as she feels his firm grip to her ass Victoria gives him an
extra tight hug, pressing her ample breasts into him as she feels him his
muscular shoulder. "Father is well; he's at a board meeting with Nicholas."

Pulling back to look at Victoria, eyeing in more detail her body and dress,
noting the low cut front that shows her ample breasts and deep cleavage. "You
look marvelous, a lost different than the fourteen year old teenage that
wriggle her but on my lap so many years ago; Ah, if I were that age now, I
would beg for you to sit on my lap again."

"Mister Edwards! ..." Said Victoria in a pretensive tone of shock and
embarrassment with a broad grin and shy facial expression as she rubs her
hand along his upper chest along his ribs, " ...You are not that old, not
with you body; I bet you are as virile as a man of eighteen."

"Victoria, ..."

Victoria put her finger to his lips as she corrected him, "Your like family
here Mister Edwards, call me Vickie; after all, I lap danced you when I was

"Miss, excuse me, VICKIE, even I can see my white roof, but you are kind; and
call me Steve, that is my name to my close friends."

"Well, Steve, as you are aware, I head the section that develops a whole line
of cosmetics and clothing that is targeted to the teen and young adults ..."
explained Victoria as she walked enticingly back to lean against her desk,
allowing the frontal slip to fall sexually open, exposing her leg to her
waist, "... and this dress is one of the new lines; it's based on what the
teens idolize in the singers and idols, such as Buffy the Vampire slayer and
Xena; these characters popularizes mid-drift exposure, high cuts, and ..."
Victoria kicks her leg high and places her foot atop her desk, allowing
Edwards to see her entire leg to her buttocks, "... and the freedom of

Edward eyes Victoria closely as he asks, "It is very open and beautiful; but
what about panties, won't they stand out when worn."

"Mister Edwards, the old white trunk panty is gone the way of dinosaurs; we
have the new line, ..." Victoria shows Edwards her new string panty; a narrow
red string that is barely visible around her waist, and disappearing down her
butt crack that she shows to him as she lifts the back of the dress, showing
her entire buttocks, then turning and lifting the frontal dress groin flap
she shows him the string as it is only an inch across as it disappears in
her yellow pubic hair and into her cunt lips. Victoria smiles as she sees
Edward's eyes stare at her pussy and sees his penis form a tent in his pants.
"... The strings is very sexual, it rests within the crack of the girls butt
and runs through her cunt, making it feel like she is being finger fucked all
day as she wears them." Explained Victoria as she struts over to Edwards,
"The dress is transparent when the sun hits it just right, allowing the boys
a good view of what they want."

"Isn't that a little risky for schoolgirls?" Asks Edwards as he watched
Victoria come to stand in front of him.

"I was a school girl, and I wish I had this dress to wear then; and I know
that the horny little sluts that follow Britney, Madonna, Christina, and all
the interns that suck off our politicians want to suck cock and even dress
codes can stop them, not when a blow job has been reduced from sex to a hand
shake." Explained Victoria as she knelt down between his legs, unzipped his
pants and placed her hand inside his pants and takes a gentle hold of his
hardening cock.

"Vickie, I ..."

"Shhh, Steve, I started something when I was fourteen, and white hair becomes
you, I absolutely love older men, they know so much more." Victoria lifts his
erect penis up to its full ten inches, "Steve! You are all man." Victoria
makes her move as her tongue licks his entire shaft as his eyes and head roll
back in his chair. As he enjoys the sensation of Victoria's tongue that licks
his man meat, he feels it move to his balls.

Victoria buries her nose in his crotch as she licks his balls, pulling his
pants down as she works his groin with his cock in her hand alongside her ear
as she smells his scents and goes wild and horny, wanting his cock to ravish
her snatch. Victoria pulls back with his hand gripping his cock, pumping it
slowly as she grins at him, then as he watches Victoria goes down on his
cock, taking his entire shaft into her mouth and her throat in one move.

"Oh God! So this is what heaven is like." Edwards said as Victoria bobbed his
cock steadily.

Victoria slid his huge cock steadily down her throat, then pulling it out to
take her breath then to gobble it again as her tongue tightened around his
shaft on its travel down her throat.

"Oh no, not yet!" Screamed Steve as he tried to stop his body, but he shot
his load into Victoria's mouth.

Victoria felt the surge and tried to swallow his gorge as it filled her
mouth, she could only take half as the rest spilled from her mouth as she
partially choked and sputtered as she managed to swallow the rests before
she got a second surge that caught her in her face.

Edwards looked down at Victoria as his second load spewed and splattered her
face; he watched as she grinned and laughed at the dripping cum that ran off
her face. "Vickie, I tried to ..."

"Steve, when you suck a hose, expect the backpressure, that's okay." Said
Victoria as she moved and took his cock into her mouth and began licking the
cum off his shaft, then she mouthed and stroked his cock back to a new full
erection; followed by the renewed erection, and still with sperm running
down her face, Vickie climbs up and straddles Edward's lap, "Steve, pull my
panties off, slowly, very slowly."

Edwards takes hold of the thin nylon sides of the string panty and pulls
them down as Victoria feels the string pulls from her ass crack and her pussy
lips, "Ooo, dam, just like a cock being pulled out of my pussy, slowly, oh
so slowly." Finally, Edwards pulls the panties completely off and down to
Vickie's ankles as she steps out of them.

Victoria kicks the panty towards the desk, then as she turns back to Edwards;
she feels his tongue lick her cunt lips. She looks down to see his head
beneath her dress as she fells his tongue enter her cunt and begin licking
her inside, "Oh my God! You wonderful bastard!" Victoria arched herself
backwards as she feels her orgasm building, "Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

Edwards lifts Victoria in his arms, his arms and hands gripping her bare ass
as he carries her to her desk. He sits her atop the desk as Victoria pulls
her top straps off, allowing her top portion of her dress to drop freely away
from her breasts. Edwards watches as her large breasts giggle firmly in front
of his eyes and like a cat watching a mouse, he stares a moment, then he
leaps upon her tits, his mouth bites her left nipple and sucks and licks as
his left hand tweaks her right nipple and breast. Edwards now makes his move
as he shoves Victoria down onto the desk as he spreads her legs, tossing her
dress up from over her snatch, he puts a finger into her cunt hole to finger
fuck her a moment, then satisfied that she was wet enough, he shoved his cock
nonstop into her hungry cunt.

Victoria felt his large shaft penetrate her and slide deep into her cunt
canal as her pussy muscles grip and tighten around his cock. He shoves harder
and he begins to work hard and thrusting deep into her, then pulling out
slowly, then slamming back into her; then after his initial assault, he
increased his assault and now was slamming hard into her, his balls slapping
her ass in rapid succession.

Just when Victoria thought her orgasm was at climax, Steve changed his rhythm
and began twisting his cock inside her, slapping the sides of her cunt on
each thrust, then renewing a hard thrust that was striking one spot that
drove her nuts. Victoria twisted and arched her body as her climax was almost
at maximum when Steve shoved and held his cock as deep as he can, shoving as
hard as he could against her pelvis, his ball slammed hard and hurting
against her butt as he shot his load into her and screaming in his orgasm.
Victoria held onto him tightly, biting his should and clawing his back with
her fingernails as she felt his sperm spray hot inside her and then she felt
herself let go as her body tightened and lock as she screamed along with his
cry of ecstasy; she sprayed him as he came gain and again. "Oh God! Is all
that Victoria could say as she felt onto Edwards, his cock still spurting in
small orgasms; their bodies covered and dripping with sweat as she licked and
kissed his body.

