This story is fictional, and not to be taken seriously. It is an adult story
so if your under 18 please leave now.This story contains rape, oral, anal,

Young And The Restless: Sharon's Rape
by MiaIsTheBomb ([email protected])

Sharon Newman was a gorgeous blonde woman. She had incredible breasts, a
luscious copper tan, and the figure of a Victoria's Secret model. Even though
she loved her husband Nick, she had left him and her kids in Genoa City, and
headed to Denver to visit her mother. Her daughter Cassie was very sick and
in the hospital in Genoa City. Cassie was basically dying and Sharon couldn't
deal with it. Her claim that she was going to Denver to see her mom was just

Sharon made her way into a local bar. She was looking sexy as usual, but it
was not like she was trying to pick up anyone. She was wearing tight Levi's
blue jeans and a tight blue sweater, that hugged her round breasts. On top
of that, the material was so thin on the sweater that even the design of her
bra was easily visible through it. She wore makeup as usual, and looked hot.
It was hard for a woman of her looks to go unnoticed. So naturally there were
men hitting on her.

She turned them down, trying to enjoy her Budweiser. She liked beer, though
she hadn't drank one in years, being a part of the wealthy Newman family she
was used to drinking expensive wines and champagnes. She finished her beer,
and since the men had started to leave her alone she ordered another. She
only had one drink before she was joined by yet another man at the bar.

"Hello there."

Sharon was about to snap at him that she wanted to be alone, and to take his
pickup lines elsewhere, but before this had reached her tongue, she turned
and saw him. He was extremely good looking, short dark hair, blue business
suit; he had the classic tall dark and handsome look. She didn't wanna come
across as interested in him, but she couldn't help but give him a little
smile and say hi back to him. He introduced himself as Cameron Christian.
Acting completely (Perhaps overly) formal, she shook his hand.

"Shar-......Sharon Newman."

Sharon found him to be quite charming, and before she knew it she had chatted
idly with him for over an hour. He was very complimentary about how pretty
she was, and Sharon had to admit, she was flattered. So when he asked her up
to his hotel room, she reluctantly said yes. After all, it had been a while
since she'd had any affection. Sharon was wary about being with a man she
hardly knew, but she convinced herself that she would go through with it. He
was a handsome and charming guy, she felt that she was safe, even though she
was a married woman. After all, Denver was a long way from Genoa City.

In going up to his hotel room, he casually ordered room service, ordering
their most expensive champagne. They talked some more, and had a couple
glasses of the rich, sweet, bubbly champagne. Abruptly, his mood changed.
Leaning in he started kissing Sharon. He forced his tongue into her mouth
as he kissed her. Sharon was certainly willing to kiss him, but wasn't
expecting it to be so rough. His hand immediately went under her sweater
and roughly squeezed her perfect tits. His other hand held her in place
by her hair as he kissed her. He didn't even bother unhooking her bra as
his hand went under her cup and squeezed her bare breast. She wanted to
scream as he pulled hard on her erect nipple.

He grabbed the front of her jeans and ripped open her buttonflys. He
continued to be rough with her as his hand went down her panties and his
fingers into her pussy. Sharon protested wanting to scream, as he forced
two fingers hard into her pussy. Sharon finally drew the line there. This
wasn't what she wanted, not like this! Sharon pushed and pushed until he
was off of her.

"Forget this, I'm gonna go now, this isn't what I wanted!"

"Really, you seemed to have no problem sitting on the bed in my hotel room!
We both know you wanted this, now lets finish what we started."

"Yes, I did want it, but I have clearly changed my mind now, good bye

Sharon stood up to walk towards the door she instinctly reached under her
sweater to readjust bra, but was grabbed before she could. Cameron picked
her up, and threw her back on the bed.

"There's no changing your mind now Sharon, time to stop being a cock tease
and do what you came here for."

Sharon tried to fight but he was too strong as he held her down and kissed
on her neck. She struggled under him, and was about to get away from his
grasp when he suddenly hit her square in the face stunning her. Sharon fell
back on the bed, not believing what had just happened. Only once before had
she ever felt this sense of fear and that was way back in high school. She
had already started to feel a welt forming on her cheek. She was scared of
this man now, terrified was more like it. The charming attractive man she
had thought he had been, was now gone, and replaced with a monster.

"OK take your clothes off now Sharon...don't make me ask you again!"

Sharon knew that he would hit her again if she didn't; so she slowly removed
her sweater, her left breast still uncovered by her bra. She hardly noticed
it, as tears started to stream down her face. She slid out of her jeans
leaving her in her white bra and thong panties. Cameron took of his pants
and his shirt as Sharon stripped. His eyes didn't leave Sharon's body. She
had hoped it would so she might have an opportunity to catch him off guard
and get out of there. No such luck. Besides, his cold stare scared her so
bad she feared the consequences of not doing what he asked anyway. Sharon
closed her eyes wishing she was somewhere else as she unhooked her bra in
the back freeing her tits. She slowly slid down her thong revealing that she
was indeed a natural blonde by exposing her trimmed blonde pubic hair. She
was brought back to reality with his voice.

