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Young And The Restless: Sharon's Rape 2 - Sharon's Coming Home
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Sharon Newman woke up to the sound of the bus stopping. Looking out the bus
window she knew she was back in Genoa City. It was a two day bus trip, but
she was home at last. Grabbing her bags and getting a cab she was on her way
back home. It was late around 1AM as Sharon made it in the house. The lights
were dim and to her shock her husband Nick was still awake and sitting on
the couch.

"Your back?"

"Yes...I'm...sorry the way I left, I just couldn't deal with everything."

"Well, you know that your daughter has really needed for you to be here."

"Yeah, I know your all mad at me, I didn't expect to be welcomed back with
open arms."

"Well, Hon, I wouldn't go that far (walking up to hug her) I missed you."

"I missed you too." She hugged him tight.

Sharon suddenly became glad that she put on enough makeup to cover up her
eye that had become black when she had gotten hit by Cameron. She kissed her
husband softly. She was in a little pain with her cheek still feeling the
blow from Cameron a couple of days ago. Kissing her husband again was worth
any pain though. They kissed for what seemed like forever. Then they made
their way to the couch.

Sharon pulled off her coat then her top. Nick was pleasantly surprised to see
his wife wasn't wearing a bra. Just her lovely breasts with perfect nipples
that stood at attention. Nick was only in his pajama bottoms and he quickly
pulled them down. In doing that he showed his wife his huge erection in his
underwear. Sharon reached her hand down his underwear and began stroking his
growing member. His hands placed firmly on her breasts squeezing them and
tonguing her nipples. Sharon moaned at his incredible tongue licking, her
hand was on his head pushing him into her tits, as the other hand tugged on
his 8 inches of manmeat.

Sharon pulled his underwear down, got on her knees and started to suck
his cock. Her fingers tickled his balls as Sharon wasted no time in deep
throating her husband. Nick grabbed a hold of her lovely blonde locks and
pulled on her hair as she sucked. Nick started to thrust into Sharon's
mouth, and she did her best to try and keep up with him and not gag.
Sharon's tongue went up and down the shaft as her free hand made her way
to her tight jeans. Sharon unbuttoned them and slid her hand down her thong
to her pussy. Feeling the wetness already building, she slowly slipped her
finger inside.

Nick looked down at the erotic sight of his gorgeous wife giving him a
blowjob, something she seldom did during their 10 plus years of marriage.
He watched her full pouting lips wrap around his dick and her luscious tits
bounce as her head bobbed up and down. Sharon's warm mouth was nothing short
of awesome as she slobbed his knob like no tomorrow. Nick persuaded himself
to stop her, not wanting to cum in her mouth.

Lifting Sharon up, he carried her to the upstairs bedroom. Once there the
kissing continued and Nick pulled down her pants and the lacey thong at the
same time leaving the blonde hottie naked. Nick then got on top of her and
gently slid inside of her. His 8 inches was thick and really felt good as it
parted her cunt lips.

"Ohh Nick ohh that's it baby, oh yeah ohhhh yesssss."

"Ohhh Sharon, mmmmm yeah I love you honey ohhhhh God I've missed this!"

Sharon's hands grabbed her husbands ass as he drilled into her pussy like
he was drilling for oil. Their heavy breathing and moaning was so loud they
worried about waking their son Noah. If their daughter Cassie who normally
sleeps in the next room would have been there and not in the hospital they
surely would have woken her.

Sharon rolled Nick over and start to ride him. Her tits bounced up and down
as her ass slapped against his balls as she rode him hard like a cowgirl on
a bucking bronco. Nick held onto her hips as he enjoyed his wife doing the
work, and doing it quite well. Nick's hands caresses her satin smooth tan
skin and made their way to her breasts. He lightly pinched her nipples
between his thumbs and forefingers causing Sharon to ride him harder. Sharon
though she was in heaven, the events of two nights ago were not on her mind
now. Now all that existed was the beautiful love making she was having with
her husband.

Soon the pleasure became too much for him to handle and he blew his load deep
in Sharon's love tunnel. The feeling of his jism entering her female abyss,
caused her cunt muscles to tighten and Sharon came as well, and collapsed on
his chest. The husband and wife held hands in bed and went to sleep nuzzled
up to each other.

