Remember when Victor Newman intervened in the centerfold shoot of Victories
nude layout by buying the magazine company? Victor likes to control his
woman, all women as the show illustrates.

Young And The Restless: Victor And Victoria - The Dragons Rule
by Shadow Walker ([email protected]) (M/F,MM/F,f/f,M/f,inc,ncon,solo)

Victoria Newman, a young, smart, intelligent and gorgeous woman of 21 is the
head of her own department; she started out trying to be independent of her
father's womanizing controls by doing a nude centerfold layout for a popular
men's magazine; her father stopped the shoot by buying the company out, thus
stopping his daughter from her career as a model.

Victor Newman has a history of control, controlling and possessing all the
women that he has ever had relationships with, whoever he has ever laid;
Nikki Newman (Victor's ever returning ex-wife). He laid when she was a
teenager in a bar where she danced on table tops, performed striptease on
stage and servicing the paying customers after-hours. Nikki, now the ex-wife
returns to break up every marriage that Victor has. Nikki plays the same
game that Victor Newman does, they try to control each other and they bed
each other, along with a long line of studs that include son-in-laws and
daughter-in-laws. Nikki even jumped Victoria's fiance before he married her
daughter. The Newman's are, in other words, a power of control over others
with no control over their own perversions.

It's Monday morning and Victoria had just returned from Africa where an AD
shoot went wrong, they lost their lead photographer to a fatal accident; and
all this after Victoria was to remarry her first husband Ryan after years of
separation, they were still close friend when a crazed woman attempted to
shoot Victoria, instead Ryan took the bullet and died after days of
suffering. Victoria still felt that loss deeply and what she wanted most was
that closeness and love that she had lost, and not even her father, Victor
could fill that emptiness.

Victoria had an appointment with her father to bring him up to speed on the
African incident after her initial report on the previous week. Victoria
entered the office after knocking, she looked around and saw that it was
empty, her father was gone, "Strange, father's never late. His secretary
said he was in. Um, must have made a run to the little boys room." She noted
aloud to herself. Vicky browsed around the office to calm her already nerves
and jitters. She noted an envelope that was from her mother, Nikki; she
looked around to make sure Victor had not returned as she was about to peek
at the card inside.

Victoria opened the unsealed envelope and extracted the card, it was an
invitation from her mother, and she was inviting her to a special dinner. "Ah
ha, Mom's nibbling at Daddy again, she must be horny as hell, she just bopped
his cookie a week ago; must be the stress of her job; she's just like me ..."
Victoria quickly replaced the card into its envelope, and then back onto her
father's desk, noting in a voice of realization, "Oh God, I'm just like
mother, I need a good fuck to settle my nerves." Victoria moves around to the
other side of Victor's desk and begins opening drawers as she ponders, I
wonder if Dad has made any plans in his date book about the dinner, or about
the AD schedule." She moves through one drawer to the next until she finds a
locked drawer, "Ah ha!", she looks around the desk and spots a little frog,
"Frogy, my little frog that I gave Daddy to hide his extra keys just in case
he lost the keys he carries." Victoria picked the little miniature up, pulled
its head upward as its mouth opened up, showing a key. "Look what little
Frogy coughed up."

Victoria used the key and tried it in the locked drawer; it clicked and
popped open, "Yes! I am a lucky little girl." Victoria looked down at her
ample cleavage that was visible in her white silk shirt that was open at the
two top buttons, "Well, not so little, but no one had attempted to yank my
shirt open to bite my tits." She scooted through the articles in the drawer,
then wonders to herself, "Why keep this crap in a locked drawer, ... Wait a
minute." Victoria notices a large brown envelope tucked in a narrow hidden
compartment that wasn't completely closed as if her father was looking at
the contents and then was called away, he probably didn't have the time to
double check that it was hidden.

Holding the envelope in her hands she leans back in the chair, studies the
envelope as she ponders, "This is cruel, Daddy doesn't want anyone to see
this, so it would be wrong to open it; I better put in back." Victoria
started to put the envelope back when she heard Victor speaking aloud to
his secretary on the other side of the door. Vicky fumbled and dropped the
envelope onto the floor and didn't have the time to grab it and to close
and lock the drawer; she closed the drawer, locked it, then tucked the key
back inside Froggy, and as she moved to place the statue back into place,
she did a hop and bounce and grabbed the brown envelop from the floor,
skimmed the desk as she dropped Froggy into place, grabbing her large
executive case and tossed the envelope inside on top of her other papers
as Victor entered his office.

"Vicky!" Victor said in a surprised tone, "Oh, I remember now, we had an
appointment for, ..." Victor looked at his watch, "... twenty minutes ago,
... I'm sorry my darling." Victor hugged and kissed Victory, noting her
open silk shirt and her ample cleavage, then at her wonderful blue eyes
and blond hair. "I can not get enough of your beauty, you have grown up
and become a beautiful woman; just like your mother, you'll be forever a

Victoria hugged Victor tightly, his hard muscular body giving her the
assurance of her father's strength and closeness; he was her one loving male
in her life that she felt the comfort and trust that she felt with Ryan.
"Love you Daddy."

"Now, what's the word on Neal my darling?" Questioned Victor as he sat in
his plush leather chair, looking at Victoria.

Victoria took the chair to the side of his desk, a more personal position to
be in when speaking to him. Victoria bent over as she seated herself, this
gave Victor a wonderful view of his daughter's breasts, her nipples were
clearly visible as her shirt opened up and a look down between her breasts
and cleavage to her belly. Victor got a ragging harden as he saw that she
wore nothing beneath her shirt; he quickly grabbed the white envelop from
Nikki to cover his tent from Victoria's eyes.

Victoria noted him holding the card and asked, "Have you read that yet?"

"What?" replied Victor as he kept his eyes on Victoria's nipples that he now
could notice beneath her thin silk shirt, her brown nipples pocked through
the material and their darker color made them stand out even more.

"The invitation from mom." noted Victoria as she crossed her legs and saw
Victor's response as he stared at her crotch, she then slowed her leg
crossing to give her father the peek that he so wanted.

Dazzled by his daughter's beauty, he couldn't resist it as she crossed her
legs, the light from his desk was lighting up everything between her legs; he
knew that she was a natural blond, but he didn't know that she had trimmed
her pubic hair in a triangular shape; now he does, and the fact that she
wasn't wearing any panties didn`t deem to bother him as he rubbed his hard on
with Nikki's invitation envelope.

Victoria grinned as she had caught her father and his attraction for her,
it made her feel hot and sexy, even alive and wanted; then as he lift the
envelope in gesture, telling her "Oh this, yes; but Nikki cancelled the
dinner, some business came up." Victoria noted that as he had pulled the
envelop away from his pants that the business wasn't the only thing to come

"Mom's nuts then, to let business come between you two." noted Victoria as
she now stared at a BIG TENT in her father's lap. God she felt hot and the
room was getting hotter, she could smell her father's crotch. "Daddy, why
don't we have dinner then, tonight, then we could go over the Ad report;
I'll have more details about Neal, then we could relax by the fire place
like we used to do when I was twelve, I could use some soul comfort this

"Sure my Darling." acknowledged Victor as he used the envelop to cover his
tent as he got up and hugged Victoria as she was about to leave.