"Oh yeah you are so fucking hot Sharon, I'm really gonna like this, and so
will you!"

Cameron pulled out his cock from his underwear, then got on top of Sharon
and held down her arms with his knees as he straddled her. He grabbed and
held her arms as he forced his cock in her mouth. Sharon had a hard time
breathing and he didn't seem to care as he force fed his cock into her
mouth. He grabbed her boobs from behind him as he forced her to give him
head. He felt his cock reach maximum hardness as he started fucking her
face even more rapidly.

Sharon was on the verge of suffocating from his cock. She never imagined,
that what had started out a harmless one night stand would have her worrying
about her life! Apparently seeing her gorgeous face swallowing his dick
became too much as he shot his load down her throat.

Cameron ordered her to swallow it, but in her current situation Sharon had
no other choice. Cameron then slid down her body to her tits. He pushed his
cock between her tits and instructed her to push them together. With tears
streaming she did as told and he started to fuck her lovely melons. He was
really getting off on seeing his 9 inch sausage disappear and reappear
between Sharon's cleavage. Sharon hated this, true she didn't fear
suffocating with his cock no longer in her mouth, but having her tits fucked
was humiliating. The fact she was pushing her tits together and helping him
with the titty-fuck made it even worse. He sternly told her to lick his head
when it reappeared from within her cleavage. Frightened, Sharon complied,
not wanting to face the consequences of telling him no. This went on for
several minutes though it seemed like hours.

When he finished with her tits he slid down her body and pushed his cock
into her pussy. He plunged his member deep into her depths, his balls
slapping against her pussy as all 9 inches penetrated her. Sharon's eyes
closed as tears continued to stream down her face. She heard the sounds
of their bodies slapping together echoing in the hotel room, and Cameron's
heavy breathing. He kissed her, causing Sharon to taste his alcohol laden

He sucked on her perfect tits even giving bites on her at pointed nips. At
the same time he continued poking her pussy, not letting up for a minute as
he pinned her to his bed. Sharon knew what was coming. She hated this, but
at the same time her body was betraying her. A few pumps of his cock later,
and Sharon was coming. She came and came hard, she couldn't help but arch
her back riding out her orgasm, she cried even more letting herself get
turned on by her rape Sharon prayed that it was over, that he would cum too
so this whole ordeal would be finished. Cameron wasn't done though.

He pulled out of her and rolled her over to her stomach. He grabbed her hips
forcing her ass in the air. He then pushed his cock at her ass entrance.
Sharon immediately squirmed to escape.

"No, not there!!! NO!!!!!"

Sharon was again thrown off guard as he backhanded her hitting her eye.
Sharon cried out in pain. Cameron then proceeded to push his cock in her
ass. Sharon was done, she was so consumed by fear, that she didn't even
fight. It was a tight fit, but soon his meat was up Sharon's luscious
derriere and he was thrusting to get every inch up her virgin ass. Sharon
just stayed in the bent over position, as he fucked her ass for his
enjoyment. He loved the view of her butt bent over. Sharon had only a
thin white layer of untanned skinned on her ass crack from her thong
bikini tanlines. Cameron really got into it practically standing on the
bed so her could really mount her and pump without mercy into her formerly
tight puckered asshole.

He finally came and came deep into Sharon's bowels. It was an even bigger
load than his previous one. Cameron then got up and started to get dressed.
Sharon laid on the bed and really started crying now.

"Oh come on, you wanted it as much as me!" He insisted.

Sharon just kept crying.

"Would you just shut up!" He shouted.

Sharon didn't stop. So finally Cameron had enough. He grabbed her clothes
and threw them at her.

"Get out!"

Sharon took her clothes and started to get up. She was moving too slow to
Cameron's liking though, so he grabbed her and pushed her out the door still
naked. She was now more humiliated than ever.

She was now naked in the hallway of a hotel. She quickly got dressed. As
luck would have it her bra was still in the room, but she wouldn't dare go
back in that room again. There were a couple people who saw her and pointed
and stared adding to her humiliation. So she put her sweater on along with
her thong, then her jeans, followed by her shoes. She ignored the catcalls
and remarks about her tits. Her nipples were erect in the tight sweater as
she got dressed in record time. Grabbing her purse she made her way out of
the hotel.

She went to her mom's she was quiet entering so her mom wouldn't see her
face. She made her way to the bathroom. She saw her face in the mirror. Her
mascara had run because of her tears. She had a small welt on her left cheek,
and her right eye was turning a little purple. She got undressed and got in
the shower. She ended up in a fetal position in the shower, as her mind
replayed the whole nights events. When her shower was over, she went to pack
her things. She made her way to the bus station, she had to get out of town,
that was all that mattered to her. She got on a bus back to Genoa City. She
just wondered what would be her husband, and his families reaction to her
showing up, after leaving abruptly. For now, she closed her eyes trying to
forget what happened.


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