The next morning Nick was off to work and Noah was off to school leaving
Sharon alone in the house. Sharon was dressed in nothing more than a red
tank top and a denim mini skirt as she started to straighten up the house.
She took a look in the mirror and realized her eye was changing color. The
Black/Purple bruise had started to fade some. That meant it was healing,
but still it wasn't gonna be any easier to cover up. Sharon made her way
upstairs to put away the laundry. She swore she could have heard someone
at the door, but she decided it was her imagination. As she made her way
back downstairs she saw standing in her front room was none other than her
mother-in-law Nikki Newman.

Nikki had gotten along with Sharon in the past but not at all in recent
months. Nikki thought Sharon was insensitive by leaving at a time when
Sharon's daughter Cassie needed her the most. Sharon had gotten quite
the tongue lashing about that from Nikki when she left. Now there was
definitely tension between the two, especially with Nikki walking right
into her house without being invited. Nikki was in many ways an older
version of Sharon, she had a nice tan, round breasts a bit larger than
Sharon's, and a nice figure that hardly showed signs of a woman over 40.
Nikki was standing there in a black blouse and a white skirt with black
high heels. Much like Sharon she wore no pantyhose or stockings, her
copper tanned legs were sexy without them.

"Nikki what are you doing in my house, don't you know how to knock?"

"I don't need to knock, and what in the hell are you doing here Sharon? As
I recall you left your family!"

"Well, Nikki I'm back now, and I'd really like it if you left."

"Oh I'm sure you would Sharon, but if you had been here you would know that
I've been helping Nick out with Noah, and other things around here. Things
that his wife should be doing."

"Look Nikki I don't wanna fight OK just leave please."

"I'm sure you want me to leave, you probably don't wanna hear about how bad
you made things by leaving. I guess that's something you should have thought
of before you left my son and your children. But let me tell you something
Sharon, he may be welcoming you back with open arms, but I'm not! What you
did was selfish, families are supposed to come together in moments of crisis
not run and hide. Your daughter has had tears in her eyes at the hospital
when she heard you left."

"It's called a mistake Nikki, now can't we please put aside this tension
between us and try to get on with our lives?"

"I'm not so sure about that Sharon, I mean I get angry just looking at you.
Coming back here like nothing happened, and dressed like the hussy I always
thought you were."

"Nikki please, these are wear around the house clothes OK, and would you
please not talk to me that way, I'm not in the mood for your put downs!"

"Look Sharon I considered you like a daughter at one time but now you...oh
my God what happened to your eye?"

Sharon suddenly realized Nikki noticed her black eye. She had fooled Nick and
her son Noah with makeup, but Nikki was a woman and she could figure out what
the makeup was covering.

"Nikki, its, a long story."

"Sharon before all this tension came between us you used to confide in me...
my God you have a welt on your cheek too! Sharon, look, forget everything
I've said tell me what happened, I mean I care for you... and I hate seeing
you hurt. Who did this to you?"

Suddenly Sharon liked what Nikki was saying. She cared for her, but could
she trust her mother-in-law? She had to admit there was a certain spark that
Nikki had, she was always a good listening ear in the past. Nikki was at
times like a mother to her. They did after all have a lot in common both
blondes, both beautiful, both married to Newman men. Nikki married to the
rich and powerful Victor, and Sharon to the son who would inherit the family
buisness. Sharon was barely 30 and Nikki was in her mid forties, but she was
just as much of a knockout as Sharon was. Both women actually found the other
one attractive, even though neither one had ever gone that way before. Sharon
looked up at Nikki as Nikki helped Sharon to the couch and used an ice pack
to get the swelling down in her eye.

"Please Sharon tell me how this happened."

Sharon felt like she had to tell someone, she wondered whether Nikki would
turn this around on her and tell Nick. Still this softer side of Nikki that
she hadn't seen in a while seemed sincere. So Sharon spilled it all, even
the fact that she consented in going to a hotel room with Cameron. Sharon
didn't leave out any details. All the way from the violence and the forced
sex, to the humiliation of being thrown out of the room naked like she was
trash. When she finished telling the story, she was worried about Nikki's
reaction of her going to a hotel room with another man.

"Wow that sounds horrible Sharon. I mean certainly I'm upset that you joined
another man in his room, but even so you didn't deserve what happen to you."

