By Wonder Mike

Zeus was becoming tired of the humans, they were not worshiping him like they
did in the olden days, his half son Hercules was not helping any, Hercules
was half God, but he acted mortal, the peasants should be worshipping him
too, but they don't. He would eventually recall his son.

Zeus decided to teach the mortals a lesson, He took the gift of fire from
them, the peasants would bow down to the Gods now, without Hercules to guide
them they would have nowhere else to turn.

He left fire under the control of Eros. Eros was mischievous but he would be
a good guardian.

Zena and her side kick Gabrielle knew something was terribly wrong. the
torches went out suddenly, it was not natural, they would not re-light.

Gabby knew where they could go for answers, Kawada, he knew all when it came
to the Gods.

Kawada lived beyond an unfamiliar valley, the girls began the day long trek.

The Valley was guarded, Zena and Gabby were surrounded by four Centaurs, half
man half beast. They told the girls it was a forbidden valley and no one was
permitted through without their permission, If they wanted to go through,
they had to pass the test.

Zena wasn't interested in a test. She went on the attack. She kicked the lead
centaur in the face and it didn't budge. She was in trouble. Gabby ran for
cover. Zena did a flip and kicked the lead beast again. It took a step back.
The second Centaur Kicked Zena in the back of the head. Zena was out cold
before she hit the ground.

The Centaurs surrounded the petite Gabrielle. She was running in circles
looking for an opening to escape. One of the beast but his hooves on Zena's
head, they told Gabby if she didn't satisfy them all, they would crush Zena.
Gabby had no choice. She pulled down her top and two of the half horses began
to lick at her breast, their five inch tongues covered every inch of her
small perfectly round breast.

Gabby looked down and was terrified, The centaurs cocks were beginning to
unsheave, they were all at least 16 inches and as thick as her arm.

They instructed her to get on all fours, the lead beast stuck his member into
her mouth. Gabby was sucking for Zena's life, she thought if she could suck
them all off, it would spare her tight pussy, it wasn't to be though.

The second centaur mounted her from behind. It just slammed it's cock to the
hilt without mercy, Gabby screamed in pain, the force of it's thrust forced
her mouth down further on the first beast. She had 12 inches of it down her
throat, she could barely breathe.

The first beast shot a load down her throat, she didn't even have a chance to
pull back. She swallowed it all. This caused the second one to thrust even

The third Centaur entered her mouth as the one in her pussy shot his load.
She decided to suck off the one in her mouth now, if she could get him to
cum, she would only have one more to go. She grabbed his member with both
hands and began to stroke. She found she liked the taste of it's cum and she
wanted it. It quickly complied and shot a load all over its her face. Only
one more to go.

She would suck it off too. The last centaur told her it was castrated and
could not be satisfied, she had lost.

Nobody went through the Valley without satisfying them or getting their

Gabby asked if she could have permission to pass, nobody had ever done that
before. The centaurs thought it over and gave her permission to go through.

Gabrielle carried the unconscious Zena through the Valley.

Zena regained consciousness and they traveled for an hour before they ran
into Kawada. He knew what had happened to fire and he would tell Zena, first
he wanted payment. Zena grabbed her sword and placed it against his neck, he
would not tell her anything. She agreed to his terms.

Kawada laid on his back and pulled out his 12 inch cock. Zena straddles him
and placed it into her ass. That was his payment. Zena slammed down on his
cock, she was trying to break it. She was slamming down as hard and fast as
she could. She knew he couldn't last long and she was right. Now it was time
for his second payment. Gabby came over and deep throated his cock until he
shot his load into her mouth. Zena laid on the ground and Gabby let the cum
drip into her mouth.

Kawada told Zena what Zeus had done and that Eros was held up three days from
here. He told her Eros was in the Valley of the giants and Eros had made some
kind of pact with them. Zena and Gabby started their journey.



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