This story is based on a episode in which Sharon Newman was slipped ecstacy
at her house by her employee Carter Mills. Her husband Nick Newman was called
to an emergency at one of his coffeehouses in another city. On the tv episode
he turned around after he got a call that i was taken care of, and as a
direct result he drove back home and saved his wife Sharon from getting taken
advantage of by Carter. What if he hadn't got the call though and hadn't
turned around? This is what the story was about. This story is fictional and
not for anyone under 18, so you have been warned. Now to the story.

Young And The Restless: Sharon Is Slipped Ecstacy
by D Elliss ([email protected])

Sharon Newman had a big dinner planned for her husband and Carter Mills, she
planned for her and Nick to persuade him to be the new manager at they're new
coffeehouse. Knowing that mexican was his favorite she fixed enchilada's and
margarita's to drink. Unknown to her though Carter had a big crush on his
sexy boss Sharon. So much so that he was willing to do anything to have her.

So by chance he had ecstacy with him, hoping to find a way to get rid of
Nick. He didn't need to as it turned out, because Nick go an emergency call
forcing him to take a 3 hour drive to his new coffeehouse. Carter was alone
with Sharon at last. When he wasn't eating he would check Sharon out, her
beautiful blonde hair past her shoulders, her breasts so round and firm.

Sharon was in a black blouse and a black dress with little white flowers. She
also had on black 3 inch high heels, her legs were very tan, and she wasn't
wearing pantyhose. Carter had short black hair and was a little unshaven and
stubbly, he was in nice jeans and a blue button up shirt with this black
leather jacket. They had some of Sharons homemaid blend of margaritas, Sharon
had just finished her first glass.

"Here let me get you another." He goes to the next room to get the pitcher,
he takes out some ecstacy from his pocket, and drops it in her glass with the
margarita. He handed it back to her.

"Thanks but I probably shouldnt drink another," says Sharon.

Carter couldn't believe it. This was his big chance, but he certainly
couldn't force her to drink it. So he told her he'd help her clean off the
table. So they cleaned off the table. Carter took a big drink of his
margarita, then smiled at Sharon. "These margaritas you made were great

"Thanks, hey is that one you poured for me the last of the margarita's I

"Yes it is," responded Carter.

"Well I guess I shouldn't let it go to waste then."

Carter smiled as he saw Sharon pick up the drink, then they clanged their
glasses together and said "Cheers."

Carter told Sharon "You've done so much for me tonight making dinner and all,
let me load the dishwasher for you, you can set in the living room and

Sharon smiled at Carters offer, she thought he was a nice guy, little did she
know about his hidden agenda. Sharon sat on the couch drinking her margarita,
she watched a little tv. Then she started to feel strange. Sharon stood up
and walked around a little, that's when Carter came back in the room.

"Ok, I got the dishes loaded in the dishwasher and the food back in the
fridge." He sees Sharon feeling the effect of the drug, "You ok, Sharon?"

"Oh um..... yes I'm just feeling a little woozy, maybe I shouldn't have had
that second margarita."

"Here let me help you to the couch."

Sharon lies back on the couch. "Ohhh, whats wrong with me? I didn't have that
much to drink."

"Maybe you just wore yourself out doing so much today, maybe you should try
shutting your eyes for a little bit."

Sharon shut her eyes. Carter watched as her lying down helped the ecstacy
take full effect. Carter went to lock the front door, as he came back Sharon
tried to adjust her legs to be on the couch not on the floor. It ended up one
leg was on the couch with her knee bent while one was on the floor. Sharon
unknowingly gave Carter a good view under dress, he could see her white
panties under the black and white dress.

He sat down next to her at her legs, he caressed her leg on the couch, "I've
waited a long time for this Sharon, no interruptions, its just you
(unbuttoning her blouse) and me."

Carter kissed her on the neck, causing Sharon to moan, he unbuttoned his
pants and put her red-painted nails hand down it, Sharon feeling the effect
of the ecstacy started caressing his cock down his underwear. He grew hard
immediately with her touch, he was 9 inches hard as she stroked him, her eyes
were still shut as she moaned quietly.

Carter unbuttoned the last of her blouse to see her amazing breasts covered
by only a white bra. Carter slid his hand up Sharon's leg to her
panty-covered crotch, he pressed his index finger hard against her crotch.
Carter slides a finger under her panties and slides it in her pussy. He
slowly finger fucks her. Then he picks up speed, faster and faster, sliding a
second finger in her tight pussy, Sharon's legs start to open for him in
pleasure of his fingers. Then Sharon moans out, "Ohhhh that feels good."