Still kissing each other, Victoria moves Steve, without his pants now and his
cock erect again from her kissing and licking, back to his chair as she stood
a moment in front of him as she stripped off her dress and stood completely
naked in front of him; she watched his cock expand another two inches and
swell even large as she commented, "Now, down to business." Said Victoria as
she straddled his lap and settled down onto his growing cock.

Naked and impaled, Victoria rides Steve's shaft, pumping and grinding his
cock as her hip and buttocks gyrated onto his meaty rock hard flesh; Vicki
presses his lips hard to his moist lips, their tongues play tough and feel
as they kiss; as the time of kissing passes, so the French kiss changes in
intensity, tongue wrestling, licking; their French kissing evolves to a new
French kissing class as Victoria tightens her snatch grip on his cock as she
pulls and twists her vagina on his hot pole, she feels his cock thrust
upwards into her as he grips her bare ass in his death grip, his fingers rip
into her fleshy ass as he starts thrusting hard up into her downward push,
bringing them to a new level of hard fucking as he twists her body; They grip
hard onto each other, their lips and tongues not letting lose for a moment
as they fall from the chair onto the floor of Victoria's office.

With a grunt and twist, Victoria feels Edward's cock slam harder and deeper
into her as he hammers her cunt with long deep thrusts; She responds by
lifting her legs about his waist and locks her legs about his waist, locking
her ankles together as she braces herself to his hammering, her body slides
along the floor on impact of his cock into her pussy, his balls smashing
against her buttocks, his whole weight coming into contact at one point of
her body, her pussy.

Edwards was straining, gritting his teeth, holding his orgasm as he fought
against the pressure in his loins, his balls were screaming to let go, his
gut was tight as he continues to beat the crap out of Victoria's burning

Victoria grits her teeth, shuts her eyes as he slams into her, she feels his
cock slamming through her tight vagina muscles as she senses his hot cock
slamming deep into her; her orgasm slams her gut, her stomach is burning up,
her snatch aches to release, then she couldn't take it anymore as she screams
and cries, she grips Edward's masculine shoulders in her finger ripping grip,
biting his shoulder and tightening her leg vise like grip on his waist, then
she exploded as she experienced the biggest orgasm yet. Her orgasm caused
Edwards to shoot his load as he screamed from the pain of a cup full of sperm
sprays through his cock head in a matter of seconds, hosing down Victoria's
insides with a hot spray of lively strong sperm.

Victoria still locked in her death grip, breaks out with sweat that adds to
the sweat already there that pours down her body.

Edwards is covered in sweat as he collapses atop the young female, her body
wet and slippery as he kisses and licks her face. For fifteen minutes they
lay naked on the floor, his cock still inside her, spurting out an occasional
spurt of sperm into her still hot snatch, Victoria's own vagina is still
tight and milked every ounce of cum that he could deposit.

Edwards is first to move as he kissed Victoria on her face, sits up on his
knees as his cock pulls from her pussy; he strokes himself a little and
ejaculates one final deposit onto Victoria's belly as she smears his cum over
her body and then rubs it into her pubic hair. "Shower with me Steve, I'd
love the company."

Edwards stands and pulls Victoria up into his arms and walks her toward her
private bathroom and shower; he folds her in his arms as Victoria stands on
his feet as he walks her to the shower, he holds her tightly as she keeps her
ass against his hard cock that sticks out and buries itself into her butt

City Jail

"It's about time; those idiots had no right to keep me the entire weekend in
that damn cell." Gripes Billy as he stomps towards Jack Abbot's car.

"Hey! They had a reason; you fell off the wagon." Said Jack as he reminded
Billy, he grabs Billy and turns him around to face him, "You were drunk and
naked on the city street, now how did you get there; and remember, the last
time you blacked out drunk you almost died."

"Look big brother, I wasn't drunk!" Billy wasn't about to admit that he was
in deep trouble with his alcoholism.

"Then how little brother!" Jack was about finished with his uptight
self-righteous half brother.

"Somebody probably slipped me a knockout drug and robbed me; I don't know, I
can't remember." Bill always has an excuse, it is always the other person,
not him, he was never at fault; just like his ex-girlfriend, everyone knew
that girls put out after a year of dating, if they love the guy; after-all,
sex is just a part of dating.

"Where were you that you got that drug?" Asked Jack as Billy got into the

"I don't know Jack! Look! If this all that I am going to get is grilled, then
I am out' a here!" Screamed Billy as he got out of Jack's car, slammed the
door and stomped off down the street.

"This isn't over Billy." Yells Jack as he watched Billy flip the bird to him.
Jack grits his teeth and swears beneath his teeth, "Brother or not, do that
again and I'll lay you out; it's not over Billy Abbot, and you better grow up
and stop blaming everyone but yourself."

John Abbot's Family Mansion: Residence of Billy Abbot, Colleen Carlton.

The house is deserted as Colleen comes down the stairs, looks around to see
if any one is there, she calls out, but no one answers. Colleen, dressed in a
bathrobe hops down the stairs and searches the living room and finds a note:

I have been called away for three days to Los Angeles, I will call;
Ashley will check in to make sure that you are okay and that you
have your meals; after your weekend I think you can be trusted more;
I will call soon.

Love John.

The elfin fourteen-year-old looks in the kitchen, see that no one is in the

Colleen looks inside the liquor cabinet and finds the small refrigerator and
six beers and some whisky; she pulls a beer can from the cabinet, opens the
can, empties it into a glass, then she pours some whisky into it; she tarts
sipping and then as it takes effect, she's laughing and joking to herself,
"Wouldn't granddad like to know, that I have no cherry any moo, ha, ha, ha."
She empties her glass, gets another beer and adds twice the whisky to it and
gets it half drank when she begins to feel hot, "Woo, it is hot in here."

Colleen takes her robe off and dances around with her drink in one hand
as she dances nude, she twists her little butt, drinking her booze as it
sloshes onto the floor, swinging her hand as she sings to herself, "All
that girls want is to have fun -un - un -un; all that girls want is to
have fun'UN, ..." she grins as she changes the words to her song, "All
that Colleen wants is fun'un, un, un, un, ... all that Colleen wants is
JT for fuck'n me to-night-e-ighty eight-eee."

She's rubbing her right breast with her free hand as she twists and turns
as she dances around the living room in the nude, singing loudly her versions
of `All that girls want is to have fun.' Her small breasts giggle slightly
as she bounces and dances around the couch then falls on it, she lays on her
back, jerking as she continues to sing, mumble and drink, then she begins
rubbing her pussy with her hand as she sings a new line softly of he weekend.
"O' JT he poked it to me, he's so good I wish he would, ..." Colleen spreads
her legs as she parts her pussy lips with her hand and sticks her finger
inside her clit as she starts rubbing, stroking her finger, then two fingers
into her cunt as she starts finger fucking her self as she dreams of JT
mounting her on the couch.

From a dark corner of the room, just inside the entrance, Billy Abbot watches
his fourteen year old cousin, gyrating on the couch, stark naked as she
thrusts her fingers into her pussy. Memories of Mack and how she rejected his
advances, insulted his manhood, refused to go to their next level of dating,
to have sex, and sex whenever he wanted it. Billy remembers now that he had
discovered Colleen nude in a room and had mounted her, he recalled fucking
her good until he was hit from behind and then later came to in the police
station; he owed his little cousin; no, she owed him a fuck! She owed him a
fuck whenever he wants to fuck her for what she did to him. Billy strips off
his clothing and walks silently over to the couch and stands naked, playing
with his penis as it rises to full erection as he observes his cousin jerking
herself off, the smell of cunt juices just made him harder as he strokes his
eight inch cock, moistening it as the precum oozes out and he slicks his cock
with the slick slimy substance. Billy continues to stroke his cock as he
watches Colleen spread her legs wider as she master-bates and brings herself
close to an orgasm.

