Xena Warrior Princess (Ff)
by Kip Carson

Xena and Gabrielle had just finished a long hard day of fighting bad guys.
They had been riding their horses for a few hours. Both were very tired, and
they happened upon a secluded wooded area with a nice running stream. Xena
told Gabrielle that this looked like a good place to camp. Gabrielle agreed,
and they built a fire and settled in for the evening. Xena told Gabrielle
that she was hot and sweaty, and decided to wash off in the stream. Gabrielle
watched as Xena removed her clothing.

As Xena slid her bustier down ward, Gabrielle noticed how firm Xena's big
breasts looked. They stood out perfectly firm, with no sag at all. Her
nipples were fairly large, and a rosy pink color. She continued sliding the
bustier downward, and stepped out of it. Gabrielle looked at Xena's fluffy
black bush. The sight of it made her mouth water. God, how she wanted Xena.
Xena stepped into the cold water, and her nipples became very stiff. She
shivered. Gabrielle began stripping. She was naked very quickly and joined
Xena in the water.

Both ladies splashed and played. The water was very very cold, and they both
agreed they had enough. They emerged from the water both very cold, and very
naked. Xena suggested they warm up by the fire. Both ladies sat naked by the
fire, allowing themselves to dry off.

It was now dark, but Xena could see Gabrielle's golden bush in the firelight.
Gabrielle's breasts were very succulent. She noticed her tiny dark nipples
were still very hard from the chilly night air. Gabrielle began shivering
uncontrollably from being cold. Xena suggested they share a bedroll to get
warm. They climbed into the bedroll and as they huddled together naked, their
bodies began to warm up. Gabrielle put her arms around Xena and pulled her
close to her. She could feel Xena's hot breath on her neck as they snuggled.
Gabrielle pressed her lips against Xena's. Xena didn't stop her, so she slid
her wet tongue deep inside of Xena's mouth.

Xena responded by kissing her back. They began french kissing passionately
while still holding each other. Gabrielle grabbed Xena's large firm breasts
in her hands and began pulling and squeezing on the big pink nipples. Xena's
hand slid between Gabrielle's legs. She began rubbing the golden bush
lovingly. She could feel the moistness of her hot pussy. Xena began rubbing
Gabrielle's enlarging clit. Gabrielle softly moaned. Xena slid a finger
inside of her very wet pussy. Gabrielle began thrusting her hips against
Xena's probing finger. Gabrielle reached between Xena's legs, and began
running her finger up and down the wet pussy lips. They parted immediately,
almost as if they were begging the finger to come inside.

Gabrielle inserted her finger inside of Xena. Both ladies were fingerfucking
each other wildly. They began french kissing again. Gabrielle began cumming
as Xena's hand worked miracles on her wet pussy. Xena pushed Gabrielle onto
her back and began kissing her breasts. Gabrielle began moaning loudly as
Xena gently nibbled on her tiny pink nipples. Xena quickly moved her tongue
towards Gabrielles blonde pussy. Gabrielle grabbed Xena's long dark hair and
held her as Xena's tongue began flicking her swollen clit. Xena hungrily
sucked and licked on Gabrielles clit.

Gabrielle furiously thrust her hips upward grinding her wet aching pussy
against Xena's talented tongue. As Xena sucked her hard clit, she began
fucking Gabrielle's pussy with two fingers. Xena rapidly thrust the fingers
in and out of her hot pussy. Gabrielle had never felt anything so incredible
in her life. She held Xena's head and continued grinding her face against
her pussy. As Gabrielle came, they were sure she awoke every animal in the
forest with her loud moaning and wailing. Xena sucked her pussy until
Gabrielle had totally flooded her mouth with her sweet pussy juices.
Gabrielle wasted no time, in pushing Xena to her hands and knees. Gabrielle
buried her face in Xena's buttocks and began licking her pink ass hole. Xena
squirmed and wiggled as Gabrielles tongue darted inside of her tiny ass.
Gabrielle began licking Xena's wet pink pussy lips slowly, savoring the
taste of it.

Xena sat on Gabrielles face. Gabrielle began sliding her tongue deep inside
of Xena's wet pink fuck hole. Xena's pussy tasted better than anything
Gabrielle had ever had in her mouth. She could eat that sweet pussy forever
she thought to herself. Xena began moving her lower body, rubbing her wet
pussy all over Gabrielle's face. Gabrielle tongue fucked Xena hard. She had
her tongue extended so far that it hurt, but she was loving the animalistic
noises, and grunts Xena made as she pleasured her. As Xena came, Gabrielle
hungrily lapped up all of the wonderful tasting pussy juice. Xena shook
violently as her pussy flooded Gabrielles mouth.

Gabrielle began fucking Xena with two fingers as Xena had done her earlier.
This made her orgasm even more intense. Xena began yelling that she loved
Gabrielle as she came. The two ladies then snuggled together under the
bedroll and fell asleep in each other's arm. Gabrielle awoke in the middle
of the night and ate Xena as she slept. Xena came in her sleep. At dawn the
2 resumed their lovemaking and both came incredibly hard. What a way to
start the day. The 2 ladies now had an even stronger friendship. Maybe next
time they could convince Hercules to join them.

The End


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