By Wonder Mike

The help was the two vampire slayers. Eros had no idea of that though. Eli
held Faith, and she tossed him across the room. Jacob grabbed her around the
throat, and he was tossed aside too.

Willow had seen a lot over the last couple of years, and she was a full
fledged witch, but she was still scared.

Xena broke away from the dwarves and grabbed Willow. She was completely under
the spell of Eros. Xena grabbed a knife and held it to Willow's throat. She
ordered Faith to freeze. Buffy was still struggling against the dragon but it
was useless. She was captured.

Faith was inching closer to Xena, she had become found of Willow, and didn't
want anything to happen to her. She really didn't know anything about Xena.

The dwarves snuck up behind Faith and pulled her to the ground. She
struggled, but they were stronger than they looked. It took all of them but
they managed to restrain her. Eros walked over and touched her on the arm.
Faith was now under his control.

She stopped struggling. Eros ordered her to dance for them. Faith started to
wiggle her ass and lift her skirt. Xena was impressed by the tight body on
this young girl.

Faith did a strip tease until she was completely naked. She then laid on the
ground spread her legs and rammed 3 fingers into her pussy.

She was working them into a frenzy when Eros ordered her to beg to be fucked.
Faith pleaded with everybody in the room to fuck her. Eros mad her wait.

Xena ripped the clothes off of Willow. She spun her around and stuck her
tongue down her throat. Willow gave a quick struggle but she could tell right
away she was no match for the amazon. Eros had not let his charms effect
Willow or Buffy, he wanted to watch them suffer. He still didn't know who
they were. He just knew they invaded his castle the redhead was scared and
weak and the blonde was under control.

Xena tossed Willow to the ground and stuck four fingers into her pussy.
Willow let out a sigh and tried to close her legs but it was no use. Xena had
them spread and was licking like there was no tomorrow.

Eros decided that Faith had begged enough. He sent over Eli and Jacob. Faith
dropped to her knees and began to alternately suck them both, she was a pro.
The best they had ever had.

Faith then dropped to her knees and Jacob entered her from behind while she
kept sucking Eli. Jacob was fucking her so hard it almost forced her to deep
throat the 15 inch cock of the giant Eli.

Eros was enjoying himself now. He thought now was the time for him to get
involved. He walked behind Xena and started to dry hump her leg, that was not
who he wanted though. He dropped his pants and two 18 inch cocks sprung to
life. They were as both thick as an arm. He wanted Willow.

Faith rocked back and started to ride Jacob she was jumping up and down on
his cock. Jacob was in trouble. Eli didn't care about his twin brother. He
grabbed Faith around the waist and started to lift her faster and faster.

Eros pushed Xena out of the way and slammed his top cock into Willow. She
begged for him to stop, but that only made him fuck her harder. This was his
specialty, he was a blur slamming his giant cock into the thin redhead. She
was crying for mercy.

Buffy begged and pleaded for them to spare her friend, she couldn't bare to
watch but the dragon was too strong and she couldn't move. The more she
begged Eros, the harder he fucked Willow.

Eli entered his cock into Faith's ass as she was jumping up and down on Eli.
This barely slowed her down. Eli was slamming his cock into as hard as he
could, they couldn't be defeated by these mer mortals.

Eros slid his bottom cock into Willows ass. She had long ago cease to
struggle, Eros was amazed, this was the tightest girl he had ever fucked. He
didn't think even he could last long.

The dragon had a raging hard on now. He lifted Buffy over his head and
slammed her down on his giant cock. Buffy let out a scream, sex was something
she never wanted to think about again, and she knew the next time she did it
at least it would be with a human, but now, her second sexual experience was
with a dragon.

He would lift Buffy all the way off his cock, let her take a breath, then
slam her back all the way down to the base. She was the tightest he had ever

Jacob was just about finished. Faith sensed this and started fucking the
twins even harder, she probably would have killed a normal man. Her bouncing
up and down was going to finish Eli too, they tried to pull out but Faith was
moving to fast. They both shot their loads inside of her.

Faith slowly got up and yelled "Is that all you got?" The twins were finished
but Faith could barely stand.

Eros saw the twins go down and knew there was something special about that
girl. He decided he better finish off Willow. He slid his second cock into
her pussy, she tried to scream but she couldn't she was completely full.

Eros slowly entered his two cocks into her tight pussy inch by inch until he
got them all the way in. This was the best sensation that he had ever had,
Willow wouldn't last long. The problem was neither would he. They both had
explosive climaxes at the same time, they were both down.

The dragon was going strong, but so was Buffy. He was slamming her up and
down so fast, her friends couldn't recognize her. Faith was up but still
weak. She kicked the dragon in the knee but it didn't slow him down.

Then, all of a sudden the dragon went down, unfortunately he fell on top of
Buffy and Faith, He fell with a sword in his back. Everybody had forgotten
about Gabrielle, she plunged Xena's sword into the back of the dragon. When
Eros went down his charms were relaxed, Xena ran over and along side Faith
they managed to lift the dragon.

The dwarf's were left. Xena grabbed one around the neck, she would make him
talk. The dwarf didn't know anything though and the rest of them scattered.
She didn't know how to make Eros return fire.

It wasn't a problem though. Willow knew the spell to recreate it. That was
why she was there. The three introduced themselves to Xena and Gabby. They
had knew of a slayer but didn't know how there came to be two of them. It
was a long story.

Hera was pleased that her plan had worked, she knew that Faith, Buffy and
Willow were the greatest heroes the Earth would ever know.



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