As Colleen gets hotter and approaches an orgasm, she arches her back as she
raises up on her back, her legs are spread as she vigorously increases her
thrusts with her three fingers into her cunt and jerks herself forcibly; then
her legs are spread and thrown almost over her shoulders as she feels a man's
arms press against her legs, his body presses against her butt as she feels
his hard cock shaft slam into her pussy, sliding down into her cunt as he
presses hard, and all taking place in a wham bam split second. Colleen grunts
loudly as she feels the sudden assault of his weight onto her body, she comes
out of her happy state to see and scream, "BILLY! Damn you, you cock sucking
bastard, get your cock out of me you rapists!" Colleen swings her glass of
beer at Billy; it ricochets harmlessly off his head and spews the beer over
his face.

"You bitch! You slut! You and Mack are all alike, tease guys, then you go and
fuck every guy at a weekend party like the whore you both are; well little
cousin bitch, you are going to service me for this entire weekend."

"Granddad will kill you!" Screams Colleen as she feels Billy's eight-inch
cock slamming her insides, his balls beat against her butt cheeks as he
grinds his cock into her. The young teenager grimaces from the painful
assault as she realizes that she is trapped and pinned to the couch by his
heavy weight and his cock being slammed and jack hammered into her. She feels
Billy biting her nipple, slobbering on her as he licks and sloppily kisses
her breasts, then her face and neck as she twists to resist his advances,
"STOP IT! Leave me alone!" Colleen notices a slowing down and then a stop of
his raping her, his cock is still impaled inside her as she looks at him,
only to see the back of his hand as he slaps her across her face three times.

Billy steps from between Colleen's legs, his cock slips from her pussy as it
strings sperm from her snatch. She's groggy from his striking blows as he
grabs her hands and picks up and slinging her over his should; gripping her
around her legs with her arms dangling, her breasts rubbing and bouncing on
his back as he carries her naked up the stairs.

Groggily Colleen regains her feelings, her vision clears and she sees that
she is being carried up the stairs, she's looking down Billy's naked back,
his muscular buttocks in clear view as she feels her breasts against his back
and his arms gripping her tightly about her legs. Like a sack of flour he
carries her to his room and throws her onto his bed, she lands on her back as
she immediately kicks at him. "I'll kill you Billy! Leave me alone!"

Billy grabs one, then her other leg, holding them together and high, raising
her ass up into the air as he looks around for something to tie her with.
Billy reaches out and grabs a roll of Gaffers Tape from his school pack,
pulls a section out of tape out with his teeth, rips it off with his hand and
sloppily wraps her ankles together. Billy quickly ties her feet and hands to
his beds post until he has time to think of a better form of restrain. He
sits beside Colleen, his hand between her legs as he fondles her pussy.

Newman Towers, Executive Suite

Victor Newman walks out of his boardroom with Nicholas, discussing the
meeting; "Vickie was too busy with a client and couldn't be with us in the
meeting, do you think she will go for the new plant?"

"Yes, she's been keeping up to date with the plant." Answered Nicholas as he
walked with his father down the hallway.

"She'll still have to meet with their board members in Egypt; I want you to
go along with her." Says Victor as he studies Nicolas for his answer.

"Sure, nothing pressing too much right now." Explained Nicholas.

"Your nerves seem settled; you handled yourself in there rather well my boy."
Asserted Victor.

"Yeah, ..." grinned Nicholas, "... a great weight seemed to have been lifted
from my shoulder father."

"You and Sharon starting to come together, has she admitted her wrong in this
matter?" Asks Victor.

"No Sharon is just as distant as ever; but I did get a bite from a young girl
at the restaurant, I was tempted to take her out and ring her bells." Says
Nicholas with a big grin and a nudge to his father.

"Are you sure that is wise, to be with a stranger?"

"That's why I didn't push it; thank God for Victoria, if I hadn't balled her
brains out I might have stumbled and gave into that little bitch." Said
Nicholas as he stopped at the elevator, "I think I'll go by and see the kids
and Sharon; then I'll go see Victoria, will she be at her apartment or at

"She'll be at her apartment tonight, so if she's busy in bed, just aim for
the right hole, I don't want any surprises my boy." Says Victor as he grins
broadly, "You know, if you can, bring Cassey by the office tomorrow, I want
to speak to her about her future in this company, see if she's interested
in taking charge someday, and if she is, start her training this week."

"She will like that, she thinks a lot of her grandfather; she will do
anything for you." Replied Nicholas as he stepped into the elevator, he
looked back at Victor, "Oh, don't strain yourself too hard tonight Dad,
you are getting older."

"Older? ... Well, at least I know what hole I'm poking." Noted Victor as he
watched the elevator close, then he walked to Victoria's office, asking the
secretary, "Victoria still in her meeting?"

"They just finished Mister Newman, they are just about coming out."

"Excellent." Noted Victor as he entered Victoria's office. As Victor's eyes
adjusted to Victoria's softer-darker lighting, he noted Victoria seated
behind her desk, wearing a low cut nylon blouse that revealed a lot of her
breasts, her cleavage and almost all her breast to her very erect looking
nipples. The only picture he saw of anyone like Victoria was a dress worn by
Nikki Cox, and she really showed even more. Victor walked over to the seat
where Mister Edwards was seated.

Edwards turned in his seat and stood to greet Victor, "Victor! It has been a
long time."

"Too long Steven, I see you're still pushing cosmetics; what is this new line
that Victoria has you so interested?" Asked Victor as he gestured for Edwards
to seat himself again as Victor took the second chair and listens to his old
friend, "Morocco is alive with celebrities, from Britney with her pants that
show her ass crack to Jamie Lee and her slender full length gowns; the whole
dress theme runs the whole gambit of morals."

"Yes, I notices Geena Davis' see thru dress at the last awards, she didn't
bother to wear a slip or under wear." Noted Victor of Edwards's evaluation.

"Not that you or I care if they go naked, but nudity is bad for business; but
this fad in dress codes leaves the whole area open; and then, with the big
change at Forrester."

"Forrester, what is happening with Brooks company?" Asks Victor as his ears
perk to the news.

"Ridge Forrester tried a power play and take over while Brook was away for
some R&R; she found out about it and returned, and then the fireworks began.
She cut Ridges CEO position from underneath him, he rebelled with threats and
then he quit." Explained Edwards, adding "This move by Brook changes forever
what Forrester held as a base; they are opening a new line that I understand
is revolutionary and aimed at the young."

"Brook certainly had a line for sexy bedroom material; she gave Fredericks
of Hollywood a run for their money a year ago and continues to increase in
the market shares." Acknowledges Victor as he glances at Victoria, noting,
"Victoria has been opening some ideas in her eveningwear."

"Oh yes, she modeled her latest addition for me, I must say that you have a
beautiful daughter that has the talent of a top line model; watch-out Victor,
she might leave Newman Industries and strike out as a model in the fashion

"Mister Edwards, I only model for my Clients and my family." Asserted
Victoria from behind her desk.

"Well Victor, the Newmans have always been a family to me on my visits; I
hate to leave, but, my clients are anxious to hear from me on the lines of
clothing that I have selected for them." Said Edwards as he rose from his
chair; he shook Victor's hand and then nodding to Victoria, "Than you
Victoria for all your help, and Victor, you and your family must come to
Switzerland, my Chalet is the most restful place in the world."