Victoria gave her Dad an extra tight hug as she pressed her breast hard
against his chest and kissed him on his cheek, pressing also her pelvis up
against his tent, and ground herself a little against his hardon; she
discovered that it was bigger than she had imagined and it was a rock hard
cock that she had made.

Victor watched his daughter leave, watching her closely as her short skirt
clung to her ass crack, the thin material allowed the light from the exterior
office to show through her skirt, silhouetting her body beneath. He moved
back to his desk, sit down, opened the locked drawer with his key and
started to extract the envelop that Victoria had found, it was missing; he
questioned, "Where did I put that envelop? God, if it that ever gets out ..."

* * *

At the High School where genes flow with the jeans, the Abbotts have their
share of womanizing; Billy Abbott had gone through a history of alcohol
abuse, like his mother Jill, a beautiful woman in her own right; and Billy's
girlfriend who he had just dropped because she would put out as he felt that
sex is a part of dating like a handshake and not a part of marriage; marriage
was only for having babies; but if you looked at the history of the Abbott
family, they fucked like rabbits and always controlled their females for
later wives like a buck and his harem.

Mack, Billy's now ex-girlfriend, was once raped by her stepfather and she had
never gotten over it and Billy wasn't going to let up on her for giving her
snatch up for his use.

Billy also has a cousin who is using drugs, she was caught once in Chicago,
she was with her loser mother and stepfather there and she was out of
control. She now was staying with her grand dad John Abbott who was watching
over her and apparently is doing a lousy job as she was now back to using
drugs again. At 14 she has a great hour glass figure, budding little breasts
that along with her hormones and lack of parental control and drugs that were
relaxing her own morals for the NEED for a fix, is keeping her on the edge.

JT, is an older senior that has come to odds with the Abbotts, and hates
Billy, he would fuck Mack in a moment, but he cares enough for her not to
push things; as for 14 year old Colleen, she felt like a loser and rejected
by her family, and now she was hooked on the drugs and she is bound to be
raped by the drug pushers; so, he thought to himself, why allow her to get
raped by the real bad guys, and since the Abbotts wouldn't listen to him
about their newest addition, then why not the take advantage.

"Hi Colleen." said JT as he approached her in the hallway at school.

Colleen smiles as she sees JT, he's becoming a trusted friend that she can
confide in, he knew about her drug problems and he didn't condemn her, he
understood her problem and was a friendly face that she could trust to speak
to and not have the word get back to John or Billy. "What are you planning
JT? You're grinning like the devil himself."

"Billy would agree that I am the devil; let's just say that I am happy to see
you; say, couple of friends and their girl friends are having a party over as
Shelly's house this weekend, care to come as my date?"

"You know I can't date, my grand dad would crock."

"Well, you know Shelly, and you could ask to stay the weekend with her for a
weekend slumber party; her parents have a pool and they're pretty straight
lace. John might even know them, Shelly's old man is a prominent banker."
suggested JT with his enticing grin and a friendly poke of his finger under
Colleen's nose.

Colleen smiles broadly, "Yeah, John does know him, that's how I met Shelly;
you mean she's into drugs?"

"Way lots, but it's not all drugs Colleen, we have cold drinks, hot dogs, the
pool; and we have rules like, `NO SWIMMING ALONE or AFTER EATING or DRUGS',
we don't need problems.

"Okay, I'll ask John tonight, let you now in the morning."

"Good, I'll tell Shelly so that when John calls her parents to check up on
your story, it'll sound good coming from her father." assured JT.

"I'll see Sherry at my last class and let her know." as she turned to go to
her next class.

JT turns to watch Colleen walk away, her plaid skirt clung to her ass,
showing off her butt cheeks and crack as it clung to her, thinking to
himself, "Yeah, little Colleen, this weekend will be a lot of fun."

* * *

Victoria sits in her apartment and looks at the envelope that she had
retrieved from her father's desk. Victoria opened the envelop with her finger
and discovered "Photos! Well now, what has daddy kept so close to his heart
and that wonderful bulge in his pants."

Victoria pulled six 9.5 x 11 glossies from the envelope and was shocked to
see, "They're of me, the nude photos that I posed for the Magazine Publisher
that daddy bought out." Victory looked at the images of her in various poses,
one where she is topless, leaning onto a red sports car, her breasts and her
hard nipples clearly visible, her ultra short cutoffs were pulled up her
crack and her ass cheeks were enticingly visible. "Damn, I looked good in
these, I should have went on to modeling like I had planned, but thanks to
daddy I am head of a whole department, ..." She thought of just what she had
said, then continued talking to herself, "Oh hell, I could have done both,
maybe pose nude for some of my ads."

"Woo, here's a shot; Oh my God, my pussy is clearly visible, and before I
started trimming it. ..." Victoria moved onto the next photo, a picture of
her seated completely nude in the sports cars; and the next photo shows her
with the finger of her right hand shoved up her snatch, "Oh my God!, that
was real, I was really horny and that was sooo good."

Victoria found one that she had forgotten about, a photo from the night
before, a picture of her nude, she was seated atop the hood of the small
sports car, completely naked with a hunk between her legs, thrusting his
cock into her. She had her mouth open as she was surprised at the size of
the guys cock and how far he had shoved it inside; Victoria recalled how
she experienced an orgasm upon his full penetration. "God he was good. ..."
Victoria grins from her memories, "... He fucked me that entire evening,
DAMN!" Victoria just realized that her father now knew, and has always
known, that she was fucking the men at the studio, and he never confronted
her about it." Victoria leaned back in her chair, unbuttoned her shirt down
the front, then she unzipped her skirt and slipped her hand inside to her
wet snatch, she was still horny from seeing her father's crotch, and now
even hornier as she saw the photos of her getting fucked by four hunks.
Vicky started ripping at her cunt with two, then three fingers, then four
as she could satisfy her needs. She quickly curled up in the chair as she
began moaning as she was thrusting her fist into her hungry snatch. Victoria
stopped as she remembered, "Dinner! Daddy! Shit!"

Victoria ran off to her bedroom with her photos, leaving the brown envelop
on the chair.

Victor Newman is riding up the executive elevator, on his way to Victoria's
apartment, speaking on his cellular. "No! I know someone was in my office
since last Friday, so check the internal security cameras and see who it was
then let me know." Victor put his cell phone away as he waited for the
elevator to come to a stop at Victoria's floor. "Who ever it is, I am going
to bust their ass until they'll wish they were roasting in hell." Victor
thought to himself in his quest for revenge.

Victor walked to Victoria's door, opened it and stepped inside, "Victoria, my
Darling! I'm here! What are we having for tonight?"

"Ready in a minute daddy!, get comfortable, it'll be a couple minutes."

Victor leisurely walked over to the plush leather chair, picking up a brown
envelop as he seated himself, then he recognized the envelop, "No! she
wouldn't have."

"Yes, I did daddy, and it's okay."

Victor looked at to see Victoria standing in her bedroom door, wearing
nothing but a see through vale, she stood completely visible, naked beneath
the small vale, her breasts large and solid as he ogles them, his eyes slowly
lowering down her trim body to the triangular trimmed yellow pubic hair he
had seen earlier that day. He stood up as Victoria walked slowly towards him,
her hips swinging slightly as she kept her legs close together as a model
walks on the catwalks.

