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Young And The Restless: Sharon's Rape Part 3 - Cameron's Return
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Sharon Newman woke up on a Saturday morning. Lots had happened in the past
few days. She had come home to get away from Cameron Kirsten, a man who raped
her in Denver. She was glad that her husband Nick had welcomed her back her
back with open arms. As it turned out so did her mother-in-law Nikki Newman.
Sharon and Nikki had been on bad terms before, but Nikki found sympathy for
Sharon when she heard of her rape, and saw the injuries on her face. These
injuries Sharon was able to hide from her husband with makeup. Sharon and her
husband made love when she got home. Then in a bizarre twist Sharon and Nikki
ended up making love together. It was Sharon's first time ever with another
woman. On this day Sharon was at home alone with Noah at summer camp and
Cassie still in the hospital but feeling better. Plus Nick was working extra
hours at Newman Enterprises and was working on this Saturday.

Sharon made her breakfast and tried to decide what she would do today. She
could go shopping, maybe her sex mother-in-law would go with her, she thought
with a smile. As she was contemplating what to do she got a call from her
husband Nick.

"Hey hon, look I hate to bug you with this, but I have an out of town client
who I might be making a big business deal with. So I was hoping you could
make lunch, you know your famous steaks that you fire up on the barbeque.
It's a great day outside for it."

"Sure honey I can do that, how long will you be?"

"I'm guessing about an hour. I'm sorry I know this puts you in a difficult

"No not at all, I'll get to work on it right away, love you."

"Love you too Sharon, I'll see you soon."

Sharon started to get lunch ready, dressed in a yellow plaid strapless tank
top and denim short shorts. She wore her blonde hair down and put on silver
hoop earrings. Finishing off the outfit was black open toe heels. Sharon
looked incredibly hot, to put it mildly. She fired up the grill and cooked
three big steaks. Sharon also cooked some peas along with baked potato's.
No sooner had she gotten them off the grill when Nick arrived home with his
hopeful new client. Imagine Sharon's shock when the client turned out to be
Cameron Kirsten.

"Honey this is Cameron Kirsten, a client from Denver."

"Pleased to meet you Sharon, your husband never told me he married such a
beautiful woman."

He extended his hand. Sharon hesitated but then shook it. What was he doing
here? She wondered. Had he followed her? Sharon tried her best to seem like
everything was OK as she served lunch. She couldn't help but notice every
time she did look up she met Cameron's cold eyes. Her mind would drift back
to that night. The violence, the rape, the humiliation she suffered at the
hands of this Cameron and Nick discussed business as
Sharon cleaned off the picnic table in the backyard where they ate. Sharon
was getting the last of the dishes as hands came up behind her. These hands
snaked right under the top of her tank top and cupped her bare tits. She
turned around to see it was Cameron.

"What the hell are you doing, my husband is right outside!"

"Yeah well, would you like me to tell him about us?"

"There was never was an us, just a you, raping me."

"Ah come on Sharon, I might have gotten a bit rough with you, but you liked
what we did, in fact I think it got you really hot when I was rough."

"Hell no I didn't Cameron, now let me go."

"No! Would you like me tell your husband about us in Denver."

"No!" Sharon said in frustration.

"Well then, its quite simple give me head right here, you make me cum and
I'll leave you alone for the rest of the day."

"No way Cameron, Nick is outside."

"He's working on some figures I gave him, we have time so you get on your
fucking knees or I'll have a conversation with him about you and me at my
hotel room. Which as I recall you went there with me consentually!"

Sharon thought it over, the sooner she did this the sooner he would leave.
So Sharon went down on her knees. Cameron pushed her top down and let
Sharon's tits pop free. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.
Grabbing the top of Sharon's head he pushed his cock at her mouth. Sharon
opened up and started sucking him off. Cameron, let go of her head and let
Sharon do all the work. Worse case scenario now was that Cameron could say
Sharon came onto him if they got caught, after all Sharon was now doing all
the work. Sharon used her tongue to lick the underside of his cock as she
sucked hard on his shaft. Sharon did her best to try and get him off, her
heart was pounding, but not in excitement, it was in fear of getting caught
by her husband in this compromising position.

Cameron seeing the awesome sight of her nice tits bounce found it too
appealing not to squeeze them. So he grabbed her breasts giving each one a
hard pull on her erect nipples.