"Perhaps we shall Steve, Victoria has a meeting in Egypt with Nicholas, and
I want them to check out the new European Union firsthand, to see how the
Euro is being accepted and how their citizens are accepting the change."

"Yes, yes, you have to stay at my Chalet and take one of my Mercedes and
travel the EU, then rush right back and prop your feet up in my living room
by the fireplace and rest your bones."

"We shall do that, I promise." Assured Victor as he walked Edwards to the

After Edwards leaves, Victor enters back into Victoria's office where he sees
her still seated behind her desk, "My darling, you seem to have charmed Steve
pants right off."

Victoria stands and walks from around her desks, she is wearing just a short
red satin shirt, unbuttoned down to her navel, her breast just resting within
the buttons edge as they giggle as she walks, the bottom is so short and open
she is naked from the top of her yellow pubic hair down, "He sure did, but we
have one hell of a deal for the next four years; we can open four more plants
if his clients go for my line as strongly as he desires them.

"My darling, you make my old bones feel young again." Says Victor in
recalling Nicholas' comments about him getting older.

Victoria stops and looks at her father, "Old bones? From the looks of your
boner in your pants, I seriously doubt that whoever planted that Idea has
never had you fucking their brains out."

Victor takes Victoria into his arms and hugs her, "Sweet heart, you are
excellent in controlling your clients; how far did you have to go to get

Victoria looked at her father and grins, "I fucked his brains out, sucked his
cock and took a shower with him, then I fucked him in the shower; I showed
him what these cloths could do."

"That's my girl!" Said Victor as he hugged her, putting his hand inside her
shirt and squeezing her tit; at the same time he felt Victoria's hand slide
into his pants and grip his erection and began stroking his cock. They both
grinned and laughed, as Victor concluded, "Daughter like father; you make me
so proud."

Victoria kisses Victor, putting her tongue inside his mouth, then she
slithers down to his pants and unbuttons them, sliding them down, then
pulling his shorts down and off; she then licks his cock head as she
slides her shirt off, leaving her naked as she starts sucking and
licking her father's grand cock.

Victor, feeling his cock sliding into his daughters mouth, puts his hands
on Victoria's head and starts thrusting his cock into her mouth and down
her throat, his pelvis thrust hard against her face as he rapidly fucks
Victoria's face, his cock repeatedly and rapidly sliding in and of her mouth
and throat.

Victor is really getting into fucking Victoria's face, and he could sense
his own orgasm building to the breaking point, he could hear Victoria
breathing in gulps on his outward strokes, followed by slurping and gurgling
as his cock sloshed down her throat, then he pushed hard down her throat as
his cock launch its payload into her gullet. He pulled his cock out and
picked Victoria up into his arms, kisses her sperm covered lips, as Victoria
slurped out, "Wow glub, suck." As she fought to swallow what he had deposited
on his second spurt on pulling out.

Victor picks up Victoria like a young daughter of lesser age and weight and
lays her onto the floor on her back as he kneels down between her legs;
Victoria uses her feet raises her knees and butt, allowing Victor access to
her cunt as her father rubs his penis head along her cunt lips, then he
pushes it into her as he continues to slide his cock head into her cunt lips,
Victoria moans as she feels him pushing harder into her. Victor thrusts his
cock deep into her as his dick head `pops' past her resistance into her love
canal; Victoria loves the feeling of his shaft as he shoves his ten inches
of hard cock into her hot surrounds.

Victoria adjusts her butt cheeks, claws her fingers and toes into her office
carpet as her father begins thrusting his cock into her slowly at first, then
faster and deeper until his balls stop any further intrusion, he picks up his
pace as he starts slapping his balls against her ass cheeks, the sound of the
colliding flesh echoes inside the large office.

Victor grunts and strains as he feels Victoria's ever tightening vice like
grip on his cock He slows his pace, then fights the resistance as he works
harder, thrusting harder into her hot fleshy muscle, twisting and grinding
his cock deep into her cunt; she gets hotter by the minute the more he fucks
her, twisting and grinding each thrust as it slides deep into her.

As Victor is busy fucking Victoria, the door opens slightly then closes,
quietly Cassey Newman, Victor's ten year old granddaughter that Nicholas
brought by on a surprise visit; Cassey had come to visit Victor, but since
Cassey was told that Victor was busy, she decided to visit Aunt Victoria.
Cassey found Victoria, and to her surprise, her grandfather Victor on top
of Victoria, who had her legs swaying to the beast as Victor was busy
fucking her savagely at the moment. Cassey know not to bother adults when
they were busy having sex, and she has often watched Nicholas as he fucked
her mother Sharon, she has seen butt fucking, doggie style cunt fucks,
blow jobs, girl on top lap dances and straight out cunt fucks just as
Victor was giving to Victoria at the moment.

Cassey watches as Victor slams his cock into Victoria's cunt, she listens
as his balls slap in collision with her aunts ass; she knew what Victor
was doing, what surprised Cassey is the size of his cock as he pulls it
out of Victoria's cunt and then to see it slide back into Victoria. She
knew her father's cock could not compare to her grandfather's ten inch
monster; and she remembers when Sharon as alone at home and fucked their
black gardener, and he had a big cock, even bigger than her grandfather's.
Cassey observes the family members fucking each other until she feels her
need, she puts her hand down her pants and starts fingering herself, her
finger soon equaled the pace of Victor slam fucking of Victoria.

Victor felt the pressure within himself as he warned Victoria, "Baby; I'm
about to cum."

"Go-ahead daddy, I'm ready to blow myself." Said Victoria as she then felt
Victor spray her cunt full as she felt her body react and she quickly shook
from her orgasm.

Cassey has reached the same point as she experiences an orgasm, an orgasm
that isn't her first as she has jerked herself off when she watched Nick
fucking Sharon. Cassey soaks her pants full as she explodes in her hand.
She leans back as she breaths hard and watches her grandfather stand as his
long cock slides out of Victoria's cunt; she watches as he helps Victoria
up. She admires Victor's body as she is handsome and athletic, his big cock
limp between his legs as Victoria rubs her naked body up against Victor as
they coo and fondle each other with their bodies, and Cassey admires
Victoria's large breast, slender hour glass figure and narrow waist with
her tight round ass.

"Cassey!" Says Victor as he spots the little girl in the corner with her hand
in her pants as she sits silently, staring at them and shocked that she was
discovered jerking herself off she starts to leave. "Honey, it's all-right,
come here, let me see you.

Victoria, not bothering to cover herself, walks over and takes Cassey by her

"You're not embarrassed by what me and your granddad was doing are you?"

"No, of course not; are you mad at me for watching you?"

Victoria looks at her to reassure her, "No honey, we're not embarrassed about
being naked, or that you saw us doing exercise together." Said Victoria as
she tried to explain their fucking as exercise to the ten-year-old.

"Aunt Vickie, grandfather was fucking your brains out! I know the difference,
I watch daddy fucking mommy."

"No honey we were ..." Victoria stopped trying to explain what Cassey had
seen as Victor interrupted her.

"Your right Cassey, you are very astute, I was fucking Victoria; because, as
CEOs we face a lot of stress, so Vickie and I fuck each other to relieve
stress and tension; and because we love each other, fucking shows that we
have deep love for each other."

"Is that why daddy likes fucking me?" Asks Cassey.

"He has, has he?" Ponders Victor, "I shall have to speak to my son; what else
has he shared with you Cassey?"

"I've learned a lot, like licking his cock, and swallowing his sperm, he has
sweet sperm; and I get to sleep with my little brother, and boy does he like
it when I blow him, and ..."

"And I think that is enough Cassey; does Sharon know about your daddy's
expression of love?" Asks Victoria, as she now seems more serious in her

"Mommy does know, but daddy fought with her, so now she spends more time with
Herald." Explains Cassey innocently.

