Young And The Restless: MacKenzie's Summer Fun
by Mia Is The Bomb ([email protected])

This is a story of the soap opera "young and the restless." The characters
in this story are under 18. However this is an adult story and should not
be read be anyone younger than 18. This story is fictional there are no
similarities between the way characters are portrayed in this story and on
the show, or true life. Remember its only fantasy! : ) for those of you not
familiar with this show heres a break down of the characters and the
storyline. Its summertime and a company called Jabot which is a cosmetics
company has a website with teenagers at a pool house, its called "glow by
Jabot house" they were swimming, barbecuing, playing sports etc. The people
are Billy Abbot: a handsome 17 year old with short blonde hair, he recently
caught his girlfriend Britney in a lie and went back to his real sweetheart

Britney Hodges: a sexy blonde bombshell she looks ever bit the cover girl she
wants to be. However along with being gorgeous she has a "I'm above everyone
else attitude" basically put, she's a bitch. not to mention Mackenzie's
biggest enemy.

Mackenzie Browning:a sweet innocent brunette with hair that flows to the
middle of her back, she's a petite girl with a sweet smile, she's so happy to
be with Billy again, but working with Britney on the website bugs her, she
believes Britney has a plan to get Billy back. Reanna's gorgeous girl with
Auburn hair a dark tan and an incredible body, she was Britney's best friend
til she started dating Raul, Britney always though of Raul as a loser in her
mind. Her and Mackenzie have become good friends.

Raul: A nice looking guy with black hair and a nice complexion, he got
together with Reanna after last years "glow by Jabot house" after Reanna
found out how nice a guy he is. He's Billy's best friend, he's also
Mackenzie's ex.

JT: a good looking guy but with a bad reputation as a player, he and Billy
are enemies which was multiplied when him and Mackenzie became friends
recently. Britney persuaded him to join the team hopefully to get Mac away
from Billy, and so she can get Billy back Britney refuses to believe
she's lost.

It was a hot summer afternoon and the "glow" kids were being filmed the
guys dressed in swimming trunks. Mackenzie was dressed in an orange and
yellow bikini top and blue jean cut off shorts. Reanna was looking sexy in
her navy blue bikini and the bottoms hugged her sexy ass, they display her
incredible cheeks almost obscenely and she had all the guys there starring a
glance at her body. Britney was a head turner herself gorgeous blonde hair
and a pink bikini top with tight white pants. Billy just finishing a swim
lies back on a lawn chair, Mackenzie goes over to lie on his chest and hug

Raul and Reanna are in the pool goofing off kissing each other, then
Raul finds Reanna's bikini bottoms that had everyone's attention earlier.
Reanna smiles and kisses him as his hands fondle her shapely ass. JT only
sets back and watches, Britney on the other hand always the center of
attention gets the cameraman's attention. She pulls off her pants,
underneath is a pink thong that matches her top. JT is standing at
attention as this blonde goddess bends over displaying her hot ass to the

Mac sees this and locks Billy in a french kiss so that he doesn't notice
her. Billy kisses Mac back, he opens his eyes for a second to see Britney's
ass covered only by a thin pink piece of fabric, he hopes Mackenzie doesn't
notice as it gives him an erection seeing Britney bent over like that. Billy
had fucked Britney before with her on her back and her on top, but seeing
her bent over in almost a naked doggystyle position gets him 9 inches hard.
Mackenzie still kissing Billy thinks "Ohhh I got him hard just with my
kissing I guess I must be a good kisser."

Reanna looks that way and shrugs off Britney's flesh display, "My God she
is just so desperate, I cant believe I was friends with that bitch!"

Reanna starts to get excited and smiles at Raul as he slides a finger
inside her bottom to feel her nicely trimmed cunt. Reanna tries not to give
it away by keeping her moans down. Britney is upset that Billy is ignoring
her, she tells JT she wants to talk and takes him by the hand to the pool
house and shuts the door.

Britney tells him "I told you I'll do anything to get Billy back but its
been a long time and I need a cock, so you'll do for now!"