"I know how you feel daddy, how you have felt all these years; I don't hate
you for you keeping and ogling my naked body in those photos, we all have
needs; I want and need your love, I really need your love since Ryan's

"Honey, Darling, ..." Victor is stopped in mid statement as Victoria
comes close to him, her naked breasts rubbing against his suit.

"Daddy, I want your love, I desire your love, and I need your love; all of
it, the more you desire to give to me, that is what I want. ..." Victory
presses her pelvis against her father, her snatch coming to rub against his
aching bulge in his pants. "I need your cock in my life as part of our love
as much as your hugs, I want you to fuck me, I need your cock inside me,
rape me, hurt me, Oh God please hurt me. Fuck me tonight, all night."

Victoria began unbuttoning his coat, then his shirt, and as Victor removed
his jacket and shirt, Victoria was unzipping her father's pants, then
unbuttoned it, allowing the pants to fall; she stopped and stared at his 11
inch cock that was poking out through the opening in his shorts.

Victoria kissed Victor's cock head, running her tongue down his entire shaft,
her nose coming to stop in his curly thatch of pubic hair, the male scent
made her nipples leap out as she wanted to gobble his nuts as she wrapped her
lips around his cock shaft.

Victor leaned his head back as Victoria took his 11 inch shaft into her
mouth and slowly worked it down her throat. Victor couldn't believe what was
happening or that Victoria was far superior to Nikki's talented tongue; he
now had a question, "how tight was her pussy?"

Victor looked down and watched Victoria's head bobbing on his cock as she
stroked his cock in and out of her throat, she was taking his entire shaft
down her gut. "Damn, she is good; she had cooperate lips." he thought to
himself as he grabbed her head with both hands and began pumping his cock
into her, fucking her face fast and hard like the cooperate leader of
industry that he was.

Victory was now helpless as her father took command and leadership over
servicing her, she fought to breathe as his massive cock stayed longer and
worked her faster; she quickly grabbed air on each outward stroke and then
held her breath as he thrust into her.

Victor pounded her face then he froze as he thrust his cock deep into her
throat, his cock swelled, his nuts tightened, then he came, blowing a load
down her waiting gullet.

Victory felt his loads pour into her, then as he pulled his shaft almost out
and shot another load that filled her mouth, she coughs, gurgles as she blow
sperm through her nose.

Victor picked her up by her arms and kissed her, driving his tongue into her
on his French kiss, and was met by her as they locked in their kisses, her
pussy pressing against his cock as it stiffened up, pressing it's wet cock
head against her cunt lips as she ground her hips into him.

Victoria held onto Victor as he lifted her into his arms, then knelt down
with her as he laid her on the floor.

Victoria looked up at her loving father as he stroked his cock with his left
hand, he stared at her pussy. Victoria rubbed her pussy with her hand, her
tits squeezing up between her arms as she began rubbing herself, then she
opened her legs as Victor dropped down between her legs, inserting his cock
into her pussy, shoving it relentlessly into her until his balls slammed
against her. Her body moved on the floor as Victor thrust deep into her like
a sledge hammer, he hammered her rapidly as he knew she wasn't a virgin and
he wanted to hurt her, to control her, to fuck her until she screams no more.

Holding his chest high as he rested on his arms, he thrusts, then twisted
his hips as he pounded her snatch. Grinding, thrusting, pumping and cramming,
Victor Newman knew he was king over all woman, especially his harem of

Victoria's tits bounced and jiggled from her fathers thrusts as he pounds
her cunt; her body scooted as he ground his weight into her. Victoria could
feel each inch as Victor crammed her insides, his shaft felt bigger as her
vagina clamped down on his cock, making him work harder, so much harder
that he became even more vicious as he now used all his physical strength in
attacking her cunt, thrusting and pounding until her snatch clamped so hard
his guts and stomach tightened up, his groin and cock felt like they were
about to explode; Victoria felt a tightening inside her stomach and legs,
she pushed with all her might to fight the cramp, shoving herself onto her
father's shaft as she arched her back, lifting her ass off the floor as
Victor was buried to his full length inside his daughter, his full weight
pressing against her cunt when he felt himself explode the largest load of
cum into his sweet daughter's insides, he sprayed her with his hot jizm.
Victoria's orgasm reacted to the onslaught of cum as it slammed into her
insides, she shot a load that caused Victoria to scream. which caused Victor
to blast away with three more orgasms as well, his cock seemed to work like
a fire hose as it sprayed inside Victoria`s cunt tunnel.

Victor and Victoria`s lay quiet, their naked bodies entangled, his cock still
implanted inside her, exhausted in each others arms as they both rest in
recuperating sleep.

* * *

"Really grand dad! It's okay to stay over at Shelly's this weekend?" asked a
surprised Colleen.

"Honey, you've showed tremendous progress, I think you deserve my trust, just
don't break it; be an example to Shelly`s parents, they will see me through
your actions." instructed John.

"Thanks grand dad, I won't." said Colleen as she hugged her grandfather

* * *

An alarm sounds in Victoria's apartment as she reaches out to press the
snooze alarm, then she turned onto her back, pushing herself back onto the
back of her bedpost beside her father who is busy looking at her nude photos,
he pauses his parasol of Victoria's nudes, leans over and kisses her, "Good
morning my lovely."

Victoria sits up and squeezes over to lean next to her father, she doesn't
bother to cover her exposed breasts as he studies the photos, "I look pretty
good Hugh?"

Victor puts his arm about her bare shoulder, resting his hand on her right
tit, "Like your mother, you will never age my darling."

Victoria, lifts the blanket up to gaze at her father's cock that is standing
straight up, "You haven't changed either, that cock of yours must be bigger
than ever."

Victor kisses Victoria on her cheek and then her lips as she turns to kiss
him also.

Victoria gives her father one last deep tongue kiss, then she giggles as she
ducks under the covers.

Victor wonders what his daughter is up to until he feels his cock get
engulfed with Victoria's mouth, her tongue encircles his shaft as she starts
her practiced professional work on her father. Victor grins as he feels his
daughter's hot mouth as he turns his attention back to Victoria's old nude
photos. Victoria began bobbing faster on his cock, taking it down her throat
when he had to close his eyes to fully enjoy her breakfast she had prepared.
In just five minutes of blowing, Victoria stopped, she moved under the covers
and rose up in front of her father, she straddles his lap, used her hand to
spread her cunt lips as she settled herself down onto his rock hard, wet
cock. After the head of his penis popped into her, she settled slowly down
onto his entire shaft, she made funny faces as she slithered down the entire
length of his meaty muscle until she felt his balls come into contact with
her ass, then she started to rise and jerk her hips back and forth, doing
the lap dance on her father's lap, his cock is rock hard and slaps against
her vagina walls as it also slides up and down to her pumping action as she
gyrates, twists and grinds on his cock.

"Oh daddy, your cock is big and wonderful, fuck me hard daddy, fuck me like
a board member!"