"The black gardener!" Notes Victor of the surprising shock.

"Well, I can understand, Herald has this big cock and the stamina to go with
it!" Laughs Victoria without realizing what she had said, but her smile said
everything else to Victor.

"You fucked this gardner also?" Asks Victor as Cassey watches her
grandfather's cock expand and rise to full arousal.

"Daddy! He was working at the stables, and he was more safer fuck then taking
on those stallions, I can tell you that when I was fifteen he was better than
that horse's cock I mounted, wow, can he fuck ..." explained Victoria with a
selfish grin of reflection as she looks at Victor's scowl, "What's wrong

"I thought you were a virgin honey; to learn that you lost your cherry to a
horse and a black man, even worse, a commoner." Victor said in a way that
only he could express his thoughts at times in some crude ways.

"Don't knock the horse daddy, he is rather well hung." Explains Victoria in
her defense.

"Yeah grandpa, you've got to try it!" Said Cassey.

Victor pats Cassey's head as he then looks back at Victoria.

Victoria's eyes roll back into her head as she is frustrated in explaining to
her father, Victoria then tries once more to explain to Victor, "For God sake
daddy, neither the gardener, nor the horse took my virginity, you did."

"I what! When?" Asked Victor in shock of the revelation.

"Oh crap!"

"Don't use that kind of language in front of Cassey." Warns Victor as he runs
his gingers through his ten-year-old granddaughter's hair.

"That's all right granddad, Nicholas and Sharon blow off all the time using
those words." Says Cassey as Victor continues to rub the top of her head with
his hand; Cassey is busy watching Victor's twelve-inch penis shaft sway back
and forth in front of her, twice it had swung and whacked her belly.

"Oh for crap sake daddy, it was on my fourteenth birthday, you and mom just
had a fight, you got mad and left; mom got drunk and staggered out to the
barn to fuck the worker that lived there then. I was alone in the house, and
you returned at eleven, my bed time had past and you crashed on the couch; I
got up and sneaked down stairs, I though it was mom, instead it was you. You
were laying on you back sound asleep; granted it was partially my fault
because I was nude, I didn't bother to grab my robe, and I was looking at
you when you woke up, you saw my pussy through your blurred eyes, probably
thought it was mom, and you grabbed me, pulled me onto the couch and fucked
me for two hours. That was my best birthday present because you and mom made
up the next day because you thought that I was her; and when Nikki came
staggering back drunk and naked from fucking the worker, you jumped her,
thinking it was a second mounting and you fucked her into submission."

Victor ginned as he recalled, "I healed my relationship with Nikki because I
raped the crap out her. She always was a slut for violent sex." As Victor
grins from his memory, his penis expanded to a full hard rock slamming cock.
Victor's facial expression changed as he felt something strange with his

Victoria saw her father's expression and looked down to see Cassey as she was
attacking Victor's hard on as she sucked his cock head which disappeared into
her mouth, followed by six inches of his cock shaft as Cassey gurgled and

Victor looked down at his granddaughter and asked Victoria, "Oh crap!,
Vickie, stop her."

Victoria grins broadly as the little ten-year-old slammed herself onto
Victor's slippery wet cock. "Damn! Look at her go daddy!"

"For Gods sake Victoria, she's too young for this."

"I'd say my dear little brother has instructed her well; why does he need
Sharon, he has trained a replacement whore." Says Victoria who is enjoying
the assault on Victor's cock, "Damn daddy; she's a weed whacker!"

"It's not funny Victoria, she's ten and my granddaughter, she's not ..."

"Oh yes she is daddy, and she's really not your granddaughter by blood, so
enjoy the little slut." Said Victoria as she knelt down and began sharing
Victor's cock with Cassey, asking her between slurping, "Want to lap dance
your granddad?"

"Can I! He's got such a big cock." Says Cassey as she went ballistic with
her smile.

"Well honey, I get to pound his pole first, you watch as Auntie Vickie fucks
her daddy, then see if it is like it when you ride your daddy." Said Victoria
as she reached up and pulled Victor down, and as he came within reach Cassey
helped as both girl and woman forced a willing Victor Newman, owner and head
CEO, lay naked on the floor as his daughter climbs onto him and settles down
onto his cock, sliding down to his balls, then begin to bounce in place on
his big shaft as Cassey watches it disappearing into Victoria, then Cassey
crawls onto Victor's chest and kisses him on her lips, sticking her tongue
into him as they French kiss.

As Victoria increases her rate of thrusting on his cock, Cassey straddles
Victor's face and sits her pussy on his face as he thrusts his tongue inside
the young snatch of his granddaughter, twisting and turning his tongue like
a live snake inside her hot pussy.

Cassey pumps and grinds as she begins to arch her back and sway her hips atop
Victor's face.

Victoria smiles as she thrust her hips on Victor's cock, she feels it rubbing
and bumping inside her as she curls her hair upward with her hands, her
breasts giggle and sway as she twists and dances atop his pelvis as she
watches Cassey's little butt bumping his face, her little hips thrust to meet
his tongue.

Victor feels his groin tighten as Victoria grinds his cock, his shaft slams
inside her hot depths, her snatch grips him hard as he fights to resist
cumming, then he can resist no longer as he feels his balls release their
cargo as the sticky goo goes flying and sprays Victoria full.

Victoria feels her father squirt his load, but this time she isn`t ready and
she wants a hard fuck to finish.

Victor rolls over with Victoria still on his lap as he comes to sit atop her
with his penis starting to shrink down as he begins to stroke her again, a
renewed desire starts engorging his penis with blood again; Cassey lays
back from Victor's face and lays on her back on Victoria's chest, her arms
laying across Victoria's breasts as she begins tweaking her aunts nipples.
Victor leans down and starts licking Cassey's pussy again, then as he fucks
Victoria, he pulls his cock out, grabs Cassey by her hips, and with a
surprised look on her face, Victor pulls her down until her ass rested atop
Victoria's snatch and stick his finger into Cassey's pussy and finger fucks
her as he shoves his hard shaft into Victoria, and began fucking Victoria
while he finger fucks Cassey at the same rate, then suddenly, without
warning, Victor shifted tools, slamming and driving his cock into Cassey who
screams from the massive size of his cock slamming and sliding into her
smaller cunt; while his finger began working Victoria to her orgasm.

Cassey has experience sex with her father Nicholas, but his cock was nowhere
the size of her granddad, after several strokes she lost the sensation of
pain as her sensations she felt now turns to enjoyment as her cunt is now
stretched larger.

Victoria holds onto Cassey as her niece sways and giggles inside and against
Victoria's breasts; Victoria felt like she was getting double fucked as
Victor slammed his cock into Cassey, she felt Cassey's body moved with each
thrust, then to her shock, Victor pulled his cock out of Cassey and thrust
it into her snatch as he returns to finger fucking Cassey.

Victor fucks Victoria in quick sharp thrusts as he leaned over and began
French kisses Cassey as he thrusts two fingers in and out of her pussy as
she wriggles her ass atop Victoria, closing her legs about Victor's fingers
as he pumps her pussy; then he felt Victoria have a jerky orgasm as her
body spasms, then cums; he felt himself spew his sperm into her, then he
quickly pulls his wet cock out as it spit a second load that sprays
Victoria's pubic hair and Cassey's ass as he shoves his spurting cock into
Cassey and begin fucking her as he shoots a third load into Cassey. Victor
began grinding his slick cock inside Cassey until he feels another orgasm
build and then he shoots a full load into Cassey as well; Cassey starts
experiencing her own orgasm as she squirms and cum.