Britney pulls down J.T.'s shorts, and in a second she's swallowing his
cock like a two dollar whore. Britney is good at giving head so she has
no problem swallowing all 7 inches of his member. He gets hard instantly as
he sees her beautiful mouth wrapped around his cock. JT unties her top,
Britney's small but nice breasts were freed, they were tan like the rest of
her body and her dark nipples were hard. He groped her breasts as she
continue her expert cock sucking. After a while her playing with his balls
and sucking his cock became more than he could handle and he exploded in her
mouth. Britney swallows every drop, then lies on her back "OK your turn to
please me now."

Britney pulled down to her thong and to JT's shocked he wouldn't be able
to tell if she was a real blonde or not because her pussy was shaved bald.
JT went down on her and licked her box lick a lollipop. Britney moaned and
pulled him into her snatch as his expert tongue worked her over to an orgasm.
Not wanting to stop there Britney pushed him on his back, she rode him hard
and fast. Britney wasn't as tight at he hoped but she still felt good. "She's
apparently been around the block a few times"he thought.

After Britney practically jumped up and down on him for a while JT and
Britney were both coming together. Britney rolled off him fixed her hair and
got dressed strutting out as she usually does. JT just shook his head and got
dressed, he didn't think Britney was gonna be his girl or anything, but her
being the one who got him on the website house she was the only one there he
thought was close to a friend.

In the pool Raul and Reanna were making out, Reanna slid her hand down
Raul's shorts to free his large cock. Reanna would have like really even if
he was small since he was so sweet buy him being so huge was a bonus! After
they all had lunch the filming stopped. Raul and Reanna sneaked into a
dressing room so they could be alone. Reanna pulled off her top to reveal her
perfect C-cup breasts, with tanlines.

Raul wasted no time in taking her perfect breasts in his mouth. She moaned
as he sucked and gently nipples on her breasts. She pulled down her bottoms,
so that her auburn bush was visible to Raul. Raul wasted no time in slowly
massaging a handful of his girlfriends pussy as he grabbed her sexy ass, and
his mouth sucked on her luscious breasts. Reanna was going crazy, she pulled
out his cock and pulled him on top of her.

His cock found the entrance of her cunt and despite her tightness she was
very turned on and her pussy was well lubricated. He slid right in causing
Reanna to gasp her cunt was on fire with pleasure as he slowly rammed her,
Reanna wrapped her legs around him and her nails dug into his back. She
wasn't a virgin, but Reanna had only been with one other guy before Raul, and
he was only half Raul's size.

Raul's large member was going deeper inside Reanna, stretching her vagina
walls like never before. She was in pure pleasure as his ramming began to
pick up speed faster and faster. In no time at all she felt her first real
orgasm. She had faked before, but this was real, as she arched her back and
took all of the heavenly feeling in. She tensed and would have been satisfied
at the moment but, Raul was far from done. He was soaking in everything
Reanna's gorgeous body was feeding him, listening to everything she breathed.
When he looked down at her beautiful face he totally lost it, and he exploded
deep inside of her. This sent her to yet another mind blowing orgasm

They saw how late it had gotten and realized they should have been out to
the pool by now. So, barely having a chance to recover they got dressed and
return to the pool. The smiles on everyones faces showed they knew what they
were up to. Mackenzie got with Reanna and they talked, about what her and
Raul did, and about how much she wanted to do it with Billy.

Reanna went to talk to Mackenzie in private. Reanna told her she could
help her out with Billy. "Do you trust me Mac?" she asked.

"Of course I do" she smiled.

"Ok then just follow my lead I'll show you want guys want!" Reanna smiled

Reanna lean in to Mackenzie and kissed her on the lips.

Mackenzie jumped back, "What are you doing?" she asks.

"Look just relax and I'll teach you how to get Billy eating out of your

Reanna start to kiss her again, she wanted to protest but instead she relaxed
and start to kiss Reanna back fasinated with this new experience. Mac knew
she wasn't a lesbian, but any guy or girl could tell how sexy not to mention
sweet Reanna was. So before long they were both locked in a hot french kiss.
Reanna started to untie Mac's top revealing Mac's breasts, they wern't huge
but they were very firm. Reanna stared kissing Mackenzies neck causing her to
moan. Mac got with the program and pulled of Reannas top revealing her
perfect breasts.