Sharon was able to give out a small smile as Nikki put Sharon's head to her
breast. Nikki rubbed Sharon's hair to comfort her daughter-in-law. Nikki
started to realize that she was getting very aroused by Sharon's head being
at her bosom, her nipples were standing up in her black blouse. On top of
that, Sharon was softly brushing her fingers across Nikki's back and only
adding to the arousal. Then it hit Nikki, all this tension between them,
could it be sexual tension? It did make sense, all the times Nikki would
admire Sharon's body by the pool at Nikki's mansion. All the times Sharon
was naked with Nikki in the sauna. Yes, it was true, the two women had
something special, but it wasn't a mother daughter type relationship, Nikki
realized she wanted Sharon, she wanted her... as a lover.

Nikki was unsure how to act, she had feelings for a man before, but this was
so different, it was a different lust, a new desire, one that she wasn't sure
she could contain. Little did she know, Sharon also had these feelings. She
found Nikki attractive as well. Nikki was a perfect example of a woman who
aged gracefully. In the ten plus years her and Nick had been married her
mother-in-law was as beautiful as the day she met her. Sharon's biggest hope
was that she would be even almost as good looking as Nikki when she was over
forty. As Sharon listened to the sound of Nikki's heart beat she wished that
it was Nikki's bare skin and bare breasts that her head was against. Nikki's
skin looked so smooth, Sharon imagined feeling Nikki's skin would be like
feeling silk. She wanted Nikki, but told herself now wasn't the time, not
when she had just gotten back in her good graces. Then without warning Nikki
made her move.

Nikki took Sharon's face in her hands. Then leaning forward kissed Sharon
softly on the mouth. Sharon looked at her with unsure eyes. She didn't know
how to react, where was this going?

"Did you like that Sharon?"

"Um yes it was...nice Nikki, but why did you do that?"

"Well, you've been through a lot, I thought that maybe a gentle woman's touch
is what you needed right now. If this is too weird then...

"No!... No, Nikki, I liked it...I mean its not really weird so much its
just...different. I mean, I find you attractive Nikki, I always have."

"Really? I've always found you to be a beautiful woman Sharon, I didn't know
you felt the same about me."

Nikki put her arms around Sharon, Sharon's arms went around Nikki's hips,
their eyes met, and the two gazed at each other, taking in the other woman's

"Are you sure your OK with this Sharon?"

"Yes, Nikki, I'm OK with it, please kiss me."

The two women again kissed this time with Sharon participating in the act.
The kiss started off as timid, even a bit awkward. After a while though the
two women opened their mouths and were french kissing like two teenagers.
The kiss seemed to go on and on, neither one not wanting to come up for air,
both of them just wanting to enjoy each others mouths. Then, later, in what
seemed like a lifetime the kiss ended. Both women were tingling all over.
They didn't know exactly what they were doing, but they did know that they
liked the way it feeled, and that they wanted more of it.

The two women stood up, Nikki reached behind Sharon to untie her tanktop.
Sharon start to unbutton Nikki's blouse. As Sharon's top came off there was
nothing under it but a nice set of tits. Nikki then reached out, and started
to squeeze on Sharon's lovely 36C rack. Sharon sighed softly as she was
getting felt up. Then slowly, finished the last of the buttons, and saw
Nikki's black bra. Reaching out Sharon touched both of Nikki's breasts and
gave them a nice squeeze in the black bra. Nikki smiled and let out a little
gasp of pleasure.

"Well, if you like them that much, wait til you see them uncovered, would you
like that?"

Sharon lost in the sight of the cleavage that was coming from the black bra
only gave Nikki a nod.

"Unhook me then."

Nikki turned around, and lifted her hair aside giving Sharon best access to
her bra clasp. This was the first time Sharon unhooked a bra besides her own,
but she unhooked it quickly not thinking about it, only wanting to see what
was under that bra. As Nikki turned around Sharon was not disappointed.
Nikki's breasts were easily a cup size bigger than hers. Nikki was at least
a D-cup and her nipples were dark red and as big as a Ritz cracker. The
nipples stuck out at least half an inch or more, the breasts had only a bit
of sag to them because of age but not much. Sharon put the hard nipple that
yearned to be sucked in her mouth. As she sucked on it, the nipple got even
harder. Sharon gave both of Nikki's nipples equal attention, suckling one
and pulling on the other.

"Mmmmm Sharon that's ohhhh yesss that is so good oh yeah mmmmmm suck it oh
suck it you hot little thang!!!"

Sharon put both breasts together and took her tongue back and forth on each
nipple which drove Nikki crazy. The two women panted heavily, Sharon really
liked what she was doing, and Nikki loved what she was receiving. Things were
only gonna get better though.