Victor picks Cassey up as he pulls his dripping cock from her pussy. Victoria
stands up and brushes the sperm from her pubic hair and legs, then she licks
it from her fingers.

Victor sits Cassey on her feet as she copies Victoria's action in taking the
sperm from her legs and licks it off, noting to Victoria, "A little salty,
just like daddy."

"My little darling, you have the talent and skills to be a CEO one of these
days, when Victoria heads the company she will need a loyal helper on the
board so that the family will always control our company. From this week on,
you shall learn how to use your body like Victoria has, to control men; the
board members and representatives have men heading them, and that is their
weakness, you will use your female ways to entice them to get what we want
in our company; you will learn when you allow a man to use your pussy as a
reward, and only after he has signed the contract and we have gained the
issue we want."

"But what about just for fun?" Asks Cassey as she listens to Victor.

"Well, you can freely fuck any male in the family, in that way all our
secrets remain her within our own tight influence. If you find a lover that
you can trust on the outside, well, that will be okay, but they must never
know that we share sex among ourselves. As a Newman, we must always use
our sexual sessions to control our stress, to share our knowledge among
ourselves. So when you go home, you cannot tell Sharon of anything about
what goes on here; and I'll tell Nicholas of this stage of your development.
Now my little darling, you go home and practice on your little brother, when
you want something and he gives you what you want, give him a blow job, and
if he remains loyal, get on top and ride his cock, learn him what loyalty
is and that if he disobeys, you'll cut him off from any pussy."

"Yes Granddad."

Victor rubs Cassey's round little ass as she walks over to the door to put
her clothes on, and swat her on her round little ass cheeks; she turns and
grins at him.

Victor stands beside Victoria, rubbing her round ass with his hand as he
plays with her butt cheeks. "My Darling, did you finally get off tonight?"

Victoria twitched her legs a little; "I could use another slam." She replies
as she sits atop Victor's desk, spreading her legs for her father.

Victor watches as Cassey exits the office, closing the door behind her as
Victor turns and moves in closer to Victoria, holding his erect cock in
his hand, and as he steps in close, he rubbing his wet cock head up along
Victoria's clitoris, then presses it into her pussy channel and punches his
twelve inches into Victoria's hot valley.

Victoria closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling as his cock slides deep
into her for the twelfth time; with stress in her voice from her father's
massive girth, she asks, "What if Sharon doesn't reconcile with Nicholas?
Sharon could get the kids."

"No, my Darling she won't, my lawyers will show that she is unfit; I shall
have a talk with Sharon to settle her difference with Nicholas; my darling,
our empire will be built on the most potent weapon any industry can have,
beautiful female who know how to use their mind and body to gain what we

Victoria looks at Victor, asking, "What about love daddy?"

"Love? The only love that survives is family loyalty; Oh, if you find a
husband who is loyal, then that is to the better, but you must keep your
minds centered, and keep your stress of your job under control, you must
always fuck family members, always take care of your own first."

Victoria put her head against Victor's shoulder as he pumps his shaft into
her quickly and then slowly pulls back out. She feels the security of his
chest rubbing against her breasts, his lips nibbling at her ears and neck.
She turns her head and kisses him on his lips as she squeezes her snatch
around his cock, Victor responds as he begins fucking her harder, his hands
squeezing her butt cheeks until she feels her orgasm cut loose, she hangs
onto him as her body shakes and then cums.

Victor pulls his cock from Victoria and explains, "I have to see your mother
tonight, so I must shower; want to share the water?"

Victoria picks her dress up and slips it on as she answers, "I want to get
back to my apartment, I need to call Neal, and he really worries me daddy."

"Do you think the death of his brother has driven him back to drinking?"

Victoria ponders a moment, then tells Victor, "If he every had it under
control, Neal took Malcom's death hard; I've been thinking about giving Neal
bereavement leave and an appointment with our psychologist."

Victor leans into Victoria and kisses her on her cheek and then her lips, "I
will back what ever you decide my darling; if you want, I can speak with Neal
in the morning."

"No daddy, I will ask him first to see how he is doing, then if I need you to
pressure Neal into it, ...(pause) ... I'll tell you tomorrow."

Victoria looks down at her fathers limp cock, reaches out and takes hold of
his penis as it immediately responds to her touch, "Take care of little
Victor, he was busy to day."

Victor grins as Victoria slowly strokes his cock, "If you start something,
you will pay the price."

Victoria turns and runs to the front door, leaving Victor with his new
erection, "If you need help, I'm sure your secretary can CALM you stress."
Victoria steps through the door, shutting it behind her.

Victor looks down at his now ragging hard on; "I need a cold shower before my
children are the death of me."

John Abbot's Family Mansion

Billy leans back on his bed, his penis limp across his belly, the room smells
of sperm and sweat; Colleen is still tied spread eagle atop his bed, naked
and covered with seat and sperm that even drips from her snatch as Billy eyes
his conquest, "Ten times has got to be a record, you have a stud for an uncle
bitch, be proud and know that I will always be there at school, at home, on
the stage, I will take you to a secluded corner, pull your panties off and
fuck your ass off any time I so want it!"

"Go to hell Billy! Granddad ..." screams Colleen as she strains at her ropes.

"Face it Colleen, John won't do crap! He might send you to an all girl
school, and I'll follow you there; he might send you back to mommy, but that
is a hell isn't it. So instead of having dear old sis on your case every
minute, me on your pussy any time will seem like heaven to you; at least you
like fucking, and I wont mind you fucking JT, as long as I fuck you before
and after he cracks your ass."

"Shut up you shit head." Retorted Colleen as she strains and lifts her pelvis
up off the bed as she lifts with her arms and legs to break free.

Billy eyes her twisting cunt and ass cheeks as she pulls against her
restraints, he jerks on his cock until it is swelled to its large size, then
he immediately leaps into between her legs, shoving his erect cock into her
pussy. Colleen screams from his massive intrusion as he slams it deep into
her, grabbing her ass cheeks in a vice-tearing grip he pulls her onto his lap
as his cock sinks into her.

Colleen struggles even more as Billy grabs a small pill bottle near his
pillow, he opens it, grabbing one capsule, then he struggles with Colleen's
face, forces her mouth open as he shoves the capsule into her, caps her mouth
with his hand until she swallows, choking it down.

"There! You will be begging for me in about five minutes." Says Billy as
Colleen looks at him.

"What was that?" Asks Colleen as she squirms with his cock buried inside her

"Ecstasy sweet cunt, you are going to be mine if I have to keep those pills
flowing." Brags Billy as he begins pumping his cock with renewed vigor.

Colleen jerks and squirms as Billy continues to rape her, slamming hard and
violently into her as she screams and curses at him; It only makes Billy
slam harder as he pounds into her cunt, and as he comes to a stop, he
presses as hard as he can, his cock stretching and straining into her cunt
as he purposely wants to hurt her vagina, then he cums, squirting his sperm
deep inside her; suddenly he hears the main door close and someone enters
the home.

"Who is it Colleen? Who the hell? It's JT isn't it?

"No! I don't know who it is; it might be Mackenzie, she was going to come
over and keep me company this weekend while Granddad is out of town."

Billy grabs some gaffers tape and tapes Colleen's mouth shut, "Now keep quite
if you don't want to get hurt, I have to go greet our guest!" Warns Billy, as
he seems on the edge of dementia. He grabs some more tape as he quietly exits
the room.

