Disclaimer: These Characters belong to CBS. I only borrow them.

Timeline: This rewrites recent events of the show. Ashley did not lose her
marbles losing her baby. And Sharon has been working a plan since returning.

The Young And The Restless: The Newman Shakeup (MF)
by Robbins ([email protected])

Sharon Newman was greeting guests at the gala. A lot of planning has been
going on since her return and tonight would be the payoff. Both Nick and
Nikki would never be the same.

Sharon's husband Nick was unshaven and drinking. He had lately been on a
vendetta against his father Victor Newman.

Nick's parents Victor and Nikki were there greeting people. Sharon watched
them. She thought to herself Nikki will lose a lot after tonight.

Nick saw his older sister Victoria arrive with Michael Baldwin, a shady
lawyer now working for his father. He didn't like it.

Jack Abbott, Nikki's former husband and Victor's greatest enemy, walked in
with his beautiful wife Phylis, who worked for Victor, they are seen by
Victor and Nikki.

Jack's sister Ashley, Victor's ex-wife, arrives with her husband Brad
Carlton, who Victor hated almost as much as Jack. Sharon saw them. She
smiled. This was going great.

A TV Crew was covering the event.

Sharon went in front of the TV crew to address everyone. This would be her
moment of triumph.

"Thanks for everyone for coming. I am sure this is the best gala ever,"
Sharon said.

Nikki and Victor was watching her. Victor was impressed with her. Nikki hated

"I would like to share with you all some things about my husband Nick. He is
the most ungrateful son ever. He calls his father Victor no real father. He
calls Jack Abbott the only father he has ever known and is working to find a
way to help him against his own family," she says.

Nikki is shocked. Victor is outraged.

"While I was out of town I looked up an old friend. The only other women Nick
has had sex with. My former best friend Grace Turner. Guess what honey? The
last time you slepted with her you got her pregnant. She is about to have
your child," Sharon says.

Nick is enraged. "You lying slutty bitch! I will kill you!" Nick says and
lunges at her.

Michael steps in front of Nick and punches him. "Not so perfect are you, you
self righteous punk," Michael says.

Nick walks out.

"And the Abbotts owe a thanks to Victorm since he is the father of Ashley's
daughter Abby," she announces.

People are shocked. Ashley is scared.

"And Nikki here knew about it," Sharon said.

Victor turned to Nikki. "You knew!" he asks her.

"Yes," Nikki confesses.

Victor walks out. Sharon smiles at this. Nikki Is outraged.

"You bitch!" Nikki says charging at Sharon.

Victoria stops her. "She is not worth it Mom" Victoria says.

Sharon leaves.

* * *

Victor sits in his office at Newman Enterprises. He can't believe he is the
father of Ashley's daughter and that Nikki knew and didn't tell him.

Sharon walked In.

"Hi," Sharon said.

Victor didn't know what to say.

"I couldn't sit back and let Nick plot with Jack and Nikki deceive you
anymore," she tells him.

"At least I know the truth now," he says.

Sharon walks over to him.

"Nikki doesn't deserve you Victor," Sharon says.

Before Victor can say anything Sharon kisses him very passionately. Victor
tries to push her away.

"We can't do this Sharon. You are married to my son. And the mother of my
grandchildren," Victor says.

"Don't reject me Victor. It is over between me and Nick. You are the one I
want. I will be your Mistress. Whatever arrangement you want. I love you
Victor" Sharon said.

Victor saw Sharon for the first time as a desirable women. He pulled her into
his arms and kissed her.

Just then Nikki walked in. "Oh my god!" she said.

Sharon gets off him. "You lost Nikki," Sharon says.

"You betrayed me. Sharon won't," he says.

Nikki is shocked. Sharon goes up to Nikki.

"Victor is with me now," Sharon says and throws Nikki out. She closes the
door and locks it.

Sharon removes the dress. She is now nude. Victor likes the sight of her
nude body. He goes up to her. He puts his hands on her breasts and started
to caress her tits. Sharon enjoyed this. Her plan has gone perfectly. Victor
was now hers.

* * *

Victoria and Michael walked into her place.

"That was a memorial evening," he says.

"Yes," she replies.

He turns to leave. She kisses him.

* * *

Nick answers the door. A man is there.

"Nick Newman?" he asks.

"Yes," Nick replies.

He is given divorce papers.

* * *

In Victoria's bedroom Michael is riding her hard. She enjoys it.

* * *

Victor is sitting behind the desk in his office. Nick walks in.

"Why can't I get into my office!" Nick demanded.

"You are done here! Go work for Jack Abbott if you think he is so great!"
Victor says.

Nick walks out. Victoria walks In.

"You wanted to see me?" she says.

"Yes sweetheart. I made a mistake with your brother. He is done at Newman
Enterprises. I want you to be my right hand for now on," he says.

"Really?" she asks.

"Yes," he replies.

She smiles. Sharon walks in dressed very sexy.

"You should know it is over between me and your mother," he says.

She is stunned. Victor goes over to Sharon and kisses her. Victoria is
shocked. She now knew Sharon has what she wants.

Sharon gave Victoria an "I won" look. She and Victor walk out.

Victoria thought to herself she had planned this. She has wanted to trade
Nick for her father. Well, she thinks Sharon will screw up sooner or later
and her father will realize the truth about her.


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