Victor grabs Victoria's tits, one in each hand, a big job at best as he
pinches and squeezes her nipples; Victoria arches her back from the sensation
as she bounces and grinds her hips into her father's groin as she squeezes
her tits along with her father's hands, feeling him beginning to kiss and
lick her breasts and nipples.

Victor couldn't believe how tight she is, his cock was fitting inside her
like a sausage in a meat grinder. Victor was beginning to feel just who was
the board member getting fucked.

Victoria was now fully exposed as the blankets fell from the bed from the
bouncing of their two bodies; she was bouncing her ass so hard her buttocks
was rising off of Victor's lap. Just as Victoria came crashing down on
Victor's cock she felt her orgasm blow, she felt her father losing his load
as he sprayed her insides that caused her a second orgasm, she pulled herself
off, backed up and began licking his cock again, to bring him up and erect
for another round. The sight of the two was one of wonderment, Victor was
sitting on the bed's sheet, his legs spread, Victoria's photos in his right
hand with Victoria sucking his cock as she bobbed her head in her oral
strokes, her ass was pointed high as she was resting on her knees, her blond
snatch was tucked between her legs in a yellow fuzz covering her heart shaped
cunt lips, and standing in the bedroom doorway stood Nicholas Newman, her
brother, his jaw dropped open as his cock went to tent in his pants.

Victor saw his son standing there staring at him, and as far as Nicholas
knew, a young woman was sucking his dad's cock. "My boy, com on over and join
in, I know you and Sharon have been having your problems, so come and join
us, Sharon will never hear of this morning fuck."

Nicholas has not had sex with his wife, Sharon, that he couldn't resist the

Victoria heard what her father had said and looked up immediately with her
mouth full of his sperm, her eyes were ablaze, she only wanted her father's
love, not her brother's cock.

Victor grabbed Victoria's head and shoved her back down onto his cock to
continue the blow job. Victor told Nicholas as Victoria's head bobbed her
dad's pecker pole, "My boy, I only asks that you not see who this young
woman is, you would recognize her and it could bring trouble if this orgy
got out."

Nicholas, now standing naked at the foot of the bed, his cock standing at
it's 10-inch hardness, stared at the young girls snatch, then climbed up
behind her as he agreed, "Sure Dad, if that's what you want, as long as I
get this find looking cunt hole."

"Good then, she likes it hard, fast and brutal." explained Victor as he
picked the photo's up so that Nicholas couldn't see them, noting to his son,
"She's a nude model and I though that she might be useful for Victoria's

"Victoria! I wish this was Victoria!" said Nicholas as he slammed his cock
into Victoria's cunt, it slammed so hard that Victoria grunted and moan
loudly as her brothers cock ripped into her.

"Why are you mad at Victoria?" asked Victor as he saw Victoria starting to
get mad as she crammed more of Victor's cock into her mouth.

"She had to turn on Sharon, and now I'm in crap city; she's seeing a lawyer,
..." Nicholas slammed extra hard on his thrust at that statement, and then
again and again as he recalled Sharon's reaction, " ... Now I don't get
snatch and my sister is free to suck anyone she wants, ..." wham, wham, wham,
... Nicholas increasing the ferocity of his thrusts into his sister's snatch,
"Damn her anyway, why couldn't she have kept her opinion to herself."

Victoria fought to keep quiet as Nicholas slammed his cock deep into her, it
was a release of revenge for himself, but it was starting to feel pretty good
to her. Victoria fought to stay on her knees as his thrust slammed into her,
his pelvis cracked against her buttocks until she stiffened up, feeling a big
orgasm building with each pounding of Nicholas' thrusts, then he pushed hard
into her and held as she felt his shot his load, and just like his father, he
hosed her insides as she screamed and collapsed on top of Victor's cock.

Nicholas pulled back from Victoria's wet sperm dripping cunt, her ass was
partially up as his cock head `popped' from her gripping cunt lips.

"Woo, now that was a fuck; I only wish Sharon could fuck that good." said
Nicholas as he got off the bed, pulled his pants on, then told his father,
"Well, I feel better now Dad, I'll see you at our board meeting."

"Maybe you should divorce Sharon and marry this one." Victor motioned towards
the limp Victoria.

"Not a bad offer Dad, but she is one hell of a fuck; but she's too much of a
whore for me." explained Nicholas as he exited the room.

Victoria looked at her father, "Too much of a WHORE!, how dare that pompous
ass, ..."

"Now my darling, he's just frustrated with Sharon ..." Victor is interrupted
as Victoria jumps up, her body covered in sweat and sperm.

"A WHORE!, ..." she screams as she stomps around in the nude, her tits
bouncing as Victor watched the beautiful jugs giggle. "Whore, that SOB,
Sharon's too damn good for his oversized weenie; it's, I should, ... it ..."
Victoria stumbles for words and looks at her father who is laughing as he
watches her.

"What are you looking at?"

"My darling, come here." offers Victor as he holds his arms out to Victoria.

Victoria crawls back onto the bed, between her father's legs and then lays
across and then slides down beside him.

Victor puts his arm around her and pulls her close, resting her head against
his chest, "I should have you argue our reports to the stock holders meetings
in the nude, you are so beautiful when your naked and mad."

Victoria grins, kisses her father on his lips, then she settles down to his
crotch, engulfing his cock as she begins again where she had left off; Victor
returned to gazing at his photos, giving a sigh as Victoria bobs, bobs, bobs

* * *

"Thank you! this is the place, see you Monday morning." Said Colleen as she
got out of the limousine. She has a small over night case with her as she
walks up to the door of Shelly's parents. As Colleen steps up to the door she
starts to ring the door bell when the door opens.

"Hey Colleen, I saw that car, it was immense." said Shelly as she greets the
Abbots young granddaughter.

"Yeah, I guess, it's not mine, it's granddad's."

"Still, it's far out." said Shelly as she direct Colleen inside.

"Mom, Dad, this is Colleen, the girl I told you about." said Shelly as she
introduced Colleen to her parents.

"John Abbots granddaughter, yes, John said that you had been invited for the
weekend; I told him that it was okay." said Shelly's father.

"Happy to meet you sir." said Colleen in s shy manner.

A car horn is heard as Shelly's parents grab some suit cases and head for the

"Are you guys leaving?" asked Colleen with some what of a shock to her voice.

"Yes, we have a business trip to Los Angeles; but Shelly old enough to
behave; she has all the phone numbers for the police, fire and hospitals, so
you'll be okay."

The door closes behind them as they leave, Colleen turns to look
questioningly at Shelly.

"It's okay, your granddad knows, he talked with my dad, remember?" assured
Shelly as she directed Colleen to the guest room, "We don't have a maid for
this weekend because daddy fired her ass, he caught her smoking pot."

"You don't use pot?" asked Colleen as she sit her case inside her room.

"Actually it was mine, but the old hag couldn't speak da' English and got her
ass fired." explained Shelly with a simulated swagger and imitated smoking a

"Shouldn't you tell your father the truth?" asked Colleen.

"Hell no, she should have left it alone instead of picking it up; besides,
it frees us up for a better weekend." Shelly pulled her shirt off and then
worked her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra, removing it and then
throwing the restrictive garment into a corner of the room. "Now that feels
better, I'm free." she said as he pulled a front button shirt from the
drawer, and tied it by it's tail about her small waist.