Mackenzie Browning, enters the living room, looking around to see if any one
is there, calling out, "Colleen! Are you here?" Mac sits her shoulder pack
down on the couch, then takes her coat of and lays it atop the pack; she is
dressed in her plaid skirt and a simple button up shirt; "Hum, she must be
late, I'll take a nap on the couch until she comes in, it's been a long day."

Mac settles into the couch and leans back, soon she's sound asleep with her
head leaning back.

Billy steps from the shadows, he's nude with a hard on as he's been watching
Mac, her skirt accents her ass as it molds itself around her cheeks. He
sneaks up to stand just behind her, he glances down at her, eyeing her skirt
as it's top button is open and he sees her small bra and firm breasts cradled
within their nylon grip. He pulls several strips of gaffers tape of various
lengths and lays them along the couch for quick access; then he delicately
unbuttons her blouse down until the last button, he now has to walk around
to unfasten it from the front; he silently approaches, he gets really excited
with his hard on swinging between his legs, knowing that he is going to,
and very soon, thrust his cock into that hot Mackenzie snatch, it has to be
something special since her father fucked her for its pleasure. Taking a
chance and ready to leap into action, Billy lifts Mac's skirt above her
waist, revealing that she is naughty, she has a pair of yellow string
panties, not even enough material to cover her pussy as the front disappears
into her clitoris. The panty had to be wet, as he could smell her juices and
see her snatch lips shine and glisten in the living room light.

Billy looks around and notices some scissors, he reaches them and uses them
as he slides one edge under the side string, then he snips the other; he
slowly lowers the front as the strings on her hips fall away; her snatch has
eaten her front portion and he now has to pull it gently out. Billy pulls on
the panty as it slides from her cunt lips; Mac moans as the friction causes
a sensation within her cunt.

Billy watches as Mac frowns in her sleep, her lips moisten as she licks her
lips, he can see her nipples stand erect. He knows it's chancy so he reaches
up and unfastens the front of her bra; the snap releases as Billy guides the
cups away from Mac's sixteen year old tits; her breasts are small A cups and
firm, her nipples erect and enticing to Billy as his cock aches to be pushed
into her; his cock is stretched as far as his blood can engorge it, his balls
ache for release. Billy moves as close as he can to Mac's vagina, his cock
head almost touching her; he uses his hand as he rubs her cunt lips with his
penis head. She is so hot he almost bows his load.

Billy carefully spreads her legs wider as he starts thrust his cock into her;
he leans into Mac's body, his cock now pressing on its own into her cunt
hole, his lips just a micron away from her nipple of her left breast, then he
grabs her, his cock thrusts forward and slides deep into Mac's cunt as she
wakes, screaming in shock with her mouth open as she feels someone's big hot
flesh slam deep into her, she also feels a hand on her face, fingers in her
mouth as he deposits a capsule into her, then forces his hand across her
mouth, forcing her to swallow; she feels his balls bang against her in
several rapid thrusts. Mac feels his lips bite into her breast as she sees
the back of his head over his hand, a head that is all too familiar, he rips
her skirt from off her as he looks back up into her face, removing his hand
to see if she has swallowed the capsule.

"Billy! What are you doing? What was that capsule I almost choked on?"

Billy looks at Mack, his face contorted, twisted in hatred and control as
he continues to fuck her, slamming his cock into her as her legs waive
helplessly, her arms pinned behind her as he rapes her in rapid succession,
twisting his groin into her, grinding his pubic hair against her black pubic
hair, mixing his sperm with her fluid in their pubic hair as it squeezes out
from his continued thrusts. "Why are you doing this; I know it's just like
you! You are only for your own self-gratification."

"God damn right bitch! You fucked your daddy and you fucked JT, don't deny
what you did when you were twelve; you like fucking men, just not me!" Yells
Billy as he spits and sprays saliva all over Mac as he screams in his
madness, "You are mine bitch! FOREVER YOU ARE MINE! That capsule is ecstasy."

"No! Damn it no!" Mac fights to get free, she twists against Billy's penis
as he shoves it deep into her, impaling her to the couch; finally when he
pulls back to thrust into her again she moves her foot to his hips and
shoves. Billy goes flying onto the floor, over the coffee table as Mac leaps
from the couch, now only wearing her shirt which is unbuttoned completely,
her skirt and panties thrown onto the floor, her snatch dripping sperm as she
stumbles towards the front door, only to be tackled as Billy leaps across
the couch in foot ball fashion, tackles her, forcing her face down onto the

Mac struggles to get up, but Billy has her in an arm lock, his cock erect and
pointed at her butt hole, her ass raises up and is greeted by Billy's cock as
he rams it into her ass, she screams in pain as his cock crashed past the
resistance of a small opening and slides deep into her shit lined tunnel as
Billy begins slamming his cock in and out of her butt, keeping pace with her
screams of pain.

Mac screams go unheeded as Billy pounds against her butt, then she feels him
pull his cock out; she can smell the shit that covers his cock from fucking
her butt, then he shoves it into her cunt, driving her butt down onto the
floor as she screams, "NO! Clean your cock first damn it!"

Billy twists his cock inside her cunt as he screams with his teethe clinched,
"Go to hell bitch, you asked for this ass fuck, now you pay the price of
servitude!" Billy slams his cock again and again in demonic strength, his
hate and revenge for Mac exceed any love that he never really had, but his
lust to have and use a female for sex as his harem slave.

Billy cries as she pleads, but she knows her pleas fall on deaf ears as he
continues to stroke his cock inside her cunt, then he shoves hard against her
as he offs his load into her; he pulls out slowly, he's exhausted as he tapes
Mac's hands tightly together.

Billy pulls Mac onto her feet, her tight little ass jiggles slightly as does
her breasts as he forces her around towards the stairs. Her shirt is down on
her wrists and as he walks her towards the stairs; Mac's hands feel his penis
rubbing and pressing into her palms, She considers gripping his penis and
ripping it off, but she is too exhausted, too exhausted to fight back as he
shoves her ahead towards his room, to keep his other pussy company.

* * *

Victoria dozes to the sound of the road.

Riding in her limousine, the soothing sound of the cars lush ride, she became
extra aware of the fact that she has no panties, she had left her string
panties on Victor's office floor, and she could sense the sensual feeling of
her legs rubbing together all the way to her hotel.

Riding up the elevator she thought that everyone could see through her dress,
and when she steps into the hallway to her apartment, she passes a hall
mirror and looks at it; she notices that the lighting was just right and she
could see her breasts through her dresses fabric, as well as her pelvic
regions, her pubic hair is just a slight discoloration beneath the fabric.
"Well. Thank God for Yellow pubic hair, if it was black I might as well
walked into the hotel nude." Noted Victoria as she turns and steps to her

Inside she turns the lights on from the entrance wall, she tosses her brief
case to the nearby chair, steps forward and pulls her dress up and over her
head and then tosses it to another nearby chair as she struts naked and free
of her clothing to her kitchen. She opens her refrigerator and grabs some
orange juice and drinks it slowly as she walks back into the front room where
she sits naked on her couch and turns her television on with a remote.

The wall opens and slides to one side, revealing a 32-inch color screen
behind it. Victoria leans back against some pillows as she now props her feet
on her couch as she watches the news. Soon she leans back and falls asleep
naked on the couch; she drops her empty glass as it rolls onto the floor.

Times passes

Victoria awakes to the sound of static, the local station has signed off; she
realizes that it must be late and it is confirmed by her clock that tells her
that it is two AM. Victoria concludes to herself as she turns the television
off, "Crap! O-well, the heats on and the couch is comfortable." Victoria
stretches out on her couch, just a pillow, no cover, and just her naked
beautiful body as she leans and stretches out and soon passes off to sleep.