"Play with yourself Sharon, I wanna see you finger that pussy you hot little

Sharon was gonna ignore his request but seeing the look in his eyes it showed
he was close to coming, so Sharon was more than glad to help him along and
get this over with! She unbuttoned her button-fly shorts and started rubbing
on her slit. Her pussy was easy to get to because Sharon wasn't wearing
panties. Sharon started making sexy slurping sounds as her head bobbed faster
and faster. She would take the full length of his cock down her throat, then
pull all the way to the tip of the head before swallowing him whole again.
Sharon did this over and over as she now was bouncing up and down on her
finger as she was squatted in front of Cameron.

Cameron honestly hoped that Sharon would get caught. Seeing this blonde
goddess doing this however, swallowing his sword while she rode her fingers
like a whore became too hot of a picture for him to hold back. So he let go
just as Sharon was swallowing his cock whole. He gave the blonde no warning
and she temporarily gagged. Despite that, Sharon swallowed his full load,
not wanting to leave evidence of his cum everywhere. Sharon swallowed every
drop of his sperm. When she was finished, she stood up and buttoned her

"Sharon where are you?" Hollered Nick.

Sharon grabbed the cake that was on the counter "I'm in the kitchen honey,
just getting the dessert."

As Sharon was walking out, she jumped as Cameron gave her a hard pinch on the
ass. She turned around to slap him, but realized her tits were still out of
her top, so she quickly tucked them back into her yellow plaid top. She
turned around to see that Nick had just walked in.

"OK honey, dessert is ready, lets go eat it out on the patio."

Sharon quickly went with her husband. Cameron was right behind them as they
went to enjoy the dessert.

Later that afternoon Cameron had made his way to the Genoa City pool. He
enjoyed a look around at all the pretty women. Summer was in full swing, as
women young and old were in their bikini's. Cameron decided as long as he
was here he might as well find another woman to have some fun with. Looking
around he saw a luscious woman that really got his attention. A young girl
really, it was 16 year old Lily Winters. Lily was a light skinned black girl,
who was every bit as gorgeous as her mom Druscilla who was a professional
model. Lily had a sexy thin figure, with a sexy round shaped booty. Her
breasts were still developing, but looked to be a healthy budding B cup.
She had a sexy golden stud ring in her nose that was really a testament to
a girl in this day in age.

Cameron watched her sexy walk as she strutted her young female body in a
white thong bikini. Her nicely manicured toes and nails were painted red.
She certainly looked like an upper class teen. Certainly a young woman who
cared about her looks. When her friends had left her Cameron decided to
make his move.

"Excuse me Miss, I'm Michael Jones undercover vice squad." He showed her a
badge (a fake badge no doubt). Lily was flattered than an attractive older
man was talking to her. Plus with the badge she felt safe with an officer.

"Well what can I do for you Mr...or detective I should say?"

"There's been rumor of a store in town selling alcohol to minors, would you
go in and see if they'll sell you alcohol? We need to bring this store down
if they're doing what we've heard."

"Sure I'd be glad to help out, let me get dressed I'll see you out front in
a minute."

Moments later dressed in slip on shoes a denim mini skirt and a white T-shirt
Lily wet the detective (or so she thought) outside the swimming pool. They
got in his car and made their way to the store. As instructed Lily went in to
try and buy beer. She got carded as it turned out, and wasn't able to buy it.
So she walked out to meet Cameron. She gave him a shake of her head, to let
him know that she didn't get the beer.

Cameron nodded and told her he'd take her back to her car. On the way back
though he turned onto a dirty road. When he had stopped on the deserted
road Lily was quick to ask what they were doing here. Cameron responded by
grabbing the young girl and forcing a kiss on her mouth. Lily fought and
struggled trying to hit the much bigger man, but had no luck. Finally when
he tried to slip her the tongue Lily bit down hard. Cameron screamed and
Lily hit him, with that Lily tried getting out of the door. He grabbed at
her but she got out, only to fall flat on the ground as her shirt that he
grabbed ripped. Lily barely got to her feet when he was back on top of her.
He punched her square in the face almost knocking her unconscious, then
got right in her face.

"You ARE gonna be good now aren't you little girl!!"

A terrified Lily simply nodded.