Colleen looked at her much smaller breast that were hidden beneath her
sweater. Shelly grabbed it and lifted it up to look at Colleen's tits,
commenting, "Their spuds, you won't need a bra for another year, so ... ah,
I just have the thing that will entice the guys."

"Guys?" asked Colleen as she removed her sweater, then her shirt as she took
the garment from Shelly. Colleen has small budding breasts and a narrow
figure, her nipple are large and erect as shelly gets a better look at them.

"Oh, bigger lickers!" Shelly said as she leaned into Colleen and stuck her
tongue out and licked Colleen's nipples, which responded quickly and poked

Colleen closed her eyes as Shelly licked one, then the other of her nipples,
and the more she licked and sucked, her nipples got harder and more sensitive
to Shelly's licks and sucks. "Oh, that feels good."

"You think that feels good!" Shelly said as Colleen shook her head yes, then
Shelly knelt sown and begin to unfasten Colleens jeans.

"No! what are you doing?" Colleen protested as Shelly ignored her pleas as
she unsnapped and pulled Colleen's pants down to reveal.

"Oh you little devil, red string snatch panties." said Shelly as she ran her
fingers along the inside of Colleens inner thighs.

"They were pretty." replied Colleen as she began to get hot as Shelly
continued to stroke her inner thighs, ever getting closer to her pussy.

"Yeah right, you bought them because they were pretty; or was it that they
rode up your snatch and was like have a boy's cock buried in your pussy all
day long." said Shelly as she moved her fingers at that moment into Colleen's
vagina lips, parting them gently with her fingers as she worked Colleen up,
her snatch was getting wet the more the little teenage place with Colleen's

Colleen is getting hotter and horny the more that Shelly played with her,
then as suddenly as she had started, Shelly stopped. "Well now, we have to
get ready, we have dinner ready on the table, we can play games and watch
movies tonight and get to know one another; ..." Shelly leaned over, putting
her hand on Colleen's bare shoulder, We'll have nothing but fun, fun, fun and
relax this whole weekend; now get undress, all you'll need is that shirt,
bra, since you have none that will be no problem, and no panties, they are
cute, but lose them, you'll enjoy being pantyless a lot more."

Shelly disappeared and Colleen was left alone in the room, she looked at her
pants that were down around her ankles, her sweater was on the bed and her
cunt was wet and hot and she wanted to finger fuck herself right now, but
Shelly might catch her and that was all that she needed right now. Colleen
removed her panties and folded them, placing them inside her case. She stood
naked for a moment as she thought about putting her cloths back on and going
home, but what would she say to granddad, and what would Shelly say at school
if she did. Colleen put the shirt on and tied it about her waist, leaving her
ass and pussy exposed to the air, which did begin to feel good as the much
cooler air flowed about her hot snatch and up her crack. The shirt was silk
and felt like a cold palm caressing her entire body as she walked.

Colleen walked out of her room and down the stairs to the living room.
Colleen heard Shelly and another girl speaking loudly in the dinning room and
she walked and peeked around the corner, not wanting to walk in there naked
from the waist down. She leaned around the corner and saw a blond girl she
had seen before, Amber Long, she was a cheerleader, a senior at her High
School, and she was completely nude, but she did have her shirt in her hand
as she was gathering some food stuff and then she turned to see Colleen.

"Hi!, you must be Colleen, I remember seeing you at school; you're the new
girl right?" Amber asked as she carried three plates towards Colleen, "Grab
one of these hun, my fingers can't handle more than two things at a time."
she said with a laugh.

As Colleen reached for one plate she jumped as she was snatch goosed from
behind, "Got ya Colleen, nice looking snatch! So I snatched it." said Shelly
as she took one plate.

"That's okay Colleen, relax, we have these weekend parties all the time,
you'll get used to it, running around naked; by Sunday you won't want to wear
cloths again." explained Amber as she walked with Colleen into the living
room, "We have porno movies from Shelly's father, his hidden collection from
Europe; we have vibrators."

"Are you lesbians?" Asked Colleen in a frightened tone.

"No, certainly not, but when you don't have a live cock to do the stroking,
you fall back on the broom handle, sort of speak." Said Amber as she laughed
aloud with Shelly joining in, "Yeah, or a pet dog!"

"Oh yeah, my granddad had this German Shepard, damn if it wasn't better hung
than any of my boy friends." Noted Amber as she imitated a bow legged waddle
as she headed for a seat close to the fireplace, "God! I didn't walk right
for a week."

Colleen with a shocked tone of acquiring forbidden knowledge, "You did it
with a dog?"

"More like he did it to her." Noted Shelly as she seated herself on a large
pillow, then pat the pillow next to her for Colleen to sit on.

"Warm in here isn't it?" Asked Colleen as she held her plate of food on her

"That's why we're naked, it's so much nicer." Said Shelly as she took her
shirt off, allowing her larger breasts to giggle free.

Amber grabbed the remote control and turned the CD player on, the large
screen television came to life and a movie started a foreign film of a
Swedish nudist camp.

"We're going to watch naked people walking around." Asked Colleen.

"Not exactly, the naked teen boys, they have some big cocks; we get to
imagine what one we like and what we would do to them." Said Amber as she
turned the volume down.

"Even better, what they would do to us." Chimed in Shelly as she took the
vibrator and pretended it was a cock being jammed against her bare cunt.

"Better than a dog, the guys lick your neck and stick their tongues down your
throat, ..." noted Amber as she hugged herself with her arms, " ...nothing
like a naked guy on top of you, body against body, his cock buried in your
cunt, his arms holding you tight, his tongue ..."

"And dogs don't do wonders with their rough tongues, God, this Doberman had
this ten-inch tongue and he reamed my pussy like you wouldn't believe." Said
Shelly as she closed her eyes in a dream of recall, rubbing her fingers into
her snatch.

"Oh yeah, like he would buy you dinner." Laughed Amber as she pointed to

Shelly opened her eyes and saw a nudist on the Television, "Oh yeah, look at
that baby swing, he must be 18-inches in his full erection!"

"Yeah, and if he shoved it up your snatch, his cock head would pop out your
mouth." Said Amber as she laughed aloud at her statement.

"Wait a minute; ..." Shelly turned to Colleen, "I'm sorry, we're leaving
you out and you must think me a bore of a hostess, here we are getting
disgusting; have you had a boy friend yet?"

"Yeah, well, kinda; my parents move around a lot, and I'm busy ..." Colleen
stumbled more of embarrassment.

"No guys, no one?" Asked Shelly.

"Yeah, JT, he's nice." Admitted Colleen.

"Hey, maybe we could get him over here to join the party; it would be great
to get some like jocks here for some fun." Added Amber as she grabbed herself
and started rubbing, "Oh yeah, I could use one right now."

"Use what?" Asked Colleen.

"You are kidding, right?" Asked Shelly as she grinned, adding, as she reached
out and rubbed Colleen's pussy, "You know, a guy, he's all that we girls need
that can satisfy that itch down deep."

Amber added, "Yeah Colleen, if you let the guy break your cherry, it will
hurt like hell; you have to do it yourself before he gets at you."