6 AM

Victoria hears her doorbell and slowly reacts as she sits up, seeing that she
is naked, looks around and sees her dress on the chair by the door; Victoria
goes to her coat closet and finds her 3/4 trench coat and slips it on; it
comes down to just her knees as she closes it about her body and steps to the
door. "Who is it?"


Victoria opens the door to let Neal inside, knowing he is her friend and she
trusts him, knowing that he is under a lot of stress and that she does want
to help him. "Neal, I was going to call you this morning."

"What about Vickie, to check up on the drunk boy; I wish you and your father
would back off!" Said Neal sharply. He had a day's growth of beard and smells
of booze.

"Neal your dunk! You're losing it!"

Neal looks at Victoria, noting how beautiful she is, recalling that one time
she had almost consented to marry him, but Ryan came into Victoria's life
then; but he's dead now. "You know what Vickie, you and your father owe me
and you treat me like I don't know a thing, I am not drunk."

Victoria studies Neal closely, "Are you all right, maybe I could ..."

"Shut up Vickie, you always flap your lips, but you do nothing but just yap!
Yap! Yap!"

"Neal, either let me help you or get out! I am tired of your crap!"

Neal starts for the door, grabs it, turns and looks at Victoria, "You know
what Vickie!"

"What Neal?" Asks Victoria, showing more concern in response to Neal calming

"Fuck you and your father!" Yells Neal as he slams the door closed, grabs
Victoria's coat by her collar as she turns to flee. She fights against his
hold as she slips from the sleeves as Neal jerks and pulls at her. The coat
falls, leaving Victoria naked as Neal leaps at the 21-year-old. Victoria
runs to the other side of her couch, her breasts shaking enticingly as Neal
chases her.

"Get out Neal! Leave me alone, don't you dare touch me." Screams Victoria as
she moves to keep the couch between her and Neal.

Neal stops and stares at his blond friend, "Wow Vickie, I didn't know you
were a real blond."

Victoria looks down at her pubic hair and then back at Neal, pleading with
him, "Go Neal! Leave before anyone gets hurt!"

Neal pulls his coat off, then strips his shirt off, followed by his pants,
leaving him standing with his boxer shorts and a ragging hard cock sticking
out the pee hole.

"No! No Neal, you are not! Now get the hell out!" Yells Victoria as she
backs away from her friend.

Neal pulls his trunks down and throws them at Victoria; "I have one request
Vickie, lay down and spread that beautiful pussy of yours."

"That's just it Neal, it's my pussy and I say who gets inside to use me."
Yells Victoria as she backs up and into the wall as she feels her bare ass
come into contact with the cold wall. She looks around, then runs for the

Neal leaps over the couch, his penis swinging and flopping as he chases after

Victoria grabs the doorknob, pulls and twist at it to open. The door will not
open, it's locked, and before she can reach the release latch, she feels
Neal's hard black shaft slide beneath her crotch, along her cunts lips and
rising up her pubic hair as her reaches around her, grabbing her tits in both
his hands as he bites her neck and shoves his pelvis hard against her butt

Victoria struggles against Neal's weight as he presses into her, she cries
openly in fear as she feels him humping her along her butt crack. "Neal! This
is rape!"

Neal grabs Victoria's blond hair and forces her over into a bend over
position and turns her to the wall, forcing her to throw her hands up to
brace herself, then as he forces her to lean into the wall with his one
hand, with his other hand he strokes his cock until precum oozes out and
he slicks his big cock until it glistens like a black steel rod.

"Neal, don't do this! Please don't, ... ahhh!" Screams Victoria as she
feels Neal shove his big thick fourteen inch cock into her cunt, sliding
it deep into her before he starts pumping his shaft in and out, twisting
as he reaches the greatest depth.

"Can a drunk fuck like this Vickie! Was Ryan as good a fuck? Or was he a
whitie limp shrimp? What's it like to have a man Vickie?" Brags Neal as he
continues to slam his hunk of black meat into Victoria's resisting cunt.

"Ryan was more of a man than you can ever dream of!" Yells Victoria defiantly
as her head and body are slammed against the wall.

"Shut up your lies Vickie, you and your father have fucked over me long
enough; you enslaved the minorities and use their skills so that you can get
wealthier; so it's my turn for a piece of the action, even if it is only
your cunt." Neal slams his cock harder and harder into Victoria, and then he
shoves and holds hard against her snatch as he empties his load from his
massive balls into her.

Victoria screams as she feels her insides drown in his hot fluid as it fills
her insides. Victoria feels his grip twist her around as his cock withdraws
from her cunt. Neal forces his kiss onto Victoria's lips, his tongue shoves
deep into her mouth as he forces her down onto her back, forcing her legs
apart and shoving his still hard cock into her open snatch. Victoria's legs
swings helplessly in the air as Neal slams his cock into her snatch, his dick
slides like a big black snake into her pink tube of joy, slamming, sliding,
wham and banging.

Victoria's fear of Neal disappears as he continues to fuck her, she only
feels compassion as he fucks her, after-all, it turns out that he's not half
bad with his cock, and she did like him as a friend, and he needed help, and
Victor did say to fuck someone for the benefit of the company, and Neal was
a major asset; and he certainly has a large asset. Victoria grips Neal's back
as she now locks her legs about his waist as he pumps steadily into her. To
Neal's surprise, Victoria kisses him, then as he turns to face her, she locks
lips with him and French kisses him, and not to her licking, she gets a taste
of his choice of booze.

"God Neal, couldn't you afford anything better?"

"Vickie?" Asks a shocked Neal as he feels his anger lift as he still strokes
his cock into Victoria.

"You know, couldn't you afford a better brand than thunderbird, vodka and
beer?" Asks Victoria as she squeezes her legs and snatch about his waist and
cock, her breasts pressing against his chest as he lies atop her.

Neal slows his rhythm as he grinds his pelvis into Vickie. He leans into
Victoria, kisses her neck as he pumps into her, then he feels Victoria
starting with her orgasm as he then felt himself let lose as he shoved hard
to cum deep inside her.

Neal and Victoria both orgasm together as they jerked and shook in their
convulsions. Neal lay exhausted atop Victoria's naked body, his massive
cock still inside her hot cunt. Victoria kisses Neal as he looks at her,
apologizing, "Vickie, I'm ..."

"Neal, I could think of a better way to soothe your problems, but if you have
a need, be more gentle and I'll be happy to let you chase me naked around
town and then fuck me for an hour."

Neal stood and allows Victoria up. Neal stands motionless as Victoria leans
her naked body into Neal, kisses him on his cheek, them walks over to the
kitchen and comes back with two glasses.

"Here, I think you and I need this." Says Victoria as she hands Neal a glass
of red liquid.

Neal looks at it and asks, "A bloody Mary? I don't think, ..."

"That's right, you don't think! It's V-8 juice." Explains Victoria as she
drinks her glass down, then watches as Neal drinks it down with a smirk on
his face. "That taste horrible!"

"That's your alcoholism talking! Com-on friend, let's get some rest, we have
a long day ahead." Says Victoria as she takes Neal's hand in hers and walks
him toward her bedroom.

Neal follows Victoria, watching her cute white ass twist as he follows, his
dick stiffens up and rises high, swinging as he gets closer to Victoria; and
as she stops to open her bedroom door, Neal stops a bit long as his cock
pokes into her butt. Victoria looks over her shoulder at his collision point,
then opens her bedroom door, turns around and takes hold of his rock hard
black shaft and pulls Neal Winters into her bedroom, closing the door behind
him as Victoria comments, "Do you have enough sick leave for tomorrow Neal?"

Join us again soon for the Young and Restless, the Euro version.



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