"Good then take off your clothes, now!"

Slowly, and trying not to break out crying hysterically Lily removed what
was left of her ripped shirt. Next came her denim skirt, leaving her in her
white bikini and shoes. She looked into his cold calculating eyes and knew
that she had to keep going. Her hands shaked as she reached back to untie
her top. Her bikini top fell to the ground, her hands moved immediately to
cover her bare breasts.

"Move your fucking hands!"

Lily let out some tears as her hands moved showing him her lovely rack.
Lily's dark nipples were standing straight out in fear/arousal. It was then
that Cameron walked up to her. He started kissing her on the mouth again.
This time a frightened Lily did nothing to resist his kiss, and tried to
kiss him back just so he wouldn't hit her again. He caressed her teen
titties enjoying her smooth light black skin and he gave each nipple a
little tug on the end, only causing them to get harder. Cameron after a
while got tired of this and broke the kiss. He got Lily on top of the car
and took off his pants and underwear.

"If I hit you for biting my tongue, you don't wanna see what I'll do to you
if your anything but gentle to my dick you hear me?"

Lily nodded as Cameron got on top of her on the car hood and put his cock in
her mouth. Lily was forced to take it all as her position on the car left her
head with no where to go. Cameron shoved his cock deep down the black teen's
throat, as his hands reached back and fondled her pussy under her bikini
thong. He shoved a finger in her and her young cunt lips seemed to wrap tight
around the digit. Cameron smiled at the likelihood that Lily was a virgin
considering that sticking his finger in her pussy has such a tight fit. Lily
was doing a surprisingly well job at sucking Cameron off. Before long he had
stop thrusting into her mouth and the sexy young black girl was willingly
sucking him off. Cameron pulled away frightening Lily into thinking she
wasn't doing a good enough job. She was glad to see him not raise another
hand her.

Cameron pulled Lily to the edge of the car, he spread her legs and pulled
aside the crotch of her bikini bottom and looked at her pinkness. Cameron was
used to giving pleasure but seeing this young flower with the bud longing to
be licked he knew he had too! He spread her legs wide and dove his tongue
into her. Pulling her young lips aside he started to tongue her inner
pinkness. Lily was also shocked seeing this man who was violent with her
minutes ago giving her pleasure. Part of her wanted to look around for a way
of getting out of this, but she couldn't deny the oral pleasure she was
receiving. Cameron nibbled on her young cunt lips as he shoved a wet finger
into her. He found her clit and started to suck on the sensitive little bump.

Lily had never been licked there before and was really getting off with it,
even though she wished she could escape from where she was at. After getting
a good taste of her Cameron decided her tight pussy was too good of a thing
to pass up for a good fucking. Cameron flipped Lily over on her stomach on
the car. Cameron yanked down her thong bikini. Cameron put both their feet
on the ground and eyed her hot black ass.

"Damn you have a fine ass Lily." He gave it a good hard slap over and over
enjoying seeing the way it jiggled with each slap.

"Please stop, please!!!"

Cameron looked down and saw that Lily's pussy juices were dripping down her

"Well it seems to me you must like the spankings the way that tight little
black pussy is running with girl cum."

Lily didn't answer she knew she was aroused, she didn't ask for this but her
body had betrayed her feelings. It seemed like her pussy was a water faucet
left running as her thighs were coated with her own pussy juices. Cameron
spread her ass and seeing her pussy lips pushed his hard erection right at
the spot. Even with Lily wet her pussy was hard to penetrate, but Cameron
finally got inside of her. Lily screamed as his big rod loosened up her tight
pussy. Cameron smiled as he thrust into her feeling her cunt lips wrap tight
around his shaft.

"Mmm I thought you were a virgin Lily, you seem tight enough. Guess you must
have had cock before you little black ho." Cameron laughed.

Lily started to cry again, hearing this horrible man calling her names as he
rapped her. Suddenly Lily again tried to struggle to get away. She begged
him to stop but found that her cries only led him on to be rougher with her.
Cameron drove his cock balls deep into Lily's pussy, it made the sounds of
body's slapping together as he thrusted his full length deep into her cunt.
Her pussy was like a second skin as it was so tight around Cameron's cock.
Cameron loved the feeling and yanked on her dark hair as he fucked the black
teen hottie from behind. He gave her ass hard spankings, he laughed as she
cried asking him to stop. The wetness of her pussy showed him that she liked
what he was doing. Cameron felt his orgasm on the way so he grabbed both of
Lily's wrists and spun her around to her knees. Still holding her wrists he
shot spurts of his cum all over her pretty young face.