"I don't want any guy to get at me!" Asserted Colleen, as she felt uneasy at
the sexual thing, "I thought we were going to do some grass."

"Easy girl, we don't want to be out of our heads yet, and when you get
smashed, don't think the guys won't break that cherry of yours, you have to
beat them at the punch."

"You mean they would hurt me! Rape me?" Question Colleen who now was worried
with fear.

Sherry put her arm around Colleen's shoulder and assured her, "No honey,
you'll want it bad, that's the way things are when you pop the good stuff."
Said Shelly as she then got more sisterly to the young girl, "I was where
you are two years ago, I popped my cherry with a vibrator and it felt good
because I did it, just like a splinter doesn't hurt so much if you pull it
out yourself; so, if you use a vibrator on yourself, you'll enjoy it and go
at your own pace."

"Really!" Said Colleen as she looked at the vibrator in her hand.

"Look sweetie, I'm two years older than you, I've been there, don't make the
mistakes of the other duds in school, fuck yourself with the vibrator, it's
be like masturbating yourself with your fingers, but only with this plastic
cock: and I'll help you through it if you want."

"Yes, please do it to me Shelly."

"Okay Colleen, lay down and dream of the guy you would like to fuck."
Instructed Shelly as she lay next to Colleen, trim body, her little breasts
barely forming a mound, her nipple not hard yet, and her pussy just barely
showing pubic hair as Shelly put some Vaseline on her fingers and lubricated
the 14 inch vibrator up, then she inserted her fingers into Colleen`s little
pussy and worked one, then two and then followed by three fingers as she
worked them into Colleen`s pussy, getting it lubricated and stretched,
preparing to insert the vibrator into her.

Colleen lay quiet and didn't move until she started to feel her pussy getting
warmer as Shelly continued to stroke her fingers in and out of her pussy,
then she began to fondle and rub her pubic lips until she opened her legs, a
signal for Shelly to do more.

Colleen kept her eyes closed as she felt the not quiet warm tip of the
vibrator pressed at her cunny lips, then it twisted and rotated as Shelly
continued a steady pressure until she felt the tubular device penetrated two
inched into her cunt, and then she caught her breath as she felt the tip of
the vibrator come into contact with her hymen, "No! You're there."

"You want to do it Colleen?" Asked Shelly as she held the vibrator as the

Colleen opened her eyes and looked at Shelly's grinning face, "Yes, I'll
aaah!" Colleen screamed as she felt Shelly shove hard, her hymen broke in a
painful wave as Shelly continued to shove it into her until it was all the
way inside, and as Colleen began to struggle (hard to do with a plastic cock
in your snatch) Amber helped as she held Colleen down as Shelly continued
now to stroke Colleen's cunt with the 14-inch vibrator, then as she was
stroking her she turned the vibrator on.

Colleen went nuts as she squirmed, cried, moaned and then arched her back as
she felt her first deep orgasm spin inside her guts.

Shelly pulled the vibrator out and gave it to Amber to wash the blood off,
then with a wash cloth she washed Colleen, "Don't worry Colleen, the worst
and the best is over; there, I've cleaned you up. The pain is gone right,
you enjoyed the orgasm."

"That was an orgasm?" Asked Colleen as she looked at Shelly who was smiling.

"Oh yeah, you had a good one; you are going to be one little slut." Asserted
Shelly as she handed Colleen a small capsule, "Here, this will help you to
relax, it'll kill any pain..."

"No pain, I just feel great right now; to tell you the truth I want to fuck
myself with that vibrator." Admitted Colleen as she sits up and took the

Amber returned with some canned beers, one for each as they all sit together
in a small circle, speaking of what the boys liked to do, what they liked
to touch and how to manipulate them by offering their pussy's as bait and

Giggling and laughing the three teenager's were feeling more than relaxed as
Shelly would stand up and dance naked, followed almost immediately as Amber
began dancing with Shelly as Colleen watched as she laughed at the antics of
the older girls. Three cans of beer and Amber was strutting naked, attempting
to dance as she staggered to the couch and lay down to nap.

* * *

Colleen woke to music and the noise of chatter, she opened her eyes, and she
was still on the couch and naked, still light headed and feeling good and
relaxed. Someone walked past her and she looked up to see a naked butt, it
wasn't Shelly, it was a guy as she saw his penis swing past. She looked
around and saw Shelly with her leg heisted up on a guy's hip as they were
kissing; she could see the guys' hard penis sticking out beneath Shelly's
crotch. As Shelly kissed the guy you could see Shelly thrust her pelvis along
the guys growing penis, it was rising up and rubbing against her crotch.
Colleen looked around and sits up on the couch to get a better look at the
party going on.

Colleen had not come to full realization as she sit completely relaxed and
nude on the couch as coupled who were naked, paired off to go sit on another
couch or in a corner and start kissing and fondling each other. Colleen
looked at her glass on the nearby coffee table and saw it still had half a
can of beer, she took it and began sipping it as she watched everyone. The
aroma that filled the room was of those funny looking cigarettes, and the
other scent was of body sweat and pussy, but the other was, ... Colleen
couldn't place the smell, it was like Billy's gym clothes at home, jock smell
she thought. She felt funny, her crotch felt funny, she wanted to touch
herself and use that vibrator.

"Hey sweet cakes." Came a familiar voice from behind.

Colleen turned to see who it was and recognized through her fuzzy eyes, "JT!
What's going on?"

"A party, Shelly often throws a party when her parents are out of town, it
always ends up like this, lost of fun and booze." Explained JT as he looked
at Colleen as he studied the young girl, really young as her breast were
small, barely showing with large nipple that were large and erect; his eyes
moved down to her crotch and watched as Colleen opened her legs as she
talked, showing that she had the slightest patch of hair. JT already had a
hard on, but it was getting harder the more he looked at Colleen.

Colleen drank the rest of her beer and then asked JT, "Is there anymore

JT took the glass and sit it down on a table on his side, as he turned back
around he saw Colleen leaned over the back of the couch, staring at his penis
and grinning as she pointed at it.

"Oh you are a big one, and ready for use; I can't find my vibrator and I have
an itch, can I use you penis until I find my vibrator; and," said Colleen as
she then looked around and then back at his cock, "... another beer, I could
use a drink. Ha, ha, ha, ..." Colleen started laughing as she grabbed her
ribs, curling up as JT walked around to her side of the couch, she watched
as his penis bobbed and swing back and forth as he approached her. Her eyes
locked on his cock as she ogled his penis and grinned, "Can I hold that!"

JT held his hand out to Colleen, "Com'on girl, you're too young for this
party and too drunk."

"Drunk! I am not drunk, I'm just happy." Colleen said as she fell into his
waiting arms, rubbing her breast and nipples up against JT's crotch and his
hard on that slapped against her face as he grabbed her, keeping her from
falling onto the floor, she looks cross eyed at his cock as she smiles and
sticks her tongue out, licking it along it's length to his balls, then she
comments, "Now I know that smell, it cock balls, hmm good, I want more." She
said as she licked his cock as he lifts her to his arms. Her body swings
into him, as his cock that is sticking straight out, slammed into her crotch,
sliding under her, rubbing against her slit and then rising up her crack.