The two kissed again pressing their breasts together and their arms around
each other in a passionate embrace. Macs bottoms came next then Reannas. The
two ended up on the poolhouse couch with Reanna kneeling on the floor in
front of Mackenzie's hairy cunt, it obvious Mac hadnt shaved before so Reanna
had to really pull back her vagina hair before she got to Mac's treasure. Mac
moaned loudly as her tongue was penetrated for the first time ever by anyone.
Her pussy was already damp at the fact that she was naked and kissing another

Reanna had actually been with another girl before at summercamp so eating
another girl out was nothing new to her. Reanna pinched Mac's nipples hard
as her expert tounging drove Mac to orgasm, Mac was breathing heavily and it
didnt stop cause Reanna kept eating her out. She even teased her by sliding
a wet finger to rub Mac's virgin asshole.

Mac pulled on Reannas hair as she orgasmed for the second time. Mac wanted
now more than anything to return the favor to her friend, so she pulled
Reanna up from between her legs, and Reanna sat on Mackenzies face. Mackenzie
tried her best at giving Reanna oral wanting to return the pleasure that she

Even though it was her first time Reanna felt like Mac was either a natural
or she had done this before. She licked Reanna like a experienced lesbian
would. Her tounge sent Reanna squirming, she sucked and was even a little
naughty as she gently bit on Reanna's love button. Reanna was riding her face
like a bicycle seat, as Mac brought her to multiple orgasms. Little did they
know looking through the window was Britany. She watched in amazement as Mac
acted like a little slut begging for Reanna to rub her clit as Macs expert
tounge work contined. "Sweet innocent Mac what a joke!"Britany thought.

Britany liked seeing Reanna's body riding Mac's face, she had seen Reanna's
body before but not having sex. Checking around Britany slid her hands down
her bikini bottoms, she started fingering herself watching her former best
friend and worst energy engage in hot lesbian sex. For a moment she even
imagined her pussy in front of Reanna and Reanna licking her cunt. Britany
closed her eyes and masturbated faster shoving one then two and finally three
fingers in her cunt, she orgasms and then she hears a voice.

"Britney, what are you doing?"

She turns bright red to see Billy catching her in the act. "Ohhh well I
was.........well I was watching your girlfriend fuck another girl!" snapped

"What are you talking about?" asked Billy.

"See for yourself," she points to the window.

Billy looks in to see Mackenzie and Reanna sitting and talking (apparently
they had already finished while Britany had closed her eyes).

"Britany I cant believe you, do you ever tell the truth? Jesus christ what
did I ever see in you?"

Britany ran away like an embarassed, spoiled little girl who didn't get her

Billy got together with Mac later. They started kissing then undressing,
Macs sweet (and now not so innocent body) was revealed to him. She was
perfect to Billy, her legs, her face, her firm tits, and her nice bush.
Billy undressed himself and the two climbed into Billy's bed, After at least
twenty minutes of kissing and touching and licking, Mac finally asks billy
"Make love to me."

Billy is surprised as Mackenzie climbs on top of her, he never imagined her
to be so agressive. She slides down on Billys cock his head barely fit in her
tight hole, after about three tries he finally slides inside her. Mackenzie
feels her pussy stretched like never before his cock is pushing against her

In one hard thrust Mackenzie's virginity is gone forever by the love of her
life. At first she wanted to stop as the pain was too intense, but after a
while she got used to it and the pleasure outweighed the pain. Mackenzie rode
his 8 inch member for all that it was worth. Mackenzie orgasmed, Billy held
back he had a better idea of how he wanted to come. He kissed Mac and pulled
her off of him.

"Can I ask you for a favor Mac?"

"Anything Billy," she replied.

"Would you get on all fours so I can do you from behind?"

"Doggystyle?"asked Mac with blushing with a sexy smile.

"Yeah" he smiled, Mackenzie got on all fours.

Billy enter her tight pussy from behind and started pumping her, Mac started
cooing and moaning as her pussy was soaked with her juices and well
lubricated as Billy started grapping her thin waist and doing her faster and
faster and deeper til his balls were slapping against her ass, Billy started
pulling her hair, it hurt Mac at first but as long as he kept pumping he
could do anything as far as she was concerned. After along time they both
orgasmed together than collapsed in each others arms.

Mackenzie thought back to her session with Reanna and her just finished
session with Billy. "My God its gonna be a great summer!" she smiled and
kissed Billy and the teo of them drifted of to sleep.



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