Sharon wrapped her arms around Nikki again, their nipples touched as the two
women again engaged in a french kiss. The kiss was pure passion this time.
Both women were letting out the sexual feelings they had repressed for years.

When the kiss ended Sharon took the initiative this time and dropped to her
knees. She unzipped Nikki's skirt and pushed it to the floor. Then Sharon
started kissing the older woman's inner thighs. Her hands caressed Nikki's
firm ass outside her black panties as her tongue went higher and higher
towards the prize. Sharon reached Nikki's crotch and then slid down the
panties. Nikki helped her by lifting one high heel, then the other, so
Sharon could remove the panties all together. Seeing the gorgeous pussy in
front of her she spread open the hood and began tonguing the inside. Nikki
threw her head back in pleasure, it had been a long time since she was
licked there. Even so, no man ever came close to doing as well as Sharon was
right now.

Sharon seemed to have a map of where to lick her. It only took a couple of
minutes before Sharon got Nikki's love pot boiling hot. She stuck two fingers
in Nikki's pussy as her tongue brushed ever so lightly over her clit. Nikki
opened her legs giving her the best access, but this also made it hard for
her to stand. She looked down at the incredible sight, Sharon Newman, her
lesbian fantasy on her knees and eating her out. She had fantasized about
this a time or two when making love to her husband Victor, but the real thing
was so much better than fantasy. It became apparent that Sharon wanted Nikki
to cum as she started licking and fingering her faster. Her nails dug into
Nikki's ass cheeks as she kept on arousing her clit with her rapid tongue

"Ohhh Sharon yesssss ohhhhh Fuck yeah God that feels so good ohhh your
tongue feels so good yessssss that the spot ohhh yessssssss that's the
fucking spot!!!!"

A few short moments later Nikki came and came hard. She pushed Sharon hard
into her pussy as Nikki rode her daughter-inlaw's face til her sexual
fountain had run dry.

"Mmmmmmm Sharon that was heavenly."

Another hot kiss followed as they made there way to the bedroom. Once there
they crawled into the bed. Nikki started kissing Sharon's lovely breasts. She
made sure to give the hard nipples her undivided attention, sucking on them
and even gently pulling on them with her teeth. She slowly made her way down
lower leaving a trail of wet kisses as she did. Going under Sharon's denim
skirt, she pulled off her red panties, but left the skirt on. Nikki hiked up
the skirt and enjoyed the sight of the nicely trimmed blonde muff.

Nikki stuck her pinkie finger inside of Sharon's pussy as her mouth began
licking and sucking on her pussy lips. Sharon teased her own nipples, even
sticking out her tongue and licking them as her mother-in-law continued
going down on her. Nikki darted her tongue in and out of Sharon as she kept
the younger woman's legs far apart and feverishly munched on her box. Nikki
stuck a second finger into Sharon as she kept licking up and down her slit.
Faster and faster she went, up and down, up and down, as Sharon gyrated her
hips in pleasure. Sharon wrapped one leg around Nikki's head as Nikki slid
in a third finger. That was all Sharon needed for her dam to break.

"Ohhhhhhhh Nikki ohh eat my pussy ohhhhh yeah yeah yesssssssssssssssssss!!!"

Her body spasmed, causing Nikki to lick faster, wanting badly to taste the
juice that was flowing out of her. It flowed what seemed an endless river of
female cum and Nikki licked up every bit of it, not stopping til the sexual
well had run dry.

Even then the two women were unsatisfied. So Nikki crawled back on top of
Sharon and their clits started to rub together. They kissed as the two felt
their love buttons brush together. It seemed to be an even hotter session
than the oral they had received before. They loved feeling the warmth of
each others pussies grinding together they both wished that it would never
stop. Bare nipples and bare pussies continued to rub together as the two
women's bodies felt like the had a raging inferno between their legs.
Ultimately they both reached their goal and came, and came hard! They both
screamed out in pleasure as they felt each others warm cum dripping onto
their bodies.

The two women lay there, both hardly believing that they had finally done
what they always wanted to do to each other. It was a fantasy fulfilled.

"Well, Sharon, I need to get going, you were wonderful though."

Nikki kissed Sharon and got out of bed. Sharon smiled as she watched Nikki's
sexy naked body leaving the room.

Sharon couldn't help but smile as she laid down. 'Wow, What a way to be
welcomed back into the family.' She thought. She knew that everyone else
wouldn't be as easy to get back on good terms as Nick and Nikki, but for
right now Sharon was having quite a homecoming!


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