"Damn you are horny, I think you need some bedtime to sober up." JT said as
he picked Colleen up into his arms and carried her up the stairs.

"Kid's jail bate isn't it JT." said one of his buddies.

"Yeah, kind of bald in the pussy, don't you want more forest before you cut?"
Said another as they came down the stairs.

"Stop it guys, she too young and needs to sleep this off, so she's off limits
to all of us." Said JT as he warned them.

"Sure JT, just slam a home run for us too, and if you need a pitch hitter,
I'll volunteer." Said Horris as he waited for JT to clear the stairs.

Still holding Colleen, who was cuddling into JT's chest, playing with his
nipple and kissing him, kicked the first room's door open enough to see if it
was empty; it was full as he recognized Amber as she had her legs around one
of his friends hips, she was getting her snatch ground by his cock.

The second room as better as it was empty; he closed the door behind him and
Colleen and moved to the bed, sitting Colleen down. As he turned to leave,
Colleen was at his side, her arm around him as she leaned over, looking at
his still large penis, "Don't go, you have given me my vibrator!"

"You stay her and I'll go get your vibrator." Assured JT as he turned Colleen
around and pats her ass for her to get to the bed.

JT turned to leave when he felt a hand grab his cock, which sprang up fully
erect from the surprise, he looked down to see Colleen with an evil and wide
grin, "You won't come back, and since you have this you don't have to leave."

JT reached around and picked Colleen up in his arms, but this time she held
onto his now hard cock, it was burning hot and he was in bad need of a real
female, not jail bate. He carried Colleen back to bed as she refuse to let go
and they both tumbled onto the bed. JT lay on his back as he tried to get up,
but Colleen had her lips locked around his cock as she was now sucking and
licking his cock. He remained quiet as he though, "Well, blowjobs are not
sex, and Bill Clinton made that law in front of the Congress."

Colleen is really getting into this new sensation, the smell is intoxicating
to her, the size of his cock inside her mouth, the hard flesh, the hot
feeling flesh from the blood pumping through his cock, how she learned to do
what felt good made her even more hungry, more willing to experiment. She
work JT's cock deeper on each stroke, she found it a challenge to fill her
mouth and yet have an air passage to breathe. She works as it got wetter and
her throat stretched out to accept his cock as she forced it deep into her
throat, then she found that she could breath on the out stroke and take his
entire cock down her throat and feel the sensation of it throbbing deep
inside her. As Colleen bobbed up and down on JT's cock, she looked sideways
at him, as he lay quiet. She smiled as she continued to stroke his penis, and
then she was surprised as she felt him cum as the sperm shot down her throat.
She gagged and pulled off of his penis, which shot another load that
splattered into her face.

JT looked down as Colleen lift off of his cock and saw the sperm dripping off
of her face, he grins, as she looks surprise, "It happens sweetheart, it's
not your fault."

"That's all right, I'll do it better!" Said Colleen as she dropped and took
his cock back into her mouth as JT fell back onto the bed; her rests his hand
on top of Colleen's head as she bobs his pole.

JT was enjoying the blow as Colleen worked his cock with renewed expertise;
he could feel his cock sliding down her young throat repeatedly as her hot
tongue wrapped his cock. He felt his groin begin to feel like he was about
to come when Colleen quit stroking his cock; "No, don't quit now, I'm about
..." JT looked down to see Colleen straddling his body and lowering herself
onto his cock, "NO Colleen, I don't want to fuck your pussy, that's sex."

Colleen lower herself until she felt his cock head pop into her, then it was
all-downhill as she slid down his pole until she rested on his balls. Her
small frame said young girl to JT, but her talent and said she was a woman
and slut the way she fucked. She rose steadily up his cock, then just before
she lift off his cock head she slid slowly down as she tightened her hold on
his meaty pole. She ground her hips on a few down strokes and then twisted
her body around on others as she pumped him as she started to increase her
thrusts and bounces, grinding harder and harder as she now got into fucking
this new friend she had met at school, a friend she had come to trust and now
shared her body with as she began to rock herself atop his cock as it drove
deep into her, slamming her insides as his long penis slide side to side as
she twister her snatch. Colleen leaned over and kisses JT as he began
slamming his cock into her pussy as she pumped her pelvis up and down.

Colleen made grimace on her face as she felt an orgasm that she had not
experienced yet build inside her, it creep up her arms, down her spine, down
her legs deep into her groin and then she tried to hold the experience when
she felt JT cum as he arched his back, lifting her upward as she felt his
cock squirt inside her, then she felt herself as her body release everything
at once, her body shook as she collapsed from the exhaustion, slipping of
JT`s cock and falling to the side onto her back. Sperm dripped from her
snatch as she lay there.

JT got up and looked at her, her straightened her up to make her comfortable,
kissed her on her lips, her small nipples, and her pussy as he then walked
from the room to the bathroom.

In an adjacent bedroom Shelly was getting reamed by Billie Abbott, he is
Collen's cousin and had just broke up with Mack, his now ex-girlfriend. His
ex wouldn't give him sex and he lost his temper as he felt it was a part of
dating and that the girl must put out; although she held values a little
higher and wanted to wait until marriage, he didn't and there came a parting
of the way. He held Mack at fault. Billie is an alcoholic and almost died
once from his abuse; and tonight in want sex and to abuse females just as
the male heads of his family and like the Newman industrialist who basically
own the city, females are there only to wipe on and he was just like his
father, John Abbott who ran his own empire: to watch Billie and to listen to
him his verbally abusing Mack, you can see the abusive control he wants over
woman and it is no different as he his cock into Shelly with her legs wrapped
around his waist, "Give it bitch! Take it all whore!"

Shelly responded to Billie's abuse as she got a foot hold in his hip and
kicked him off as he went flying; he got back up to meet Shelly at the edge
of the bed and slapped her, "Damn you bitch!" He slapped her again, but this
time she doubled her fist and whacked him in his groin, he doubled over and

Shelly stood over him, then kicked him in the ribs as he lay there, "That's
for Mack, now I know what she had to put up with; I should cut your nuts off
and cut the family line short." Shelly spit on him and walked out, leaving
Billie rolled up into a ball.

Still drunk, hurting and mad, Billie pulled himself up, squeezed his balls
back from the pain thresh hold and walked out of the room, staggered down the
hallway, got his directions turned around, then staggered back to the room
and went inside; he saw a naked babe on the bed, staggered over, and through
blurred vision, pulled her over and spread her legs as he crawled up onto
her; he used one hand to finger her wet pussy. The girl moaned as he fingered
her, then he spread her clit as he pushed his cock into her, then laid down
on top of her as he shoved his cock deep into her and started fucking her
hard, caring nothing for her feeling as he only wanted his rocks off and to
dominate her.

Colleen felt her body bouncing when she woke up, telling JT, "Hey, not so
rough! That hurts." Colleen then looked at the guy fucking her, "Billie!
Billie get off!"

"Colleen?" Said Billie as he continued to fuck his cousin, he spread her legs
wider as he picked her little butt up off the bed as he began really slamming
and hammering his cock into her, "Well too damn bad bitch, you are just the
same as Mack, offer your friendship, but too dam bad for the guy and slam you
snatch shut; well no more cousin, I am going to fuck the crap out of you when
ever I want dam it!"