"Stick out your tongue bitch!" He ordered.

He shot cum in her mouth on her nose and even some in her hair.

Cameron got his pants pulled up.

"OK Lily, you can get dressed, and if your thinking of telling anyone, then
your mama and daddy Druscilla and Neil will be dead before sunrise tomorrow
got it?"

Lily was shocked, apparently Cameron knew all about her, she didn't want to
lose her parents, so she knew she had to tell no one. Cameron got in his car
and left her there on the deserted road. Lily certainly didn't mind though,
she wouldn't get back in the car with Cameron if her life depended on it.
Lily got her clothes that were all waded up back on and really started to cry
now as she made her way home.

* * *

Sharon was very upset about Cameron being back in her life. She tried to go
on like nothing was wrong though in front of her kids Cassie and Noah, and
her husband Nick. She tried to concentrate on the good things going on, like
her daughter being out of the hospital. The dirty looks her daughter was
giving her however, showed her that it was gonna take some time for Cassie
to forgive Sharon for leaving town. After dinner Sharon started cleaning up.
She always cleaned when she was upset, so even after everyone went to bed
Sharon was still cleaning. Then the phone rang.


"Sharon, so glad your still up, can you talk now sweetie?" Asked Nikki.

"Nikki, so glad you called, I needed to talk to you, Cameron is back!"

"What how did this come about?"

"God I wish I knew, it could have been by chance, but he's here in town
working on a business deal with Nick."

"You think it might not be by chance, you think he could have followed you
back to Genoa City?"

"I don't know, it seems a little too convenient for him to be making a
business deal with Nick's company right when I return home."

"Yeah I hear you, look I was calling to see if you wanted to go for a swim.
Why don't you come down to the house, we can talk about this, plus I really
wanna see you."

"Sure, I hear that tone in your voice though Nikki, are you wanting to have
some more fun too?"

"Mmmmm well if its OK with you of course, I've been thinking a lot about you
since the other day, I even got a new swimsuit that...well I have to say I
had you in mind when I bought it."

"Say no more Nikki, I need to get my mind off things, and I know you can do
that! I'll be right there."

Sharon hung up the phone and quickly sneaked in her room not wanting to wake
Nick to get her red bikini. The Bikini was strapless and had a thong back.
Sharon grabbed a towel and got in her car and drove right down the road from
her house to Nikki's. She got there quickly, she could have walked there in
about 15 minutes but it was about a 2 minute drive and what could she say she
was an eager beaver (figuratively speaking).

Going to the pool in the back of the house she saw Nikki waiting for her.
Nikki was wearing a black swimsuit. Even though it was a one piece it was
quite revealing, it was cut low and revealed her awesome cleavage. The cool
night air had Nikki's nipples hard already and poking through. The back of
the suit wasn't a thong like Sharon's but it showed every curve and crevice
of Nikki's plump round ass. Nikki smiled seeing Sharon and greeted her with
a big hug.

Why don't you lie down by the pool Sharon. I can give you a nice massage.
Sharon laid down on her stomach as Nikki caressed her back rubbing in baby
oil, making Sharon's skin look even sexier. Sharon poured out her heart
about Cameron, what he did to her in her house with Nick still there. Nikki
listened intently and comforted Sharon when needed as she rubbed in the baby
oil. After a while Sharon stopped talking and just enjoyed the massage.
Nikki squirted some of the baby oil in the bottle on Sharon's ass and began
rubbing it in there.

Sharon was enjoying the feeling of Nikki's fingers as the older woman
caressed her sexy derriere. Nikki's hands left Sharon momentarily, Sharon
turned around and saw That Nikki was getting naked. Nikki slid down her
shoulder straps and pulled the swimsuit past her breasts letting them bounce
out, much to Sharon's delight. 'God her body is so sexy, she's gonna turn me
into a dyke before she's done' Sharon thought. Nikki smiled as she swayed her
hips to wiggle out of the bottom part of the swimsuit leaving her naked in
front of Sharon. Sharon stood up and walked toward Nikki. Nikki reached out
and pulled Sharon's bikini top down, quite easily with it being strapless.
The two women felt their bare breasts touch as they leaned in and began to
kiss softly.