Carter pushes her blouse completely off, then reaches behind her to her bra
clasp, he unhooks her seeing her incredible bare breasts he cups a breast in
his free hand as he takes the other breast in his mouth. He sucks on her
nipple then bites it as his hand caresses the other breast, pinching the
nipple between his fingers. He loves her breasts, at the coffee shop he'd
always find a way to get a glimpse down her blouse. Now here he was sucking
them, they looked even more perfect than he fantasized they would.

He felt Sharon leaning forward, Sharon's eyes were half open now as she gave
Carter a french kiss. Carter knows for sure now the drug has taken affect
after all why else would Sharon kiss him. Sharon gives him a long kiss she
sucks on his tongue and then gives his tongue a massage with her own tongue.

Finally, Carter breaks the kiss, then pushes his new lover down between his
legs, Sharon still has his cock in her hands, and doesn't need to be told
what to do next, she takes his long rod in her mouth past her pink lips. She
swallows him all 9 inches, as her hands tickled his balls. Carter had never
had a girl deep-throat him like Sharon was doing. Most women felt he was too
big for that, but Sharon was having no problem.

No one really knew Sharon's secret past, that in high school as a freshman
she had a black boyfriend, the star of the basketball team, in learning to
please him Sharon made sure she'd learn how to deep-throat him, which was a
challenge considering his 11 inches. Sharon would spend every game night
swallowing his giant ebony rod, then riding it til he shot his load on her
young face, she lost her virginity to this guy too! Of course Sharon would
later learn that she was just a casual piece of ass for him and she really
wasnt his girlfriend like he told her. Besides back then interracial
relationships were frowned on 10 times more than what they are today. All
that cock-sucking expertise was really coming into play now as she sucked
Carter off.

Carter was enjoying it too much, he knew he would cum soon, and it was too
early for that. So he pushed Sharon away he pushed her down on her back hiked
up her skirt and grabbed her panties pulling them to the side, she was
already moist and it only took a little bit of work before he was sliding his
large cock inside her tight cunt. Her pussy walls were being stretched, even
her black boyfriend wasn't as big around as Carter was. Carter felt Sharon
blowing in his ear then biting his ear followed by tonguing it.

Carter fondled Sharon's 38D-cup breasts some more as he kept ramming her cunt
hard! Carter grabbed Sharon's legs and lifted them high in the air around
his shoulders. He rammed back into her smashing her legs against her body, he
pounded her faster and faster. Sharon felt Carter hitting the spot in this
position, it got her so hot she couldn't hold back, and with a big thrust
from Carter, "ohhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss." she orgasmed all over
his cock.

Carter then had Sharon bend over the couch, hiking up her skirt and this time
he ripped off her panties with a hard yank. There in front of him was his
boss Sharon's perfect tan ass except for a thong bikini tanline. He slid his
cock back inside her pussy, she felt so good he wanted to fuck his sexy rich
boss all night!

He grabbed a hold of her blonde hair and pulled it as he rammed her. He
looked down at her round ass and couldn't help but spank her ass, he slapped
her ass hard leaving red hand marks on it. Carter is in heaven he grins from
ear to ear, as his beautiful boss wasnt gonna tease him with her sexy oufits,
not this time, this time, she was bent over taking his cock from behind.

Carter wants her in her most sacred place now, he pulls out his cock and
pokes it to the entrance of her ass. Sharon is awake enough to realize whats
happening but not awake enough to stop him, deep down she's not wanting to
stop him. So he enter her ass "Oh God you are one tight bitch Sharon!"

She feels him entering her ass slowly, then deeper and deeper. Sharon is in
between pain and pleasure as her virgin ass is being torn apart by his thick

"Ooh yeah take that cock you rich bitch. Let me fuck your whore ass ohhh
yeahhh so fucking tight!!!!!"

Carter can here Sharon softly panting. "Fuck me, oooo fuck me."

The feeling of her tight ass and her begging for him to fuck her is more than
Carter can handle. He explodes shooting his load deep into her bowels. Sharon
also cums feeling his hot jism in her ass. Sharon collapses on the couch her
top half naked, her ripped panties on the floor her bottom half has her skirt
hiked up and her perfect ass in the air cum slowly leaking from her ass.

Carter keeps her panties as a souviner, he grabs another pair from her
bedroom and puts it on her, he puts a white nightgown on her and puts her in
bed. Soon Nick would be home, so he made his way out. He gave his fingers a
smell, smelling Sharon's sweet juices, he'd never forget this night.


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