"I'm only eleven you damn selfish bastard! GET OFF ME NOW!" Screamed Colleen
as she fought to get his cock out of her pussy, but Billie is too strong and
heavy for her as he continues to rape her on the bed. He slams his cock
mercilessly into her as she cries, the pain extreme as he brutalizes her,
slapping her when she resists, then slamming his cock into her; then he
shoves hard and he fills her with his sperm; and not quieting he pulls out
of her, forces her onto her stomach as he shoves his cock into her ass, not
caring how much it hurt to enter past her tight sensitive hole. Colleen
screams, pleads and cries to the one who has always claimed to care, but in
truth he was a useless dog. Suddenly Colleen feels Billie's cock pull from
her butt and his weight leaves her body; then she heard a heavy fleshy crack
and a thud on the floor. Tearfully she looks around to see JT standing over
Billy who is out cold on the floor.

Shelly entered the room with two of the guys on the football team, "Nice job
JT, that jerk has been asking for it; Guys, take this creep out and dump him
naked on the street with his clothes, pour a bottle over his body and leave
the bottle; let the cops take care of him."

"Why not call the cops and have him arrested for rape?" Asked JT.

"No! Don't, ..." said Colleen, "... Just dump him."

"He won't remember anything anyhow, drunks never do." Added Shelly as she
looked at Colleen and hugged her, "Colleen doesn't need to be pulled into a
police investigation."

"We better clear out, ..." said JT as he was interrupted by Colleen who
grabbed and hugged him.

"No! Stay with me tonight JT." Cried as she held onto JT's naked body.

"Well, you poked her JT, you have a girl friend now that worships your cock,
be good to her." Shelly said as she followed the guys carrying Billie out,
shutting the door behind her.

JT sit with Colleen who just wants his presence, his reassurance of
protection. JT held her gently, quietly as he felt her shaking body next to
him. He's sorry that he had left her alone to be attacked, but he was happy
to protect her and make her safe.

* * *

"Nick's not back yet Vicky; he had a meeting and was running late." Said the
secretary as Victoria Newman turned to her fathers office, "Let me know when
my brother shows up, I'll be in my father's office."

"Yes Mam."

Victoria entered Victor Newman's office, seeing it empty she knew that he
would be there in a minute; she moved over to the desk and examined is
schedule calendar, it was empty for the day, she looked around and thought
of a great greeting.

* * *

Victor was late as he had ran into his son Nicholas in the lobby, "Sorry to
hear that you and Sharon are getting a divorce, are you going for full

"Yes, Sharon caused this whole thing, she blame me for our sons death when it
was all her fault, she actually slept with that nut after he kidnapped her,
I believe that baby was his. I never hated a baby so much in my life."
Complained Nicholas as he followed his father into the elevator.

"Well, better off raising the kids as Newman rather than Sharon, she doesn't
come from our class of people and would only hamper the children's

Victor and Nicholas stepped from the executive elevator as the secretary
announces, "Mister Newman; Victoria is here to see you."

"Which one?" Asked Victor.

"Oh, well, both, she's her to see you Nicholas, and you Mister Newman, he's
inside Victor Newman's office." She explained.

"Well, let's both see her then." Said Victor as he walked with his son to his
office. He opened the door, allowing his son to enter first, then followed,
shutting the door behind him and then turns to find Nicholas standing silent
as he ha d to side step as he asked, "What's the matter, think of something
you forgot?" Victor asked as he looked at his son who was staring straight
ahead. Victor turn his attention to his desk and saw Victoria, somewhat
shocked at seeing Nicholas, laying stark completely naked across her father's
desk, her delightfully firm breasts enticingly yelling for attention as well
as her well trimmed beaver between her legs.

Nicholas could only say one thing, "Damn Vicky, I knew you were all woman,
but you're ALL woman."

Victor remained calm as he walked over to Victoria and kissed her, "Nice gift
my darling, but I think you intended for a private showing."

"Dad! Want to explain?" Asked Nicholas as he felt a hard on growing in his

"I would suggest that you take that thingy out of you pants and bring it over
here." Suggested Victoria as she lift one leg to expose her ready snatch to
her brother.

Victor started removing his coat and shirt, "Yes my boy, lock the door as I
tell her that we are not to be disturbed for the next two hours."

"What? Dad! She's your daughter." Nicholas stammered as he watched his father
drop his pants.

"Well it didn't bother you last night; you slammed my ass pretty good." Said
Victoria as she reminded Nicholas, "You know, the whore."

"God! I fucked my sister?" Said Nicholas.

"You like the fuck didn't you my boy?" Asked Victor, as he now stood naked
behind his daughter as he grabbed her legs and turned her to face him,
spreading her legs in preparation to mounting her. "She's tighter than your
mother ever was."

"But, ... that ... this" stammered Nicholas as he watched his father shove
his huge cock into Victoria's pussy.

"You know that if this gets out that it would ruin our company, it would
destroy your marriage and any chance at raising your daughters." Warned
Victor, "And let me remind you, in Ten years your daughter will stand to
control a part of this company, and she must also learn to use her body to
control those subordinates and those in influence, so she also will dance
naked on my desk and submit to my power, as well as yours and Victoria's;
we must keep the power within the family line."

Nicholas went to the door, locked it and then began to strip his suit off.

Victor told his secretary that they would be in conference for two hours,
then he turned his attention back to Victoria as he continued to shove his
cock into his daughters anxious hole, thrust deep into her, then slowly
pulling back as he teased her each time about pull out all the way, only
to suddenly thrust deep into her.

Nicholas came over to the desk as Victoria looked back over her shoulder at
her brother, then she leaned back onto the desk, taking Nicholas' cock into
he mouth as she began to suck, lick and stroke his cock.

Victor continued slamming his meat into Victoria faster and harder as her
body rocked under the assault, her grunts and moans increased with his
increase of assault, her moans of pleasure vibrated around Nicholas' cock
as it slid down her throat as he began thrust in a fast piston like action
into her mouth and deep into her throat.

Ten minutes and Victor shot his load, filling Victoria cunt hole with his
sperm as Nicholas filled her mouth full, then they change places as Victoria
swallowed hard, moved off the desks, had Nicholas lay on the floor as she
settled down onto her brother's cock, sliding her cunt down over his shaft
as her father got behind her and crammed his hard meat into her butt holed,
shoving it hard into her as he told her, "My Darling, the first thing to
learn about business is taking it up the ass, no matter how you resist, your
going to get it hard and painful.

* * *

"Hello Granddad, Yes, I'm fine, we're setting by the pool have a party with
the girls. ... Yes ... okay ... see you Monday." Colleen turned the cellular
phone off as she lay back down with JT lay atop her, his cock is buried deep
in her snatch as he thrusts his cock in and out slowly, kissing her on her
shoulders and neck as he grinds his pelvis against her butt. "Ooo that feels
so good JT."

"Love you, you little twat." JT said as he now pressed his body atop hers and
bit and nuzzled her ear.

City Jail, one officer telling another, "Found him naked on the street stinks
of booze, no identification papers, no money, must have been rolled. He can't
remember a dam thing."

The End


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