Nikki got a hot idea, she grabbed the baby oil again and squirted it on her
naked body, then on Sharon's. Then the two enjoyed rubbing it into each
others bodies. Their breasts being slippery as they touched added to the
arousal as their almost naked bodies gyrated together.

Sharon's hands caressed her mother-in-law's slippery round globes of flesh,
as Nikki's hand roamed down her daughter in-law's bikini bottom. She found
Sharon's pussy and gently slid a finger inside of her causing Sharon to gasp
in pleasure while they kissed. Sharon's hands kneaded on Nikki's breasts her
fingers pulling on the huge nipples. Nikki's moans assured Sharon, that she
was very much enjoying the nipple playing. Sharon got even rougher twisting
on Nikki's nipples, causing her to moan more and push her finger deeper into
Sharon's blonde box. When the kiss finally broke Nikki took Sharon by the
hand and led her to a reclining lawn chair.

Once there Nikki got on the bottom of the chair and lifted Sharon's sexy
legs, pulling her thong bikini off of her. Nikki opened Sharon's legs and
tenderly started kissing. Nikki gently opened Sharon's lips and started
licking her softly. Then she plunged her tongue in deeper tasting Sharon's
already wet inner pinkness. Sharon bit her lower lip in pleasure as Nikki
found the right spot quickly, much like their last time together. Nikki
opened Sharon's elegant legs as wide as they would go as her tongue dove
way into Sharon's womanhood and licked it in circles. Sharon wanted more
than anything to cum, to explode all over Nikki's face, but she held back
as long as she could. She did not want Nikki's tongue to leave her pussy.
Nikki's licked and slurped on Sharon's inner walls. Sharon was squirming
all over the chair, she started to worry about the chair collapsing as
Nikki's tongue sent her closer and closer towards release.

Finally a good hard stab with Nikki's tongue sent Sharon over the edge and
she exploded all over Nikki's face.

"Ohhh Nikki, oh yeah oh baby yesssss yessssssss yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!"

Nikki, licked every drop of Sharon's womanly juices, finding the taste as
addictive as the last time she went down on her. Sharon then got a taste of
herself as Nikki got on top of her and they engaged in a hot French kiss.
Nikki pushed the top of the reclining chair back and straddled Sharon's face.
Sharon smiled and needed no instructions as she opened up Nikki's slit and
started licking her. Sharon looked up and saw Nikki's head back in pleasure,
but Sharon's eyes were fixated on Nikki's huge boobs. She watched as her
sexy tits bounced while she ate her out. Sharon wet a finger with Nikki's
cunt juices and gently slid it up Nikki's backdoor. Nikki moaned out loud
at the intruder going into her ass as Sharon continued muff diving on her
mother in-law.

Nikki needed to balance herself so she leaned back and cupped Sharon's tits
as she looked down at Sharon's pretty face, her mouth full of Nikki's cunt.
Nikki was really into it as she started grinding her pussy onto Sharon's
face. Sharon's tongue had rapid movement as it licked on Nikki's clit.
Sharon's finger had gone way past the first knuckle up Nikki's ass as Nikki
rode Sharon's finger. Nikki's hands kept fondling Sharon's firm tits. She
gave Sharon's tits the same rough treatment Sharon gave hers earlier,
pinching them hard and twisting the nipples. Sharon grabbed Nikki's breasts
and started squeezing them again pulling on the hard nipples.

"Sharon ohhhhh yeah, here it comes, oh I'm gonna cum all over you oh here it
come ohhh fuck yeah I love your fucking tongue, ohhhhhhhh here's your creamy
dessert Sharon!!!!!"

Nikki's cum smothered Sharon's face as it was easily her biggest orgasm ever.
Sharon gladly licked up all that she could much likely Nikki she enjoyed the
taste of another woman's pussy, and wanted to taste as much of it as she
could. Nikki got on top of Sharon, they spent several minutes giving each
other gently kisses, as they held each other in their arms. Sharon was glad
to have Nikki on her side, not only as a friend in her corner against
Cameron, but as one of the best lovers she's ever had.


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